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Felecia Lupus
Name Felecia Lupus
Aliases Crimson Shadow
Race Celesternal
Gender Female
Date of Birth 3049
Age 25
Height 5'
Weight 115 lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Education Unknown
Address Unknown
Partner Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
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Absurd Physical Strength and Durability: Felecia, as needed to be able to handle a blade of refined neutronium, possesses absurd physical strength, enough that allows her to shatter entire planets. Even among other Celesternals this level of sheer strength is rare. In combination with this amplified strength, her body is is durable enough to sustain crashing into planets at light speed, even strong enough to tank planetary explosions without a scratch, and is a result of enhancement from the Sin Stones within her. These stones pour crimson mana and energy into the microscopic Mana Wire Frame found in all living things, acting as reinforcement and amplification to every inch of her body. This also makes her physically faster than most beings, being able to use her physical strength and durability to kick herself off upto hypersonic speeds from a standing position, as well as attack fast enough from a standing or still position that the movement of her limbs shatter the sound barrier and obliterate the earth around her. She can even jump high enough and fast enough to escape celestial bodies with up to a thousand times Earth gravity and greater, and is immune to gravitational effects of weak singularities and lower, as is needed to handle items forged out of neutronium.

Perfect Reflexes and Agility: Felecia, in combination of her strength and speed, is extremely agile and boasts astounding reflexes, capable of changing direction at maximum velocity in a nigh-instant, and reacting to any and all actions that take place around her from an omni-directional perspective, and in combination with her agility, she can recover from any sort of daze or stagger that befalls her near instantaneously, and can make quick arial recoveries when launched by an attack and immediately counter with a heavy combo.


Density Manipulation: A standard ability of all celesternals, Felecia can take in all forms of matter around her to drastically increase her density. In combination with her Speed and Agility, Felecia can grant herself nigh-infinite inertia and momentum. This allows her, as long as she remains uninterrupted, to continually increase her speed without any known limitation. This also grants her the trait of being too heavy too move, and too dense to damage. At her peak density she can tank virtually any explosion, all the way up to that of a supernova. However the technique drains a lot of stamina over time, and is best used in short bursts to increase momentum and defend against suddenly, unpredictable attacks.

Enhanced Regenation: Felecia can regenerate from almost any would, barring being completely erased. In fact, as long as her head remains, she may continuously regenerate. However, regeneration does not restore stamina, nor does it completely restore the blood that is lost. Lost blood will have to be created in the heart. If Felecia takes too many wounds in battle, she will eventually pass out from blood loss and exhaustion. Due to her regenative abilities, Felecia taught herself repair magic to keep her clothes consistently intact during battle.


Lucifer: Felecia's main weapon. It is a neutronium blade, and as such it is sharp enough to cut through anything and everything depending on the strength of the user. In Felecia's case it is capable of cleaving neutron stars in two. However Lucifer's greatest attribute is it's ability to ignore all durability and strength and attack the soul directly, and while it doesn't do as much crippling damage as physical attacks would, it after enough hits the target's soul will be destroyed, killing the target. They also can never be revived again, as a soul is required to bring them back. Also, due to the impossibility in which one can protect against the ignorance of durability, all attacks from this blade inflict Stagger. Attacking the soul of one's being effectively erases part of their life with each blow. As a result, the target will experience sudden fatigue and lightheadedness as their body adjusts to the loss of a soul fragment. The blade is also indestructible by most standards, so attempts at breaking are more than likely going to fail.

  • Gunblade: Lucifer is a gunblade that Felecia loads with her own mana. As such, the gun never runs out of ammo, and can be fired rapidly like an automatic. All shots fired are imbued with homing capabilities, meaning they follow the nearest target at light speeds, if not greater. In combination with Refraction Blade, Felecia can posses up to 10 copies of Lucifer that all function as sentry guns when not used for slashing, however they have a limited ammo supply of 10000, and disperse once they run out. Just like the original, these copies possess homing abilities.


Refraction Blade: Felecia can forge copies of Lucifer from her Crimson Mana and levitate them around her body, shooting them out and attacking her target(s) from a distance, allowing her to stack even more HPM(Hits per Minute) upon them. She can even use them to to launch her targets in the air, stunning them if they are incapable of flying, or dazing them depending on the significance of the hit. Upon launch Felecia will then attack them with a heavy combo of magic and flying blades.

Crimson Shift: Within a short range of about fifty feet, Felecia can teleport around her enemy while simultaneously attacking at the exit of each teleport. She'll often start off a fight with this attack, standing at least 45 to 50 feet away before shifting her blade up and teleporting, the attack connecting immediately upon appearing in front of the target. This initial attack is made in combination with her extreme levels of physical strength and speed, making the slash but a blur, and due to the severity of the attack it can inflict a stagger or daze. She can also use this teleport in combination with her extreme agility to constantly teleport and attack the target omnidirectionally, attaining instant movement and an isolated omnipresence as her blade is unleashed upon the enemy. She can combine this with Refraction Blade to further increase her combo HPM.

Crimson Shell: A temporary barrier that can only be penetrated by anti-mana weapons. Also, anything that doesn't not possess sufficient durability will either combust or have any part that makes contact be erased. The barrier lasts five seconds and can be used in rapid succession if necessary. It can also be brought up in an instant to respond to other attacks.

Crimson Twilight of the Final Hour: Felecia becomes encased in a dark crimson aura, and the world she stands upon is draped in Crimson Twilight. All beings except for those she exempts will have their souls devoured, their power absorbed into hers. Upon absorbing the souls, Felecia becomes beastly, a monster. Her blade vansihes and she leans over like an ape, ready to tear apart all in her path. Her speed, strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, agility all increase ten fold. She gains the ability to phase in and out, teleporting with extreme precision around her enemy. Her fingers become blades of nigh-infinite sharpness that dig into the souls of her victims. In this form she can fire beams of pure mana from her mouth, each capable of erasing entire worlds, entire solarsystems in an instant. She cannot be reasoned with, she cannot hear you, for if you let your guard down, you will die.

Crimson Shadow: By manipulating the Crimson Mana she posesses, Felecia can repeatedly clone herself to a limit of ten with little stamina or mana loss. These clones are just as strong as she is and deal damage in the same manner. Their appearance is that of a Crimson Shadow, and they disappear immediately after attacking. They maintain the same momentum as Felecia as well as speed, but are quite easily dispatched if attacked themselves. Felecia often combines this ability with Crimson Shift as to teleport clones around her, in combination with Refraction Blade to further increase her HPM and Combo time.

Corruption Razor: By infusing her blade with the crimson magic that posesses her, Felecia can corrode and break down magical barriers. It does this by eating away and absorbing the magical energy within the barrier, breaking apart its bonds and tearing it down. The magic absorbed by this is then added to the aura already surrounding the blade, further increasing cutting power, and adding a ranged charge to it that Felecia can then launch at targets.

Crimson Limit: When pushed to the brink, Felecia will unleash her final resort, Crimson Limit. This ability pulls both Felecia and the Target(s) into a pocket Dimension of a Crimson Void. Within this void, Felecia gains a plethora of ranged and auto-lock attacks as well as a sharp increase in attack power and speed. She can now freely teleport to any corner of the dimension using Crimson Shift, and can move freely, and precisely around at light speed. She can accelerate instantly, stop instantly, change direction instantly without loss of speed, and in combination with crimson shift, teleport around while moving at light speed to attack her target(s) from all directions. She can create up to twice as many Crimson Shadows than before, and all of her abilities have instant cool down allowing rapidfire succession between each attack. She is even capable of multi-move, allowing her to attack with different attacks all at once by embedding different attacks fluidly into each other to deal maximum damage. After about 5 minutes, the limit wears off and Felecia and the Target are transported back to the real world.

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