Michi no
Debut Manga: "Naruto Ball Oh! Saga (SSJJ)"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Saiyan/Kryptonian/Tyrannosaurus/Human Hybrid
Gender Male
Date of birth 2013 (Universe X7C's Timeline)
Address Simpson Desert (Universe X7C)
Allegiance Unknown's Hybrid Squad
  • Josh (SSJJ) (Co-Creator via wish)
  • Norm the Genie (Co-Creator via wish)
  • Unknown is being from Universe X7C, and was created via wish. He is extremely powerful sorcerer, and powerful Hybrid.

    Overview Edit

    Appearance Edit

    Unknown is 3 meters tall, and has an athletic build. He has lizard-like scaly skin with tail, two claws on his index fingers and middle fingers, and three claws on his big toe, middle toe, and little of his feet. He wears light blue eight buttoned coat with tail hole in it, and dark blue pants. He has amber-coloured eyes, and red Curtain-style hair.

    Personality Edit

    Unknown is a cynic, and has a strong hate for fictional characters. He deems that fiction is source of misery and pain. Despite believing him to be righteous, and doing the right thing by killing fictional characters; at times he'll enjoy what does, and becomes greatly sadistic.

    History Edit

    Unknown was wished into existence by a Science and Magic practitioner whom got trapped in Universe X7C's (DC's version of "real" earth) 2013. He was created after Josh's body became to old due wishing for Human's of Universe X7C's 3014 to lose their natural lifespan.

    Techniques, Special Abilities, and Equipment Edit

    • Magic - Unknown is a powerful practitioner of magic. He is capable of many feats, and can even enter fictional realities.
      • Elemental Magic - Unknown is capable of using Elemental Magic to fatal degree
      • Reality Shifting - He shifts from the "real" world to the Dragon World, and other worlds.
      • Arcane Kamehameha - A Kamehameha conjured via magic instead being created via Ki. It was powerful enough to wound Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
      • Magic Attacks - Can use create Magic Balls, Magic Bolts, bullets, and other basic Magic blast attacks. Also called Arcane Blasts
      • Magic Sense - Unknown can sense Magic, and Magically beings
    • Locality Tracking - He can track anyone not matter where they are
    • Agelessness
    • All Kryptonian Powers under yellow Sun
      • Super Vision
        • Heat Vision
        • Thermal Vision
        • X-Ray Vision
        • Telescopic Vision
      • Invulnerability
      • Super Breath
        • Freeze Breath
      • Self-Sustenance
      • Flight
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