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This is a continuation from my version of Resurrection 'F'. I personally like the Universe 6 but since my version of Resurrection 'F' ended in a cliffhanger I'm gonna have to make my own version of the Universe 6 Saga. I'm not gonna do that dumb 'phase 1 and phase 2' thing again. I only did before since it annoyed me when I had to much stuff on one page. So let's just get right into this.

Chapter 1Edit

Goku and Vegeta were training with Whis for about 3 months after Frieza fled and there was still no sign of him. But what there was a sign of was Beerus' brother from universe 6 Champa and his attendant Vados who is also Whis' sister. Champa and Vados landed at Beerus' planet. Champa landed right in front of Goku and Vegeta cutting grass. Champa destroyed all the grass. Champa said 'where is Beerus.' Goku said 'hey you look strong wanna fi-' Vegeta interrupted and said 'he's in his castle sleeping. Champa said 'c'mon Vados let's go to Beerus!' Goku said to Whis 'hey Whis who is that.' Whis said 'that's the universe 6 god of destruction and Beerus' brother Champa and his attendant Vados who is also my sister.' Goku and Vegeta gasped. Whis said 'since Champa so rudely ruined your work you shall come with me to see what he wants with Beerus.' Vegeta and Goku said 'got it' and they followed Whis to the castle. Champa said 'and that's why we should do a tournament to see who should get your Earth!' Beerus said 'so if I win what do I get out of this?' Champa said 'these beauties! THESE BEAUTIES! VADOS!!!' Vados said 'yes Lord Champa.' Champa said 'we went over this hundreds of times! SHOW THEM THE SUPER DRAGON BALLS!' Vados said 'if I recall this is the first time you're telling me this Lord Champa.' Champa said 'JUST SHOW THEM!!!' Vados put up a picture of the Super Dragon Balls from her staff. Champa said 'these babies can grant you ANY wish no restrictions!' Beerus said 'oh I see I'm interested it's a fight then.' Champa said 'got it I'll give you guys one week to prepare.' Beerus said 'got it!' Champa and Vados went away. Goku said 'uuh Beerus what's happening?' Beerus said 'we are doing a tournament in one week if Champa wins he gets our Earth it's a 5v5 tournament so GO GET YOURSELVES TO EARTH AND GET YOURSELVES A TEAM NOW!!!' Goku and Vegeta said 'yes!' Beerus, Whis, Goku, and Vegeta all went to Earth.

Beerus said to Goku 'hey I think we've got 3 team members already.' Goku said 'really who's the third?' Beerus said 'you're not gonna like it but...' Vegeta said 'don't tell me you're gonna put Frieza in this tournament?' Beerus said 'yes we are.' Vegeta said 'how are we gonna get Frieza on our team?' Beerus said 'I'll do a little interrogating.' Goku said 'ok but who will be the other 2 team members?' Vegeta said 'Majin Buu of course and your son.' Goku said 'ok then let's go ask them.' Whis, Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta arrived at Earth. Whis said 'we'll be getting something that'll let us travel between universes while we're getting that you guys go get the two remaining members. Goku said 'got it!' Goku and Vegeta flew to see where Gohan is. To their surprise they saw Gohan training with Piccolo. Goku said 'hey Gohan your training again!' Gohan said 'yeah after Frieza killed Piccolo I realized I must train to prevent that from happening!' Goku said 'would you like to join our team for a tournament?' Gohan 'said when is it.' Vegeta said 'in one week.' Gohan 'I'm sorry but there is a conference I absolutely must attend.' Vegeta, Goku, and Piccolo were all quiet for 10 awkward seconds. Goku said 'hey it's ok! Hey Piccolo wanna join our team?' Piccolo said 'I guess, I do need a little more training.' Goku said 'ok now let's go get Buu!' Goku and Vegeta flew to Gohan's house. Videl was there. Goku said 'hey Videl do you know where Buu is?' Videl said 'I think he's in the kitchen eating.' Goku said 'ok.' Vegeta and Goku went to the kitchen to find Buu eating. Goku said 'hey Buu do you want to join a tournament?' Buu said 'no.' Goku said 'c'mon!' Buu said 'no.' Goku said 'if we loose Earth will be destroyed and everyone will die.' Buu said 'if everyone die that mean Hercule will die, so Buu enter tournament!' Goku said 'good its in 1 week so you might wanna train.' Goku and Vegeta left Gohan's house. Goku said 'finally we got our team so let's start training!'

Meanwhile, on a Frieza Planet. Frieza was training to get his revenge on Goku and perfecting his golden form. All of a sudden Beerus and Whis arrived. Frieza said 'm-my Lord what do you want here?' Beerus said 'you're gonna join my tournament for Earth's sake and if you refuse you'll be destroyed and if you try anything dirty you will be destroyed and if you destroy Earth you will be tortured to death.' Frieza was trembling in fear and said 'y-yes L-lord B-b-beerus.' 1 week later. Frieza, Whis, and Beerus all went to Earth with a cube. The 3 arrived at Earth with everyone waiting for them. Everyone was shocked Frieza was there. Goku and Frieza looked at each other no words said. Goku walked into the cube. Vegeta said to Frieza 'after this tournament you're gonna be destroyed by me.' Frieza said 'good luck with that I've gotten much stronger to even combat your blue forms.' Vegeta said 'so have I Frieza.' Vegeta walked into the cube. All the other Z fighters walked into the cube. The cube arrived at an abandoned planet. There was a tournament arena and 5 other fighters with Champa and Vados. Botamo a yellow bear looking creature, Magetta a robot, Cabba another saiyan with weird clothing, Frost a blue looking Frieza, and Hit the toughest assassin in all of universe 6. Frost said 'I hope we have a good tournament.' Goku said 'hey are you evil' to Frost. Cabba said 'now he's the opposite me and him worked together to save many planets from wars! Hes also won many awards!' Goku said 'wow nice job!' Goku gave Frost a handshake. Vegeta said to Cabba 'hey are you a saiyan?' Cabba said 'yes I was just gonna ask you that as well.' Vegeta said 'yes me and that fool Kakarot over there are saiyans.' Cabba said 'nice to meet you I'm Cabba.' Vegeta said 'my names Vegeta, and just so you know I won't hold back in this tournament.' Cabba said 'me either Vegeta!' Frieza thought 'how could my race be so annoying in this universe 6! Our race isn't a bunch of goody-goody two shoes!'

The two teams of five went on each side of the tournament arena. A weird pink guy with large nipples known as Monaka was there with Beerus. Goku said 'hey Beerus who's that.' Beerus 'him? I'm glad you asked! Hes Monaka the strongest fighter I've ever fought!' Goku said 'wow why didn't you put him in the tournament.' Beerus said 'he's so strong it wouldn't be fair!' Goku said 'oh I, see can I fight him after?' Beerus yelled 'NOOOO!' Goku said 'ok but why.' Beerus said 'he's too dangerous for you.' Goku said 'then why did you bring him?' Beerus said 'he asked me to bring him after he heard about the tournament.' Goku said 'oh I see.' Kaioshins from both universe 7 and 6 were there. The announcer who a strange resemblance to Kid Buu said 'ok our first match will be Goku from universe 7 Vs Botamo from universe 6! Will you two fighters please enter the arena?' Botamo and Goku entered the tournament arena. Goku said 'alright let's do this!' Goku got in a fighting stance.

Chapter 2Edit

Goku charged at Botamo with a punch. It did nothing. Goku did more punches and kicks. It still did nothing. Botamo jumped in the air and belly bumped Goku. Botamo went to other way and belly bumped Goku again. Botamo kept belly bumping Goku back and forth. Botamo tried to belly bump Goku again but Goku held Botamo and threw him in the air. Goku charges a Kamehameha. Goku shot the Kamehameha at Botamo. Botamo tried to stop the Kamehameha by firing his own ki blast from mouth. Goku's Kamehameha went right through Botamo's ki blast and it hit Botamo it still did nothing. Botamo went to the ground and belly bumped Goku again. Goku used a solar flare and Botamo couldn't see. Goku then grabbed Botamo's leg and started spinning him around and around. Goku then threw Botamo right out of the arena. The announcer yelled 'Goku from universe 7 is the winner!' Goku said 'alright!' The announcer said 'next match is Goku from universe 7 Vs Frost from universe 6! Contestant Frost would you please enter the arena.' Frost entered the arena. Frost said 'I hope we have a good match.' Goku said 'yeah.' Goku gave Frost a handshake. Goku and Frost then jumped back and they both got into a fighting stance.

Goku said to Frost 'hurry up and transform I know you can I've dealt with someone from your race before.' Frost said 'I don't think I need to yet.' Goku said 'very well.' Goku and Frost charged at each other. Goku punch Frost in the face then kicked him upwards. Goku then grabbed Frost's horn then threw Frost backwards and fired a ki wave at him. Frost said 'looks like I'm gonna need to transform after all. I'll transform to my final form.' Goku said 'go right ahead I can transform too.' Frost transformed into his third form. Frost said 'this is my final form.' Goku said 'alright I'll transform too.' Goku went Super Saiyan. Frieza said 'that idiot is he that dumb to think that's his final form? It's his third form! Its obvious bluff.' Frost fired a death beam at Goku but he dodged it. Goku charged behind Frost and grabbed his tail and threw him up. Goku then went up to Frost and did a meteor smash on Frost to the ground. Goku then shot a Kamehameha at Frost. Frost yelled and destroyed the Kamehameha when he transformed into his real final form. Goku said 'hehe I knew you were bluffing.' Frost said nothing. Goku said 'not a man of much words in this form are you?' Frost said 'oh sorry! I was just thinking a ways to beat you.' Goku said 'hehe.' Frost and Goku charged at each other. Frost threw a punch at Goku. Goku fell to the ground in his base form. Everyone was surprised. The announcer yelled 'Frost from universe 6 is the winner!' Goku got up and said 'hey that was a good match.' Frost said 'yes it was.' Frost gave Goku a handshake. The announcer yelled 'next match is Piccolo from universe 7 Vs Frost from universe 6! Contestant Piccolo would you please enter the arena.' Piccolo entered the arena. Frost offered Piccolo a handshake but Piccolo didn't want to give him one. Frost and Piccolo got into a fighting stance.

Chapter 3Edit

Piccolo took off his weighted clothing. Frost charged at Piccolo with a punch. Piccolo dodged it but then Frost elbowed him in the stomach. Piccolo landed on his feet then fired a ki beam at Frost. Frost jumped up in the air and started rapidly firing Death Beams at Piccolo. Piccolo started running around on the ground to dodge them. Piccolo started charging a Special Beam Cannon while he was running. Frost slammed to the ground right in front of Piccolo knocking him back. Piccolo landed on his feet and was still charging the Special Beam Cannon. Frost fired a Death Beam at Piccolo's leg and he tripped. Piccolo fired the Special Beam Cannon to early when he tripped at Frost. Frost simply knocked the Special Beam Cannon out of his way. Piccolo got up and fired started firing ki blast at Frost but they all missed. Piccolo then shouted 'Hellzone Grenade!' The ki blast went directly towards Frost and hit him. Frost dodged the ki blast right before they hit him and went behind Piccolo. Frost then punched Piccolo making him pass out just like Goku did. The announcer yelled 'Frost from universe-' Jaco the galactic patrolman interrupted and said 'contestant Frost was using a weapon! Look on his arm he injected a poison needle there!' Frieza thought to himself 'I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed. I annoying how my race has to stick to some cheap tactics.' The announcer went up to Frost and said 'I can confirm he implanted a poison needle into himself.' Frost said 'this is simply apart of my body.' The announcer said 'there are clear signs of modification, Piccolo from universe 7 is the winner!' Champa yelled in anger 'it's not fair!! Vados why did you pick him?!' Vados said 'you did say just pick anyone Lord Champa. Champa said 'aghhh.' Frieza stood up and said 'l would like Frost to stay in the tournament! I wanna fight him next.' The announcer said 'but.' Champa and Beerus said 'go ahead.' The announcer yelled 'Frost from universe 6 is the winner! Next match is Frieza from universe 7 Vs Frost from universe 6! Contestant Frieza would you please enter the arena.' Frieza entered the arena.

Goku said to Beerus 'hey Beerus since that Frost guy cheated can I go back in the tournament after everyone is done?' Beerus said 'if there is someone left go ahead.' Goku said 'alright!' Frieza said to Frost 'since we are from the same race your poison won't work on me. Your a disgrace to our race using cheap tactics like that!' Frost said 'whatever you say.' Frieza said 'now should I wait for you to transform back to your 1st form so this could be a fair match?' Frost said 'I don't think that would be necessary. Frieza said 'very well.' Frieza broke off his armor. Frieza charged at Frost. The two started clashing punches and kicks. Frost thought 'even in his 1st form he's still really powerful!' Frieza kicked Frost in the stomach knocking him back. Frieza went behind Frost and used his psychic powers to knock Frost across the arena. Frost barely got up not falling out of the arena. Frieza said 'I think I should transform into my final form before I accidently end this too quick.' Frieza transformed into his final form. Frost said 'oh you little...' Frost charged at Frieza with a punch. Frieza simply blocked it. Frieza then slapped Frost with his tail then wrapped it around his neck. Frieza said 'your a disgrace to our entire race!' Frieza started punching Frost in the stomach over and over again. Frieza then fired a ki blast right at Frost stomach knocking him back. Frost could barely get up. Frieza said 'now shall I show you my true ultimate form?' Frost said 'true ultimate form' while trembling in fear. Frieza said 'yes watch.' Frieza started transforming into his Golden form. Everyone from universe 6 was shocked. Frieza said 'this is called Golden Frieza.' Frost was speechless. Frieza punched Frost so hard he went right through the glass barrier around the arena. Frost charged a Death Ball and yelled 'I'll destroy this planet!' Frieza shot a Death Beam at Frost's Death Ball blowing him up. Frost fell right to the ground. The announcer yelled 'Frieza from universe 7 is the winner! Next match is Frieza from universe 7 vs Magetta from universe 6! Contestant Magetta would you please enter the arena.' Magetta entered the arena.

Chapter 4Edit

Frieza powered down from his golden form. Frieza said 'I don't think I'm gonna need my ultimate form to deal with a robot.' Magetta shot a fireball at Frieza. Frieza jumped in the air. There was smoke everywhere and Frieza couldn't see Magetta. Goku said 'Frieza can't sense ki so this is gonna be a bad match for him.' Beerus started to get mad. Magetta made a giant obsidian pillar out of lava and slammed it on Frieza knocking him down catching him off guard. Frieza's tail slightly touched out of the ring. The announcer couldn't see Frieza's tail touch the ground since he was coughing from all the smoke. Frieza jumped on the arena and moved all the smoke out of the way. Champa yelled 'Frieza's cheating his tail touched the outside of the ring!' Frieza said 'nonsense I never touched the outside of the ring at all.' Beerus said 'yeah he's right' while acting like he didn't notice Frieza's tail touch the outside of the ring. Champa said 'Vados did Frieza touch the outside of the ring?!' Vados said 'ask the announcer.' Champa said 'you did Frieza touch the outside of the ring?!' The announcer said 'I-i don't know.' Beerus said 'see I told you!' Champa got out of his seat and charged at Beerus with a punch. Vados went in front of Champa and blocked the punch. Beerus started to chuckle. The announcer yelled 'to prevent further arguments contestant Frieza and contestant Magetta will both be disqualified!' Champa and Beerus looked and the announcer in shock. Champa said 'this is our tournament not yours you can't make the rules!' The announcer said 'you're right but your attendants told me via telekinesis to disqualify them both so we can move on. Beerus looked at Whis. Champa looked at Vados. Champa and Vados went back to their seats. Frieza said 'damn' and went back to his first form and back to the seats. Magetta went back to the seats to. The announcer yelled 'Magetta and Frieza were both disqualified! The next match is Vegeta from universe 7 vs Cabbe from universe 6! Contestants Vegeta and Cabbe would you please enter the arena.' Cabbe and Vegeta entered the arena.

Chapter 5Edit

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