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Tien Majin Buu saga

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DragonBall: Universal Darkness is a story where the universe is controlled by evil deities.



The universe, such a vast term, one with much substance, yet lacking a true definition. Dimensions that exist as part of the same realms, yet separated by supposedly unbreakable barriers. Beings who seem to be entirely unaware of each other's existence. Beings with unfathomable abilities from so many different means. Some of the worlds are so vast, they become like oceans; just how saltwater and freshwater inhabit the same seas but yet they never mix. Some beings, however, are too curious for their own good. There is a purpose behind these barriers because these worlds would become extremely unstable if they ever were to assimilate, that's why the old adage stays true to this day, curiosity killed the cat. Some study these barriers, for years on end at times, trying to figure ways to break them and flex their dominance or superiority. The other saying, however, also rings true as well; be careful what you wish for.

We start off on a medium-sized planet in the Northeastern quadrant of the galaxy, called Earth.

Planet Earth[]

The Warriors Of Earth (The Legendary Master Roshi Saga takes place before this, then the rest runs concurrently)

"I've scoured the world ten times over, I've trained with every martial arts style and incorporated them into my own. Ghosts, Werewolves, Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, Vampires, Demons, Angels, Fairies, God and The Devil themselves, all of those things we only hear of in the folk tales, I can confirm with 100% certainty, they're all real," said Billionaire CEO of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, who had just adopted the young, five-year-old Dick Richard Grayson, after his parents tragically died in an acrobatic 'accident,' though all signs indicated there was foul play involved. That instant orphan feeling, all the pain, all the suffering, and torment was one Bruce had known all too well, as he too had witnessed both his parents' death right before him when he was young as well when they were shot right before his young eight-year-old impressionable eyes. Grayson was a kid, though he was there, he wasn't truly listening. Bruce was mostly confiding to his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who had been in the Wayne family for some time now, as he served both of Bruce's parents, and he became the caretaker of young Bruce after he was orphaned. He also knew Bruce's secrets, that no else did at the time. To the rest of the world though, Bruce was just a billionaire playboy, a self-made entrepreneur, who actively tried by day, through the resources his money could afford him, to make Gotham a safer home, and now he had just become more enamored by the public after officially becoming a foster father.

The Demon Realm[]

The Demon World, also known as the Realm of Makai, is broken off into sectors. The highest sector is home to the absolutely strongest demons to exists, including the Demon King himself. Every one of the monsters that live here is S class or better. The demon king's three sons, Meliodas, Estarossa, and Zeldris all have been jostling for the position, the common mentality amongst them is that their father would eventually pass down that power to them, or one of them will gain enough power to simply usurped him. Separated by a barrier, the next part is the Makai realm, run by, the Demon king's younger brother, Trigon, whose is the origin of the red demons lineage. Monsters in this realm as well, the ones who reside here are between lower A class to lower S class, and the s class demons can freely pass through the barrier between this sector and the demon king's. There are three people in this realm that are a threat to Trigon's reign as supreme leader, just as the demon king has his sons. In this realm, three A-class demons who have reached S-levels and yet still have an immense potential are Yomi, Mukoro, and Raizen. Raizen was born into a clan of warriors, his tribe, was called The Mozuku, The Tribe of Devils. They were all A-Class, but rambunctious Raizen always sought greater power. Through training and rage, he acquired it, but at the cost of love ones, as his power had become so immense, he had to live alone, because his mere power had become a threat to their existence. Before he had reached that point though, he broke through to the weakest part of the demon realm, home to the B-C-D and E classes. In this part of the Demon World though, was a fourth threat. Trigon had committed one of the worst sins to exist, he had relations with an outsider. In human form, he intermingled with a devil worshipper from Gotham City, known as Arella. Together, they bore a daughter, Raven, the human demon hybrid. For the moment, she resides on Earth, as a regular child, but how long before her reality as the daughter of the demon comes crashing down on her. Although Trigon did this, he wasn't the only member of the demon tribe to commit such an atrocity, as Raizen, while in the human world exploring ways to get stronger, also became enamored with a human woman, and bore a kid by her, who was half-demon, but Raizen returned to the demon world, so his son, had lived his whole life human, never finding out about his demon lineage, he even got with a human lady and bore a son. That son, named Yusuke Urameshi, had even less demon blood, being 3/4th human. The potential however, if awaken, is the scary part indeed. In the stronger sector of the demon world, Meliodas, the eldest son to the demon king himself, took this a step further. He didn't just go outside his race, he became smitten with the enemy; The Goddess Clan, and an archangel named Elizabeth. This caused him to defect and fight alongside the humans and goddess clans, betraying the demon race and his lineage, creating bitterness within the family, because now, Estarossa or Zeldris were in line to inherit the throne, though Zeldris felt slighted, because the Demon King reacted as though he still favored the traitorous Meliodas.

E classes were so weak they died off and no one even noticed, The D-class, while stronger than E, was still extremely weak, yet them and E were the classes, as well as C, which was about average in the demon world, were the ones who committed the most vile and heinous of crimes, in the demon world, as well as well as earth, whenever they found access. There was always a barrier, protecting high level demons like the b-a and s classes from accessing earth, and it typically did a good job retaining the strong demons, because it was put up by the wizards of Belialuin, a tribe of sorcerers from one of the various planets Frieza had destroyed in his attempted conquest of the universe. The barrier rejected the demons from crossing, because it had detected their high levels of demon energy, that wasn't the case for the E-D and C level classes, as their levels were so feint, they weren't detectable to the barrier. Yet, they were still a force to be reckoned with when arriving on planets like Earth, at least in certain sectors where the inhabitants, had yet to awaken their spirit energy. Especially given that Earth was the hiding place of the one known as Dabura, who, to the weaker demons (E-D-C and B classes, though the upper B-class demons know the truth), was known as the Demon King.


He was a lower A class demon, but when he had escaped from Makai, he was only an E class weakling. Knowing his power paled in comparison, he deciphered that it wouldn't be best to cause conflict or commotion, as it would certainly end in his doom. So, he chose rather to live in seclusion, killing wild animals instead. One day he came across a battlefield. It appeared to be armies in the midst of a war. What caught his attention was this one young man with a sword, red hair, and scar on his left eye, appeared to be effortlessly striking down all the others, to the point, one of his victims, before he was up on him, screamed a warning notice to the others nearby, as they had coined him "Run!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Battousai The Manslayer!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled before he was brutally murdered.

'Battousai The Manslayer, eh,' Dabura thought to himself, making a mental note of that name as well as the appearance of this dude.

Planet Plant/Planet Sadala[]

Then to outer space, to another sector of the universe, lied two planets that become very essential to our story, Planet Plant and Planet Sadala. Planet Plant was a world home to the very intelligent and peaceful Tuffle species. The Tuffles did not enjoy violence, rather they preferred using their minds for enhancement, as their technology was so far advanced in this part of the galaxy, it felt as though the rest of the northern galaxy was playing catch up. Some of their people had blue skin, others a shiny silver coat. Others from across the universe, traded and purchased from them, figuring that Tuffles' technological advancements would help them get a leg up in anything they were planning. Planet Sadala, on the other hand, was just the opposite. Home to the vicious savage species, known only as the Saiyans. These monsters look human, aside from a monkey-like tail. Warriors who loved the thrill of battle and enjoyed flexing their dominance through sheer force of power.

Planet Sadala[]

These creatures have an uncanny ability, whereas every time they fight, and they recover from the brink of death, they become much stronger than they had previously been, outclassing their former selves. So, as a direct result of this, those amongst them who've engaged in the most fights are the ones with extraordinary power. All Saiyans typical hair color is black. There was a young boy from amongst them, who didn't necessarily possess the cold, cruel, sadistic, nature that the rest of his species tended to put on display. These Saiyans, the strong picked off the weak, the hardened (typically the older versus the youngers, but there were some exceptions) picked off the under developed.

There was no leader, no ruler, but the two alphas were recognized as Vegeta the first, and Cabblege. These two had far outclassed the rest of their people, because they had been the only Saiyans until that point, to ever have been off world, and while away, they engaged in numerous battles with far superior beings than themselves, and if it hadn't been for protecting each other, they would have gotten destroyed. While Vegeta the first, his mission was pretty straight forward, he would build up so much raw power and strength, that there would be absolutely no one willing to oppose him, typical of the Saiyan brutes, Cabblege actually went about things a bit more meticulously than most Saiyans would have. Vegeta the first sported a refined widow's peak hairstyle, while Cabblege's hair was shoulder length and relaxed. The two of them were rivals, with similar levels of power, from the time of their youths. So they sparred with each other constantly/consistently, on a daily basis, but one could never seem to get a leg up on another, as it always tended to result in a stalemate. One day, after a strenuous battle between the two of them when they were twelve, Cabblege looked up towards to sky and caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a shooting star.

"Hey, Vegeta! Did you see that?" Cabblege yelled to his friend.

"Of course I did, numbskull, I'm not blind!" Vegeta scoffed in response.

"What do you think it was?" Cabblege asked in curiosity.

"Not our problem, that's what, it didn't land on Sadala, so it is no concern of ours!" Vegeta the first snarled on. Just then, a similar star appeared, this time though, it appeared to be heading straight in the direction of the boys. Before the boys could jump out of the way, however, it crash landed and knocked both of them back in opposite directions and flat on the ground, Vegeta on his stomach and face, and Cabblege on his back as well as the back of his head. Cabblege sat up, just as Vegeta rolled over.

"You were saying?" Cabblege mocked Vegeta the first for the snide remark he had made just mere moments ago. Cabblege then stood up, wiped the dust off himself, and then proceeded to walk over to Vegeta to offer his assistance to aid him back to his feet. Vegeta the first slapped Cabblege's extended hand away and then proceeded to hop to his feet rather swiftly.

"I don't need any help, especially not from the likes of you." Vegeta the first said with pride.

"Why do you two bicker? The two of you are the same, are you not?" said a feminine voice from the smoke the seeming star had created. When the dust settled, it was a spaceship of sorts, and from the pod stood a gorgeous, orange skinned, rather long flowing red hair girl, who was a tad bit taller than both of the Saiyan boys at the moment, and she had a rather slender frame.

"Who the hell are you? What do you want? Where are you from? And why are you here?" Vegeta began to viciously interrogate.

"Vegeta, how about you give her a chance to answer the first question, before you bombard her with several more." Cabblege suggested.

"I cannot answer all of those questions, as to where I am from is just as much a mystery to myself as it is to you. I know I can't be from here, because the color of our skin is different." said the girl.

"Clearly. Thank you for stating the obvious!" Vegeta the first yelled.

"Sorry, excuse my friend, he clearly was never taught any manners. What's your name, if you don't mind?" Cabblege asked politely.

"My name is Jeriand'r, and my age is 15. I was abducted from whatever home world I was from as a baby, and have been experimented on ever since, and then, once I had hit 12, I was forced to fight in some games on some Prison Planet, until a savior arrived to defeat my oppressors. I took this ship as a means to attempt to find any remnants of a family or origin/birth place I might have, but I guess my ship was thrown off course and I landed here instead." Jeriand'r explained.

"So other worlds do exist outside of Planet Sadala, ehh? I wonder how strong fighters from other planets are." Cabblege said with joy, his Saiyan blood for battle boiling over.

"Who cares? None of them are as strong as The Saiyans!" Vegeta the first exclaimed.

"Perhaps you will change your mind if you spar with me? Come on, I'll take you both on at once."

"Girl, I don't understand why you have a death wish, but by all means, so be it. Your funeral, I'm just going to say, be careful what you asked for. Oh, and I am Vegeta. I don't need that coward Cabblege helping me do anything. I can defeat you by myself. Don't think I'll take it easy on you just because you're a girl. I'll have you begging for your pathetic life when I'm through with you. I'm going to beat you to a bloody pulp, senseless even!" Vegeta made the mighty proclamation as he charged at Jeriand'r with all his force and might. She moved, so fast however, his eyes just couldn't keep up. She quickly punched him in the stomach and then kicked him the mouth, and then delivered a strong right hook to his cheek.

"What...The...Hell?! How...Could this...Be? I...am a...Saiyan...the mightiest...Vegeta...am I truly...being bested...by a girl?" Vegeta yelled through breaths as he grabbed the left side of his face where it had been leaking blood.

"No! Never...I...won't stand for...this. My Saiyan pride... will not allow me to lose!!!" Vegeta yelled as he swung both fists towards Jeriand'r with a quickness after proceeding to close the physical gap between them. Jeriand'r caught both his fists with her palms and begin squeezing them until Vegeta began screaming in agony for it to stop. After Jeriand'r released Vegeta's hands, he confessed.

"Ok...perhaps...my ignorance...got the...best of me. Maybe...there are those...stronger...than the Saiyans." Vegeta confessed upset and defeated. Jeriand'r then turned her sights to Cabblege.

"Is it your turn now perhaps?" Jeriand'r suggested.

"No thank you...Jeriand'r, I much rather go with you and see what the rest of this universe has to offer." Cabblege responded, rather intrigued by the secrets the vast space held.

"Very well, then we shall board then?" Jeriand'r asked.

"W...wa...WAIT!" the weakened Vegeta screamed.

"What is it, Vegeta?" Cabblege anxiously asked his comrade/rival.

"I...want to...go...with...you." Vegeta was able to get out. Still, in serious pain.

"I will not allow you...a chance...at surpassing me." Vegeta stated, before passing out from the pain. Cabblege picked Vegeta up and put him on his shoulder, and together, the three young warriors entered the ship. Upon entering, Cabblege was amazed. The spaceship was huge.

"This is all yours, Jeriand'r?" Cabblege asked as he placed Vegeta on the floor.

"Well, I stole it." Jeriand'r reminded.

"Well, it's huge, it's literally like a pirate ship, except, built for space and the cosmos." Cabblege stated as he took note of the finer details.

"It belonged to some green muscle head named Bojack, I believe he is of some Hera Clan, as the worlds inside the ship would suggest. Jeriand'r stated.

Due to so many of them wanting to be alpha dogs, and the rise of a legendary warrior from amongst themselves, one of a much more pure-hearted nature, named Yamoshi, Sadala eventually imploded from the inside. Though, if you go to the planet or you look on the galaxy map, the planet itself is very much still there, but once you enter upon it, you'll realize it's a barren, desolate, wasteland, and a rather obsolete warzone, due to Yamoshi and his followers; the Saiyans who hated the sadistic ways of their people, rising up against them. Even after Yamoshi had gained tremendous power, he and his team, which, including himself, were only six in numbers, still fell victim, because the numbers of the other Saiyans were just that overbearing.

There was the new home world of the Saiyans, renamed Planet Vegeta, after an invasion of Planet Plant took place. It was an elongated battle, as the Tuffles didn't go down without a fight, using their intellectual prowess to prolong the hostile takeover, but eventually, the overbearing power and physical brilliance of the Saiyans were too much to handle and the majority of the Tuffles were eradicated. The literal handful (It was actually five) of Tuffle people remaining were forced into slavery, by Vegeta the second, who led the initial invasion to begin with. Then Vegeta the second, was unanimously elected to become the King, making his sons; Vegeta the third, and Tarble, princes automatically. He had a wife, who would have been the queen, but she was a casualty of the war. In the new King's honor however, they renamed the Planet, Planet Vegeta. The five remaining Tuffles, which were four of the silver coated variety and one of the blue, were forced to make battle armor for the Saiyans, and replicate and enhance the space pods they come in. After that was done, King Vegeta sent one of his royal guards, a brown skin Saiyan man named Paragus, who was of average height, to eradicate the remaining Tuffles. Paragus had no problem exterminating four out of five of them, save the blue one.

"What was the purpose of you slaughtering my people in front of me and keeping me alive, why are you toying with me?" The blue Tuffle man pleaded. "You're Dr. Myuu, correct?" Paragus asked.

"Y...Y...Yes? Why does that matter?" The Dr. whimpered terrified.

"You were said to be the smartest even amongst your people, King Vegeta has special plans for you. He said bring you in alive, as you're of no use to him dead." Paragus said as he grabbed the doctor by his collar, and flew towards the new royal palace built for King Vegeta and his family.

King Vegeta and his son, the rebellious teenaged Prince Vegeta, ascended upon the thrones in the throne rooms the entire palace being built by the four Tuffles Paragus had just slaughtered.

"Sir, I have returned Dr. Myuu to you, just as you requested, sire." Paragus informed as he threw the Dr. to the King's feet.

"Well done, Paragus. You're dismissed." King Vegeta spoke, in his usual deep tone.

Paragus nodded and walked off.

"So, you're the famous Dr. Myuu, ehh?" King Vegeta interrogated with a grin as he picked Myuu up by the front of his collar, after rising from his throne. Dr. Myuu gulped.

"Sir, with all due respect, we had a deal. A deal your guard there just broke, on your orders." Myuu exclaimed.

"Explain to me the details of this deal as you knew them." King Vegeta ordered.

"The deal was, the five of us remaining Truffles, continue to live as long as we were valuable to you." Dr. Myuu stated.

"Precisely, and the four of them no longer remain because their value to my people's cause no longer remains. Yours still does however." King Vegeta proclaimed.

"And why would I continue to do anything for you after what I just saw?!" Dr. Myuu asked rhetorically, visually upset.

"Simple, if you value your pathetic life, you'll do as you're told, and keep your mouth shut." Price Vegeta yelled, rising from his throne.

"Hush, kid, grown folks are talking, respect your elders." Myuu yelled back at Prince Vegeta.

"Why I oughta-" Prince Vegeta was cut off by his father using his free hand to push his back on his chest.

"Relax there son, daddy's got it handled." King Vegeta chuckled towards his teenage son, before turning his attention back towards his subordinate still in his hand.

"Listen here!" King Vegeta yelled, as he slammed Myuu on the wall.

"Mind who you're talking to. If you were smart, you'd take my son's words to heart, and keep your mouth shut. He's my kid, the prince of this planet. That boy over there, he is my pride and joy. I have another though, and that is precisely why I had Paragus bring you here." King Vegeta stated.

"Vegeta, leave the room, daddy's got to handle adult matters." King Vegeta ordered his son. Prince Vegeta rose from the floor and stomped out the room.

"What do you mean you have another, sire?" Dr. Myuu asked nervously.

"Another son, prince Tarble. Only Paragus knows of him, and Vegeta of course. I've kept him a secret from everyone else because he's so pathetically weak." King Vegeta explained.

"And how exactly am I supposed to help with that sire? You know physical prowess is not exactly our field of expertise." Dr. Myuu mentioned.

"I want to ensure his survival. Remember the orders we gave your people not long ago? To enhance and replicate the space pods we arrived in? So that we can coordinate where to send them, I need one of those pods, not just for him, for my entire race." King Vegeta stated.

"I beg your pardon sire?" Dr. Myuu asked, genuinely confused.

"I always want some Saiyans, off world, maybe I'll send them back to Sadala to overtake the current rule over there, but I never want the entire race on the planet at once, so that way, I'm ensuring the survival of my people even by chance a threat arises to great for us here to overcome." King Vegeta explained.

"So not only do I need those pods, but I also need devices. Ones that allow you to communicate with others across the galaxy, as well as also being able to accurately read one's power." King Vegeta continued.

Lines extended from the castle, there were Saiyans by the hundreds outside of the royal palace, anxiously waiting for their missions from the king. There was, however, a chain of command that must be followed. Though King Vegeta ruled over his people, he bowed to the galactic tyrant, Frieza, who in turn was granted the freedom to rule the north quadrant of the galaxy by his father, the infamous King Cold, the nefarious head of a universally renowned system call the Planet Trade Organization. The Planet Trade Organization is a system that employs the strongest warriors across the universe to do their bidding of ridding planets of their inhabitants and raiding them of their resources in exchange for allowing them to continuously live their 'worthless' lives in a permanent loop of never-ending slavery, where one misstep or misunderstanding/mishap could get you killed. The rankings are decided through power if one was to take down King Cold and his two sons, Frieza and Cooler, then they would become the most feared/respected in the universe and everyone's servitude would transfer right over to them.

Now, the Saiyans were naturally a vicious race. They lived for the thrill of battle, so going around killing off entire species on other planets isn't too much of a stretch. Being forced to do it from an outside force, however, disgusted them to their core. The Saiyans, the most vicious, savage, strongest, fighting species known in the north quadrant of the universe, succumbed to slavery, was just insanely absurd. King Vegeta knew he had no choice in the matter, however. He knew Frieza would annihilate the entirety, or at least the majority of his people at the slightest hint of a rebellion, so he had to think of a way to begin it under the tyrant's nose, after all, it's a king's job to protect his people, even at the cost of their pride. This was all witnessed by the teenage prince Vegeta, however, who secretly resented his father for compliance with Frieza's orders.

Prince Vegeta secretly loathed his father for being so weak as to not stand up to Frieza. He vowed 'One day, I will defeat Frieza and restore the pride of the Saiyans as the strongest warrior race in the universe!' Unbeknownst to the Saiyans though, Frieza was secretly terrified of the Saiyans, so much so he had plotted to eradicate them in their entirety. Outside of his father, and his brother (though he'd never admit it), No one he had ever encountered had ever been able to even rival his natural strength. So the thought of a warrior race so powerful they could potentially overwhelm him with their ever-increasing strength, growing by leaps and bounds, exponentially should they survive brutal battles shook his entire soul. Especially after constantly hearing tales about the legendary warrior that once rose from among them, dubbed the Super Saiyan. Frieza decided that it was well pass time eliminate this threat.

King Vegeta had gotten the new assignments from Frieza's closest underling, Zarbon, who, while delivering the message, left a trail of Saiyan bodies on his path, just to prove the point, that while he's no Frieza, he still should be feared. Then, after he descended from the planet. King Vegeta had begun his normal routine of barking orders for his elite soldiers. He usually gave the orders Zarbon mentioned, but then also he assigns at least two groups to off the grid missions, to attempt to gain an upper hand on a rebellion, whether it establishes a base on a new home, make new allies, or just simply learning new techniques.

Done with assigning Zarbon's missions for the morning, the next team he assigned were of the Hanran (Japanese for rebellion) division. The group consisted of only two Saiyans, lovers at that, a young married couple, Kiny and Yaams.

"You two will go to Planet Tamaron, I heard they have strong warriors there, if you fail to exterminate their planet within four months after your arrival, you will be hunted down and executed, along with the remaining residents of the planet," King Vegeta informed the couple.

"Understood Sir," Kiny responded. Yaams just nodded in compliance. Then, together the two departed from the Royal Palace and began heading towards their space pods.

"Set the coordinates for Tamaron," Kiny ordered.

"Planet Tamaron, located. Preparing for ascension," the pod's automated voice came on. Kiny's pod took off, with his wife's in hot pursuit.

Within approximately three months, they landed on Tamaron, in just mere days following Planet Vegeta's destruction.

Planet Tamaron[]

*Boom* was the noise of the first Saiyan pod crashing into the designated planet.

'*Crash, thud* the other one made as it landed soon after, and sliding a bit.'

"What was that!" yelled King Myand'r, from the throne room of his nearby palace. He was a humanoid-like man with orange skin. He wore a crown to signify his status as king. After he rose up alongside his wife, Luand'r, who also donned a crown as the rightful queen of the planet, and whose skin was also orange, they ran outside, only to stumble across a shocking revelation. They noticed two mysteriously odd space pods had landed on their planet.

"Well, this is extremely out of place," Myand'r stated, albeit with a hint of confusion.

"Indeed, what a rather peculiar discovery," Luand'r added. Just then, the door on one of the space pods begin to open up, and out came a man with weird battle armor, black hair, and a green device of some sort over one of his eyes.

"Is this Planet Tamaron?" Kiny asked.

"Relax, Kiny. I apologize for my husband, he's so feisty sometimes," said the other foreign creature, as the door on her pod also rose open. After she climbed out of her pod, she slammed the door on both pods shut.

"Just because we're invading doesn't mean we have to be rude about it, this is Tamaron correct?" Yaams asked, a devilish grin forming across her face.

"I-I-Invading?" Queen Luand'r screamed frantically.

"As long as I am King here, Tamaron is under MY protection! Who are you, and what gives you to right to come disturb our peaceful home?" Myand'r asked impatiently.

"That is none of your concern, just do as we say, and we promise to make this quick and painless." Kiny taunted.

"Refuse, however, and rest assured you will die a very slow and painful death. So which will it be?" Yaams taunted.

"Well, we'll just have to see who perishes here today, because Tamarainian warriors do not back down and cower to anyone, let alone some filthy space pirates like yourself." King Myand'r responded irritated.

"Filthy space pirate! Your ignorance disgusts me! Are you sitting here as if you never heard of our kind? The Saiyans, the most feared and fearsome elite warrior race/species in all the cosmos?!" Kiny yelled shock as he grabbed the king's neck and slammed him into the ground.

"Regardless of why we were here initially, we won't let orange skin slime-like yourself insult us and get away with it!" Yaams screamed, getting on her hands and kicking Luand'r through the wall of the castle. Luand'r crashed through the wall of the castle's dining hall, where the royal guards were feasting.

"Your Majesty!" Ebon, the lead royal guard, screamed as he ran to his queen's aide.

"Madame Luand'r!" Dobe, one of the other guards screamed.

"Planet Tamaran is under attack!" Jerd, the last guard screamed, trying to alert the nearby civilians, hoping they would take notice.

"SOUND THE ALARMS!" Ebon ordered.

"You fools, it's hopeless, regardless of how many of you there are, you're brutally outmatched." Yaams taunted as she landed in the silhouette of the hole made by the queen's impact.

"You, You did this to her, didn't you?! Why?! We do not bother anybody, why attack us? Or are you just pure evil huh? Is that it? Your evil ambitions, or insecurities leaking out, so you must prove your dominance by harming innocents?!" Ebon questioned.

"No, shut up, that's not the reason at all!" Yaams yelled as she flew to Ebon and put him in an arm lock, forcing him to drop the queen back on the ground.

"Stop, release royal guard Ebon at once you cretin! Dobe ordered, pointing a laser gun at Yaams forehead from a distance. When Yaams looked up, she realized Tamaranian warriors had surrounded her, with pitchforks, guns, among other things.

"Then what is it? Huh? There has to be some ulterior motive behind such sudden violence you inflicted-auughhhhhhhhhh!" Ebon was cut off by the arm lock he was trapped in increasing in pressure.

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Yaams yelled as she put her right knee into Ebon's back taking him to the floor while switching the position of her arms to grab his hands and force them together.

"AND WE SAID RELEASE HIM!" Dobe screamed, preparing to pull the trigger on his laser gun.

"IT'S...IT'S AN ORDER. Or At least... it was, from our King, if we didn't follow his orders we would be executed." Yaams explained.

"Wa...Was?...W-would be? Ebon pried, through impossible breaths.

"Yeah, our planet, Planet Vegeta, and our race, the Saiyans are under the direct control of galactic emperor Frieza. He took us over, and King Vegeta was made his servant by sheer force, making the entirety of the Saiyan race swear our allegiance to him. Whoever fails will be hunted and killed. The thing is, King Vegeta told us to take over this planet, the two of us specifically were already a lover's couple, and elite warriors, mastering battle strength simulations, as well as strategic methods, such as archery of sorts, and ki manipulation, but the minute we departed, Planet Vegeta was destroyed, killing the king, as well as the majority of our species as well, besides those who were not on the planet at the time." Yaams explained as she relaxed, letting go of Ebon's hands, allowing him to push up and knock her off his back.

"Ebon is free, FIRE!" Jerd ordered.

"Was this just some plea to get me to talk, and distract me enough in an attempt to relax my grip?! " Yaams yelled, as she stood up.

"STOP," another voice said with authority, jumping in the way of the guns line towards Yaams.

"General Zodo!!!!" All three of the royal guards screamed in unison at the sight of their militia's commander. He was very tall, even by Tamarian standards, extremely muscular with extra broad shoulders and a very large torso, complete with a Herculean physique defined eight pack, as well as definition in the abdomen and oblique areas. He also bore tiger stripes across his body.

"I heard the commotion and immediately I rushed over. Now those who attack our beloved Royal Family should die instantly, but tell me something you monkey tailed creature, you mentioned the name Frieza, now expound upon that." Zodo ordered Yaams, putting a hand notion up to temporarily ceasefire from Jerd, Ebon, and Dobe.

"I don't have to say anything, you're in no position to question me!" Yaams responded as she kicked Zodo in his broad chest. She knocked him aback,, but he retaliated by grabbing her foot and slamming her into the ground.

"Oooh feisty?!!!! You're a helluva lot stronger than the others, I could have some fun with you!" said Yaams as she kicked away from his grip and rose to standing position. The trio of Royal Guards immediately rushed her, just for Zodo to once again jump in between them.

"I said stand down! That's an order. Now! I won't say it again. Tend to the king and queen, they need you're assistance right now, more than I do. I can survive this opponent for the time being." Zodo commanded.

"Sure thing sir," said the royal guards, as Dobe took the weapons in, Jerd went to check on the queen, and Ebon headed in the direction the battle between Kiny and King Myand'r"

"You know what, you're an idiot, filthy Saiyan. You are such a fool, your mind does not comprehend that you might be in a situation, that could benefit you as well as my people." said Zodo, just as Yaams kicked him in the face.

Zodo wiped blood from his lip, as Yaams laughed.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but this is fun." said Yaams as she attempted a somersault kick to the head of General Zodo, only for her to connect on an afterimage, and him kneeing her in the back to momentarily stop her, before backing up out of her range again.

"Well, if you stop attacking, and listen for once, maybe, we'd come to an understanding." said Zodo.

"Very well, you have exactly two minutes to make me care, or your entire planet becomes space dust." Yaams responded.

"You mentioned Frieza, and how you were on reconnaissance, trying to find ways to defeat him, and end his reign, correct?" Zodo asked.

"Yeah, why? Do you know him?" Yaams asked with a snarl.

"I'm aware of him yes. My people might be ignorant to life outside of Tamaron and Emana-Brax, but I have explored other worlds, I've come in contact with Frieza's brother Cooler's forces before, I've even dealt with your kind before, Saiyan!" Zodo explained.

"Lord Cooler's Armored Squadron? Go on, you have my attention now." Yaams responded coyly.

"Are you familiar with the Saiyan named Turles?" Zodo asked.

"Yeah, I know that weakling, he went and formed his own band of merry misfits and became space pirates. Turles Crusher Corps, if I'm not mistaken." Yaams replied, chuckling a bit at the sound of his name.

"Well, he's not a weakling, not anymore at least. The Killer Crusher Corps, they possess these seeds that make them extremely powerful, but at the price of an entire planet's lifeforce.'' Zodo explained.

"And how do you know so much of their inner workings, ehh?" Yaams pried.

"Because, I...was once apart of them. My values and Turles' didn't necessarily align, but I did at one point, swear my allegiance to him. It's a long story, but what I'm saying is, I have my own reasons for wanting to stop Frieza and Cooler, and while that doesn't make us friends, it does put us on the same side of this war doesn't it? Neither us, nor the two of you, has the means to do it alone, correct?" Zodo motioned after elaborating.

"In a sense, you're right, but know, eventually Frieza's forces will come looking for us." Yaams retorted.

"Let them come, by that time Tamaron should be well suited for combat, with you and your mate having knowledge of the situation. You Saiyans are not the only warrior race in the cosmos. Tamarians also pride themselves on being battle-ready, don't let the fact that we prefer peace deter you from that." Zodo responded with a confident grin.

"We brutally attacked your king and queen, and I was about to slaughter the lot of you. You would still embrace us?" Yaams asked.

"Oh this is no embrace, best believe, I know your kind, You're the kind not to be trusted with your sadistic nature, however; I am fully aware that this Frieza fellow is a much bigger threat than any of us care to admit. I didn't tell my people, cause to my knowledge, Tamaron was outside of their sightlines, that is until the two of you arrived, thus making us an inevitable target, there is power in numbers, I suppose." Zodo mentioned.

"W-Wow! That's one hell of an offer, wait until I tell Kiny, oh wait! My lover is probably about to kill your king right now if he hasn't done it already." Yaams noted.

I know you Saiyans are strong but don't sleep, the royal guard are the best this planet has to offer, other than myself and the king, they won't go down without a fight." Zodo said heartedly.

"We should get going, before things get ugly however." Zodo noted as the two warriors rushed to the other battle taking place.

Meanwhile back outside the Palace[]

"I'm surprised you've lasted this long," Kiny taunted, slamming the king's head into his knee.

"Normally my opponents are dead by now," Kiny continued as he head-butted the king back into the ground.

"Your pretty strong, but you still pathetically pale in comparison to the power an elite Saiyan warrior possesses," Kiny said, as he punched the king in the gut.

"Alas, it is time for you to perish. Along with the rest of this pathetic world that you desperately call a home." Kiny threatened as he gathered up a massive amount of chi and aimed it towards Myand'r.

"W-Wait! L-Listen...*augh* p-puh-please." Myand'r barely got out.

"Fine! Go ahead, you have 30 seconds before I blow you to smithereens, along with this entire planet!" Kiny urged, canceling the energy attack for the moment.

"W-whatever happens, w-whatever you do to me, p...please leave my planet and my people...out of this...all we ever wanted... was peace...and as the king... I have to make sure that peace is maintained." Myand'r spoke.

"Why should I, what's in it for me? Peace is for the weak, power is not only just for the physically strong, but the strong-willed as well. It's a shame really, it seems that with elite training, these Tamarainian warriors could rival the power of us Saiyans, too bad there won't be any more of them left in a minute." Kiny snickered.

"Not another move, Saiyan! If you move, my partner over there will kill us both on my order. understood?!" said Ebon, as he wrapped himself around Kiny in a bearhug-like fashion, with Dobe pointing the laser gun at them both. Yaams was standing next to him.

"What the hell! Yaams, what is the meaning of this? Have you gone mad, woman?! You dare betray me?!" Kiny yelled.

"Relax, there's no treachery at all whatsoever, Zodo here just suggested a compromise that would seem to suit all parties involved very well, besides Lord Frieza's of course," Yaams spoke. Zodo touched down next to Yaams.

Yaams then explained the situation.

"I guess, but I'll only accept those conditions on my terms, understood?!" Kiny asked.

"And what, exactly will those terms be?" Dobe asked, still pointing the gun towards the invader, as well as his comrade.

"I need to be in charge of your strength and power. I need to be the one to lead these ranks and helm these soldiers to levels beyond capacity. Especially since, unlike you, I know what Frieza's forces are like, the abilities they possess, what it takes to beat them." Kiny urged.

"Now, please explain to me, why, out of all people, we should put you in charge of our planet's defenses, you just tried to murder our king. Unlike you vile creatures, we fight with honor, dignity and respect. We show mercy and compassion, and our militia might is already amongst the best on this part of the galaxy. " Ebon asked, still wrapped around Kiny.

"How the hell can you claim just how well you stack up, I can damn near guarantee that almost none of you have ever been off of this planet to see what the rest of the universe has to offer. My dear Yaams has already explained why it's a necessity. Even if the merciless onslaught we just displayed leads you to believe that we are enemies, Frieza forces will come after us all, since the command was theirs from the start, and we need all the help we can get against them, so it'd be downright moronic of you to refuse me this, don't you think? What's the saying, oh yeah, that's right. 'The Enemy of your Enemy is your friend' correct? By that logic since Frieza's forces is a common enemy, that makes us allies, correct?" Kiny asked?

"Well, Ebon, you know, in a way, Kiny is being honest, your forces will be completely massacred by Frieza's if you refuse our help?" Yaams added.

"I don't like it, but it's not my call to make anyway, King Myand'r, your call," Ebon shouted over to his king, refusing to release Kiny from his death grip. "D-d-don't let t-that Saiyan sadistic nature fool you, Ebon. They spared us, t...there is truly good in them...I doubt...they would backstab us... after taking the time to explain their crisis story, so I...trust that what they say...a... about this Frieza fellow... and his forces... being that ...p-powerful...must indeed...have some truth to it...so we'll comply." King Myandr said, immediately passing out.

"Very well then, I suppose I could give you two the tour of the planet. Dobe, Ebon, get the king to the healing chamber at once!" Zodo commanded, Ebon, releasing Kiny and moving right along.

"Sir yes, sir!" Dobe assured, securing his weapon and picking up his king and heading to the races all with lightning speed.

"Woah, he's fast," Yaams said, as he raced past her.

"Oh yeah, that's right, I never explained why the three of them were chosen as the royal guards. As I said earlier don't let the fact that we prefer peace deter you from noticing that we are a warrior race ourselves. Trained in specialized combat, Dobe's specialty, as you can see is speed, Jerd's is chi manipulation, and Ebon's, well, as you can tell from the death-lock grip he had you in, is physical strength. Most elite on the planet in our specialized abilities. So, it wouldn't be wise to try us a second time. The only true reason your advantage existed in the first place, is because we were caught off guard." Zodo explained.

"This is your area. This is where you will be in control! Just like how kings have their kingdom, this base is yours. But remember, don't pull anything, I'm watching." Zodo reminded them, before showing them the way to the military base.

"I wouldn't want it any other way." Kiny grinned.

"Attention citizens of Tamaran, we have new guests, Kiny and Yaams, greet them with kindness, our king and queen have made their acquaintance. Kiny is an extremely strong warrior, but I've gotten accustomed to him, and he will be the new Tamarainian Army General. As for his wife, Yaams, she will be the bodyguard and close friend to your queen, that is all." Ebon announced.

While King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r were in the healing chambers, Dobe and Jerd guarded them.

Meanwhile, Kiny, Yaams, and Ebon discussed among themselves.

"So where will we stay?" Yaams asked.

"Oh, your living quarters, right. The royal family has suggested you stay with them, they have ample room." Ebon remembered.

"However please give us a few hours and explore a bit, we need to fix the damage to the palace from our battle," Ebon informed.

"Very well, let's head back to the military base, Yaams," Kiny instructed.

"Sure thing," Yaams said. The couple then took flight. When they arrived, it was deserted, not a soul in sight. Kiny searched around for the general's quarters. Suddenly, he was attacked by Zodo.

"You are attacking me? Do you want to die?" Kiny asked, turning around to see Zodo.

"Kill me. I highly doubt you would do that. Not that I'm doubting your capabilities, unlike the rest of my people, I've exploited the galaxy, I've encountered Saiyans before, I know how sadistic, cruel, merciless, and unforgiving you can be. I'm just positive you won't get away with it, considering how you're the king's pet now. " Zodo spoke.

"L-Lord Cooler?! Lord's Frieza's older brother?! His armored squadron huh, well that's none of my concern at the moment, Lord Cooler usually stays out of his baby brother's affairs. Anyway, I'm no one's dog, normally, that statement alone would get you killed. but you're right, now that I've been warmly welcomed into such a peaceful society, it would be wrong for me to just oft you and ruin our truce so immediately after it has been agreed upon. However, I'll ask you this last time, if you don't answer, though you may not die, you're going to wish you had." Kiny threatened.

"I am the great Tamarainian soldier Zodo, I have the strength of a tiger, and the ability to grow claws and fangs like one as well whenever I please. I was merely upset you upstaged me and you're only a newcomer here, I was Tamaran's initial Military General." the man explained.

"Well, I'll tell you what, Zodo, how about you leave me and my partner alone here for now, and I'll make you my highest ranking Lieutenant, so you don't lose the entirety of your status, do we have ourselves a deal?" Kiny offered.

"Hell no! Power or not, the people of Tamaron need someone they can trust, they will not listen to you!" Zodo remarked.

"Perhaps, you're right, the only way this alliance could work, if we ruled and trained them together is what you're saying? Kiny questioned.

"Absolutely. For surely there is no other way." Zodo answered.

"Very well, that settles it then, co captain and General's of Tamron's Militia Might going forward then I suppose." Kiny suggested.

"Whatever," Zodo snarled as he climbed out of the open window.

"Well the door was right there, but okay," Yaams said.

"Is it time?" Yaams asked.

"If you can politely close that window then it would be," Kiny said, a wide smirk forming across his face. Yaams shut the window, and the two got intimate.


"Kiny sir, the room is prepared for you and your mate, right this way," said Jerd, as the couple descended in front of the Royal Palace. The Royal guard then proceeded to lead the two their room. The room itself was utterly massive. It featured a raised golden ceiling, with a crystal chandelier, as well as golden walls and a king-sized bed which had a golden frame, and silk sheets, covers, and pillows.

"Wow, this place is amazing, they've outdone themselves, I'm amazed," said Yaams, as she flew over and plopped on the bed.

"I'll admit, this is rather impressive, perhaps we might enjoy our stay," Kiny added, grinning.

"Well yes, I mean the king and queen had to make sure you were comfortable of course, considering you are now our guests of honor," Jerd informed.

"That will be all, however, your services are no longer required as of the moment. Please dismiss yourself from my presence at one." Kiny ordered.

"Why you ungrateful little..." Jerd muttered.

"What was that?!" Kiny questioned, raising his hand towards Jerd, before beginning to formulate an energy sphere.

"Nothing sir, nothing at all. I was just leaving!" Jerd exclaimed, sweating nervously, fearing for his life.

"Ok, that's what I thought. I've developed quite the new technique, I'd plan on saving it for battle, but if I have to dispose of disrespectful weaklings, best believe I will. So I recommend you don't piss me off, got it?" Kiny asked, reabsorbing the energy and lowering his arm.

"Understood, loud and clear, sir," Jerd said as he raced off. Kiny then closed the door, before turning to his mate, all the while his grin remained intact.

"Privacy at last, hmm?!! Intimidation leads to intimacy at its finest", Yaams said seductively as Kiny jumped in the bed next to her.


The next day, upon stepping outside, Kiny was ambushed. A sneak attack from Zodo had Kiny in a chokehold from the moment he stepped foot outside the palace.

"Did you think I would give up my position without a fight?! " Zodo asked rhetorically.

"You're probably going to blow me to smithereens for this assault, considering you brought the king to his knees with relative ease, but I'm not as forgiving as his majesty. I'm not willing to just stand idly and become your pet after you attacked our home, and usurped my position, I have too much Tamaranian honor for that." Zodo continued.

Just then, Kiny flipped Zodo over his head, grabbed him by the pressure point in his wrist with one him, and charged up some massive ki in his other and aimed it at Zodo's face.

"Ok, Zodo, let me make something very, very clear to you. I don't like you. You don't like me. Now, I could kill you right now, but I'm pretty sure that would void our alliance now wouldn't it? I'll let you in on a little secret. One that I haven't told the king, or even my wife yet. Though we didn't know for sure, exactly, King Vegeta knew that Frieza was plotting something. There were rumors of Frieza's fear of the Super Saiyan legend. The fact that we get stronger after every battle made him terrified, that soon one day, from amongst us, one would rise to utterly decimate him, and either seize or completely eradicate his forces. As for us Saiyans, it probably would have been the latter, as we like to get our hands dirty ourselves rather than have others do our bidding. Battles excite us more than anything, it makes a Saiyan's heart rate increase fivefold. Our blood boils uncontrollably when preparing for a fight. So, because King Vegeta knew that our race had the potential to overthrow Frieza, he started a resistance. Now, he couldn't leave the planet himself because that would have been a highly suspicious red flag to Frieza and his subordinates. So, he secretly gathered a group of us, sixteen to be exact, of elite warriors, my wife and I included, and sent us out. He said in case Frieza destroys our planet, which ultimately did wound up happening, he wouldn't eliminate us. He split us into two factions, one to eradicate races and turn their planets into training bases and check-in stations, and the others were to make allies with strong people. Eight male Saiyans, including myself, as well as his son, Prince Vegeta, and the two he's traveling with, Nappa and Raditz, and eight females Saiyans, including my wife Yaams, so we could reproduce. If our battle is with Frieza's forces, that would be a relief. Because from all my intel, Lord Cooler, Frieza's older brother, is more powerful, though I was told he could be a lot more gentle at times than Frieza, he's every bit as sadistic.

Inside The Palace[]

Yaams and Queen Luand'r were walking into the throne room together.

"So, Yaams, since we're going to be well acquainted, I, as your queen, demand honesty. Your attacks, were they strictly orders, or?" The Queen asked.

"That's funny, cause I could have sworn that my husband and I have already shown you, we don't take kindly to commands. So, queen, or not, watch your tone when you speak to me, and know your place!" Yaams said raising her voice as she grabbed the queen by her collar to remind her of the power difference between the both of them. Then Yaams released her.

"You're right, my sincerest apologies, where are my royal host manners? Not very ladylike of me at all. Where is my tact? Indeed that was certainly rude." Luand'r said, dusting herself off.

"Well, I don't necessarily blame you. Being royalty does give you the kind of authority in typical situations. Layman normally can' t afford those same luxuries, fortunately, my husband and I hail from the ultimate warrior race, and though the strength of your race is commendable, it still falters immensely when compared to that of the Saiyans, so don't push your luck, queen." Yaams warned as they continued to walk down the hall. Yaams slowed up so that Luand'r could take the lead. they then arrived at a gold door, and Luand'r opened it and extended one arm as a courtesy to her guest to enter first, which Yaams didn't think much of and did. Yaams were impressed by the spacious white sofa with the golden trim.

"Please, sit," Luand'r motioned, trying hard to not sound too commanding.

"Don't mind if I do," Yaams responded with a grin as she looked toward Luand'r, and then sat on the sofa.

"Wow, this sofa's amazing. Feels so soft, even comfier than it looks!" Yaams exclaimed in awe to Luand'r as she sat down beside her.

"What you said, earlier isn't necessarily true. Yeah, we're royalty, but we don't try to flex our authority. We always try to do right by our people. We are for Tamaron. We are for the people that live here." Luand'r explained.

"Of course, the typical cliché, 'We're for the people' it's so obsolete. Why do you royals use those lines as though anyone not in your aristocratic circle would be immediately snowed and charmed? If you were truly for the people, then where is decorum, hmm? Where is the democracy, the right for the people to vote, and elect those whom they want in charge? Oh yeah, that's right it's an absentee factor. Why? Because it's a lineage thing, the next one in the line of royals is elected along with their ceremonious union. Sounds more like a peaceful dictatorship to me than anything else, if I'm being honest." Yaams elaborated.

"Umm...well..." Luand'r stammered, at a loss for words considering the realism in the words her Saiyan accomplice just spoke. The two of them, and the room, just went silent for about several moments, as Luand'r had to contemplate what had just been said to her. Then, finally, Yaams spoke again.

"Well, since you've been such a gracious host, *Yaams, winked at Luand'r* I'll humor you a bit. You asked earlier if our assault was a coordinated order, indeed it was. A command from our king, he knew we would face resistance. There are not many things us Saiyans can say of good about King Vegeta, but at the very least, he was devoted, loyal, and intuitive. He had a very harsh rule, and he led with brutish displays of strength, he flexed his authority and power any chance he got, and he demolished those who disobeyed him. That, though, is the way of the Saiyan king, well, at least it was before our entire race just seemingly got eradicated. Now, there's a vacuum amongst us that remain. Prince Vegeta, off-world at the time of its' destruction, I'm certain he doesn't know the circumstances behind our planet's demise. Us Saiyans we are savages. We are vicious beasts, who, we see blood, regardless or not if it's ours or our opponents, we crave for more, like an addict. A battle addict. We're bullies by nature, we attack others, even if they rather not fight, to prove a point and express our dominance. We're monsters, killers, or whatever you want to call it, just know, we're not good people." Yaams exposited.

"Then why join us. Why ally yourselves with grace and peace. The warrior types your race is, normally assumes peace and love are weak, correct?" The queen asked.

"Well, we see potential in you. We won't, well at least not me at least, can't vouch for my husband so much in this regard, won't try to make you guys merciless. Mercy can be a wonderful thing. When shown mercy, the one who is pitied will either be forever indebted or forever motivated to keep building their strength for a new vendetta. As for allying ourselves with the likes of you, the saying is 'The enemy of your enemy is your friend'. An order by King Vegeta, but against Frieza. Frieza's forces will come, and they won't just kill my husband and me, but this entire planet will be obliterated from existence. They have power, his soldiers, and I don't just mean in numbers, though they have that advantage over us as well. So for the sake and survival of both our races, we must fight together if we stand a chance." Yaams replied.

Just then, the orange-skinned queen pressed a button on her watch.

"Dobe, please bring Yaams and me some drinks in the lounge, please." ordered the queen.

"Yes, madam, I'll be there shortly." The royal guard responded over the watch.

"Drinks, like wine?" Yaams asked curiously.

"Precisely." The queen responded.

"For such a prestigious and courteous warrior race like yourselves, I'm in shock. For a warrior, alcohol is less than ideal." Yaams informed.

"We're fully aware, that's why it's non-alcoholic, straight from concentrated Tamaranian grapes. The best on this side of the galaxy." The Queen replied.

Just then, the royal guard Dobe entered the room, with the drinks in hand.

"Here you go, madam, the two drinks, just as you've requested." said The Royal Guard as he handed the queen both drinks.

"Thank you, Dobe. Oh and, how is my husband, has his wounds healed? Has he regained consciousness after that ferocious battle?" The Queen questioned, genuinely concerned for her mate's well-being.

"Well, he's still in the healing chamber, he hasn't awoken just yet, but his recovery is going quite well, both Jerd and Sir Ebon are guarding him 24/7 until he awakes," Dobe reported.

"And what of my husband, do you know anything about his whereabouts?" Yaams asked, wondering if her husband had started any more trouble.

"Lady Yaams, Correct? Yes, Sir Kiny was seen with Genera---- I mean Lieutenant Zodo outside the palace, on their way to a training session of sorts." Dobe confirmed.

"Will that be all my queen?" Dobe asked.

"Yes, Thank you, you're dismissed Dobe." The queen responded. Dobe bowed toward his queen and nodded his head towards Yaams, before departing the room. Once the two ladies were alone again, Yaams spoke up.

"Oh, and Luand'r?" Yaams said.

"Yes?" Luand'r said.

"You were wrong," Yaams exclaimed.

"About?" Luand'r asked, curiously, thinking that the Saiyan woman might have been referring to the royal status dispute from earlier.

"About peace and love, yes, most warrior races, especially ones like mine, do tend to believe those qualities make one weak, but I can't agree with that stance. I was weak until Kiny found me, he taught me strength, how to be strong, and stand up for myself, and he protected me, our love made us both stronger. Strength in numbers means, stronger together. Just as you love your king, Kiny is the one I love" Yaams explained.

"Since we're airing our dirty laundry, how about those tails of yours, seems pretty safeguarded considering they're always wrapped around your waists like that." Luand'r inquired, her eyes motioning towards the rather odd extremity.

"Well, for starters, only the elite have them wrapped around our waists. These tails are a Saiyans source of pride. Traits every Saiyan shares at birth. They amplify our strength tenfold." Yaams begin to explain before being interrupted by a little Tamaranian girl bursting in the room and running to Luand'r's side.

"Mommy, I'm hungry," said the young girl with long orange-reddish hair, typical of Tamaran's people. 'The girl couldn't have been much older than three years old', thought Yaams.

"There, there Kori. Mommy will be in there in a second, go play with uncle Dobe." Luand'r urged.

"Ok," the young girl said cheerfully before running off.

"Mommy, eh, so you're a mother hmm?" Yaams playfully teased.

"Yeah, kids, they bring out the best in you." Luand'r responded with a soft smile.

"Is she you're only one or?" Yaams asked.

"No, she's the second daughter of the king and myself. Our first one was abducted by our native enemies, The Citadel." Luand'r informed her, her whole expression quickly changing to grim.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" Yaams was cut off.

"It's fine. The people try to forget we had another daughter and Myand'r doesn't speak of her, but that's still our daughter, and I still love her. I have hope she's still alive, and that one day she'll find her way back to us. I think about her every day. She was only two years older than Koriand'r, her name is Komand'r." Luand'r reflected, expressing her thoughts.

"Yeah, that is a mother's worse feeling; to not be with their child," Yaams responded.

"You speak as though you have some experience, do you have kids yourself?" Luand'r asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"Well, not as of yet, but I have one bun in the oven, didn't think I would get to raise em on Planet Vegeta, but with the recent circumstances," Yaams said.

"Then, I propose a toast; to motherhood, new beginnings, new friends, and love." The queen proposed, raising her glass.

"To motherhood," Yaams complied, raising her glass to touch it with the queen's own.

"So if you don't mind me asking, what happened. With Komand'r?" Yaams questioned.

"Well, we named her Komand'r because she was meant to be our new leader, heir to the throne, but on the day I had her The Citadel attacked. They slaughtered quite a few of us, and because of that wretched event that transpired, they always connected my daughter to those terrible events. We realized that upon birth Komi had a birth defect. Her skin was much more pale compared to the average Tamaranian, and her hair was black and instead of the Tamaran orange or red. Once she aged to toddler years of 3 and Kori was 1, we realized that unlike most Tamaranians she couldn't fly because she couldn't summon the ultraviolet lights. So, my husband, who were hearing the constant grievances of the people of Tamaran, brought to my attention, that to keep the integrity of our people, Komi should be denied her birthright and it should be given to Kori instead, because as you saw, The King and Queen are supposed to be right on the frontlines with our forces, battling it out, but without her natural Tamaranian gifts, Komi couldn't do that. So, Myand'r started spending more time with Kori, teaching her how to use and harness the power, and Komi resented that so much. I tried to make up for that by trying to spend as much quality time with her as possible, but nothing can replace a father's love I guess. She constantly scorned her sister with pure signs of disdain and even outright showed hatred towards us, and, amongst everyone else of Tamaron, they never treated her well. Always like she was a misfit, an outcast. Everyone except Ebon and Zodo, those two showered her with affection. A few months ago, however, after Kori just turned three, and Komi was 5, The Citadel struck again. We were able to hold them off and keep the body count to a minimum, but they took Kori." Luand'r elaborated, recalling and reflecting on the tragic events.


The next day in the healing chamber. Myand'r is still hooked up inside the machine, but he has now awoken. His eyes are now open, his wounds from the encounter with Kiny all healed. He's still floating in the rejuvenating liquid inside the tank. He knocks on the glass to alert Ebon and Jerd who have their backs turned while standing guard to let them know he's conscious now. They both turn with shock.

"King Myand'r! You're awake. Jerd free him immediately, I'll go retrieve his clothes." Ebon ordered.

"Sir yes sir," Jerd said, as Ebon left to retrieve the king's clothes. Jerd right away turned off the liquid, gently pulled out the tubes, and press the button to open the tank from both the top and back.

"Your majesty, how do you feel? Have you regained your strength?" Jerd asked, bowing his head as to not view the king's indiscretions. Just then Ebon came back with the king's robe and the rest of his usual wardrobe in hand.

"Here you go my king," said Ebon as he handed the king his clothes then bowed in the same position as Jerd.

"Yes, I greatly appreciate the two of you making sure things were under control, while I recovered. Now, let me go visit my family," said Myand'r.

Myand'r stepped out the room, now fully clothed, ready to see his family. He proceeded down the elongated hallway alone, not accompanied by his two royal guards. He continued until he heard a faint sound of laughter. His movement slowed as the sound of the laughter got ever closer. When he could hear it clearly, he was at a door. He opened the door to see his daughter Koriand'r playing in the ball pit, with royal guard Dobe, watching her and smiling. Dobe hadn't even taken notice of the king standing in the doorway, but Koriand'r certainly did. She immediately jumped out of the ball pit to hug her father.

"Daddy, I missed you, are you ok? Feeling better?" Kori screamed, elated to see her father.

"Yes, daddy was just resting, had a long day at work," the king responded, hugging his daughter back with one hand and nestling her hair with the other. Dobe turned to see his king, and Myand'r responded with a silent thumbs-up, as a 'thank you for watching over them'.

"Now, let's grab a bite to eat. Come along, Dobe, you've earned it, I know Kori is a lot to handle at times, so I applaud you." Myand'r said to both his daughter and royal guard.

"It was not a bother at all sir. Really, it was nothing. Watching over your family is indeed an honor." Dobe responded with a genuine smile and a hand behind his head. The three of them then went to the room where Luand'r and Yaams were.

When the door opened, Luand'r, who was still positioned on the sofa, immediately jumped up to embrace her husband.

"Myand'r, how are you, my king? Your wounds and all?" Luand'r asked through the tight hug she was giving him, as she was tearing up.

"I'm well, my queen." Myand'r responded with a smile, as he returned the embrace.

"Yaams, right? We're hosting a royal dinner tonight, exclusive for my family and the Royal Guards, we extend our invitation to you and your husband as our guests of honor, please inform him." The king requested.

"We'll be there, thank you," Yaams said.

We now flash to a training room on the far end of Tamaran, with Kiny, Zodo, and some soldiers.

Kiny is engaging with three soldiers at a time, as Zodo watches, mystified by the Saiyan's strength. Kiny grabs one of the soldiers and slams him into the other, which results in the two of them flying backward. The third one tries to sneak up behind him, but he grabs him by his neck and slams him into the ground beneath his feet. He then charges ki in his left hands and prepares to finish the soldier.

"STOP! That's enough, I think they get the point, you're incredibly strong, you don't have to kill them," Zodo objected.

"No, the point is to train how you fight and fight how you train, as if your life depends on it, because the reality is, in the long term, it does. And warriors are forged under duress." Kiny voiced his point, canceling the ki blast. Zodo couldn't do anything but shake his head in horror. The training session continued for an hour at this rate, before Yaams came, embracing her husband.

"Kiny, my love, and Zodo right? The King has invited us to a royal feast tonight." Yaams informed the two. Zodo just nodded and left.

"The king's awoken then I see, good, cause I would love to have a word with his majesty," Kiny responded sinisterly as he smirked and returned his wife's embrace. The couple got cleaned up, swapping their regular garments for some of Tamaran's soldiers' formal attire, before returning to the palace, where they were met by Ebon at the door.

"Greetings, sir Kiny and madam Yaams, right this way, please," Ebon said, showing them the way. He was also dressed formally. The same room where Yaams and Luand'r had their conversation earlier in the day, was now fixed to a dining room set. The white sofa they had sat on Earlier was separated into three chairs and raised at a matching table, with Myand'r, Luand'r, and Koriand'r in them. Around the table were other matching chairs, with Jerd, Dobe, and Zodo in them. There were three empty ones, for Ebon, Yaams, and Kiny. The three of them sat. The platters were all in front of them, gourmet tentacles and lobster tails, crab legs, shrimp cocktail, and every five-star seafood dish imaginable.

"Glad you two could join us," the king said, breaking the silence.

"What a pleasure," Kiny responded with a smirk.

As everyone began to feast, there was shock at the rate the Saiyans were consuming food.

"Now, that's a warrior's appetite." Jerd joked, trying to lighten the mood. Everyone laughed and chuckled, including the Saiyans, before Yaams, put her platter down.

"So, how are the two of you enjoying Tamaran?" The king asked. Kiny licked his plate clean and then set it back on the table.

"Splendid, you people sure know how to throw a party," Kiny responded with a twinge in his voice.

"How has the training been coming along?" The King asked.

"Progress, Zodo, and I have had our differences. He doesn't seem to appreciate my methods." Kiny said slyly, glancing over at Zodo.

"He's right, your majesty. I indeed have had my objections. His methods seem kind of brutal, cruel, and inhumane at times." Zodo spoke.

"Understandable, and though I wouldn't necessarily agree with them myself, for the time being, we must abide, they know more about this Frieza fellow than any of the rest of us do at the moment. Which brings me to my next point. You Saiyans love to use brute force from all the intel I've gathered, not much of the strategist types, seemingly more comfortable ad-libbing most of the time. Then just what is it about this Frieza fellow that has you so mortified to change up what has always known to work?" Myand'r slightly interrogated.

"You just wouldn't get it. Frieza and Cooler, they're a family of monsters. It makes us Saiyans look like cannon fodder. You don't want to get tangled up in their crosshairs. They control whole sections of the galaxy. You can't do that without immense power." Kiny explained, with absolute terror in his voice.

"Well, this section the universe is run by The Citadel, except Tamaron, that's why we're a constant target of theirs." Myand'r responded.

"Oh, Queen Luand'r you mentioned The Citadel to me earlier, who exactly are they?" Yaams asked.

"Well, The Citadel, they crave universal domination. This entire section of the galaxy belongs to them, save Tamaron. That's why we're constantly at war with them. If they win, their mission will be complete. They tried being diplomatic and negotiating with us, they've tried terror, they've even tried just entirely eradicating us, but Tamaran and its people are far too powerful and resilient for that. So that's why they took Komi. Their next attack is to destroy us from the inside, divide and conquer, that's why them taking the first-born princess of the royal family, the strongest on the planet, they made the Tamaranian people cast their doubts about us, as it has surely weakened our ability to lead, but that's also why I have hope. That my baby is still alive. They wouldn't kill her, they need her for bait." Luand'r exclaimed. Dobe then got up without a word and whispered to Kori. Kori then got up and the two of them left.

"I appreciate how Dobe always looks out for Kori, she misses her sister bad, this conversation was getting too hard for her to hear." Myand'r noted.

"I promise, on my honor and pride as a Saiyan, we will get your daughter back." Yaams guaranteed. Kiny scolded her.

"Forgive my wife, she gets too sentimental at times, especially when children are involved, probably because of the one we'll soon have," Kiny mentioned.

"Congratulations," said Jerd and Ebon in unison. Zodo just nodded his head a a gesture of his approval.

"We have another on the way ourselves, right my queen?" Myand'r mentioned.

"Certainly, though you're probably much more ahead than us, we're only a month in." Luand'r confirmed.

"Oh, well you certainly didn't mention that when we spoke earlier, we're nine months in," Yaams said.

"Anyway, as I was saying, as much as we would love to help you with your Citadel problem and rescuing your little girl. Frieza and Cooler's forces impending assault takes precedence, that's the more pressing issue at hand for the moment." Kiny implied.

"So, even after you attacked us, we've agreed to work with you, We welcomed you into our home, my daughter's abduction by a threat who could pose just as much a problem as the one you mentioned, is of no concern of yours?" Myand'r asked, standing up, pressing his hands against the table, clearly beginning to get annoyed.

"Must I remind you once more, your majesty. Frieza and Cooler are not just after us, they'll slaughter the lot of us. And then you could wish Tamaron goodbye. So, it's either your daughter or your planet. Your call!" Kiny screamed, also getting up frustrated, with his forehead against the king's. Zodo, Jerd, and Ebon, all then stood up. Jerd grabbed the king while Ebon and Zodo grabbed Kiny.

"Kiny, by order of the Royal Guard, we command you to stand down," Ebon ordered.

"Don't worry fellas, I got this, I'll knock some sense into him. Let me make one thing straight, Kiny. These people, though you'd hate to admit it, are our family and friends now. This planet, Tamaron, though it wasn't intended, this is our new home. Planet Vegeta is gone. So, what matters to them, matters to us." Yaams explained, calming her husband down so he would sit back down in his seat. The royal guards Ebon and Zodo both sat back down as well. Kiny began to cry.

"That's even more of the reason why what I'm saying is reasonable. We've already lost one home planet, our entire race, wiped from existence, all by the hands of Frieza. I refuse to let history repeat itself." Kiny yelled, slamming the table with his fists, demolishing it. He got up and walked out. Yaams got up and chased after him. The king, still standing himself with Jerd at his side, was crying himself, silently.

"My king, are you alright?" Jerd asked.

"I could be better. Everyone dismissed, Jerd, Ebon, Zodo, thank you, but I need a moment alone with my wife." Myand'r ordered. The three guards obeyed and left.

"Myand'r, I never knew you cared that deeply about Komand'r." Luand'r said in shock.

"Of course, she's our daughter. I felt disappointed that she couldn't properly inherit the throne, but I never meant to shun her or shut her out. I never meant to make her jealous with Kori. I still love and miss her a great deal." Myand'r responded, still crying.

"There there, my king. This too will come to pass." Luand'r comforted. The two then walked out the room together, and to the bedroom of their daughter to check on her. When they got to her doorway, they slowly opened the door, trying not to make too much noise in case she was already sleeping. Upon opening it, they saw Dobe, tucking a sleeping Kori in and returning a book to her bookshelf.

"Honey, go to the room, I'll join you surely, I need a word with Dobe," The king whispered.

"As you wish my love, I'll be waiting for you." Luand'r whispered before scurrying off to their room as commanded.

"Dobe, thank you, again, for everything you do for Kori and everything you used to do for Komi. Highly appreciated, can never show you enough gratitude." Myand'r said, still with tears in his eyes.

"Your majesty, it is an honor. Jerd filled me in on the dinner. I will make sure that Saiyan keeps her promise. We will get Komand'r back safe and sound. I swear, by my Tamaranian honor. Now, go rest up. Regain your strength, you never know what battles tomorrow is brewing." The king nodded and left after kissing Kori's forehead. Dobe then looked at Kori.

"Sweet dreams, princess," Dobe said in a hushed tone, before gently closing the door as he left.

Kori opened one of her eyes to make sure everyone had left. Then she starred the empty bed across the room where her sister used to sleep, and she began crying silently.

"I miss big sister," she cried to herself.

Meanwhile, back with the Saiyans, they were back in their room, inside the palace, as they did not feel like returning to their military base room at the moment. In the bed, Kiny didn't speak the rest of the night, he cried himself to sleep. While Yaams slept worryingly thinking about him. They were sleeping in the same bed but opposite directions, as Kiny didn't want to cuddle tonight. In Kiny's position, he was faced directly towards the window, while Yaams was faced toward the wall. At 11:00 pm Kiny's eyes shot opened and he saw a giant red full moon out the window. He began to transform. The bed underneath was crushed, as Yaams awoke as she felt something furry rub against her back. She quickly turned to see what was happening. Her husband was transforming into a great ape. He turned into a giant ape and crushed the entire left side of the royal palace in the midst of transforming. He started losing control and striking down buildings, he awoke the entire planet. Tamaranians in nearby quarters all came out to bear witness to the destruction. Yaams flew up next to him and tried to reason with him.

"What the hell, Kiny, you're not supposed to be losing control. We're elite Saiyan warriors, only the low-class lose control when they transform!" She yelled but her pleas fell on death's ear. Just then, Myand'r, as well as Zodo, Jerd, and Ebon all arose from the palace, as Dobe and Luand'r rushed to assure that Kori was safe.

"What the hell is this beast? Strike him down, men!" The king ordered as they all prepared their ultraviolet rays in both hands.

"Wait, stop!" Yaams screamed.

"It's Kiny, he's lost control, I'll handle it," Yaams yelled.

"Yaams, what the hell is the meaning of this?!" The King yelled back, demanding answers. All their guards were still prepared to fire, but Myand'r lowered his.

"I'll explain everything, but let's take care of this first. She flew underneath the rampaging Kiny.

"Ok, boys, fire!" She screamed at the top of her lungs so that the guards could attack. All the guards fired their rays and blasts with all their combined power at the two Saiyans, and Yaams quickly flew Kiny extremely up in the air, above it all. The blasts then hit and destroyed the moon, returning Kiny to normal. As an unconscious and indecent Kiny reverted to normal in his wife's arms, Yaams screamed.

"Forgive me people of Tamaran." She yelled.

"But it was either, destroying the moon, or continue to let my husband rampage," she bargained.

"You destroyed our moon!" One Tamaranian citizen yelled from below.

"I knew you two were no good!" Another shouted.

"Can't be trusted!" Another bellowed.

"ENOUGH!" The king yelled, quieting the ruckus.

"This is my responsibility, I get the blame, the rest of you, return to your slumber." Myand'r ordered. Everyone went back inside. Myand'r, Ebon, and Zodo flew down to Yaams, who was still holding the unconscious and indecent Kiny, while Jerd flew to the civilians to calm their nerves.

"Yaams, what the hell is the meaning of this? All this talk about protecting his new home and not letting get destroyed twice, you'd two better have a good reason for destroying our moon." Myand'r beckoned.

"Well, can we put him in the healing chamber, and I'll explain everything. " She requested.

"Fine, Zodo, Ebon, take Kiny to the healing quarters, and stay guard until he awakes." The King commanded.

"But sir, with all due respect," Zodo started to object.

"King's orders," Myand'r said sternly.

"Sir yes sir," both royal guards responded in unison before Ebon grabbed Kiny's body from Yaams and flew off with Zodo. Myand'r and Yaams went back into the palace.

"I'm sorry about your palace, please forgive my husband." Yaams pleaded.

"The Royal Palace is easily repaired, I want to know what the hell was that transformed Kiny into that beast. Start explaining now." Myand'r ordered as the two approached the dining room where they were eating earlier. Upon arriving, sitting on the once again connected sofa was Queen Luand'r, and Royal Guards Dobe and Jerd.

"Ok, I'll explain everything now," Yaams said, as she and the king both sat on adjacent chairs.

"By no means was it intentional, I swear. I mentioned to the queen earlier that our tails give us strength and because of that, they serve as our main source of pride, coupled with the full moon it amplifies our power tenfold with that transformation. That's how we're able to eradicate planets so easily. Us elites can normally control it, but I guess the blutz wave from Tamron's red moon was just that much more powerful." Yaams expounded upon.

"Ahh, I see, that's why it had to be destroyed, you could have transformed as well and it would have spelled certain doom for all of us." Myand'r responded, calming himself and easing the nerves of the others.

"Especially considering, unlike most other planets, we don't have a crescent lunar cycle. We only have one giant full moon all year round." The Queen interjected.

"Indeed," Yaams nodded in agreeance.

"Very well all is forgiven, Jerd, Dobe, the two of you are dismissed." The King ordered. Dobe got up and left, while Jerd started reconstructing the demolished table from earlier.

"Well, at least, on the bright side, when Kiny recovers, he'll be much, much stronger, much more prepared for the impending war," Yaams added.

"Let's get some rest everyone." The king ordered. Everyone left the room, Jerd having finished reconstructing the demolished dining table, left as well.

In, the morning, approximately around 9 AM, Zodo, who was slouched outside the healing tank that contained Kiny, next to the equally unconscious Ebon, awoke. He called on his watch for Jerd.

"Jerd, this is General Zodo, come relieve me in the healing chamber immediately, with this Saiyan out of commission at least for the day, I'm temporarily taking back control of our militia forces. I'm going to remind Tamaron what it means to have honor and grace, even when at war." Zodo ordered.

"Sir, yes, sir! I'll be there shortly." Jerd reported. A few minutes later, Jerd arrived to relieve Zodo, then Zodo was off, just as Ebon began to awake.

Zodo's return to the militia base received an intensely warm welcome. There was a horde of soldiers who all showered him with hugs and welcome backs.

"At ease, soldiers." He commanded. All of the soldiers put their hands behind their backs and backed off.

"Our militia, our system, as you know, has been compromised. This Saiyan, he's ruthless, cruel, sadistic when it comes to war. We need to show him that winning a fight takes more than pure brutish strength." Zodo stated.

"Sir, yes sir!" They all responded in unison.

"Colonel Yukei, please step forward," Zodo ordered. Now, most Tamaranians were tall the average height is about 6'7, but Zodo and the one he just ordered to step forward transcended even that, standing at 6'10 and 6'9, respectively. All known Tamaranians had orange or red hair, with orange-tinted skin, Komiand'r being the lone exception. Yukei stepped forward. She was gorgeous, bodacious, young, one inch shorter than Zodo, she kissed him on the cheek.

"Yes, my husband?" Colonel Yukei asked.

"Strike me, honey," Zodo ordered his wife.

"My pleasure, darling" Yukei responded, without hesitation thrusting her long leg to kick her husband in the cheek. Her swift actions were thrown off by Zodo's even niftier reaction, grabbing her foot and sending her flying back. She was a colonel because she was extremely fast and nimble. He was a captain because he was even faster with more grace.

She threw a barrage of kicks and punches at him, he blocked them all, except for one kick that connected to his face and scratched him.

"Ok, you've been training,' he taunts.

"I mean, having you here and at home certainly doesn't make things any easier," she remarked. Just then, she kicked an afterimage of her husband, as the real Zodo appeared in front of her and gave her a good gut shot. She coughed up blood, looked up at him, and smiled, before collapsing.

"And that, soldiers, is grace," Zodo said, helping Yukei up back to her feet.

Meanwhile, back in the palace, the time is now 11 am. Yaams is walking out to greet Queen Luand'r and Royal Guard Dobe, both of whom are at the bedside of Koriand'r who has just awoken.

"Good morning, Queen Luand'r, Royal Guard Dobe, and Princess Koriand'r," said Yaams at the door as she walked in.

"UghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG," Yaams screamed in agony, collapsing on the floor before anyone had a chance to respond.

"What the heck?" Dobe said confused.

Queen Luand'r, who already knew what was happening, remained calm and collected.

"Dobe, go tell Ebon to wake Kiny, immediately.

"Madame, with all due respect, his wounds are nowhere near completely healed yet. Dobe replied.

"Queen's orders." Luand'r responded while remaining level headed, rushing over to Yaams, putting one hand on her back and one under her right leg.

Dobe ran rushing to the healing quarters.

"Sir Ebon, Jerd, awake sir Kiny this instance," Dobe ordered.

"Dobe, what are you talking about, he's nowhere near close to healed," Ebon responded.

"Queen's orders, she said hurry, immediately, get him dressed and into Princess Koriand'r room in an instance.

"I don't understand, but as you wish my queen, Jerd and Dobe, bring his clothes," Ebon ordered, as he turned the switch off, and opened it. Kiny, who wasn't healed all the way and was not conscious, fell, but Ebon caught him, woke him, and told him to remain calm. Dobe came back with his Battle armor, and Jerd came with casual attire. Kiny grabbed both, put them both on, then quickly followed Ebon to Koriand'r's room. Upon arriving, he saw his wife, Yaams, holding a baby boy.

"What's the meaning of disturbing my medicated slumber before it's completion!" Kiny questioned, yelling at the guards.

"Kiny, the queen thought you would want to witness, your son being born, and having the first opportunity to see him," Yaams responded handing her newborn to his father. Kiny's whole expression changed.

"Archo, my son," Kiny said genuinely dumbfounded by the baby in his arms as he sat on the floor with him. The baby had black hair, typical of all Saiyans, and black pupils with a hint of hazel brown.

"One day, I'll make an elite Saiyan warrior out of you, boy, That's your daddy's promise to you," Kiny said to his child, smiling profusely. Kiny also took an immediate interest in his boy's tail, noting the most distinctive feature of the Saiyan race.

Luand'r walked over to Koriand'r who had witnessed the entire thing but was extremely confused.

"Koriand'r you see, what you saw today, I know you don't understand now, but one day you will, and one day, that might be you, if you ever find the right person." Luand'r explained to her daughter softly.

"Now, everyone is dismissed, leave the new parents to their child, and let's get some rest." The queen ordered.

Ebon, Jerd, and Dobe bowed, and left, as did Luand'r herself, along with her daughter.

When they departed, Dobe took Kori, as Luand'r returned to the room.

"Kiny, Yaams, the destroyed part of the palace has been restored, and a crib was added for baby Archo. The three of you can rest easy tonight.

Meanwhile, Zodo had dismissed his soldiers, including his wife, who he assured was recovering well from their intense training session. He went to the royal palace. He was greeted at the door by Ebon and Jerd.

"General Zodo, what brings you by?" Ebon asked.

"I need to have words with our king, privately," Zodo responded.

"Right away, sir," Jerd said as both Ebon and Jerd bowed.

Zodo walked through the palace, unabated, and straight to the door of the royal couple's bedroom. He knocked on the door. Myand'r answered, still in his sleeping robe and flip flops.

"Pardon the disturbance, my king, I didn't mean to wake you." Zodo apologized.

"It's fine," the king said through yawning.

"I tend not to get a lot of rest these days anyways, with our new guests and all." The King added.

"Your majesty, with all due respect, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. May we go somewhere more secluded?" Zodo requested.

"Very well, Zodo, let me just grab my clothes." Myand'r responded. He closed the door, went to retrieve his clothing from his wardrobe, and got dressed. He then rejoined Zodo as the two went toward the dining room once more, the room where all the important conversations seem to take place.

Zoto put his hand out, motioning for Myand'r to sit first. The King complied, and then Zodo sat down next to him.

"With all due respect sir, these Saiyans are poisoning our home," Zodo exclaimed.

"Poisoning is a strong word, General. I understand that their much different from our people, but it's for the greater good." Myand'r retorted.

"I beg your pardon, my king. The beast attack, the initial assault, the countless displays of ruthlessness. Those two, particularly Kiny, is causing even more civil unrest than that which was already present. The people already distrusted us Royal Guards and even The Royal Family, because we failed to protect many of their fallen loved ones from the Citadel's last attack, and we lost Komiand'r in the process. Now, they feel as those you're sympathizing with these...Neanderthals. Those two move with reckless abandon and throw caution to the wind, but you can't move carelessly in the heat of battle. It must be precision, technique, and strategy involved, along with the physical prowess of warriors, the only thing out of everything I just mentioned, that those two possess. You must think logically and calculated. " Zodo elaborated.

"While I do acknowledge our planet's predicament, with the natural civil unrest of its people/civilians/inhabitants, the incoming threat (s); the Frieza force, or even The Citadel, who's every attack has damaged our infrastructure, not just the royal family, but as a whole. We need them, just as much as they need us. The common threat. and yes, Yaams is much gentler in approach opposed to her husband, so much so I think the queen has actually started to take a real liking to her. Her stronger emotional attachment with Luand'r and her more calm state of mind, might be the key to Tamaron truly finding peace. You've said you've met Saiyans before. Well with their planet and species nearly eradicated, this is their chance to right the wrongs of their people. Redemption is crucial, all it takes is a little patience, Zodo" Myand'r retorted.

"With all due respect, your majesty, our Tamaranian people have run out of patience, respectfully understood. Our people are getting increasingly unruly. They seem to have underhanded agendas and are divided at this most crucial time. So much infighting when we should all be united trying to stop the two opposing sinister empires. Our people seemed to have lost track/sight of who's really in charge here." Zodo continued.

"Then, let's remind them," said Kiny with a smirk, upon entering the room.

"Kiny, I didn't know you were awakened so soon. It appears as though you have not fully recovered from the events that took place." Myand'r noted.

"Indeed, I haven't, but I've been worse. Aching bones and minor scars are the least of my worries at the moment. We'll show Tamaran, The Citadel, and Frieza who's really in charge here." Kiny retorted, slightly raising his vocals.

"Very well, my king, a word, if you may?" Zodo responded. Myand'r nodded and the two of them stepped outside the room.

"Tomorrow morning, I'll take off, you can go in my place. I want you to see for yourself, just how cold and vicious these monsters are." Zodo suggested.

"Very well, I'll take you up on that offer, probably an over-exaggeration of sorts of a little tough love, something our people need. Perhaps fear is what will rally them if not anything else. As I mentioned, not the most adequate way of dealing with things, but as I'm sure you've noticed, we're running out of options here. So, at this point, I'm open to suggestions, if you have any better ideas I'm willing to listen, but The Citadel, and much less these Frieza forces, won't oblige by our rules when their busy slaughtering us by the dozens. Now, you're dismissed Zodo. Go get your rest." The king ordered.

Zodo nodded and walked off, still seemingly distraught, distrusting of the Saiyan guests, reasonable, considering how much disturbance there has been since their arrival. Myand'r re-entered the room to Kiny. holding his left shoulder with his right hand, as he slouched on the sofa.

"Why were you awoken if you have not healed?" Myand'r asked, dubious.

"Your wife's orders, on behalf of my son's birth. You'd think, considering this is your kingdom, that you would be the first informed of such things." Kiny responded, slyly poking fun of Myand'r's royal status.

"Indeed, you're correct on that. It's just with all the added tension and stress sometimes, one can be entirely whelmed." Myand'r noted.

"Ahh, your world's divided, eh? Missing one daughter, not spending enough time with your wife and kid cause of your royal responsibilities, and the people you try so hard to please just refuse to listen, ehh. Maybe it's past time you make them listen. Put on a little display. Make an example out of a few of them, show them what happens when they challenge your authority as our king did." Kiny said through a smirk.

"Look where that got your king, and your people for that matter. Dead, almost all entirely wiped out, eliminated, destroyed." Myand'r retorted.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!" Kiny yelled as he collapsed on the floor.

"The...only...reason...why that happened...is because Frieza is a coward. He's terrified of the Super Saiyan legend. It had nothing to do with our king, his loyalty to the Saiyans was absolute." Kiny yelled, from the floor, still holding his arm, and sweating profusely.

"I'm not denying anything you said about Frieza, but domination through brutish displays of strength and power, speed and physical prowess, you Saiyans said it yourselves that you weren't exactly saints." Myand'r replied as he helped Kiny stand up.

"Well...clearly your peace-loving method hasn't worked either." Kiny laughed, as he got to his feet, moving his hand from around his shoulder to around Myand'r's, to hoist himself up.

"Then maybe, perhaps, there needs to be a new approach to leadership. An alternative for us both, a middle ground of sorts." Myand'r suggested.

"That might just work," said Kiny, regaining some strength and then laying his body out across the sofa.

"Now, get some rest, you're going to be returning to a bunch of heated soldiers tomorrow." Myand'r reminded as he walked out the door and closed it.

The king slept in his room alone tonight, as his queen was still with the new Saiyan mother and her own daughter, as they made sure the baby was okay, in Koriand'r's room. Dobe of the Royal Guard was also there. The five of them slept in the room together this night.

The next morning, a fully rejuvenated Kiny hopped off the sofa. He ran to Koriand'r's room to look at his sleeping wife and son briefly, kissing them both on the forehead, before taking off to the training grounds.

"At ease, soldiers, I know I was out of commission for a couple of days, I know you're all probably mad as hell at me right now, but guess what, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, KICK MY ASS? YEAH RIGHT, I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!!! COME ONE, COME ALL!!! I'll TAKE YOU ALL ON!!!!" Kiny said, provoking and taunting the already angry soldiers. Upset and riled up over this, the fired-up soldiers did attack, at least ten of them at once. During the midst of all the commotion however, the elite Saiyan warrior forgot to wrap his tail like the elite class usually do. He grabbed one soldier by the throat and threw him into another, sending them both crashing into a wall, but while he did that, he'd got struck over the head with a two-fisted hammerhead strike by a female soldier, that sent him to the floor.

"What a good blow! Marvelous, even. I see I got to keep up with the ferocity." Kiny said with a smirk, as he grabbed the female soldier's fists and lifted them, with one hand, and raised another hand to her bosom, and blasted her with a ki blast.

"Oh, you like blasting people, huh, well take this." One of the soldiers yelled from behind, as five soldiers at once blasted Kiny with their signature Tamaran move, the ultraviolet green lights from their hands.

For a moment, there was silence. The soldiers thought they were victorious. Then, the dust settled, the smoke cleared, and Kiny stood there. His clothes were tattered, but himself, barely scathed. He smirked.

"Come on, certainly you can do better than that! If this is Tamaran's elite soldiers, if you lot are really the best this planet has to offer, then we truly stand no chance." Kiny taunted with a smirk, but that smirk dissipated rather quickly. A soldier from behind grabbed Kiny's unusually free-flowing tail and squeezed it. Kiny collapsed to the floor on his knees.

"Your tail," The soldier holding his external extremity said.

"It's normally never this free-flowing and loose, why the sudden change? It appears to have a rather drastic effect on your power." The soldier, named Rex, conjured.

"Yeah, if it was all about strength and power, we'd most certainly stand no chance against you, you'd wash us. Decimate our entire forces in seconds if it was only about physical prowess. You're stronger than our king, as well as General Zodo and Sir Ebon, your chi is more powerful and concentrated than Jerd's, and your speed far outclasses Dobe. I guess it's a good thing those aren't the only aspects of war then. Scouting your opponent, analyzing both their strengths and weaknesses, and casing your surroundings, so you can catch them off guard are all valuable strategies when in battles, but I guess heathens like yourselves, wouldn't know or particularly care about that aspect of it, now would you?" Asked Zeke rhetorically, another soldier from amongst the lot, stepping out in front of Kiny from amongst the crowd, while Rex still had an intense grip on his tail. Zeke's hair had a much heavier tint of red than even most Tamaraneans, whose hair was normally an orange-red cue tint.

"Because of you, our moon was destroyed!" Zeke yelled.

"Rex, squeeze that tail as hard as you possibly can!" Zeke yelled. Rex complied with a huge grin

"NOOOOO! PLEASE...PLEASE...HAVE MERCY...SPARE ME...AND I PROMISE...I'LL DO THINGS YOUR WAY FOR NOW ON!!!!! I'LL EVEN STEP DOWN AND GIVE ZODO HIS POSITION BACK. RELEASE ME. UNHAND ME...NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kiny screamed out in anguish, between heavy gasps and breaths. as he collapsed entirely on the floor, flat on his stomach. Rex stood above him squeezing his tail, with his feet on each side of Kiny's torso. The rest of the soldiers kicked Kiny in the face repeatedly as Zeke just stood and watched. The hapless Saiyan even began to cry. He begged and pleaded with Rex to let his tail go, but he pleas fell on deaf ears. Then the Tamaraneans began to dogpile him but avoided crowding Rex's space so that he could continue to neutralize the Saiyan. Some of the soldiers even got on the floor with him to punch him in the face or poke him in his eyes. The most Kiny could do was weak attempts at biting the fingers that came near him. Just then, Zodo walked in.

"What the hell is the meaning of all this?!" Zodo asked, commanding answers. The soldiers heard Zodo's voice and retreated to their at ease position in an instance, but Rex continued to squeeze the Saiyan's tail.

"Sir! General Zodo sir...it's not what it looks like!" Zeke pleaded, dropping to his knees with his hands folded before his captain.

"You must believe me!" Zeke cried.

"Oh really, because it appears to me, that it is exactly what it looks like. The lot of you have a problem with authority. Last I checked, I was the one who appointed Kiny in charge of our militia approach. You may have your differences in the subtleties of his approach, even Zodo and myself do, but let me make one thing clear to you all. Tamaran is about peace, we would never stoop so low to torture, you all need to be retrained. Now, Rex, let him go." Myand'r commanded upon walking in the room witnessing the madness.

"But, your majesty, with all due respect, I can't now. The fury and the rage he's filled with, he'll kill all of us if I release him." Rex argued.

"Zeke, Rex, I hear by strip you of your positions as Troupe leaders. Now, do as the king said, release the Saiyan." Zodo said with a sternness.

"Yes sir," said Zeke, dropping his head so that his gaze was on the floor, and dropping his arms from his folded hand position as he remained on his knees on the floor in front of Zodo. Rex on the other hand rebelled. He squeezed even tighter and tighter, and eventually he pulled the Saiyan's tail right out. The whole crowd gasped as Rex fell back with the Saiyan's tell still in hand. Zodo and Myand'r looked on in shock. Before anyone else made a move, Kiny stood up, and stood Rex up by his neck, and punched a hole through his chest, with his fist coming out of his back, killing him and dropping his body to the ground. He then charged a quick ki blast and obliterated Rex's body.

"Peace, my ass, he was right about one thing though, now, I'll kill you all!!!!" said Kiny, eyes rolling back in his head. Some of the soldiers didn't realize just how angry Kiny was, so they charged at him their ultraviolet rays, he reflected all of that and killed off approximately a dozen in a single blow of his chi blast.

"All of you! Dismissed now! Zodo, get Yaams in here, this instance, as well as the other royal guards, tell my wife to watch over Kori and the baby. She's the only one that can contain him now" Myand'r ordered. All the soldiers nodded and immediately left. Zodo did as he was told. Only Kiny, Myand'r, Zeke, and the corpses of the 12 dead Saiyans remained now.

"Rex, you killed Rex! You bastard! He was my best friend!" Zeke said, tears rolling down his face as he began releasing a barrage of his green ultraviolet rays and subsequently rushing in to attack Kiny with a flurry of kicks and punches.

"Don't worry, you'll be reunited with him real soon. In the afterlife!" Kiny screamed back grabbing Zeke's neck and slamming him against the floor with one hand, about to kill him with a cold punch with the other. Before he could deliver the finishing blow, however, Myand'r interrupted, slamming Kiny into the wall with his shoulder.

"ENOUGH! Zeke, get out of here now, Zodo will deal with you accordingly later. Kiny, your fight is with me now!" Myand'r yelled. As he glared at Zeke before charging Kiny as a distraction for Zeke to escape. Zeke did as he was told. Kiny lunged at Myand'r with a right hook, Myand'r dodged it with an afterimage technique, and stepped behind Kiny and kicked him in his back, making the Saiyan fall forward.

"I learned that courtesy of you during our first battle."

"Quick learner." Kiny recognized, before charging at Myand'r once more, this time connecting with a knee to the chin.

"Your blows, you're supposed to get stronger when you heal, but your speed and strength, all relatively weaker than when we fought last time. Are you exasperated perhaps, after the shameful torture, my soldiers put you through?" Myand'r questioned, noting his opponent's decline in raw physical power.

"It wasn't even the lack of energy. A Saiyan is just simply worthless without his tail, at least that's what I've been taught my entire life. The source of our pride, strength, dignity, and honor, as a warrior, we're nothing without it. Your soldiers humiliated me, disgraced my race, and for that, they all will die. Even without my tail, I should be more than enough to finish all of you off!" Kiny yelled, before Myand'r connected with a knee to the stomach, forcing the Saiyan to hurdle over and spew out blood. Kiny then charged at the king and landed a good blow to the face. Myand'r stumbled back, and then he charged his green ultraviolet rays on both hands. Kiny, being battered and beaten, broken, and separated from his tail, didn't even have enough strength to conjure his chi. He stood hapless as the two rays collided with him, sending him crashing into the wall. There was smoke, and also, dust.

"This battle is over," Myand'r said as the debris began to clear.

"That's what I wanted you to think," Kiny exclaimed, appearing under Myand'r, grabbing his legs and launching him into the air. Kiny then jumped in the air after him and delivered a straight hand right into the king's back. Then he moved out the way so the king could come crashing into the ground. He then jumped up in the air once more and dived at the king in a nosedive position. Before he could land, however, he was yanked out of the air by the shoulder strap on his exhausting battle armor. It was the Royal guards Dobe and Ebon. Jerd attended to the king, and Zodo came and grabbed Kiny's legs. The Saiyan didn't have enough reserved strength to fight off the full-on restraint so they pinned him against the wall in the same positions. Just then, his wife, Yaams, rushed in and took advantage of her spouse's position. She kneed him in the chin, and then delivered a haymaker with her right hand, rendering her husband unconscious. His body fell forward into her arms.

"I got it from here, boys. I'm the strongest on this planet now." Yaams reminded, hinting at her husband's missing tail.

"Not so fast, Yaams," said King Myand'r, getting back to his feet with the assistance of Jerd.

"Although he was under extreme duress, he still killed 13 Tamaranians. He must atone for his crimes. In the dungeon, where I personally will accompany him." Myand'r said, taking Kiny's unconscious body from Yaams.

Myand'r carries Kiny's body alone, after ordering the royal guards to dispose of their fallen comrades. Myand'r arrives to the Royal Palace, and upon walking inside, he hits a secret button on his watch. All of a sudden, a hidden door opens beneath him with a ramp to descend upon. Upon starting down the ramp, the top of the passageway closes. Once he reaches the end of the ram, he turns to his left to see shackles, hanging chains. He approaches them and then proceeds to delicately lock Kiny's unconscious body in them, as to not awake the Saiyan. He then sits on the floor next to the ensnared Kiny with his legs and hands folded. As the incarcerated Saiyan came to, he noted his predicament.

"What the hell happened?! Where the hell are we?!" Kiny shouted at Myand'r, clearly frustrated.

"Doesn't matter how loud you shout, Saiyan, no one can hear you all the way down here. We're in the cellar dweller of The Royal Palace.

"Why the hell?! What is the meaning of this?!" Kiny shouted further.

"You needed to atone for your sins. You slaughtered over a dozen of our finest Tamarainian soldiers." Myand'r responded.

"Under extreme duress! I don't get a trial or a pardon? Where are my wife and son?" Kiny continued shouting.

"Lower your damn voice, Saiyan, you're going to blow my eardrums in a second. If I had left this to our people, they would have you executed. I know the situation, that's why I am here personally. You're getting a royal pardon, I just have to have you in here so it doesn't appear you go unpunished. Yaams and Archo are safe, in the company of Queen Luand'r, Princess Koriand'r, and 2 of the royal guards. " Myand'r responded, raising his voice.

"So, this is how you treat your guest ehh?" Kiny said, returning to his normal vocals with a smirk.

"Well, you haven't shown much courtesy or company manners at all, have you?" Myand'r responded, returning the smirk.

"Well...how long is my sentence then, your highness?" Kiny inquired sarcastically.

"Three days, the two of us will be down here for three days, under the harshest conditions. Deprived of food, water, and most sunlight except that tiny gated window." Myand'r explained, pointing at the puny window not too far left from their location.

"Well well, how could the mighty king allow himself such a fate? As an elite Saiyan warrior, extreme conditions don't bother me, but you are majesty/royalty. So, humility is a quality some kings possess after all ehh?" Kiny taunted.

"Make no mistake. This is indeed a punishment for myself as well. In fact, this place has been in my family for generations. Both my father and uncle, both previous kings, both were down here as punishment from my grandfather, it drove them insane. My father couldn't take the extreme heat, my uncle succumbed to the extreme cold. All the civil unrest I have caused, all of our current predicaments, all of the turmoil my people are currently facing, is because I haven't been aggressive nor assertive enough as a king. I've instilled more doubt than anything. So if this is my repentance, so be it." Myand'r stated.

"Play with the temperature all you want, let me make something very clear to you. Neither one of us are dying here, we both have families we must return to. We'll make the best out of our situation." Kiny exclaimed, with an even bigger smirk.

"What'd you have in mind?" Myand'r asked with a nervous smile.

"Well, if you unchain me, then we'll take a walk to the other side of the cellar, hot-cold zones," Kiny suggested.

"You make a convincing argument, Saiyan." Myand'r smiled, as he unchained the Saiyan. The two of them walked to the opposite end of the cellar, where it was sub-zero temperatures.

"By the way, how long have we been down here?" Kiny inquired.

"Six hours, it was six. It's midnight now." Myand'r answered. Both of them were still worn from the earlier battle, but nevertheless they made their way to the sub-zero part of the cellar. They both prepared their fighting stances. This time Myand'r was on the offensive. He didn't hesitate, trying to not give Kiny a chance to respond. He kneed him the left side of his jaw with his right knee, and then to the right side with his left knee. He threw a flurry of punches and pushed Kiny back against the wall.

"Let me jog your memory, Us Saiyans get stronger after recovering from battles, much stronger especially from the gruesome ones," said Kiny as he grabbed Myand'r's elbow and tossed him in the air.

"And six hours of uninterrupted rest is certainly recovery time." Kiny continued as he looked up at Myand'r in the air before jumping up after to him to headbutt him in the stomach. After that Kiny grabbed Myand'r in a bear hug from beneath and flipped positions as they both hurled towards the ground. Once they crashed, Kiny immediately stood up, and stood Myand'r up by his chin and kneed him to the throat. He then sent him crashing into the ground with another thud as he brought an overhead elbow down on the king. Kiny thought the battle was over. Myand'r was on the ground seemingly unconscious. Kiny smiled boastfully as he stood over his opponent.

"Now it's my turn!!!!" Myand'r screamed grabbing both of Kiny's ankles before sending him flying overhead into a far wall. Before Kiny could gather himself, Myand'r was already standing over him.

"You seem to thrive in the cold, but now, let's see how you do in 600-degree heat!" Myand'r noted. Kiny felt all his strength sapped from his body as he was covered in sweat. He couldn't even move for a moment. Myand'r capitalized on this.

"I was saving this for The Citadel, but to prove we Tamaraneans are not just fodder, feel the wrath of the countless Tamaranians you've slaughtered. Soldier's Imprisonment!" Myand'r yelled as hands made of ultraviolet rays appeared from the floor, grabbing both Kiny's arms and legs.

"Now, ROYAL STAR!" Myand'r yelled, shooting a white gigantic Ultra-violet ray shaped like a star at Kiny. It sent him flying back. Myand'r was drained after the attack. Kiny, somehow, mustered the strength to get up. He used all his remaining energy to gather up a huge ki ball in his right hand. Myand'r, who had landed back on the cold side, sensed this and prepared his ultraviolet rays in both hands. They launched and the beams collided. The two walked towards each other and then the beams canceled, and they locked hands.

"THIS IS MY ELEMENT! The two warriors screamed in Unison before both passing out.

The time is now 1 pm. The two warriors slept through the entire morning. Kiny sat up and noticed Myand'r knocked out next to him. He woke the king up.

"I think it's time we spoke strategy," Kiny suggested.

"What were you considering?" Myand'r asked, intrigued by the Saiyan going above what he had expected of him.

"Well, Zodo always preaches casing your environment, right?" Kiny asked.

"Correct." Myand'r noted.

"Knowing your surroundings, having a feel for them, well we know where they're going to attack if history's any indicator." Kiny continued.

"Right, and we already have an ultraviolet land mine set as a trap for them as well," Myand'r informed.

"Excellent, now here's what I'm thinking. There's going to be the three guards there as the bait, then a horde of even soldiers from The Citadel, or even Frieza's Forces, will attack. When they do, they'll trip the mines, then Yaams will launch an enormous ki blast fueled with Tamarainian ultraviolet rays, while the two of us sneak inside." Kiny offered.

"Hell no! I don't know what they teach y'all in school where you're from, but it seems that camaraderie, loyalty, and honesty is a lost cost. It appears that only fighting is taught to you and nothing more. I refuse to lose any more Tamarainian soldiers." Myand'r yelled.

"It's apparently your knowledge that's lacking. There's always strategic losses when it comes to war, casualties, they are all aware of the risk." Kiny snarled in response.

"So that's all a Tamarainian life means to you. A casualty of war?" Myand'r interrogated.

"I mean, when it's three, to save millions, hell yeah I won't hesitate at all. Simple mathematics right? Kiny implied. Though Myand'r knew deep in his heart Kiny was absolutely correct in that the fatalities of war was going to happen regardless so the best thing to do is at least contain/minimize them, he didn't have the heart to doom anymore of his fellow Tamaraneans, Myand'r just looked at Kiny and nodded his head.

"Understood," Myand'r responded reluctantly. As the day turned into the night, the two warriors, feeling somewhat rejuvenated, prepared to spar once more. Both Kiny and Myand'r stood up, dusted themselves off, then faced each other in their usual battle stances. Both wanting to strike first, charged straight for each other.

First, they locked hands, and then Myand'r proceeded to headbutt Kiny, causing him to release his grip and fly back into the wall. Kiny crashed into the wall, when he emerged, he was shivering.

"This time, the cold is mine!" Myand'r exclaimed under his breath. He then proceeded to rush Kiny and knock him back to the ground with a sweeping low kick. Just then, Myand'r picked Kiny up off the ground by cupping his chin at the end of his fist, and with his free hand, he delivered a haymaker to him, sending him flying right into yet another wall. Just as Kiny recovered, Myand'r threw a barrage of signature Tamarainian Ultraviolet ray beams to Kiny. And then he summoned his royal signature white ultraviolet ray ball, but before he could launch it, both of Kiny's feet collided with Myand'r's stomach, causing the energy ball to disperse. This caused both warriors to crash on the floor next to one another into the heat side. Kiny stood up and stood the king up by his collar. As he held the king in his right, his left fist collided with the king's face three times, before he threw him up in the air, and jumped up after him, left leg first. Kiny collided with Myand'r's stomach once more, seemingly knocking the king unconscious. As he jostled for position, the king's eyes returned to normal after previously being rolled in the back of his head. Myand'r grabbed Kiny in a bear hug position just as the Saiyan returned the favor. Now, both warriors were cradling together as they torpedoed toward the floor headfirst. When they collided, the impact caused a dust cloud to appear. When the smoke settled, Kiny got up and yanked the king to his feet by his right arm.

"What's the matter, your highness? Can't take the heat?!" The Saiyan taunted, as he bashed a ball of ki directly into the king's face.

The king just smirked at his opponent as he slipped his arm out of Kiny's control to the point where they locked hands. Then, with both of their free hands, they locked hands as well. Myand'r began to push Kiny back. Soon, the warriors were standing dead center where the two temperatures clash.

"THIS IS MY ELEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" both warriors screamed in unison once more, before collapsing in identical fashion to the previous night's event.

Meanwhile, General Zodo's wife, Colonel Yukei, gave birth at home, with Zodo there.

A baby girl, who appeared to possess some kind of defect, as Tamaraneans usually are born with red or orange hair, but hers was blonde, although she sported the usual orange skin. Zodo gasped when he seen this, but smiled anyway.

"We should name her Zoella, the lady of the warrior tribe." Zodo suggested to his wife.

"What a beautiful name, Zoella it is." Yukei agreed.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Kori is in her room crying to her mom

"Mommy, when is daddy coming back?" She sobbed on her mothers lap, who was sitting on her bed, while Royal Guard Dobe stood there besides them.

"Two days, Kori, two days. Don't worry, daddy will be back before you know it," Luand'r responded, confiding her daughter, while silently sobbing herself, also missing her husband.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the palace, stood Royal Guard Ebon and Royal Guard Jerd, who were trying to quell a rebellion. Both the normal citizens, as well as the soldiers, were attempting to storm the Royal Residence.

"Bring out the Saiyans," the soldiers chanted.

"The king is unfit to rule," the citizens yelled.

Yaams heard the commotion and went to Kori's room to ask them to watch baby Archo.

She then went outside, and pushed Ebon and Jerd aside.

"People of Tamaron, forgive me. We have caused a great deal of turmoil and chaos to the people of this planet, and this kingdom, and for that, on behalf of my husband and myself, I apologize. Yes, we didn't come here will well intent, but believe me when I tell you, this is all for a greater cause. Lord Frieza has taken countless worlds, either by completely annihilating them, enslaving them as he did with my people, or eradicating all of their inhabits. If you want that to happen to Tamaran, then be my guest, but my son was just born here, so that's makes this his homeworld, and for that, I'm willing to protect it with my life. If you really are all for the peace you claim, you must work with us so that your oppressors, The Citadel, and Freiza's Forces, won't bother us ever again. Now if you're with me, put up a fist, the rest of you, will die, one way or another, either through outside forces, or trying to overthrow the royal family. You're choice." Yaams said, raising a fist in the air. The citizens disagreed and walked away in disgust, but most of the soldiers put a fist up.

The day had finally come to an end. General Zodo, still not trusting the Saiyans, hid his wife's pregnancy, as well as the birth of his daughter, from everybody, for fear it might get out. He tucked his wife and daughter in and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, back in the palace dungeon, Myand'r and Kiny were facing each other, at the border of where the two elements met. Kiny was in the heat, and Myand'r was in the cold.

"Kiny, it's been fun, but rest now. Tomorrow is the day we reclaim our freedom." Myand'r reminded the Saiyan.

"And also don't forget, you never know what tomorrow holds." Said Dobe, walking through the door.

"Dobe, what are you doing here?" Myand'r asked.

"You have a wife and daughter who misses you dearly, your majesty. And for you Saiyan, are you going to deny your new born his father? The two of you are going to need energy to see your families tomorrow. So, I prepared something" Dobe jestered, handing the two warriors a plate each, filled with giant stuffed turkeys.

"I am indebted to you," said Myand'r as he grabbed the plate.

"Appreciate it. If there's one thing a Saiyan loves more than battle, it's food that's for sure!" Kiny exclaimed excitedly as this would be his first meal in over 48 hours. He snatched the plate and scarfed the turkey whole.

"Heathen." Dobe muttered under his breath.

"Call me out of my name one more time and you won't have to worry about what tomorrow holds." Kiny threatened, grabbing Dobe by the collar with one hand, with the plate still in the other. Myand'r put his plate down, and then grabbed Kiny's from his hand.

"Kiny, stand down Saiyan." Myand'r commanded.

"Just when I thought we were getting somewhere in this alliance, you remind me that in your eyes I'm nothing more than one of your royal dogs you feel as though you can just beckon orders to." Kiny snarled as he blasted the two empty plates on the floor, and stormed off into the cold side for some rest.

"I'm sorry, your highness, I did not mean to cause discord," Dobe apologized.

"No need for apologies. What has become of their pods? If this partnership doesn't work out, maybe they'd leave us in peace." The king suggested.

"Both were totally wrecked upon impact, Sir Ebon inspected them earlier. They're salvageable, but at the very minimum, it will take six months for them to become functional again. It's technology is beyond anything we've seen this side of the cosmos." Dobe informed.

"Very well. Dobe, leave us, we'll catch up in the morning. Get some rest. You never know what tomorrow holds, as you like to say." Myand'r remarked.

"Very well, my king, but any trouble from the Saiyan, don't hesitate to call me on the watch." Dobe reminded as he walked out.

"Do not worry yourself with that, Kiny and I will be just fine." Myand'r said with a smirked as he walked in the cold after Kiny. When he finally caught up, he realized Kiny had walked so deep, it took hours to get to him. Kiny was knocked out on the frozen tundra. Myand'r positioned himself a few feet away and laid in the fetus position himself.

"See you in the morning, friend." Myand'r said before closing his eyes. Unbeknownst to him, Kiny's subconscious registered Myand'r calling him friend.

The next morning had arrived, Luand'r woke up and went immediately to her daughter's bedside, Royal Guard Dobe already there. Koriand'r was still sleep. Yaams awoke too, and headed straight for the princess' room, with a sleeping Archo in hand. Soon Royal Guard Jerd showed up as well. Then the moment they all had gathered in anticipation for had finally arrived. Royal Guard Ebon and General Zodo walked in, escorting Myand'r and Kiny. Myand'r walked over to Luand'r and gave a hug just as Koriand'r interjected. and Kiny went to kiss Yaams on the lips and Archo on the forehead.

"It's good to be back." Myand'r noted.

"Daddy, we missed you so much, please don't go away like that ever again." Koriand'r pleaded with her father, waking up and sobbing while running over to him and her mother upon hearing his voice

"Don't worry munchkin, I won't." The King said, as he nestled his daughter's hair.

"Kiny, Zoto, Jerd, Ebon, a word please. Dobe, please watch over my family for a moment." Myand'r instructed.

"Yes sir," Dobe responded, relieved to not be part of whatever discussion that was about to take place. The group followed the king into the hallway and down the hall into the dining room.

"Yes, your majesty?" Zodo said, with annoyance, assuming he already knows what this is about.

"We need to re-establish some ground rules. Zodo, you are still The General of the Tamereanian army, but Kiny has to share that position with you for right now, simply because we have no clue what we're truly up against with this Frieza fellow.

"I understand that, my king. It's just I'm skeptical of trusting this outsider to be my co pilot and assist me at manning the helm, with all the unruly soldiers, they especially don't trust him now." Zodo exclaimed.

"And do you think it's easy working with these weaklings, who are jawing at every opportunity to take my life?" Kiny asked rhetorically.

"General Zodo, your Majesty, if I may interject. I beg to differ. Yaams, the other Saiyan, Kiny's wife, she apologized on behest of them both yesterday for the ruckus they stirred, and she reminded everyone that we're fighting for a common cause and that we're on the same side as of now. She said in her short time here, she's learn to love Tamron as her new home, and as such, she will protect it with her life. Now the citizens were of course skeptical and shunned her, but the soldiers all put their fists up, I think now more than ever, if General Zodo and this Saiyan show that we're a united front, our troops will rally behind them." Ebon explained.

"Interesting point, Ebon. I didn't know that, but I appreciate you for updating me on that tidbit. On that note, I must explain. Kiny, this is in no due respect, but we both fight, that's the only similarity we have. Us Tamereanians, we fight to keep/protect the peace, whereas what I've gathered on you Saiyans, is that you fight to interrupt/disturb/destroy that."

"That's where you're wrong king. We fight simply because we feel like it. We do what we want, how we want, where we want, when we want. Fighting just gives us a sense of belonging, it's the rush, as a warrior you should understand that when the blood boils, and you're back against the wall, there's absolutely no feeling in the entire cosmos that could possibly match that." Kiny retorted.

"Doing what you want, on any other planet, I could care less, but you're here on our planet now, so you abide by our rules. You teach our warriors how to be fierce, brute, and fearless in battle, while Zodo will be there to make sure you don't get out of hand, remind them of casing the environment, scouting for weaknesses, and keeping calm. No killing, Kiny, I mean it. Cause if one more Tamereanian's blood is on your hands, Frieza, The Citadel, The Dungeon, all of those will be the least of your worries. This entire planet will rain hellfire on you. Understood?" Myand'r warned.

"Under...stood," Kiny responded begrudgingly. Kiny stormed out, as Jerd and Ebon tailed him. Just as Zodo was about to leave however the king grabbed his shoulder and he turned around.

"Zodo, congratulations, by the way." Myand'r said with a smirk.

"What?!!! But how did you know? My wife and I didn't tell anybody!" Zodo exclaimed with pure shock.

"This is my kingdom, my planet, you'd really think it would go unnoticed by me?" The King asked rhetorically.

Zodo just bowed his head and walked out.

Some Sense of Camaraderie[]

"So, Saiyan, do you plan on returning to base immediately?" Zodo asked after catching up to Kiny down the hall.

"Eventually, for the moment, there' something I must do," Kiny retorted while he continued to walk opposite of the palace exit, without even turning around to acknowledge his fellow general.

"Very well, then I shall go myself." Zodo declared, before realizing Kiny was already gone. Zodo returned to base, but could barely open the door before both a frontal and rear assault. A soldier came with hammer kick that Zodo blocked with his arm, while one came with a punch to the face, which was halted by The General grabbing his fist and slamming him into his comrade, but this distracted him enough leaving him vulnerable to a knee in the back which forced to drop to his knees in semi submission.

"So, you've mastered the art of catching your opponent off guard ehh?" Zodo said, standing up dusting himself off.

"But what are you going to do, when you don't know your opponent's abilities?" Zodo asked rhetorically with a grin. Suddenly, Zodo's hands grew claws and he scratched the ground next to one of the three soldiers who had attacked him mere moments ago.

"Imprisonment!" He yelled. The scratch brightened and then from it grew a cage made from Zodo's claws, imprisoning the three.

"General Zodo, where did you get those clawed abilities?" A fourth soldier asked as he approached his superior.

"There's a lot, you don't know about me, boy. I've told you, I've travelled. The only one who's been outside of Tamaron." The General reminded.

Meanwhile, back at the palace.

Kiny is walking down the hallway, just as he hears a voice.

"Going somewhere?" The voice asked rhetorically.

"How did you know, Myand'r?" The Saiyan snarled.

"Well, isn't it obvious, we're both still banged up from the training, and you Saiyans increase in strength and power dramatically after healing." The King responded.

"Allow me to accompany you. Your strength it's unparalleled. I know the soldiers, even General Zodo and The Royal Guards, cannot began to compare. The only warriors we have capable of fighting a relatively even battle with the two of you, are the queen and myself, but I'm certain after you heal, even that gap will widen significantly." said Myand'r as he caught up to Kiny and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Your observations are spot on, your majesty, but you underestimate yourself. When I arrived, you survived an onslaught from me, the rest of your people, would have died. So your durability is noteworthy. The second thing you excluded, you may not get the boost I'll receive from healing, but those three days in the chamber, your strength increased at least three times as well. Thirdly, while the healing should remedy this, I'm not exactly as strong as I was when I arrived, considering I no longer have my tail, courtesy of your soldiers. I told you before, a Saiyan without his tail is considered a perpetual weakling. The transformation aside, having our tails is our pride." Kiny said, shedding a tear.

"Well, don't you think it's time to change that narrative. Kiny, you're one of the few of your race left alive. Show the universe that a Saiyan doesn't need a tail to become strong." Myand'r proclaimed.

"You know what, you're right. I refuse to be pathetic, I refuse to be left behind!" Kiny screamed.

Myand'r and Kiny walked together to the healing chambers, where Jerd and Ebon awaited them. They strapped them up. While Myand'r injuries took a day to heal, Kiny's would wound up lasting a month. In that time, Myand'r returned to the dungeon to train on his own, several times, gradually increasing his strength. Meanwhile, Zodo and the militia forces were training constantly as well, rapidly increasing their own strength as well. Ebon and Jerd watched over Kiny as he recovered, while Dobe watched over Luand'r, Koriand'r, Yaams, and Archo, whenever the king went to train. With no time to actually train themselves, in terms of power, it seemed as though the royal guards were being left behind. The day finally came where Kiny awoke, after a long 30 days.

"Sir Ebon, Sir Kiny has awoken." Jerd informed his superior.

"Very well, retrieve his clothes and then release him." Ebon ordered. Jerd did as he was told. Kiny got dressed, nodded his approval to the guards, and immediately walked towards Koriand'r's room, knowing his wife and child would be there as well. Upon getting there, he saw Luand'r, Koriand'r. Yaams, Archo, and Royal Guard Dobe.

"Well, well, well, look who finally woke up. Took you long enough." Yaams remarked, elated to see her husband.

"My wife, and son, my apologies. I had to reclaim my status as alpha. Without my tail, my leadership as a Saiyan was being doubted, but with this newfound strength I have quarreled those concerns." Kiny proclaimed.

"You know what our people would say, about a Saiyan who's lost their tail right? Don't tell me you've forgotten about Yamoshi the Super Saiyan, that was only achievable by controlling the Oozaru form, without being able to transform---" Yaams was cut off.

"I'm aware, but the king, we had a talk, and he made me realize, I will forge my own path to power. I refuse to be held back by lack of a tail, I will break the narrative that has haunted our people for so long." Kiny stated, with newfound confidence.

"I know you've fallen behind Yaams, no time to train with the baby." Kiny said to his wife with an arrogant grin.

"Don't worry, I'll catch up soon enough," Yaams said, kissing her husband on the cheek.

Just then, Myand'r entered the room.

"Kiny, glad to see you've finally awaken." Myand'r commented, genuinely happy to see his comrade.

"Ahh yes, The King himself. Let's spar, I'm eager to see just how much you've grown." Kiny suggested.

"Very well, back to the dungeon it is, I'm curious also to see your improvement." Myand'r gestured in good faith.

Once the two arrived, Myand'r laid on his stomach on the border and urged Kiny to do the same.

"What are you implying we do here?" Kiny asked annoyed and confused.

"Before we officially began, let's arm wrestle. Break the ice, catch up." Myand'r suggested.

"Very well." said Kiny as he laid down opposite of the king.

The two arm wrestled to a stalemate. Each warrior could feel that the other was holding a great deal back, Kiny more so than Myand'r.

The two stood and readied themselves in their battle stances, and without further hesitation they commenced. Myand'r took no time to show off one of his new techniques.

"Shackles!!" screamed the king as he blasted two of his white ultraviolet rays next to the feet of the Saiyan.

"The white off rip, impressive, but you missed." Kiny smirked.

"Did I though? Check again." Myand'r provoked. Kiny looked down to see his ankles were indeed shackled.

"Clever indeed, restricting my movement like this." Kiny complimented.

"Now, chains!" Myand'r screamed as he blasted Kiny in the chest with another ultraviolet ray. It pushed Kiny back some. Kiny looked to see his arms were in a chain jail.

"I am the king. Your words, they rang true. The stronger I am, the better a guardian and king I can be." said Myand'r as he kicked the immobile Kiny in the face.

"I have been down here several times while you were sleeping." Myand'r noted, punching Kiny in his face this time.

"And in that time," Myand'r continued through his assault, this time kneeing Kiny in the chest and kicking him in his stomach, causing him to spew blood from his mouth.

"I've mastered a few things." Myand'r went on, as he dove towards the Saiyans feet, picked them up and began swinging the Saiyan.

"In addition to a rise in power, I mastered not sweating by this extreme heat, and immunization to the cold." Myand'r said as he continued to swing the immobile Saiyan.

"I've also achieved mastery over my exclusive white ultra violet rays, that only I possess, I never have to revert to green again." Myand'r exclaimed as he tossed Kiny into the farthest depths of the hot side and then proceeded to fly after him.

"Impressive, very impressive indeed, but now, it's my turn. Kiny stated, as he stood up and popped the shackles on his arms and ankles.

"You should remember this," Kiny noted as he bearhugged the king and jumped as high as they could up in the air.

"The tombstone piledrive" Kiny claimed, as they plummeted to the ground head first at an insane speed. They crashed, Then Kiny rose. He lifted Myand'r by the arms and kneed him in the gut repeatedly.

"Shackle This!" Kiny yelled in retaliation, as he flipped and slammed the king into the ground repeatedly. He laid the king face up, and then let him go. Then, the Saiyan jumped all the way up in the air, and began his descent with a knee drop that was intended for the king's stomach. Just as he was approaching the king however, Myand'r rolled over, allowing Kiny's knee to crash straight into the ground. Kiny laid there, in agonizing pain. Both warriors laid there, inches separated, in defeated states. Finally, Myand'r rose to a sitting position.

"And that, Saiyan, is how you take advantage of a situation." Myand'r mocked, slowly rising to his feet before helping Kiny up.

"Yeah, you got me, I think that's enough for the day," Kiny said, aching and limping, using the king's support to walk.

"Hohoho, is this Kiny, the mighty Saiyan warrior calling the quits on a battle? Admitting defeat perhaps?" Myand'r mocked.

"Never, to the lights of you?! Hardly." The Saiyan retorted.

"By the way, you should keep your eyes on Zodo, his strength has increased a great deal in such a short time, I believe it has something to do with his off-world travels, he never told us where he was and what he did while away." Myand'r referenced.

"Thanks for the heads up, I had been meaning to ask him about that for some time now anyway," Kiny responded as he left the palace and headed off in the direction the military base.

Upon arriving, he was spotted by Zeke, who still wanted to kill him to avenge his buddy Rex, but knew he was no match for the Saiyan in his current state.

'One day, Saiyan. One day, I will defeat you for killing Rex. He was like a brother to me, the only friend I ever had. For that, I'll make you suffer.' The young Tamaranean thought to himself.

General Zodo approached.

"Saiyan! I see you've finally awoken!" Zodo spoke heartily.

"Ahh...If it isn't the formidable Tamaranean General, I was told your strength has increased immensely. Show me your power!" Kiny yelled.

"As you wish. I hope this a reminder to always be careful what you ask for." Zodo responded as he readied his battle stance and Kiny did the same. Zodo moved so fast Kiny could not follow, striking the Saiyan with his both fists consecutively in the face. When Kiny attempted an overhead hammer fist, he hit the general's afterimage technique and fell forward, the real general taking advantage of the situation appearing behind him, and bear hugging him into a suplex. He let the Saiyan up, cause he knew that while his own strength was far greater than it once had been, it still wasn't on par with his adversary, so he tried to close the gap with speed and wits. Zodo disappeared into the surroundings.

"I can sense your presence, you slime! Show yourself so that I can blow you to smithereens! That was an impressive display of speed, but now it's my turn." Kiny proclaimed as he stood up and dusted himself off. Zodo thought he had concealed himself pretty well, but then Kiny appeared in front of him with his back facing him and elbowed him in his stomach three times in a row with ferocity. Zodo hurled over and spat up blood.

"Your level of strength and speed is impressive. Had I not recovered from battling the king, you could have defeated me, but I'm going to take you to the healing chamber general. You seem to be the most interesting person out of all your people, and it seems you have had quite the eventful life, so after you heal, I want you to tell me your story." Kiny stated as he grabbed Zodo.

"I told you, Saiyan!, Your race is not the only one...that prides itself on battle...though we may fight for different causes...we still have one goal in common... that is to always get stronger." Zodo said as he lost consciousness. Kiny had picked his entire body up and dashed towards the palace at an incredible speed. He arrived to Ebon and Jerd at the door.

"What happened?!" Ebon slightly yelled out of concern for his superior/comrade.

"Training gone wrong, he's alright, just needs to heal up." Kiny said nonchalantly as he rushed passed guards, into the palace halls, down to the healing chamber, and hooked Zodo up. He stood guard the entire time, which was only a day perhaps, until Zodo had recovered from his training wounds inflicted by Kiny himself. Kiny gave Zodo his clothes as he released him from the tank, and then turned away so the general could dress.

Zodo's Past[]

"So tell me, Zodo, has a man like yourself ever experienced worlds? Worlds beyond Tamaron, I must know." Kiny pried.

"Indeed, I have, Saiyan. As I told you before, I'm not the average Tamarean, I've encountered one of your kind before. I've eaten two forbidden fruits to increase my power, and I've even encountered Lord Cooler's Armored Squadron!" Zodo reminded, as he gestured for Kiny to walk with him down the halls.

"Yes, please, tell me more. Cooler's Armored Squadron ehh? And you lived to tell the story? Salza is second in power only to Lord Cooler himself!" Kiny responded shocked, as the two of them begin making their way down the hall.

"You see that young kid Zeke? The one who's hair is a brighter shade of red at the base. The one who's best friend Rex you killed in cold blood. The one who's malice for you could be felt from the farthest ends of the cosmos. The one who wants to destroy you by any means all out of an act of vengeance? I was like him once. Especially at his age, I was brash, impulsive, rebellious, and impatient. Then, that all changed when The Citadel attacked." Zodo began to elaborate as they arrived to the dining room and pushed open the door.

'The Citadel seems to be a main sticking point in these peoples stories, I need to make note of that' Kiny thought to himself.

"The Citadel, what did they have to do with anything?" Kiny pried.

"Everything. They mercilessly slaughtered my parents in front of my eyes, and I was helpless to aid them. I also had a twin brother, Zoto, who was abducted by them." Zodo expounded upon.

"So your brother works for them now?" Kiny questioned.

"No, little do they know, he's undercover. He let himself be seized so that he could learn their inner workings and report back when it was safe, what he told me though was that he had a son on the way named Zeke, and asked me to raise the boy as my own. Which I did, for a time." Zodo explained.

"So, the brat's your nephew is what you're telling me?" Kiny muttered sarcastically. Zodo nodded.

"So, what's the deal with this Saiyan you met?" Kiny questioned further.

"Hold on, patience, Saiyan. I must tell you how that story begin." Zodo mentioned.

"After seeing the Citadel, it made me realize that there was life outside of Tamaron. So I wanted to see what other worlds had. So, for two years, I had begun constructing my own ship. During that time, my brother came to visit, and he told me he was secretly forming a rebellion of warriors against the Citadel, known as The Omega Men. He said once Zeke, got old enough, he would enlist as well. So he asked me to train him as part of the Tamaranian Militia so that he'd have the strength and discipline required to not only protect our world, but all the others from the clutches of The Citadel. He believed that once it's time, Zeke will be able to lead the revolution and deliver the final blow to The Citadel, I agreed. So I started training him what I knew of the arts, which wasn't much, which made my desire to leave and become stronger that much more motivated. Fortunately, soon after is when I shackled up with my now wife Yukei. A formidable warrior in her own right. She came to live with myself and Zeke, and soon after, we got married. Not long after that, while Zeke was still very young, he brought a friend home named Rex. Rex was an orphan, since both of his parents were killed in The Citadel as well. Since I went through similar trauma, I felt for the kid and took him in. Welcomed him into our home as a new member as our family. Soon after, I completed work on the ship. I told Yukei that I was leaving to seek ways of getting stronger, and I requested she trained these two to become fierce warriors with the integrity of our people always at the forefront, she agreed, embraced me, and told me to be careful, and I was off. I had no idea where I was headed, at 19 years old exploring the galaxy alone was an overwhelming experience. Eventually, my ship gave out and I crash landed on some planet called Earth. I landed right smack dab in the middle of some country called Dressrosa, next to a gigantic coliseum. When I awoke, I entered the coliseum as a spectator. There was a lot going on there, mostly gladiators, but there was one that stood out. He Had long flowing blonde hair, and a muscular frame, although he didn't appear to be much older than myself. His name was Olibu. He fought with grace and power, and superb agility for his size, and he actually won the tournament, after he was the last man standing and was presented with some kind of glowing fruit as a reward. He took his reward and left, he didn't eat it immediately though. As he left, I approached him.

"Hey, Olibu, that was incredible back there! My name is Zodo." I introduced myself, extending my right hand for him to shake.

"It is a pleasure, Zodo. where are you from though? If you don't mind me asking? Your orange skin seems rather odd, though I'm not one to judge anyone off appearance." Olibu responded shaking my right hand with his own, as his left hand was still holding the fruit.

"I hail from Planet Tamaron! I came here on a ship, where is here though?" I responded.

"Ehh, a different planet huh? I always wanted to explore other worlds, but my grades weren't the best in school, so Capsule Corps didn't select me for their spaceship program. Anyway, we're on Earth, my home world, and this country is Dressrosa. This place right here is known as the Corrida Colosseum. A fighting tournament where they hold great prizes for the winner." He elaborated.

"What's so great about a fruit? Even if it does glow?" I asked.

"This isn't an ordinary fruit, Zodo. This here is what is known as a Devil Fruit. It grants the one who consumes it incredible powers and abilities, but at the cost of being able to swim. The user possesses this power until their death, then the fruit respawns somewhere else in the world. They are scattered across the world, and apparently, not too far away from this place, they make artificial ones with slightly weaker abilities and more drawbacks, and sell them, in a country called Wano. Those fake ones are known as Smiles." Olibu explained

"That does sound rather peculiar, and what exactly is that one's ability?" I questioned.

"Remember how I told you I wanted to explore other worlds, but I didn't get the chance with Capsule Corps?" Olibu reminded.

"Yeah?" I answered confused.

"Well, with this I can. This is known as the space space fruit. It grants whoever eats it the ability to breathe in space." Olibu informed.

"Intriguing." I responded.

"I hail from a city known as West City, where I trained under the one and only Mr. Hercule Satan, champion of several of 'The World's Strongest Under The Heavens Tournament.' He taught me basic martial arts and then he said there was no more he could teach me and that I surpassed him, so from this point on to seek my own path to power, pursue my dreams, and don't let anyone or anything stand in my way. So when I heard of the prize here, that's when I made my way." Olibu expounded upon.

"I want one of those fruits." I said.

"Well, there's another tournament here in three months, if you want one, that one apparently is called the Claw Claw fruit. It grants it user the ability to grow claws similar to that of a tiger at will. But those gladiators are fierce, if you are not proficient in the arts, they'll tear you apart." Olibu informed.

"Well, I came here on my own path of power as well. I have to get much stronger before I can return to people and protect them properly. So may you train me so that I can win the power of the fruit?" I asked.

"Surely, but I have seen others with abilities far greater than mine, such as flying and the ability known as the sky walk. I haven't reach those heights yet, but I'll hold off on eating this fruit until you have yours, so that we may experience it together. And perhaps enjoy our last swim." Olibu offered.

"Very well, a final swim doesn't sound too bad right about now." I responded as we prepared to race to the nearest body of water. He pointed in the direction since I was even more unfamiliar with the area than he was, and then we took off. He dusted me though, I couldn't keep up in the slightest. He had barely broke a sweat and by the time I caught up, all winded and one not. We swam, and we joked and then we returned to my tattered ship I had arrived on the planet with, and disassembled it into further parts so that we could take it with us, off the island and into Olibu's home back in West City. It was a very small house near the mountains slightly north of the city, but at least there no one would bother the ship. We trained for 3 months and then we returned to Dressrosa.

Upon returning, headed straight for Dressrosa, there weren't really no truly formidable competitors since the claw claw fruit, was of the lesser known devil fruits, so I won the matches with ease. I did notice a statue of a gladiator people believe was a folklore hero under the name Kyros. No one could remember him or his feats, that's why they questioned his existence in the first place. When I received the fruit I walked out and met up with Olibu, who still hadn't ate the fruit he won. He recommended we fix the ship before we eat the fruit. So upon returning to his house in West City. We worked on ship repairs for about a month, purchased the parts and spacesuits with the zeni that was an additional prize for winning the tournaments along with the fruits. Soon we took off in an upgraded model of my original ship, one that was now suited for two people instead of just one. All the training with Olibu, my frame had become akin to his, muscular. We both ate our fruits, and almost instantaneous, tiger stripes grew across my chest, and claws grew from my hands. Olibu, opened up the hatch, and jumped out, no helmet. I ran to the hatch after putting my helmet on, and I was amazed. He could breathe, talk, and move freely in space. We both looked at each other and smiled. He said with our newfound powers and abilities, we could now explore the cosmos as we pleased as we honed our skills. A few days later however, a spaceship crashed into ours. When we went to see it, It was man and his crew. This man had a monkey tail, wrapped around his waist, similar to yours. He wore grey battle armor and was of a darker complexion. with a red device on his eye." Zodo explained.

"So, it seems to me you've encounter Turles and The Killer Crusher Corps. You're right, he is one of the remaining Saiyans, and he leads a and of misfit space pirates, they exploit the galaxy for dead planets or weak civilizations, obliterate the inhabitants, then after every destination, they come out massively stronger than they entered." Kiny noted.

"We didn't just encounter them, we actually worked with them." Zodo informed, the Saiyan's face quickly turning to shock.

"A human ehh?" And it appears you can breathe in space just fine?" Turles questioned Olibu.

"How do you know of my people? Who, or what are you?" Olibu questioned fiercely.

"I am the Saiyan known as Turles. Once a low class warrior, I'm done with that life now though. I've been to earth before, when I was much weaker, there was a human there, known as Roshi, he defeated me, and I retreated, long before I was powerful." Turles introduced himself.

"We are The Killer Crusher Corps. The two of you, with your abilities, would definitely aid us if you joined our cause." Cacao, an average built, red skin, alien like creature, one of Turles subordinates, offered, noting that Olibu didn't have a helmet in the vacuum of space, and how I still had my claws drawn.

"We can grant you power beyond your wildest dreams!" said Amond, a big, tall, red monstrous looking man with long black flowing hair, stepped forward with a promise.

"Don't you have a reason to desire such raw, unfiltered power? Isn't there a goal you want to meet? Or someone you couldn't protect?" Turles asked tauntingly.

"What's the catch?" Olibu asked, suspicious."

"The only catch, you have to swear your unyielding/undying loyalty to me." Turles informed

"And what is it, that you're after?" Olibu questioned.

"I was a low-class warrior back home. My proud Saiyan race looked down on me, as if I was disposable. So I vowed to make them all pay the price for underestimating me! I will become The Legendary Super Saiyan!!!!! I will be the one to free our people from the enslavement of Frieza!!! And then, even the king will bow to me! I will defeat Frieza, and every member of his elite force; The Ginyu Force, Zarbon, Dodoria, all of them will pay for the years of pain and torment they've brought upon my people!" Turles yelled, as he began to shed tears.

"This cause seems noble enough. In exchange for this power increase, I, Olibu of Earth, pledge my allegiance to you, as I was always considered a weakling back home." Olibu said as he bowed on one knee in front of Turles.

I thought for a second, a flashback of how The Citadel abducted my brother, and killed my parents, while I just stood there and watched, defenseless.

"I, Zodo of Tamaron, in exchange for this power, pledge my allegiance to you" I said as I dropped to a one knee bow as well.

"Very Well. Rasin, Lakaski, bring our two new recruits fruit from The Tree Of Might!" Turles ordered as he grinned widely.

The two short, rotund, purple-skinned henchmen left and then returned quickly with two orange color ball shaped fruits, each handing them to Olibu and myself, respectively.

Olibu ate his first and immediately felt a power surge.

"This power, it's incredible, unlike anything I've ever felt before!" Olibu exclaimed excitedly.

And then it was my turn. I ate the fruit and felt the surge as well.

"This power is extraordinary, but with this type of increase, there has to be some sort of drawback." I inquired.

"You should only eat one a week, too many within a short period of time, will actually weaken you." Turles informed.

"So, he uses the fruit from the tree of might to derive his strength, ehh. No wonder, because even with our race's ability to get stronger after every battle, the increases he made are far too drastic. Now it all makes sense." Kiny deduced.

"Alas, that is not the end though. The next part is the real interesting side of things." Zodo assured.

"After pledging our allegiance, We landed on a deserted planet to rest while Lakaski and Rasin repaired the ship and integrated the scraps of ours into theirs. For a week, we rested, and then we headed to our next location, a planet in the Western Side of The Galaxy. This planet was live with green people, who all seemed to be warriors. Turles found some soil and stuck in it a seed of might." Zodo continued.

To the shock of myself and Olibu, the inhabitants of the planet all started to collapse and die.

"What's going on here Turles?!!" Olibu questioned demanding answers.

"Yeah, we didn't sign up for this!" I added.

The rest of the group and Turles all started laughing maniacally.

"What the hell is so funny?!" Olibu and myself yelled in unison, this just made the gang burst deeper into laughter.

"Oh, did I leave out some info?" Turles chuckled. He then stood up and wiped the hysterical tears from his scouter-less eye.

"Ahh, yes, The Tree Of Might. It bears these fruit that grant extreme power, but of course there is a cost. That being an entire planet's lifeforce! Can only achieve this on lively planets!" Turles commented with a smirk, just then, one of the inhabitants of the planet appeared before us, wearing a white turban and what appeared to be a white toga in the form of a martial arts gi. He was moving so fast it seemed as though the effects of Tree Of Might was not affecting him.

"My name is Pikkon! I have no idea who you are, but you'll pay for decimating my people!" Just then, Amond, caught Pikkon and punch a hole through his stomach, his fist coming out the warrior's back instantly killing him.

"This slaughter is too much, Amond! Stop" Olibu pleaded.

"Just then, a fist appeared, punching a hole through Amond's chest, instantly killing him in the same manner he did Pikkon just moments ago.

"Before us, was an amphibian like warrior. His skin was purple. His armor resembled that of Turles, except green, missing one shoulder plate, and a white logo on the stomach that appeared to be a downwards arrow." Zodo continued to narrate.

"That armor! I wanted to defeat Lord Frieza!!! I didn't expect interference from Lord Cooler's Armored Squadron, the two of them don't even like each other!" Turles screamed as he quickly grabbed one of the fruit from the tree and ate it, and threw one to Olibu and Cacoa. But just as Cacoa ate it, the warrior decapitated him. He then formed an electrical energy sphere killing both Rasin and Lakaski at once. Daiz charged in with rage for his fallen comrades, while the warrior just simply grabbed him by both arms, and ripped them out his body. He then picked him up by the feet and ripped both of his legs out his body as well. He then walked over his torso.

"Let me put an end to your suffering!" The warrior screamed, as he stepped through his chest, utterly destroying him.

"Well, well, well, looks like The Crusher Corps has been effectively crushed!" said Neiz, as he slowly walked towards a retreating Turles.

"All that's left is to kill the boss, you filthy monkey! You think you can outrun the The Mighty Neiz!" The warrior stated. Just as he rushed Turles. But before he could get to him, Olibu, who had ate his fruit, intervened, grabbing Neiz fist.

"I may not agree with you and your methods of madness, Turles, but I gave a vow, once I give my word, I must honor it with my life. So, Zodo, leave with Turles, so that you can honor your vow, to your planet, and your family! I won't die until the two of you escape!" Olibu ordered. I didn't want to leave my friend, but I had no choice, Turles was going to leave regardless or not if I was on that ship. So, I nodded, and then, got on. Just as we took off, from the window I seen Olibu get slain. His throat crushed by Neiz. What I didn't know was that, Turles original Saiyan pace pod was attached to the ship as an emergency escape, and Turles immediately used it and I haven't seen or heard from him since. So I headed home, fortunately for the time being, Tamaron is still further than the reach of both Frieza and Cooler for now at least. This is why I don't like you Saiyans, you are cruel, sadistic, but yet when the odds are against you, you're cowardice. You don't know the meaning of true companionship. At least, that's what I thought, until I seen your wife apologize to the people of Tamaron, maybe there's salvation for you after all." Zodo recognized.

The World Trade Organization[]

Meanwhile, after the departure of Turles and Zodo, Neiz carried Olibu's lifeless body to his ship, and took off. He launched an attack to destroy the planet, which wasn't very big. He then returned to an even bigger spaceship and was greeted by Salza, his captain. Salza had blonde hair and blue skin and of average height, which was much shorter than Neiz. He approached.

"I told you to bring me the head of the Saiyan, and in his stead you bring in one of his clearly outclassed subordinates!" Salza yelled.

"Salza, sir, The Saiyan escaped, as well as one of his crewmates." Neiz reported.

"So, it wasn't enough to let the Saiyan escape alive, but a squad member of his as well. And then you acted on your own and destroyed the planet! Lord Cooler might've wanted that planet as a base!" Salza continued.

"No, I just--" Neiz was cut off.

"I get it, Neiz. You wanted to erase your failure off the map, but know this. Fail me again, and Lord Cooler will be the least of your worries. You will die by my hand!" Salza threatened.

"Did you at least figure out. how they were getting stronger so quickly, those monkeys aren't easy to defeat in the battle, so it has to be more than just get stronger after recovering from those wounds." Salza deduced.

"Yes. He uses the fruit, from the tree of might." Neiz reported.

Salza's mouth dropped for a moment.

"The tree of might, but isn't that the forbidden power of the otherworld, I must inform Lord Cooler of this immediately. If this Saiyan continues, at this rate, he might surpass us!" Salza exclaimed as he broke into a nervous sweat. Salza ran to inform Cooler of this rather peculiar development, but to complicate matters further, it seemed Cooler was already aware. Salza got to the main room on the ship, and there he was, Cooler and all his glory. He was polarizing, sort of tall but not extremely, his skin was a lavender shade, and he had white parts around his body and face. His face was the model of the armor worn by his armored squadron.

"Lord Cooler, The Saiyan, The Tree Of Might!" Salza stammered, trying to get out while simultaneously breaking into a nervous sweat.

"I know, I'm aware. The Saiyan. The fruit from the Tree of Might. I'm aware of the existence of the supreme kais, as well as the gods of destruction. I just never had the pleasure of meeting one." Cooler responded collected, making Salza calm down, realizing there was nothing to fear.

"Not to question you my lord, but how?" Salza asked as he bowed.

"I have an informant in The Galactic Patrol, his name is Dore, as a matter a fact, I'm going to order him here, I want him part of your force, Salza." Cooler ordered.

"Sir, yes sir!"

"He let me know that if The Saiyan and his team, The Killer Crusher Corps, all have wanted posters for their intergalactic crimes at the headquarters. This is intriguing. I wanted the Saiyan dead, but I want him alive now, I have a proposition for him, because if Galaxy Patrol knows your name, that is big business. So find the Saiyan, but don't kill him." Cooler ordered.

"Yes sir!" Salza snarled, as he wanted know more than to destroy Turles for Neiz's embarrassing defeat, but he knew, his life would end on sight if he defied Cooler. Salza returned to the hq room of his headquarters and informed Neiz.

"Apparently, fate has shined on your side today, Neiz!" Salza exclaimed.

"What do you mean sir?" Neiz questioned.

"Lord Cooler wants the Saiyan delivered to him alive." Salza snarled again.

"What a relie---I mean sir yes sir!" Neiz responded.

"Oh, and that's not all he said. We also have a new recruit." Salza informed. Just then, there was knock.

"Ahh, right on que, should be him. Now, Neiz be a host and let him in." Salza said through a devious grin. Neiz opened the door as he was commanded, and Dore arrived. He bowed. He was tall, muscular, and green. He bore the costume of the Galactic Patrol.

"Captain Salza, I presume? My name is Dore. It is a pleasure." Dore smiled as he extended his hand.

"Welcome, rookie, to Lord Cooler's Armored Squadron. Neiz, fetch him something more appealing would you?" Salza ordered, as he returned the handshake. Neiz did as he was told and returned with suitable armor, he handed it to Dore.

"You're here on the order of Lord Cooler himself, he seems to take a liking to you. Feel revered, for surely that is a high honor. I am your captain, the beautiful Salza, and him there, that's Neiz, our teammate. " Salza introduced, as Dore switched into his armor. and eliminated his prior outfit.

"So, what do you know? Regarding Turles and The Killer Crusher Corps?" Salza interrogated as the three of them sat.

"I have wanted posters, with bounties on them. Apparently their considered Space Pirates." Dore responded as he pulled out a stack of papers. Wanted posters of Turles and his squad, save Olibu and Zodo. All with bounties, Turles being the highest at 20,000 zeni, Amond at 18,000, Cacoa at 15,000, Daiz at 14,000, and Rasin and Lakasei both at 12,000 a piece. Neiz seen it, and immediately walked to the other side of the room to retrieve Olibu's lifeless corp.

"You forgot two, but don't worry, I slaughtered the lot of them, except Turles himself, and that other fool whose face isn't there." Neiz responded as he tossed Olibu's corpse towards Dore. Dore caught it and obliterated it with a ki blast, and then both Dore and Neiz laughed heartily.

"Captain Salza, I like him! I think we're going to be the best of friends!" Neiz exclaimed as the duo continued to laugh.

Salza pretended to swing at both of his subordinates to cut the laughter short.

"Silence, we have a mission, to find the Saiyan, and bring him back alive, to Lord Cooler." Salza reminded.

"Any info from Galactic HQ?" Salza snarled.

"No news, we assumed he was dead when his last whereabouts on some planet, was destroyed. Which I now assume, was your doing, Neiz?" Dore deduced.

"Yes, but unfortunately Turles got away, the one with the blonde hair, ate from the tree and protected him!" Neiz informed.

"Very well, we must find him, before the week is up, that's how long we have until he's able to plant some more fruit." Salza informed.

"The Theta Galaxy, a part of the universe outside of the influence my family holds, no guarantees he's there, but it's worth a look right?" Cooler suggested, as he entered the room.

Salza bowed, with Dore and Neiz immediately following suit.

"Sir yes sir! We'll get right on it!" Salza exclaimed.

"No destroying planets. No meaningless slaughters. My brother and father both lead through fear, while I have that capacity if need be, I want to lead through respect first. Therefore, I will accompany you, to make sure you don't make a mess. That's okay with the three of you, right?" Cooler asked rhetorically.

"Sir yes sir!" The three warriors screamed in unison.

"Hey, Dore, let me see what else you got from headquarters." Cooler ordered.

"Another band of space pirates, previous threats of the universe. That's the stuff they taught us." Dore handed Cooler the stack of wanted posters. One contained Cooler's father King Cold, at 1,000,000 zeni. The next one was of Frieza, at 1,200,000.

"So my nuisance of a little brother has become a grade A threat ehh? Even more so than father himself. Fitting then, that I don't have one myself, that'll change in due time. Patience is a virtue." Cooler smirked, continuing through the papers. The next one was of someone named Bojack, at 1,500,000.

"Bojack, ehh? This was the other group of space pirates you mentioned?" Cooler asked Dore.

"Yes sir. You're familiar with them?" Dore asked.

"Yeah. Well, not the whole crew, just Bojack himself. Him and my father used to run together heavy when they were younger. Causing mischief, they actually had started a low level hostile take over then, though it was only a planet or two. That is, until the Kais got involved. Bojack was the brawns to my father's brain. The two were the dynamic duo. Being that Bojack was the physically stronger of the two, they made him top priority. So my dad was able to evade being captured, Bojack, wasn't as lucky. They sealed him in a star, my father promised to free him one day, but that day hasn't come just yet I suppose. When I say, only a planet or two, I meant, that they successfully conquered, but there were plenty more that they destroyed." Cooler explained. Meanwhile, Neiz was on the computer, setting coordinates for the first planet in The Theta Galaxy.

"Ahh, The Theta Galaxy. We don't venture this far, because my father and Bojack's first victim was a planet on this side of the universe. The planet Emana Branx. A planet full of strong warriors. Bojack was so powerful though, he slaughtered the lot of them, with a few making their escape. When my father realized that these people had too much pride to give up, he blew the entire planet up. He was terrified, sort of how my brother was with Planet Vegeta and their apes." Cooler explained.

"Oh how could I forget, The takeover started here. We have Cold Planet 01, the home of the Triceratons. Bojack and my father raided the planet. Bojack slaughtered their entire militia might. My father ruthlessly murdered their king and their prime minister in cold blood. Those who survived? They swore their loyalty to my father. In return, my father spared their pathetic lives and ordered that they come to our aid whenever requested, and that the planet be made a safe haven for our family, which extends to Bojack. While Frieza wouldn't dare venture this far, I have made a couple visits, at least enough where they know my face. It was after this planet, where the Kais got Bojack." Cooler elaborated.

'Thud' The sound of the spaceship as it landed on Cold planet 01.

"Lord Cooler, we have arrived!" Neiz exclaimed. Cooler then motioned for his squad to follow him.

"Lord Cooler!" The Triceratons screamed in both glee and fear.

"What brings you here?" One of them asked.

"I'm looking for a fugitive, a Saiyan named Turles." Cooler responded.

"A Saiyan? Didn't Lord Frieza destroy them along with the planet?" He asked.

"There were some straggling remnants." Cooler remarked.

"Well, in any case, their not here, but I am pleased to inform you that Lord Bojack has returned!" The Triceraton replied.

"Bojack, cease these lies or lose your life!" Cooler yelled as he grabbed the Triceraton by the neck.

"My lord, he's right. Bojack has returned. He's been back for a couple of months." another Triceraton confirmed.

"Impossible, where is he?!" Cooler yelled, still holding the Triceraton by the neck.

"The palace!" The Triceraton pointed. Cooler dropped him and raced toward the palace at blazing speed, with his armored squadron not far behind.

"When the hell was this built?! This wasn't here last time I was here!" Cooler exclaimed as the guards didn't question him just opened the door, but they did halt his armored squadron. Salza was ready to slaughter them when Cooler yelled, "Salza, do not rage war here. That's an order. Fellas, you can let them in, their with me!" Then the guards let them in. Cooler and the Squadron arrived to the throne room and seen Bojack, a very tall marine colored skin, humanoid man, sitting on the throne.

"Bojack, what the hell is this?! You're back, for months, and don't tell a soul!" Cooler yelled angrily.

Bojack hopped up from the throne and walked over to Cooler.

"Cooler, long time no see, how long has it been, you lose track of time when you're sealed up for so long. " Bojack taunted.

"Twenty years, I was two when I last saw you, and that's when my baby brother was born." Cooler snarled.

"I figured you would have heard of my exploits, I haven't just been idle in my return. I assembled quite the crew. They call us the Galaxy Soldiers." Bojack informed.

"Enough, where is this crew of yours now, you see, mine is right here with me." Cooler bragged, pointing to his armored squadron.

"Don't worry, they're where I can reach them, that's all you need to know." Bojack replied.

"Well, I need your help, and I have a bargain you can't resist." Cooler asked/offered.

"I'm listening." Bojack retorted.

"Well, don't you hate my dad for abandoning you? For not standing there having your back, for not freeing you sooner?" Cooler asked.

"So, you're trying to get me to turn against your father?" Bojack asked cynically.

"Precisely!" Cooler answered.

"What's in it for you?" Bojack again asked cynically.

"My brother. I was the first born. The empire that started with you and my dad. That was all supposed to be mine! But then he was born and that changed everything. My mother died giving birth to him. And his power far surpassed mine, naturally, well, at least at the time. He became the prodigal son my dad gave everything too, and I got left with the scraps. I finally achieved a power greater than his through training, and I would have been offed him, but I know that'll bring the ire of my father, so I can't be the one to do it. Unless, my father was no longer a concern. You can do that, right? Isn't that where you come in?" Cooler suggested.

"And what's in it for me?" Bojack asked, again cynical.

"Other than revenge? Claiming your rightful spot as ruler of the universe beside me! Think about it Bojack, you and my father got the ball rolling, this was supposed to be yours, together. But when my brother was born, and you were captured, we both got brushed to the side and replaced with Frieza. My father's loyalty and love all went to him." Cooler reminded.

"You're right, I'm in, but aren't you worried your father will see right through us? He was/is the brains of this whole operation after all." Bojack reminded.

"Yeah, that's why it won't happen overnight, I have a plan." Cooler said

"That's why I need your crew to help find the rogue Saiyan Turles," Cooler asked.

"The Saiyan huh, my team is already searching for him, could care less about him, but was told he grows fruit from the Tree Of Might, that might come in handy." Bojack mentioned.

Just then, a rather tall, blue (a slight tinge darker than Bojack) skinned lady with orange hair, and a man with orange hair a little taller than her, but not as tall as Bojack, dragged Turles in.

"Well, well, well, look at what the cat dragged in!" Bojack laughed.

"Well, well, well, isn't that conveniently on cue?" Cooler smirked.

"Turles of the Killer Crusher Corps. A word if I may?" Cooler scoffed.

"Not so fast, Cooler, I want to know where those seeds are," Bojack mentioned.

"Patience, Bojack, Patience is a virtue. In due time, comrade." Cooler smirked as Dore and Neiz grabbed Turles from Zangya and Kogu and followed behind Cooler, with Salza behind them. They got to a room, where it was just the five of them. Cooler closed the doors.

"Just kill me and be done with it already!" Turles demanded.

"Now why would we do that, that would take the fun out of hearing you scream in agony and beg for mercy as we end your pathetic existence. We want to watch you squabble, you filthy ape!" Salza exclaimed with glee.

"Salza, relax, we are not here for that. I am not my brother, or my father, I just want to talk Turles." Cooler offered.

"And why the hell would I believe that, your buddy over there, came and slaughtered my whole damn team, and I'm sure as hell it was on your orders." Turles suggested.

"Well, not entirely. My only orders was to find out how you were getting stronger so quickly, I heard rumors of someone being in possession of seeds from The Tree Of Might, and I thought a Saiyan with that power would be a threat, and then I rethought." Cooler explained.

"What do you mean, rethought?" Turles demanded answers.

"Watch your language, with how you talk to Lord Cooler!" Dore said.

"Yeah, I'd be courteous to mind your manners if I was you. After all he is Lord Frieza's older brother." Neiz said.

"Silence, both of you, leave now. Only Salza stay!" Cooler yelled, pointing towards the door. Neiz and Dore got up and left the room. Salza stayed.

"Now, Bojack wants the Tree Of Might, and I'll admit I did too, but now, I'm interested in you, Turles." Cooler exclaimed.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Turles said, getting irate.

"Think about this, we're all on opposing sides, but we're all vying for one thing. The demise of Frieza and his empire so that we can seize control, am I right?" Cooler asked.

"You do have a point." Turles answered.

"Exactly, for one reason or another, we all want Frieza gone. Salza's cousin and the only other one left from his race and planet, Jeice, is in The Ginyu Force. Those are Frieza's Elite Forces, and quite frankly, Ginyu is the only one of Frieza's subordinates/underlings I have any amount of respect for." Cooler continued.

"Yeah, and I would love nothing more to be able to defeat him, or destroy his pride by showing him up, by proving myself his superior." Salza added.

"Yeah, the problem for me is family dynamics. As much as I want to off Frieza, I can't, he's my baby brother. That wouldn't be an issue if our father, King Cold, was out of the picture. That's why I enlisted Bojack's help." Cooler added.

"So that's it huh? If I defeat Frieza, and Bojack defeats King Cold, you won't get the bad wrap for offing your own family, ehh? So your hands stay clean of their blood? Who's to say you won't kill me afterwards?" Turles questioned.

"I have no need to. You can have your own faction if you so please. You're much better use to me alive then dead. Besides, you, Frieza, my father, and Bojack's crew, all have wanted posters on your head from the Galactic Patrol, but they don't know about me and my armored squadron, and I'd like to keep it that way if possible." Cooler added.

"Very well, I guess I could cooperate under those terms, but what about Bojack? Who's to say they won't kill me? And What Of The Tree Of Might?" Turles asked, concerned.

"Let me worry about Bojack, once Frieza is gone, his forces, along with my father will make us, by extension, yourself and Bojack, target number one, that's what we'll have to ready for. Fortunately, you Saiyans don't hold a grudge against me like you do against my brother, cause I tend not to mettle in my brother's affairs too much. As for your tree, keep it, hide it if you wish, we don't need its whereabouts, provide us with the fruits when necessary though, and please keep it away from Bojack at all cost. As a matter of fact, if it could be avoided, I don't need you, Salza, or anyone from my side interacting with Bojack's, unless it's on my orders. Understood?" Cooler ordered.

"Understood." Turles and Salza both answered.

"Turles, Salza, let me make one thing clear. I can choose to lead through fear like my brother and father, rest assured my power is there, but I'm choosing respect instead, because I'm going to be different" Cooler stated. Just then, the three of them walked out.

Back To The Present Day[]

What Zodo and Kiny failed to recognize though, was that Zeke was eavesdropping on them the entire time.

'So, Zodo is not my father after all ehh, but my father's twin brother; my uncle. His ship should be around here too then. Didn't think dad would stoop as low as to join The Citadel, even if it is reconnaissance, but I definitely recall unc mentioning those devil fruits and how they stay with a user till their demise. If that's the case, I'll find this Olibu person's fruit, and I'll use it to destroy this Saiyan and his entire family. His wife, his two young sons, I am going to take everything dear from him, like he did to me when he killed Rex. Mark my words, Saiyan Kiny! Your days are numbered.' Zeke thought to himself. Zeke found his uncle's ship and hijacked it, took off for the planet called Earth, but instead it veered off course due to space turbulence, landing him somewhere much different instead.

"Ruthless we are, that doesn't mean we're without compassion. We want to live just as much as you do, we just tend...resort to drastic measures to 'make sure our lives have the utmost secure positions." Kiny stammered.

"I guess, I truly can't be mad that. You're opportunists, " Zodo responded.

"`Anyways, I guess it makes sense now, why you outclass the rest of your people, in terms of strength, aside from the king himself that is. It also helps to explain the rate of growth." Kiny noted.

"Very observant, Saiyan" Zodo said with a slight snarl.

The days passed. Eventually, it became weeks, and yet The Citadel appears to have left Tamaron alone, at least for the time being. Frieza and Cooler's forces hadn't yet attacked either. Zodo returned to his family and soon after to the base to continue his training. Kiny returned to Yaams and Archo, and spent time with his family. He frequently got intimate with his wife. A couple months later, they discovered that Yaams was pregnant again. Meanwhile, Queen Luand'r gave birth to Prince Ryand'r. Then, on Archo's first birthday, his baby brother Zuni arrived to Kiny and Yaams. Kiny tried to spend his time evenly with his family and his duties as military general, but eventually gave up on his general duties entirely until Queen Luand'r offered a solution.

"The kids; your two boys, Kori, Ryan, and Zoella, allow me to homeschool and nurture the five of them, so that the five of you can train." Queen Luand'r offered to Kiny, Yaams, Zodo, Yukei, and Myand'r, with Jerd and Ebon also present.

"Nah, I'll stay back and let the men do the fighting, after all, I'm still kinda new at this whole mother thing." Yaams responded.

"I agree, I probably wouldn't be much assistance in battle anyway, probably more so get in the way if anything, cause my mind would be on Zoella the whole time anyhow." Yukei added.

"Both caring and educating five young children of some of the finest warriors in the cosmos must be an extremely daunting task.' Jerd suggested.

"Yes, my queen, please allow us to aid you to make this less arduous than necessary." Ebon offered.

"Very well. I guess we could use the help." Luand'r noted.

"So it's settled then, Kiny, Zodo, to the base!" Myand'r ordered as the three warriors departed. So days had past. Then the days turned into weeks, then suddenly the weeks became months. Finally, almost two whole years had passed since Kiny and Yaams first arrived on Tamaron. What started out as an uneasy alliance between the Tamarean and The Saiyans, had developed, first into a fierce rivalry, and finally into a full brotherhood/unity/friendship with full camaraderie. Kiny was finally accepted, and he returned the sentiment. Even Zodo stopped calling Kiny 'Saiyan' and started addressing him by his actual name.

"So what is The Citadel exactly?" Kiny asked Myand'r.

"I'm not entirely sure I can answer that, honestly. The truth is, we're not sure. They were Elite Warriors hailing from the planet Emana-Brax. They evolved somehow though, like they merged with some outer consciousness, and then either mass reproduction occurred, or cloning, and they spread like a forest fire throughout the Vega-Star System. The original being combined his consciousness with that of a supercomputer, and dubbed himself Complex-Complex. Through sheer force and intimidation, they had begun taking the universe over. We're their most hated foe, because we have resisted time and time again, although it feels as if with every attack, they're wearing us down, pushing us to the brink, breaking our spirits. We have fought the good fight for so long, but every time, even if we claim victory, the losses we take along the way, seem just unbearable at times. Their mission is to break our indomitable will though. Divide and conquer. If we implode from the inside out, they assume it'll be easy to come and clean up afterwards." Myand'r stated.

"Yeah, but what they didn't account for, was me. They are not ready for the Saiyans!" Kiny yelled.

"My question is why has it been so peaceful, why haven't they attacked yet, or rather, in such a long time?" Kiny asked.

"I reckon they're waiting. Trying to wait out the civil war aspect Tamaron has got going on, and also wanting us to get us to get so comfortable we won't expect it, so that can catch us off guard." Zodo deduced.

Another year had passed, Koriand'r now was five years old. Archo was three, Ryand'r and Zoella were both two and a half, and the youngest was two year old Zuni. It had been sometime since the training had begun in earnest, so Zodo, Myand'r, and Kiny, all increased a great deal from when they had started, the rest of the army had seemingly plateaued however. Zeke, meanwhile, had found Zodo's old ship, and secretly had started repairing it. Suddenly, a ship crashed onto Tamaron. When Zeke seen this he took off in the ship, though it wasn't completely repaired. Ebon, Jerd, and Dobe immediately noticed the disruption. Dobe took off towards the militia base to warn the others, while Ebon and Jerd prepared to stand their ground. Dobe made it to the base to warn the others.

"My King, we're under siege!" Dobe reported.

"By whom?!" Myand'r asked bewildered.

"Is it The Citadel?" Zodo asked sternly.

"Or is it The Frieza Force?" Kiny asked through a snarl.

"I don't know, only thing that I was able to identify is that they are hostile.!" Dobe informed, as him, Myand'r and Kiny took off in the direction towards the invaders. Upon arriving they were joined by Zodo.

"Zodo, old friend! It's been ages, I didn't think you were still alive after all this time! So, this is where you've been hiding? This amazing home planet you raved about. The beautiful Planet Tamaron, ehh? Well, if you ask me, it looks like a hurricane hit this spot." said a familiar voice, descending from the ship.

Instantly Zodo recognized the voice and the silhouette, even before the person stepped out the shadows to reveal himself.

"Well, it's a good thing no one asked you then, ehh?" said King Myand'r, stepping forth feeling insulted.

"Turles," Zodo snarled.

"What the hell are you doing here? And why do you wear the armor of Cooler's armored Squadron. I'd thought a proud warrior such as yourself wouldn't stoop so low?" Zodo retorted.

"Zodo, being the proud Saiyan warrior I am, even I know when I'm severely outclassed, And who is this proud, pompous fool to dare step to me. By the crown, I reckon he's the king?" Turles concluded.

"Scum like you gives the rest of us Saiyans a bad name!" Kiny said as he stepped fourth.

"Ahh, a fellow surviving Saiyan. I couldn't tell for sure, considering your lack of a tail. Anyways, you're wasting your god given talents on such a forsaken backwater planet like this, you should join us, for surely you could bolster our ranks." Turles offered.

"Ha! And be a dog like you are to Cooler, or like how King Vegeta and the rest of our people was to Frieza for so long?! That family has brought our once proud race to their knees countless times, yet idiots like you choose to still side with them?" Kiny scoffed at the notion. At this point Kiny and Turles were head to head even touching each others foreheads.

"I'm the idiot, but little do you know that Cooler hates Frieza as much as any of us, he's even offered me the chance to kill him myself, and have part of the universe as my own." Turles exclaimed.

"And you're even more stupid than I'd imagine if you truly believe that crap! Frieza, Cooler, Cold, same family. All cut from the same cloth. You really think their going to choose you over their own kin?" Kiny scoffed again.

"You don't understand the inner workings now. You see, their hatred for each other runs so damn deep, it far outweighs any hatred they have for the rest of us, or vice versa." Turles responded. At this point, him and Kiny were both in fighting stances prepared to lunge at each other, just then, Salza appeared and grabbed Turles by the hand.

"Remember, Turles!" Salza snarled, showing he still holds a strong disdain for his new subordinate.

"Remember the reason you're here. Must I remind you it's not to pick a fight." Salza scolded before returning to the ship.

"Look at that, you're own superior even despises you, yet you still answer their beckon call like the obedient little dog you are!" Kiny snarled.

"He doesn't matter, as long as Cooler still wants me around." Turles retorted.

"Bruh, listen to how you sound? How long before your usefulness to Cooler runs out and you become expendable, or he fears you surpassing him, like Frieza did the rest of us?" Kiny reminded.

Turles didn't respond. He secretly knew that Kiny was right, and that's why he started forming his own contingency for Cooler, but he couldn't speak of it, to a single soul, or Cooler would find out and instantly kill him for insubordination. He knew Cooler was using him as a means to an ends, and he planned on doing the same until it was no longer feasible.

"Anyway, I've come to inform you that if you fear The Citadel, then fear us more, because we have conquered them!" Turles informed.

"What?!! Then you can give me my daughter Komand'r back? " Myand'r pleaded upon hearing this.

"As if, Lord Cooler has big plans for her." Turles mocked.

"Give her back at once!" Myand'r commanded as he struck Turles in the face. Turles then grabbed the king's hand.

"Filthy swine, you dare have the audacity to strike me, now I could kill you, but what fun would that be. I'd rather show your people just how generally outclassed their king is." said Turles as he squeezed the king's hand, until the king dropped to his knees and his knuckles began bleeding from the pressure.

"Now sleep!" Turles commanded as he casually kneed Myand'r in the chin, knocking him about 10 meters away, unconscious. Then Dobe stepped up.

"Stop Dobe, you're no match. They don't call him Turles of the Crusher Corps for no reason." Kiny yelled.

"Yeah, plus he's part of Cooler's Armored Squadron now, so he's even more dangerous than ever." Zodo warned to no avail.

"None of that matters! I am a Royal Guard of Planet Tamaron, I can't just let him disrespect my Planet and my king while I stand idle!" Dobe said as he charged at Turles.

"I'm going to give you a parting gift before I go." Turles chuckled as he let Dobe get close, just to punch him straight through the chest with his hand coming out his back, killing him instantly. Turles then let Dobe's lifeless husk fall to the ground, before completely annihilating it with a ki blast. Turles then turned to ascend his ship, as it departed.

"Dobe! He was one of my best soldiers; The Royal Guard, and they disposed of him like nothing. To think I once called that monster a friend and swore my allegiance to him." Zodo snarled.

Zodo disappeared from the scene as Kiny picked up Myand'r's unconscious body and returned to the palace. After dropping the king off to Luand'r, Kiny returned to his own family; his wife and two young boys.

"Daddy!!!!!!!!!" said Zuni and Archo as they ran to hug their father.

"Hey, what's up boys? I missed you two. Have you two been getting stronger every day, listening to your mother?" Kiny asked his sons as he dropped into pushup position and notion for his sons to follow him. Three year old Archo and two year old Zuni did.

"My strong boys, you two will be fine warriors. That Saiyan pride runs strong in your veins." Kiny said as he stood up.

"Yaams, guess who invaded us?" Kiny rhetorically asked his wife.

"Was it The Citadel? Was it Frieza?" Yaams asked.

"It was Cooler." Kiny answered.

"And you're still alive? The planet's still in tact?" Yaams questioned, shocked.

"Yeah, apparently they weren't here for a fight, I believe they were trying to align with us, letting us know, they have conquered The Citadel and Frieza's Forces are their immediate target, so we don't have to immediately concern ourselves with them right now." Kiny informed.

"But you wouldn't believe who their spokesperson was for all of this." Kiny continued.

"Who?" Yaams asked, now confused and bewildered.

"Turles." Kiny informed.

"Turles?! As in Crusher Corps Turles?" Yaams asked astonished.

"Yeah, it seems he's Cooler's dog now. And to make a statement, he killed Dobe in cold blood, and knocked the king out, and all of us, even myself, were helpless." Kiny explained.

"Wahhhh?!!!! Uncle Dobe is dead daddy?" Archo asked as Zuni burst into tears.

"Don't cry boys." Yaams consoled her two young sons, fighting back tears in her own eyes.

"Come on boys, we're men here. More than that, we're Saiyans! We don't cry and cower at the prospect of death, we laugh at it, cause no one's strong enough to kill us!" Kiny tried to motivate his boys, forcing a smile as he dropped back into pushup position. Archo wiped his younger brother's tears and proceeded to do pushups like his father. Soon Zuni followed and even Yaams joined in.

Zodo returned to the palace as well. He went to go see Ebon and Jerd.

"Ebon, Jerd." Zodo said monotone as he approached his subordinates.

"Sir, where's Dobe?" Jerd questioned, immediately noticing the absence of his comrade.

"I regret to inform you, that Dobe, has fallen in battle." Zodo said with his head down.

"What, someone was strong enough to take out Dobe? Who's responsible for this?!" Ebon demanded answers, as Jerd drop to his knees and began wailing upon hearing the news.

"He...was...my...best...friend...since...we...were...kids! Now...you're telling me...he's...just...gone?! Bull Shit! I...refuse to...accept this." Jerd muttered through sniffles.

"Well, he died a warrior's death. He went out the best way us Royal Guards could, defending the honor of Planet Tamaron and King Myand'r!" Zodo informed, attempting to lighten the mood.

"Who did it?" Ebon asked again.

"The Saiyan I once swore allegiance to before returning to Tamaron; Turles. It seems he's allied himself with this Cooler person's forces, and he seems to have a high standing as well." Zodo informed.

"He will pay for this! Turles, Cooler, whomever, they have now invoked the wrath of Planet Tamaron full force!" Ebon declared.

"Saiyan, Emperor, I don't give a damn, we're going to go at them with our full militia might, our entire arsenal, and shall we fail? We'll die as warriors, knowing we did everything we could." Jerd added. So they trained.

Training Montage[]

Zodo trained by himself, as did Myand'r. Jerd and Ebon trained together. Kiny and Yaams trained their boys when they weren't learning under Yukei and Luand'r. The boys did get to play with Ryand'r and Zoella a bit at times, Koriand'r even occasionally joined in as well. Being the oldest out of the kids however, Myand'r tried to keep her focused, knowing it would be either her or Ryand'r next in line for the throne.

One day while doing pushups with his younger brother and father, Archo noticed something.

"Daddy, where's your tail? Zuni, mom and me all got one, where's yours?" Archo questioned his father.

"I don't have one, not anymore." Kiny answered his eldest son.

"What happened?" Archo pried.

"Naturally, all Saiyans are born with tails, it's our source of strength and our pride. With our tails we're able to access our strongest points; our highest forms/levels of power, especially on nights of a full moon. The downside is when we take that form, we lose control, unless properly trained how to control it, even then, certain outside factors can sway your actions in that form. Me, for example, I was an elite Saiyan warrior, back on our home world, Planet Vegeta, so I was trained to control my great ape form. The rays from this planet's moon however, I guess caused some type of chemical imbalance in my brain upon transforming, and I lost control. So, in order to stop me from destroying this planet, your mother and the others had to go to drastic measures, such as removing my tail, and the moon, from the equation." Kiny elaborated.

"I will warn you my sons, so listen up and listen well. As much as a Saiyan's tail could be their source of pride and strength, it could also be used as a weakness. If not trained properly, when someone gets a good grip on it, it drains us of all of our strength. So, train, push hard to overcome that major drawback, and should the time come where you perhaps do lose your tail in battle, it shouldn't impede your progress much. Elite warriors, like your mother for example, wrap it around their waste so it can't be used against them in such a fashion. Others, like myself before mine was forcibly removed, would use it as a weapon and hit people with it. Choose your paths my sons, and choose it wisely." Kiny urged to his sons who were now slightly older, Archo at 5 and Zuni at 4.

In the years that followed, the warriors of Planet Tamaron weren't the only ones improving. Cooler, determined to first match and then surpass his younger brother's militia might in both size and power, also made some power moves. The first was the aforementioned conquer of The Citadel. That started with Salza effortlessly destroying their home world of Planet Emana-Brax, and then Turles and Neiz invaded their ship. As Cooler mentioned when he was swaying Turles, he could rule with power like his father and brother, but instead he opts for a more diplomatic approach. Bojack and Cooler are still begrudgingly aligned as long as Frieza and King Cold stand in their ways, respectively. However, even though seemingly on the same side, Bojack and his space pirates operate on a different frequency when compared to Cooler's approach, which sometimes might send confusing signals (which might be deliberate in Bojack's case). They do not answer to Cooler, nor do they fly under his banner. They simply cooperate when needed out of straight necessity on both sides. Cooler determined awhile back that since Frieza's only real general is Captain Ginyu with his own squad, and to a much lesser degree Zarbon and Dodoria, Cooler decided he was going to have many squad captains. So, while Salza is permanently the second in command, his word is law after Cooler's own, he decided he was going to take a page from his younger brother's playbook. Much like how Frieza allows Captain Ginyu and The Ginyu Force to act on their own, their only required to answer when he calls, that's also how Cooler has chosen to operate with Salza and his other squad captains. Oroku Saki, a former student of renowned dragon style Master Mutaito, had evil in his heart, and was easily convinced to lead Cooler's Earth Base Operations. In the states, he runs The Foot Clan, an elite group of ninja assassins for hire, and on the other side of the globe, he's the nefarious co leader with the infamous Dr. Gero in orchestrating the Red Ribbon Army's subtle takeover of the East, North and West ports. Cooler also allowed Turles to reestablish his Killer Crusher Corps.

Turles marveled in the opportunity Cooler presented him with and set off on his own to do just that. His first target; Zoto, General Zodo's twin brother, who works as part of The Citadel.

"Well, well, well, imagine my shock when I seen the face of my former comrade aboard the Citadel Ship, I thought to myself 'Has Tamron's Mighty General Zodo allow himself to stoop so low he would ally with the enemy? I couldn't believe it, so I took a trip to Tamaron myself to confirm whether my suspicion was warranted, and to my surprise, I found the truth instead." Turles said as he walked up on Zoto.

"General Zodo did indeed make it back home and resumed his position, so then I pondered, then who, foretell, are you?" Turles suggested.

"At first, I thought you could've been a clone, considering your working for The Citadel and the people of Emana-Brax and cloning is their specialty. However, I've been observing you for a very long time, ever since Zodo and I separated from each other. I noticed you have your own conscious, you retain your own memories and not his, and you move differently. So I came to a conclusion, that you, were his twin brother." Turles deduced.

Zoto simply snarled.

"Another reason I know, because you don't remember me? Or this armor I wear do you? Or the name of your dear friend Olibu, or the impressive abilities you two gathered while on Earth huh?" Turles taunted.

Once again Zoto snarled, turning into a partial hiss this time.

"That's because it's not you at all. Had you returned to your home world, you've might've had the chance to converse with your brother and be briefed on all of those updates, so that you could keep up the façade, but you're afraid of how your people and your family would respond to you being such a traitor, you're too ashamed." Turles continued.

"Or is that not it at all?" Turles questioned rhetorically with his trademark grin spreading widely across his face.

"Please, do tell. Am I completely off base with my allegations? Am I coming entirely out of left field? You could be a double crosser, your family, well at least your brother and the king, must know. The only way I could see you joining the enemy that has caused your people, and more specifically, your family more harm than ever, is if your plan is/was to destroy them from the inside out. Yes, it must be that one, that's why with all of The Citadel's attacks/invasion, you specifically chose to sit the Tamaron ones out. Also, you made a promise to your king that you would watch over and try to retrieve his darling little princess, correct? It would be to difficult for you to return and not blow your cover by showing your family love, and also without fulfilling that promise to His Majesty." Turles added.

"SHUT UP! YOU THINK YOU KNOW SOMETHING???!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!" screamed Zoto as he hooked Turles across the face. causing his right cheek to bleed a little bit.

"Well, well, well, it seems I potentially have struck a nerve. Clearly, I know something you don't want me to, or you wouldn't be so irate about me possibly being correct." Turles responded, keeping his signature grin as he wiped the blood off his face.

"Got your brother's signature strength too, wouldn't expect anything less with the two of you being identical, but let me show you just how outclassed you are Zoto." Turles said as he kneed Zoto in the chin and then grabbed the large Tamarainian man by his chin and kneed him in his stomach. Immediately, Zoto started throwing up blood. Then he grabbed his arm and slammed him to the floor.

"Listen here, I am a Saiyan, automatically that puts me several classes ahead of you in terms of raw strength. Second, Saiyans, when we recover from near death experiences, we get boosted quite a bit, and I certainly did that when Cooler's men came after us, your brother played a part in that conflict as well, so he's a witness. Third, I've been imbued with the fruit from the Tree Of Might. Fruit fit only for the gods. It's utterly impossible for you to think you stand any chance against me." Turles mocked as Zoto let out a blood curdling scream with his arm still being twisted and his face to the floor.

"So, I'll give you two options Zoto. Join my Crusher Corps like your brother once did, or I'll show you why I gave it that name to begin with." Turles presented his ultimatum.

"But, I'm part of The Citadel!" Zoto responded.

"To hell with that! Cooler owns The Citadel now, and Cooler trusts me to work on my own, only provided I answer when he calls. Therefore, as Cooler's third in command behind him and Salza, I outrank anyone in The Citadel, disobeying me is like disobeying Cooler directly, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to piss him off, when he could destroy your entire planet with a finger, in a similar fashion to how his brother did mine, would you? Oh, and Lord Cooler's much stronger than his little brother Frieza." Turles warned as he increased his grip.

"Fine, I'll join your stupid crew! Please just let me go!" Zoto pleaded for his life. Turles yoked him up to his feet.

"Maybe I should rescind my offer and kill you anyway. I'm showing you mercy here and this is your response, ungrateful Tamron swine!" Turles snarled as he forcibly released Zoto, pushing him to the ground.

"I was even willing to help you fulfill your promise of getting the girl back home, when the time is right. I'm certain that's the only reason you value your Citadel position so much." Turles offered. Zoto couldn't respond aloud, for fear there might be others around waiting to expose his insubordination, but he nodded in agreeance to Turles.

"I'm the one that can truly help. Do you really think they were going to allow another Tamarainian to get so close? These people, though weak, aren't gullible." Turles laughed.

With that encounter, Turles Crusher Corps was officially reset a new.

Meanwhile, Frieza's forces were well at work as well. The Ginyu Force conquered Planet Jetstream (home of Burter, The Ginyu Forces own Blue Hurricane) on their own, and then allowed Frieza to seize it. Salza, unless giving Turles an order, he stayed away, as he wasn't quite fond of his new subordinate. Turles, along with Zoto, had returned to the Triceratons Home-world, unbeknownst to Bojack and his own band of space pirates. The Triceratons wanted to attack, but recognizing the armor of Cooler's armored Squadron, former Prime Minister Zanramon motioned for the rest of his kind to back off.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the former ruler of this planet, Zanramon." Turles suggested.

"How do you know who I am? And who the hell are you? It's clear you work for Lord Cooler, evident by the Armor you're wearing. " Zanramon responded harshly.

"I do my homework. Anyway that is besides the point. Lord Cooler. Lord Frieza. King Cold. Lord Bojack, Master Salza. Aren't you yourself quite annoyed with having to be so formal to these same people who seized control of YOUR planet from under you? Do you not wish for control and power back?" Turles urged.

"Of course I do, but, in comparison to those monsters, you're just as pathetically weak as I am? How in hell do you expect the three of us to beat them?" Zanramon asked, curious as if Turles actually had a plan.

"Do you really think I'm not fully aware of the difference in power between us and them? And do you think I'm stupid enough to approach without a plan. I have zero intentions on stopping at three. This is a full on rebellion, I plan to build leagues of an army to destroy them all. And I may not have a way to instantly surpass them all, however I do have my own means, of closing the gap quite a bit." Turles urged, as he pulled out a glowing fruit, one from the tree of might.

"The hell is a damn fruit supposed to make a huge difference?" Zanramon questioned.

"Try it for yourself." Turles urged, handing the Triceraton the fruit. Zanramon ate it.

"This power, its insane. What the hell was that?" Zanramon questioned intrigued.

"That's the thing that will allow us to overcome our oppressors once and for all and reclaim our own destinies." Turles stated confidently. Zanramon bowed on both knees, pledging his allegiance to Turles. Now at three members, The Crusher Corps, led by Turles departed and aimed for Tamron. It took them about two years as they were on the other side of the cosmos. (Note: Zuni (Now 6), Archo ( 7), Komand'r (12), Ryand'r (6 and a half), and Koriand'r (10) are all physically much bigger than their age suggests, because both Saiyans and Tamareans grow rather quickly to be prepared for battle.)

The First War[]

Being able to sense ki this time around. Tamron's forces were expecting their arrival. Lined up to defend were General Zodo, Royal Guards Ebon and Jerd. Saiyans Kiny and Yaams, and their two sons Archo and Zuni. King Myand'r, and Queen Luand'r as well. The ship landed and when Turles, Zoto, and Zanramon ascended upon Tamron, Turles spoke.

"Well, Kiny have you considered my offer yet?" Turles asked.

"We have, and it's a hard no. We'll pass. I already told you, I refuse to be Cooler's lapdog!" Kiny voiced, boisterous.

"As you insist, your stubbornness makes this much harder than it has to be." said Turles casually as him and Kiny engaged. Yaams charged at Turles as well attempting to aid her husband but to no avail, as Turles easily warded both of them off.

As Kiny and Turles fought, Kiny could feel his power dropping. 'I'm tenfold stronger than I was when we last engaged, but somehow, someway, he's still leaps and bounds ahead of me. It must be the fruit from the Tree of Might!' Kiny thought to himself. Turles picked Kiny up by his shoulder and threw him into Yaams. Archo and Zuni charged at the Saiyan attacking their parents but were swiftly kicked in the ribs and left bleeding for their lives.

"With tails, these must be your kids, well enjoy watching them perish, punishment for refusing my offer." Turles said as he prepared to launch a Crusher Ball at the two young Saiyans. Right as he launched it however, Yaams jumped and took the full force of the blast, falling to the ground immediately.

"I love you my boys." were her last words before her demise. Kiny, upon seeing his wife die and his children on the brink, put everything he had into one final assault.

"Stay away from my family." Kiny yelled as he kicked Turles in the head pushing him back.

"I grow tired of these games, Saiyan!" Turles said, the kick actually staggering and infuriating him. Turles appeared behind Kiny, and put him in a chokehold, snapping his neck instantly. Meanwhile Zanramon were slaughtering the Tamron soldiers left and right. Landing straight to the ground Kiny's last words were 'Stay Strong, Boys." As Turles stepped his foot in Kiny chest, ending him. Zuni was unconscious laying on his brother's body, Archo however, while severely injured witnessed everything. Watching both his mother and father die for them had him seething, grinding his teeth, but there was nothing he could do. Queen Luand'r grabbed the boys and retreated to the palace. Zanramon and Ebon fought. Ebon blasted consecutive violet rays and ki blast at Zanramon, which momentarily slowed him down, but it wasn't enough. Zanramon charged at Ebon with everything he had, before he connected however, Jerd, with his incredible speed, intercepted him, Zanramon's horn piercing Jerd's thigh. (Note: Triceratons, though not as strong as Saiyans, and Tamereanians naturally, they're still very strong in their own rights, being ancient beasts, The increase Zanramon's had over these two years from consuming the fruit from the tree of might, in addition to Jerd and Ebon's slacking off of training to help caretake the kids, and his power far exceeds theirs now.) Jerd gushed blood from his thigh and collasped in pain, as Zanramon pulled his horns out.

"Serves you right!" Zanramon stated as he stood over Jerd and stepped on the injured area, digging his foot into it.

"TO PROTECT MY PLANET." Ebon screamed as he grabbed Zanramon under his arms from behind and flew high in to the sky.

"TORPEDO TOUCHDOWN" Yelled Ebon as he hurled himself and Zanramon straight back into the planet. When the smoke happened, any trace of Ebon had been completely erased. Zanramon was injured, but could still barely stand. Jerd was caught in the immediate radius, and the impact on top of his injuries were too much, he succumbed as well. Turles, who, wasn't in the immediate impact, got caught with residual. The only ones who remained on the battlefield were a General Zodo, Special Ops Zoto, King Myand'r, a slightly injured Turles, and a badly injured Zanramon.

"This is enough, time to end this." King Myand'r stated.

"Allow me," Zoto said, stopping both his brother and his king from intervening.

"No Zoto, if you do this, then your mission," Zodo started, trying to convince his twin to let him go in his stead.

"There's always a way. I recruited Nail of Planet Namek, and Maraikoh from Planet Triceratops for the Omega Men, they shall help to complete the mission." said Zoto as he went over to Turles.

"Turles, I let this go on long enough, I swore my allegiance to you, but I swore my allegiance to always protect my people first. This is still my home, this has to end." said Zoto.

"Wavering I see, I knew this was going to happen when you got back home. Perish with your pathetic planet." Turles laughed as he prepared a crusher ball towards Zoto. Turles launched it, but Zoto was so close when he repelled it. It exploded on both of them. When the smoke clear, Zoto was laying on the ground lifeless, and Turles was clinging to life. Turles began crawling back towards his ship. Zodo began to march to stop them from getting away, but was stop by King Myand'r himself.

"Zodo, let them go." The King ordered.

"With all due respect sire, I refuse to obey such orders. I just watched him kill our soldiers, my brother, our allies, what type of Tamaraneans our we if we left this massacre go unpunished." Zodo rebutted with tears in his eyes.

"We are peaceful first, remember that. We knew this could be an outcome," The king reminded.

"I REFUSE!!!!" Zodo screamed as he charged at Zanramon, who had tossed Turles into the ship but hadn't quite made it himself yet. Just as Zodo, approached him, Zodo activated his devil fruit. The claws grew from his hand, his beard turned into a full mane, and his shirt ripped, once again revealing his tiger stripes. Just as he was about to strike however, the king appeared in front of him, punching him in his stomach, forcing him to revert to normal and hunch over into the king's arms. That slight second was enough time for Zanramon to get in the ship and take off.

"Turles, this is the second time I watched you escape, Fate will not continue to shine on you." Zodo swore to the departing ship. The large and generally stoic man then collapsed to his knees, beating the ground and crying, he had finally lost his cool.

Upon arriving back to the Royal Palace, King Myand'r realized that both Zuni and Archo were in critical condition. His kids watched as his wife had them hooked up to the healing chambers, but their readings showed no sign of improvement.

"This is bad, really bad. They need a blood transfusion. "Queen Luand'r stated.

"We haven't the time to try every single Tamarean, lets try Ryand'r."

Universal Darkness: Front Line[]

Universal Darkness: Front Line immediately proceeds after the events of Universal Darkness: The Warriors Of Earth.

Following the events of that chapter, Earth's mightiest warriors/defenders/and heroes prepare to make a stand for incoming threats to their peace, mentored by the The White Lotus, the group of OGs that trained them and were/are the original last line of defense.

Universal Darkness: Frontiers[]

Universal Darkness: Frontiers catches us up with all of our favorite characters; good, bad, and not yet aligned and all of their individual paths to power, how they all differ from one another.

Family Affair[]

Family Feud[]

How does the old saying go, with a family like this, who needs enemies?

Frieza and Cooler's forces battle for supremacy and the right to succeed/usurp their father's position as Commander of the universe, and The Planet Trade Organization, the galaxy's biggest Army.

Much later, Zuni confronts his brother, in an attempt to make him realize that his ideology is wrong and that he must atone for the sinister/heinous crimes that he has committed, while Archo tries reminds Zuni, that he himself is far from angelic..

Meanwhile, in the Makai (Japanese word for Demon) World, Zeldris; the executioner, the true demon king's representative, as well as his youngest son, prepares his troops for a battle with his eldest brother, the original heir to the throne, Meliodas, captain of the Legendary faction of knights of the city of Lionnes within the kingdom of Britannia; The Seven Deadly sins, Meliodas being the dragon sin of wrath. Meanwhile, elsewhere Esterosa, the second son of the demon king, secretly attempts to form his own powerful alliances, feeling left out with a case of middle child syndrome, envy, and jealousy towards both his older and younger brothers. In the process however, Estarossa discovers a shocking truth about himself, his origins, and his past, and then a decision is forced to be made.

Jeice vs Salza vs Zarbon

Sibling Rivalry[]

StarFire vs BlackFire

BlackFire vs WildFire

StarFire and WildFire vs BlackFire

All Brothers Fight[]

Frieza vs Cooler

Zuni vs Archo

Meliodas vs Zeldris vs Estarossa