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This is the transformation certain Namekian warriors can access with rage, determination, and power that matches a Super Saiyan 2.


Rolo has reached this level, and Rocko will eventually as well. JP and Euro will eventually acheive this form as well    

Power and AttainabilityEdit

Much like the Super Saiyan, whoever acceses this form must be triggered by uncontrollable rage and already be extremely powerful. Unlike the Super Saiyan though, it can not be masted over the course of time and training in it. The user can not switch in and out no matter how much training in the form has been done. It still has to be triggered by rage, and in this form the user feels no remorse for whoever triggered this form to come on. and has rarely any control over hurting their love ones or innocent bystanders, or the natural enviroment, to destroy the enemy. Extended use of this form will result in life drainage of the user. So best is to finish the battle and revert right back to base.  ==History== This form was acheived by Rolo, after he seen Broly blow up yet another planet, it was the final straw. He and Broly had a one sided battle, and Broly had cracked almost, if not all, of Rolo's ribs while they were fighting in space, after Rolo killed Parugus and attempted to keep Broly from destroying the universe. Broly had done half the job by the time Rolo arrived, destroying five planets. Rolo engaged in battle with Broly an attempt to subdue him, but was easily clobbered by the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly then stated he would come back for him after the rest of the universe had been destroyed at his amusement. Rolo layed helpless in space as Broly blew up another planet. Rolo had sensed the life on that planet was much, and he was upset. His body began heeling himself and the creases in his skin had begun to fade. His stature became shorter, his cape disappeared  along with the rest of his upper clothing. His pure green skin begin to shine, and his antennas had strunk. His eyes became all black and he had red puppils. After the transformation, he flew straght into Broly's adomen with a powerful impact punch. As Broly hunched over, Rolo kicked him in the face repeatidly. He then picked Broly up by his neck, and obliterated him with a chi blast he emitted from his hand. The Legendary Super Saiyan was no more. And then Rolo reverted back to his original form.

Super Nemekian

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