Ultra Instinct is a form obtained by Goku from the DBS universe, in BH fanfics this form was first optained by Bardock's clone, Son Goku reaches a mix between this form and Super Saiyan God after being revived from being killed by Super Lapis and Super Lazuli (he becomes bulky and his hair stands in 50%, but has round red eyes and red/magneta hair), Pan reaches that form to match Gohan Blacks with her counterparts being SSJ4, not realising she became stronger. In Dragon Ball AF's chapter: Princess Pan is angry! The rise to the next level?, Princess Pan is angry when she learns that UIO is sronger than Super saiyan 4, so Bartek tells her, she can go "Mystic Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan 4"


  • Even thought Bartek despises DBS and refuses to treat it as canon, he liked the idea of UI (and Super Saiyan God being not bulky) so he included those forms in his fanfics
    • He's also aware that this form is much more powerful than Super Saiyan 4
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