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This is non cannon to Dragon Ball PD its just something I felt like creating I will use this character in fan fictions just not role plays.

Ultimate power Brudikai takes place 30 years after the end of Dragon Ball PD . After Brudikai and his friends protected all of time from Legacy Demigra and Legacy Mira, Amaterasu placed  Conton City under a time freeze spell. Amaterasu told her son that she will be leaving the universe for an unspecified amount of time. She saw how well Brudikai protected the timeline and she gave him her final blessing, one that she never gave to anyone. This blessing was the skill of adapting. With this skill Brudikai can adapt and eventually overcome any promblem or threat to the universe.  He's made to be the ultimate protector of the universe

Ultimate Power Brudikai

Ultimate power brudikai has the whis symbol on his shoe

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Dragon Ball PD: Ultimate Power Side Stories Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: God of Adaption

Unbeatable one

Birthplace: Planet Vegeta II
Power level: Imeasurable
Homeworld: Earth but travels through the universe
Species: Saiyan God
Gender: male
Birthdate: age 756
Date of Death: Immortal
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: red
Mother: Aksana (Biological)


Father: Broly
Brother(s): Hiku
Spouse(s): Bulla
Children: Brock, Brulla
Grandchildren: Atri
Great Grandchildren: Brud jr.
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


Adaption- Brudikai can adapt to any problem and overcome, no matter how strong he finds a way

Hakai skill- The techniuqe Beerus used on Zamasu. Brudikai uses this to destroy planets when he needs to, just to give whatever lives there a painless death.

Creation- Brudikai can create life 

reality warping- Brudikai can bend reality to his will

Godly instant transmission- Brudikai uses this to hop universes and even to other franchises.

Super saiyan 1, 2,  4, and 5. Legendary Super Saiyan 1 and 3. Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue.


Amaterasu is the only one who can beat him only cuz she has the power to remove the blessing of adaption

He is still an idiot and can be minupulated


The fastest Brudikai has been able to adapt was 5 nano seconds

He is intentionally over powered. (I disgust myself saying and typing that) Hes not ment to lose.

He has fought the likes of Chuck Norris, Archie super sonic, and Cosmic Armor Superman. He won but the battle with Chuck came to a draw then restarted, they're still fighting to this day,

He beat the Wally West Flash in a foot race

He defeated Batman who had 4 months worth of prep.

He obliterated Asriel Dreemurr God of Hyper Death

Denzel Curry- Ultimate (Lyrics)

Denzel Curry- Ultimate (Lyrics)

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