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 Kakarot was born with a power level of 420 which is nothing compared to Broly who has a power level of 10,000. Kakarot escapes the destruction of Planet Vegeta and lands on Planet Earth. Gohan takes care of him. His strong head prevents him from having amnesia. After a while, he sees a full moon and destroys everything on Earth. 

Great ape goku

Vegeta base

vegeta: Ultimate Kakarot

Several years later, Raditz arrives and finds out that Kakarot’s power level far surpasses even Vegeta being 550,000. Goku joins Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta as they conquer many planets. Vegeta has been teaching Kakarot energy attacks like the Galick Gun and how to make an artificial moon. Kakarot also learned how to not be weakened by his tail and how to control the great ape. After a few years of conquering planets, the Saiyans decided to defeat Frieza. Ape Raditz and Nappa defeated Frieza’s elites while Kakarot and Vegeta kill Frieza before he could transform. 

Cooler ascended form
They decided to conquer planets on their own while Cooler tried to find them but unfortunately he didn't know where they went. In the year 772, Cooler finally finds the Saiyans. Cooler first kills Raditz which makes Kakarot turn super Saiyan. Cooler ascends but still loses.

In the year 775, the Saiyans decide to rule planets instead of destroying all life and selling the planets. In the year 785, the Saiyans find Broly. Nappa gets killed and Vegeta decides to destroy the planet by making Kakarot stall him. Suddenly, the two Saiyans leave the planet on their pods as the planet is destroyed. In the year 795, Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan.

In one of the planets the two Saiyans find wives and get married. Eventually, they settled in a planet where they killed all the life in it. Kakarot junior is born on the year 802 while Vegeta is born in the year 804. The children also become Supers Saiyans. Kakarot and Vegeta find Planet Namek in the year 810 and rule the Namekians.

In the year 2055, Rorokat (a descendant of Kakarot) and Vegeta (desendant of Vegeta) have ruled the last remaining planets in the universe. The Supreme Kai tries to stop them but Rorokat and Vegeta kill him.

In the year 5,608, Kofa (descendant of Kakarot) and Vegeta (descendant of Vegeta) married making the Saiyan-hybrid race all one family. In the year 10,203, the Saiyan race has recovered so much that there’s a planet full of them even though they are all hybrids. The Saiyan hybrid race consists of 8 billion Saiyans. The strongest Saiyans left are Diroka, Diai, Vegeta (descendant of Vegeta), and Tarbo. 

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