Ultimate Gohan is a playable character in the game "Blast Storm". You unlock him by completing the Majin Buu Saga in any difficulty.

Super AttacksEdit

Super Kamehameha

I'm Here To Kill You - Gohan punches the opponent. Press X to kick him. Press X to teleport behind the opponent and punch him/her.

Explosive Wave

Explosive Madan - A low-reach Masenko.

Hyper Masenko

(Ultimate Attack) Burst Rush - Gohan rushes to the oppponent.If he strikes him, Gohan attacks the opponent with his elbow, punches and then kicks the opponent into the air. Then, Gohan goes after the opponent, punches 2 times and then kicks the opponent. He the. attacks attacks with his elbow, launching the opponent into the ground. Gohan ends this with a Super Kamehameha.

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