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This article, Ultimate Evolution (LOTSG), is the property of Kaestal.

"Ever since I wound up here I've been training non-stop and recently, my efforts were rewarded with this majestic form and incredible power. I admit that its a bit gaudy, but for a being of my stature it is appropriate."
— Zero to Kaestos, while in Hell

Ultimate Evolution
Zero Ultimate Evolution.png
Alternate names Golden Form
Golden Freeza
King Zero
Debut Settle the Score!
Kaestos vs Zero!
Appears in Legend of the Saiyan God
Users Zero
Class Transformation
Color       &      
Similar techniques Super Saiyan 3
Ultimate Super Saiyan
Saiyan God

Ultimate Evolution is a powerful transformation that only the strongest and most talented Frost Demons can unlock.

Universe 20 (K)'s Zero and Universe-7 (B)'s Freeza and Z are the only known Frost Demons to have unlocked this form.


Entering this state causes the user's strongest form to gain a golden form, with some parts having a gleam and others dull.

The transformation grants those in their Base/True Form an increase in muscle size and height allowing Freeza to stand near shoulder to shoulder with Goku.

When the user is using Super Evolution before assuming this form there is a relatively minor change to their appearance, simply turning the natural color of their armor golden.

Power & Usage[]

The power this form gives is overwhelming, especially when compared to the user's pre-transformation power.

Zero mastered this form to a further degree than Freeza's was, and, as a result, the power increase is lower but it can be maintained far longer. Zero's strength prior to the transformation was also higher than Freeza, allowing him to fight on par with Kaestos - who was 1 year into his 5-year-long training with Rum - and at his strongest he surpassed the Saiyan Hybrid, despite Kaestos' power as a Super Saiyan God at that time.

Final Form Freeza, who was unable to harm Beyond Saiyan God Goku, easily surpassed him in this form, even after the Saiyan entered Super Saiyan God. Freeza only lost after running out of stamina due to the transformation's massive energy consumption. Freeza had a God Ki equivalent of 8 when using this transformation while Zero had an equivalent of 11.

During the preparation for the Multiversal Tournament, Z achieved this form after training with his father. He attained a God Ki equivalent of 6.


  • Power Drain: This form drains a great deal of power, far more than Ultra Super Saiyan 3 would if one is unused to its energy drain. Both Freeza and Zero succumbed to this and were subsequently defeated by their opponents.
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