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"He commanded great power in his time. The demon world, which had grown old and crumbled into despair at the death of their last king, Dabura, was weak and rife with indecision. Then, the civil wars consumed the lands with burning hatred. And of the great demon lords that thence rose up, Tyren was the swiftest and most cunning; and he took many soldiers and all the lands he desired. All who saw him bowed and worshipped him. But though he might have held immeasurable strength amongst his kin, on Earth, where darkness is not so resolute, his power has waned."
— Chapter XVII, The Last Saiyan

タイレン, Tairen
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Black as Blood

The Last Saiyan

Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mukh In, Demon Realm
Birthdate: April 21, Before Age 1493
Birth Power Level: 800,000
Personal Pronouns: わたし, おれ
Height: 8'4"
Weight: 488.3 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red
Rank: Demon Lord
Organizations: Demon Realm Royal Family (Before Age 1493 - Age 653)
Favorite Food: Raw meat
Hobbies: Card games, gambling, smoking, training
Family: Aekyarian (brother)
Lilith (sister)
Dabura (brother-in-law)

Tyren (タイレン, Tairen) is a Demon native to the Demon Realm. The younger brother of Lilith, he is a brother-in-law of Dabura. In Age 653, he and his brother Aekyarian attempted to usurp the Demon Realm throne from Beelzebub. They failed when Jiugin appeared and sent them forward in time, banishing them. The demons ended up on Earth in Age 931, and by Age 942, Tyren had become one of the major antagonists in The Last Saiyan, starting in book II.



Like many demons, Tyren's appearance is unique to him. No other demon looks exactly like him, nor will even his sons bear his likeness. He has a voracious snout comprised of gumless teeth, which are basically pointed spears crafted out of his skull. He has eye sockets, but no discernible eyes. As the glow of red that emanates from his body fills these sockets, it appears as if he has red eyes.

In place of hair, Tyren has an army of spikes on his head, and these also extend around his bodies. They are quite sharp, almost like porcupine quills, but they are not nearly as fragile. Some of his spikes are larger in size than the others. The spikes on his elbows serve for equal use with his clawed hands and legs. His body is coated in black slime, which manifests itself around his body, as if by magic to cover him in fog or darkness. He has the ability to lessen his aura, which can make him fully visible.

Inside Tyren's body, his spirit radiates itself outward from his body tangibly with light. The holes in his chest and eyes particularly work for sending out blinding light. During times of anxiety or rage, his color will brighten or flicker comparatively. The more red it is, the more angry Tyren is, and the more lethal he is bound to be. Usually, he emanates a light orange color when not stressed out.

Tyren also possesses skeleton wings, though he can fly without using them.


While living in the Demon Realm, Tyren had a reserved personality. He took orders from his older brother and was loyal to him without question, even when it meant betraying their sister. He was no-nonsense in his demeanor and was not hesitant to kill anyone he deemed disloyal to his brother. Due to his immense strength, he was arrogant, but not as much as Aekyarian.

After being sent to Earth and witnessing his brother's death at the hands of Ledas, Tyren became more unhinged. Although most of his power had been taken from him by the Dragons of the Dawn, he was hell-bent on taking over the Earth. He knew he had to get his power back before doing so, however, so he became a more calculating and patient demon in terms of actualizing his plan of world domination. He remained entirely impatient with disloyalty or disrespect towards him or his kind, and would kill anyone, be they friend or foe, should he feel like they insulted him in his presence. Tyren delights in bloodshed, so taking over the world is not just a compulsion, but something which he takes great pleasure in. He thinks very little of all living beings on Earth and, knowing his true power, considers all of them to be inferior to him, despite being in a weakened state.

In his weakened state, Tyren is more irritable and emotional than he had been in the Demon Realm. Without his brother to check him, he is far more immature than he had acted previously, although he tries to mask that with an apparent air of maturity, which he is often unable to keep up for long. Tyren is prone to letting his emotions control him, although he actively tries to prevent that from happening.


Black as Blood[]

At the start of this story, the young siblings Aekyarian, Tyren, and Lilith ventured to Liranion, an ancient and monolithic tree that was the home of the bloodseer Ygze. There, they asked the witch to tell them their futures. First, she had to nick them with a knife and spill their blood into her fire.

She read Lilith's future first. She told the girl that she would share the bed of the next King of the Demon Realm and that they would have a child, although his peril was near (whatever that meant, the children did not know). She told Aekyarian that he would meet someone who would share his fate beneath a burning sun. She kept calling him a boy and mocked him for not being able to see what she was describing.

Then, she moved on to Tyren. She saw much in his future. She called said he would progress from boy to man to warrior to leader to king. She called him "Dragontamer", and said that he would become a peerless champion and strategist, and that many would destroy themselves trying to stop him. Aekyarian did not believe it, but Ygze rebuked him, stating that she never lied. Kyarian's outburst embarrassed Lilith, but he did not back down. However, at that moment, Aekyarian awoke from his dream memory of the distant past.

In the second scene, Aekyarian thought to himself that Tyren had grown stronger than Master Tanbal. When Aekyarian visited Firnost, he thought about how he and Lilith had often come to that town as children until their mother had died birthing Tyren, at which point they had ceased their trips.

Later on, Aekyarian climbed one of the Sinhost mountains. He thought about how he was going to try to usurp the throne later that night, and his mind drifted to Lilith, who was not on his side, to Tyren, who was, and to Beelzebub, the boy who had to die.

Kyarian flew back to Mukh In, finding Tyren outside of Beelzebub's chambers. His younger brother told him that only one guard - Grinzal - was inside the room with Beelzebub. The guard had to die. Because Grinzal was also a student of Master Tanbal, Aekyarian knew that they would have to kill Tanbal too. Tyren was sent to kill the old man while Aekyarian broke into Beelzebub's room.

After Aekyarian chased Beelzebub into the throne room, Tyren reappeared. Aekyarian unleashed an explosive wave at that moment, vaporizing most of Beelzebub's guards without so much as breaking a sweat. Tyren killed the survivors with energy beams. Many nobles came to the throne room doors to watch the bloody affair unfold. One man refused to bow down to Aekyarian, so Tyren blew his head off with a ki blast. Aekyarian then approached Beelzebub, intent upon killing him while Lilith begged and screamed for mercy.

At that moment, Jiugin appeared, though Aekyarian recognized her as Tiranaki Uughal. She prevented him from moving, but as he began to break free from her hold, she panicked and flung him and Tyren through time to be rid of them before they killed everyone, including her. In the third scene, Aekyarian and Tyren came out of their time-altered journey, landing in the atmosphere of Earth in Age 931. He, like his brother, was confused as to why he had been brought to that place. He followed Aekyarian's lead in desiring to end all life on the planet to satiate their rage.

The Last Saiyan[]


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