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The Tyranians are a strange humanoid species related to Changelings (Frieza's Species) who lived on Tyrania, they usually fight for dominance meaning the strongest Tyranian is usually the Emperor/Empress, but during the 655th-722nd ages (referred to as the dark ages in Tyranian history) they were enslaved by the Planet Trade Organization, and more specifically King Cold, and watched over by a long haired alien named Leimone, where it was called Planet Cold 66, up until January 11th, 772nd age, the day that the annual power c


A Tyranian warrior in his 1st form with a small disc attack.

ontrol tournament was held.

Leimone felt lucky this year so he not only offered the title of Emperor, but his own title, Governor. This idea led to Leimone's downfall by a young Tyranian, named Nocha. Nocha chose for his people to be freed and inturn enslaved the weaker soldiers, renaming the stronger soldiers as the Elite Guard, and kept a veteran Tyranian soldier named Katte as his personal guard. The Tyranian Empire conquered many planets and those many years were referred to as the Golden Ages, yet the Tyranians became what they wanted to destroy, the Planet Trade Organization.


1st form: As shown to the right, it has no difference to a Changeling's Perfect form except for appearance.

2nd form: The height is a head taller than the last form, their white skins chip off like an egg, and their "crystals" chip off as well, showing black "gems" with the tint of the previous color.


  • The Governor part is reference to Guva from The Forgotten.