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SSJ Turlo by DragonballXE

Turlo as a Super Saiyan

Turlo, The Son Of Turles
Date Of Birth
August 11
Turles (Father), Unnamed Mother

Turlo, Son Of Turles== Turlo is the son of Turles from an Alternate Universe.


Turlo is from an Alternate Universe, which he was removed from by an accidental wish to Shenron. He arrived in our Universe, confused, so he moved onto his Father in this Universe's ship. One day, Turles tried to abandon Turlo, claiming he was pathetic. Turlo became enraged, and powered up. His hair started turning blond, and he was becoming stronger. He then became a Super Saiyan. Turles still got rid of him, the actual reason being jealous of his own son. Turlo then went to Earth.

Current Life[]

When Turlo arrived on Earth, he found a head that was blue, with red hair (Super Android 13). He quickly flew away, and met a saiyan named Arta. Arta is Broly's daughter, and she was Turlo's first friend. Turlo secretly fell in love with Arta. Turlo then tracked Goku to his exact location, and challenged him. He used his full power, Super Saiyan 3, in attempt to beat Goku, but didn't succeed. Turlo then went off to train. While training, he saw Tapion's shadow. He decided to follow the energy, thus he met Tapion. Tapion easily defeated him, saying it wasn't because Turlo was weak, he said because Turlo was unable to control his power. He was unable to believe this, so he went back to Town to spend time hanging out with Arta. He met Vegeta, Arcarus, and Kencha while he was in town.


"Kakarot... You killed my father... PREPARE TO DIE!!" -Turlo to Goku

"Shucks. Scary is better than sweet." -Turlo, hitting on Arta

"This power.... Yes this feels good...." -Turlo, after eating fruit from the tree of might

"I'll wipe out every human on this planet if I have to, in order to fight Kakarot."-Turlo

Ablities and Moves[]

"We the jury find in favor of DEATH!"-Turlo charges two giant energy balls, and throws them at his enemy.

Energy Slash- Turlo's name for an energy sword

Flight- The Ability to fly

Basic ki attacks

Energy waves

Super Saiyan forms- Turlo can use Super Saiyan 1, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3.