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Anime name Turles
Manga name Tullece
Alternate names Tullece
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Appears in Fanga: "Like Before! Special Beam Cannon!!
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Before Age 737
Allegiance Saiyan Army
Time Breakers
Affiliations Turles (DBZ) (Parallel World counterpart)
Towa (adoptive mother)
Putine (girlfriend)
Future Cooler (superior)
Hatchiyack (comrade)
Bojack (comrade)
Slug (comrade)
Captain Ginyu (comrade)
Future Jeice (comrade)
Future Recoome (comrade)
Future Burter (comrade)
Future Guldo (comrade)

Turles (ターレス Tāresu) is a Saiyan with a similar appearance to Goku, however, he raised by Towa after she rescued him from Planet Vegeta before its destruction.

Appearance Edit

Aside from his different skin tone, and that he retains his tail; he resembles Goku, and has similar to hair aside from the horn-like strands. He initially wore the same armor as his Parallel World counterpart before he started to wear the traditional Time Breaker Armour with the insignia on the centre. He originally had a tail but lost it after Dial severed it.

After defecting to the Time Patrol; Turles was given a new armour that seemed to be a combination of Bardock's Elite Armour and the latest type of battle armor. He has dark blue straps instead of shoulder guards, dark blue thigh guards similar to Bardock's armour with the shape and design of the armour similar to latest-type as his waist plates are also dark blue instead of green, a dark purple plate in the centre, and the rest grey along with the Time Patrol symbol on the left side of the armour. Additionally, Turles wears grey and blue armbands around his wrists, black pants, and orange-tipped grey and blue boots similar to Tagoma's boots.

Personality Edit

post-revamp personality Edit

Turles was raised by Towa after being rescued from Planet Vegeta before its destruction. Towa attempted to raise to an almost polar opposite of Goku and as such as Turles is highly intelligent, ruthless, and brutal in each of his fights. However, seemingly unlike Goku - Turles cared about his race and destruction of his loss infuriates him.

After learning that Towa initially misconstrued the past in order to turn Turles basically into a dark version of Goku - Turles turned on her and Mira, and vowed to stop her for her actions.

Pre-revamp personality Edit

Turles originally was given the same memories and personality as his alternate self (Movie Turles) from a timeline that made no sense.

Turles cares little about others, and his very prideful, confident, and merciless. He can also be quite childish as a result of his rapid aging, but has increased knowledge thanks to Chamel's tutelage. He knows the difference between evil and good, but doesn't care one way or another.

After the events of the Time Crusade and being banished by his request - Turles' personality became identical to his counterpart from the movies and even formed the Crusher Corps.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Prior to the destruction of Planet Vegeta; Towa arrived to save him and adopted has her own child and was trained extensively by Mira.

Z/Super Saga Edit

Main article: [Z/Super Saga]

Turles first appeared with an aged Slug and battled against Dial to distract him from interfering with the Time Distortion. Turles entered the Villainous Mode and proceeded to use Dark Kill Driver and battled alongside with Slug.

Slug and Turles had a decent fight against Dial; even against their transformed states before being called away by Chronoa.

Turles and Slug later invaded a Time Rift that Dial was for his first parallel mission in order take him by surprise with Turles immediately reveal some type of fruit which Chronoa identified to be from a Tree of Might.

Turles later approach Mornpagne with Slug and Golden-Masked Gohan in order to get some more Fruit from a Tree of Might but received seeds instead. Slug later had a conversation Turles. Turles was advised to evolve his Super Saiyan by training some more.

Turles would later battle Dial on Namek were he reveals that he as been able to advance his Super Saiyan form and later fought against him Yardrat where Towa revealed her duplicity prompting Turles to defect to the Time Patrol.

Turles final battle against the Time Patrollers would be on Planet Yardrat during Goku's time on the planet to which Towa reveals that she initially misconstrued the history of Saiyans in order to turn Turles into a darker version of Goku. As a result; Turles defected to Time Patrol and began aiding them in their conflict against the Time Breakers.

Turles would later go with Gohan to stop Slug and Future Slug from recruiting their alternate timeline counterpart from Future Trunks' destroyed timeline. Upon arrival; Turles and Gohan managed to intercept them as Future Commander Zeeun, Future Angila, Future Wings, Future Medamatcha, Future Kakuja, and Future Gyoshu attacked Turles while Gohan battled Future Slug. Slug later teamed up with Future Slug while Turles took on the mercenaries. Turles was able to dispatch them before teaming up with Gohan to battle against Slug and Future Slug.

As Turles and Gohan battled Future Slug and Slug - Turles managed to overpower Slug until he entered the Dark Magic transformation and Future Slug was able to outmatch him but Gohan maintained as the dominant fighter as he was able to overpower them. Turles was pierced through the chest by Dark Slug but Gohan gave him a Senzu bean before he knocked away Slug and Future Slug.

Turles and Gohan were thrashed after Slug returned after fusing with Future Slug and managed to pierce Turles once again and damaged Gohan's mask.

Goku had Turles sent away to be healed by Chronoa while he battled against Super Namekian Slug himself.

Other stories Edit

First Battle against the Time Patrol Edit

Turles challenge Dial after he arrived to fix the distortion with Vegeta and Nappa. He proceeded to battle against Dial with little care that Dial wasn't like Frieza. The battle continues through the mountainous region until Vegeta uses his Power Ball and all three Saiyans transform into Great Ape despite Turles being in a different region. However, thanks to his training Dial was able to overcome Turles and eventually severs Turles tail forcing him back into his base form.

Unable to get over the fact that Dial resembles the tyrant that destroyed his home planet; Turles exploded with anger transformed into his Super Saiyan form and began battling against the Hybrid warrior. However, he was taken from the battle by Mira and given a Demon's Heart.

Second Battle and Regression Edit

Turles later battled against Dial once again following the defeat of the Ginyu Force and continued the battle. Using his new abilities; he transformed into the E-type Super Saiyan and was able to match Dial's power, but he was later captured by Chronoa.

Chronoa took his Super Saiyan form away from him and gave him his Saiyan heart back before sending him back to Planet Vegeta in Age 739 after regressing him back into a baby.

Time Crusade Edit

Turles was later revived and made into an adult by the Time Breakers as he fights alongside Future Cooler as they battle against the Time Patrol. He would later fuse with Hatchiyack into Hatchiyarles. After a long battle; Hatchiyarles fuses with his comrades into Ultra Cooler and was erased when Ultra Cooler was erased.

He is later revived back in his infancy stage by an unknown individual later set to Age 730 where he would grow up under the guardianship of Gine. However, all his memories as an adult remained with him.

However, he would soon learn that it was an alternate timeline he was sent to instead of the main timeline.

Post-Time Cruasde Edit

He was later set off-planet from Planet Vegeta at his own request having kept all his power from his time with the Timebreakers having told King Vegeta that he believes himself to be a threat to Planet Vegeta and wishes to be banished. King Vegeta allowed him to leave the planet, however, he would later go to a distant planet where he would form his Crusher Corps with the single goal to conquer the universe.

He would later arrive on Earth in Age 780 of the alternate timeline he was sent to and learned that he was in fact in an alternate timeline after learning that the Goku in the alternate timeline doesn't even know him.

However, he was later told that Turles himself was from an alternate timeline due to the meddling of the Timebreakers.

2nd Timespace Rift Tournament Edit

Turles was invited to attend the 2nd Timespace Rift Tournament where he and Raditz would join a team for the 100-Team Challenge Round and fail to gain defeat required number of teams. He later watches the Ocotofinals with Raditz.

Power Edit

During the Z/Super Saga; Turles was able to surpass Dial while in his Super Saiyan form but was easily overpowered by base form Future Trunks. Chronoa was unable to remove the power he gained from his experience and simply let him keep the power as she regressed him back into a baby.

Due to maintaining the power acquired the first time he achieved Super Saiyan; Turles power only magnified when he was revived as an adult by Chamel.

Abilities Edit

  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Kill Driver - A technique used by Turles.
    • Dark Kill Driver - A darker version of Kill Driver.
    • Hyper Kill Driver - A more powerful version of Kill Driver.
  • Meteor Break - A technique used by Turles.
  • Rock Crusher - A technique used by Turles.
  • Calamity Blaster - A technique used by Turles.
  • Full Power Energy Wave - A technique used by Turles.
  • Chou Makouhou - A technique used by Turles.
  • Chou Makouhou Barrage - A technique used by Turles.
  • Chou Makousen - A technique used by Turles.
  • Power Ball - A technique used by Turles.
  • Magic - A technique used by Turles.
    • Corrupted Ki Blasts - A technique used by Turles.
      • Kill Drivers - A Barrage of Kill Drivers infused with Corrupted Ki in order to amplify the hate of its target.

Villainous Mode

Main article: [[Villainous Mode]]

Turles was able to enter the Villainous Mode on his own accord rather through a member of Time Breaker. He gains a Dark Purple aura and his eyes become pure red along with similar markings around his eyes to Demon God Demigra's.

He was able to fight evenly with a power-restrained Dial and was even able to wound him with Dark Kill Driver. Turles can use this form alongside his Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2nd Grade, and Super Saiyan 3rd Grade form resulting in his being purple and the ability to remove the speed loss caused by Super Saiyan 3rd Grade. However, it seems that he is unable to maintain the form long while using it in addition to his Super Saiyan forms.

Great Ape

Turles is able to transform into his Great Ape form via a Power Ball. Much like the other armoured Saiyans - his armour remains intact but he doesn't retain his consciousness. He attempted to use this form against Dial but - his tail was severed as soon as his transformation was complete.

Super Saiyan

Main article: Super Saiyan (SSJJ)

Turles was able to achieve Super Saiyan after becoming enraged at the sight of Dial easily killing Turles and Slug's hired mercenaries which prompted his explosion of anger. He was able to receive training to allow him to control and re-enter the form at will.

He was able to pose enough threat to Dial upon awakening the form - resulting Future Trunks to step in and use Super Saiyan 2 which prompted Slug tell Turles to retreat. Later - Slug suggested to Turles that he should train some more in order to further evolve his Super Saiyan form.

Super Saiyan: Villainous Mode
Main articles: Super Saiyan (SSJJ), Villainous Mode (SSJJ), and Super Saiyan: Villainous Mode

Turles was able to use Super Saiyan alongside Villainous Mode turning his aura and hair dark purple and increasing his power beyond the norm for the standard for Super Saiyan state. Turles' power in this state was considered to be on par with Super Perfect Cell as stated by Chronoa.

Super Saiyan 2nd Grade: Villainous Mode
Main articles: Super Saiyan 2nd Grade (SSJJ), Villainous Mode (SSJJ), and Super Saiyan 2nd Grade: Villainous Mode

Turles was able to use Super Saiyan 2nd Grade alongside Villainous Mode turning his aura and hair dark purple and increasing his power beyond the norm for the standard for Super Saiyan state.

Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

Main article: Super Saiyan 2nd Grade (SSJJ)

Turles was able to receive extensive training to the point of being able to acquire Super Saiyan 2nd Grade. The flowing, golden hair becomes slightly more rigid and pales in colour. Muscle mass also considerably increases, but not enough to weigh Turles down and reduce mobility, allowing the Saiyan to retain his agility and coordination.

Super Saiyan 3rd Grade

Main article: Super Saiyan 3rd Grade (SSJJ)

Turles was able to further increases his power to Super Saiyan 3rd Grade allowing his muscle mass to greatly increase as his skin seems to become redder in appearance, and his hair becomes bigger, spikier, and spreads in different directions. As a result of the form; his speed is greatly impacted, however, when combined with his Villainous Mode - he can regain his speed.

Super Saiyan Full Power

Turles displayed the power to use Super Saiyan Full Power which enables him to draw out the power of the Super Saiyan to its limits. He used against Future Trunks but the Saiyan warrior wasn't on the same power level as the Time Patroller.

Super Saiyan 2

Main article: Super Saiyan 2 (SSJJ)

Thanks to Dial intentionally angering himself Turles was able to achieve Super Saiyan 2 but before Turles could use it against Dial was able to sense goodness in Turles' heart which served as a catalyst for Turles to defect to the Time Patrol.

In this form - his hair is identical to Goku's hair as Super Saiyan 2 and was able to overpower Great Namekian Slug.

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