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Tuffle Confederacy
Age Unknown
Dissolved (Age 758)
Planet Plant

The Tuffle Confederacy was a Interstellar Government that was in power for Centuries, possibly for 700 years. The Confederacy had control of all of the gamma quadrant of the galaxy and they continued to expand their territory. They would enslave species that they deemed valuable, but species deemed worthless would be eliminated. The Confederacy ruled through terror and superiority, for they had the most advanced technology during those times.

History[edit | edit source]

In Age 337, they discover Planet Sadala and that the inhabitants had two species; Humans and Saiyans. They were unaware the Saiyans were actually genetically modified humans, and thought they were just another species. They view the Saiyans as valuable, but the Humans Worthless. The Government of Sadala at that time fought back, but the Confederacy was far superior and they conquered the planet. All Humans were exterminated and the Saiyans were enslaved to be used as test subject for horrific experiments.

Fall of the Confederacy[edit | edit source]

In Age 725, the Saiyans formed a rebellion against the Tuffles. They did even take notice of the rebellion, but in Age 734, the rebellion grew in strength dramatically. Soon The Tuffles would lose territory of the planet to the Saiyans. And in Age 739 the Saiyans reclaimed Sadala and wiped out the Tuffle population from Sadala. The Confederacy was going to retaliate by completely destroying the planet, but soon realized that multiple Species that were enslaved began to rebel. The would greatly lose their territory and their influence. Soon, the Tuffles would be pushed back to their Planet for last stand. The Saiyan Transitional Governement would attack their planet delivering the killing blow when their Planet was destroyed, thus ending The Tuffle Confederacy. Or so it seems...

Resurgence[edit | edit source]

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