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Tuffle DBG

Tuffles invading a Planet

Native Planet
Planet SR-415 (Plant)
Average Height
3'11" - 4'2"
Average Power Tier
Tier 0 - 5 (Naturally/technologically)
  • EXTINCT(Pureblooded)
  • ACTIVE(Hybrids)
  • Tuffles are an human-like species of aliens from Planet Plant. They are small in height and extremely advance in technology. They are also conquerors. They take planet after planet enslaving the species they find useful and terminate the useless. The name of their government is the Tuffle Confederacy.

    Based on reports from the Saiyan Imperium, they are a evil, cold-hearted, arrogant and geniuses. In Age 739 it was thought the Tuffles were extinct, but one last tuffle was hidden. when it was activated in Age 757, it nearly reclaimed the galaxy, but it was later destroyed.

    Thriving HybridsEdit

    In the end Tuffle Arc, it was revealed by Baby Garlic that tuffles have forcefully mated with the early saiyans, producing Saiyan-Tuffle hybrids by the millions. Lee'sa is a Saiyan-Tuffle Hybrid. Her children Naomi, Jay, and Virginia have the Tuffle gene in them has well. Even though the Tuffles are gone, they are technically not extinct due to the hybrids thriving.