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This article, Tsukimi Masami: DragonBall Heroes: A New Generation Of Heroes., takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Tsukimi Masami

[[Image:[IMG]http://i1116.photobucket.com/albums/k573/OtakuFox43/Dragon%20Ball%20Pics/Cards48.jpg[/IMG]|{{{Image size}}}px]]

Tsukimi Masami ( 雅美 月海 Masami Tsukimi)
14. (Books 1,2,and 3)

15. (Books 4 and 5)

16. (DragonBall Galaxy Heroes)

19. (Dragon Ball Heroes Z)
3/4 Saiyan

1/4 Human

(While in the DragonBall World, un-measurable in her own time.)
Date Of Birth:
Age 1088
Date Of Death:
Age 767. (Attempted to kill Cell along with herself but failed, revived with the Dragon balls)
Hikaru Masami. (Father, deceased.)

Chihiro Masami. (Mother.)

Sora Masami. (Younger sister.)

Yuki Masami. (Younger sister.)

Miho Masami. (Younger sister.)

Mamoru Tsukemo. (Friend/sparring partner.)

Akihiko Chino. (Good friend and study partner.)

Yuuki Yukahito. (Childhood friend/Later love interest.)

Akina Minami.(Rival.)

Kasumi Yuuga. (Best Friend.)

Kimiko Shizuyuyo. (Best Friend.)

Future Trunks. (Unrequited love.)

GT Trunks. (One-sided crush on his side.)
Vegeta, Cell, Frieza, Cooler, King Cold, Lord Slug, Bojack, Broly, Baby, Super Android 17, Shadow Dragons.
Japanese Voice Actress:
Emiri Katou
English Voice Actress:
Laura Bailey

Tsukimi Masami ( 雅美 月海Masami Tsukimi) Is one of the main protagonists of the 'Dragon Ball Heroes' series of books written by OtakuFox43. She is also a descendant of the Son Family bloodline, but seems to have gotten more of her personality from her female ancestors, such as Videl, Pan, and Chi-Chi. The moment she went into the past, she was able to meet her long-time crush, Mirai Trunks for the first time, and has also started to train with her friends. Out of the three girls, Tsukimi has the best abilities in terms of brute strength. And her goal in life is to become a martial arts master, just like her late father was. But despite coming from the son family like Yuuki, her blood line spreads too far out to count as her being related to Yuuki.

Creation And Concept[]




Early Life[]

Book 1: The Androids/Cell Arc.[]

Book 2: Alternate Timeline Majin Buu Arc.[]

Book 3: Cold Family Invasion.[]

Book 4: Lord Slug's Revival And Bojack's Return.[]

Book 5: The Return Of Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan.[]

Dragon Ball Galaxy Heroes[]

Dragon Ball Heroes Z[]