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The Tryllians are a race of extremely powerful space pirates who used to live on the planet New Tryll before it was destroyed by the Dark Namek, Zaecor I. Much like a super Saiyan, they have the Ability to become Mega Tryll


The Tryll evolved on the planet Tryll, not too far from the planet Saiya, where their lifelong rivals, the Saiyans, were located. when the entire Saiyan army attacked, they were forced to flee their home planet as they stood no chance, and the High Saiyan General Gren and the entire warrior class saiyan army chase them for many years. Eventually the Saiyan Warriors stopped on the Planet Plant, tired from their endless chasing of the Tryllians, which to them seemed to be completely pointless at that point, however the High General Gren would not give up, and went into stasis for many years on the planet the Tryllians landed on, New Tryll. The Tryllians lived here as space pirates, that was, until the Dark Namek Zaecor destroyed the planet and recruited the remaining Tryllians into his army. no one is quite sure what happened to high general Gren however. 

Known TryllEdit

Trynd - The Space Pirate

Trynor - Tryll - Saiyan - Human hybrid

Goku Jr - Tryll - Saiyan - Human hybrid

Krytor - the last king of the Tryll