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205px-Mirai Trunks Jr

Super Saiyan.

Mirai Trunks Jr.

New Coat of his


The son of Trunks from the future (I guess it counts in the present too.) and defeated Frieza's son, Kuriza and Titan. He struggled against Android 22 and 21 as he turned Super Saiyan 2 he still didn't stand a chance. He was very serious of taking on his father and Gohan's work (Future Gohan) and so he challenged the Androids at once without hesitation. Then Trunks turns into a Super Saiyan 3, but still no success. He Have One Trick Of His Slevee He Turn Into Ultmate Form (Ulmate Trunks Jr) He defeated them and the Earth rests peacefully once again. All thanks to our new hero Trunks Jr.


Vegeta: Grandfather

Kid Trunks Jr: Counterpart/Reincarnation

Bulma: Grandmother

Bra: Mother

SSJ3 Trunks Jr.

Ascended Super Saiyan 3

Mystic future trunks by db own universe arts-d3938wb

Ultimate Trunks

Gohan: Master/Best Friend

Goku: Friend


Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 3

Ascended Super Saiyan 3

Ultimate Form


Burning Attack - Taught by Gohan.

Kamehameha - Taught by Gohan as well.

Shining Sword Attack - Taught by Trunks.

Shining Kamehameha Rush - A mix of The Shining Sword Attack and the Ultimate Rush in BT3 (Ultimate Gohan's attack) with his Kamehameha.

Finish Buster -

Buster Cannon -

Sword Rush - Trunks does a fury of teleporting slashes with his sword and then a Kamehameha.