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This article, Trunks (Xz), is the property of dark TRUNKS.

Dark TRUNKS Unpossessed.png
Dragonball Xz Character
Vital statistics
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Age 766
Date of Death: Still Alive
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Black
Father: Vegeta
Personal Weapons Systems
Energy Basic Attacks: Big Tree Cannon
Chronological & Political Information
Affiliations: Z-Fighters

Trunks is a character in the Dragonball Xz series. He was possessed by Black Smoke Shenron o become dark TRUNKS. He is the main villain in the dark TRUNKS Saga.


Super Saiyan[]

Super Saiyan Trunks (Xz).jpg

This is Trunks in his Super Saiyan form. His hair turns gold, and his eyes turn green. While in this form, he is as powerful as Freeza.

Super Saiyan 2[]

Super Saiyan 2 Trunks (Xz).jpg

This is Trunks in his Super Saiyan 2 form. His hair is sharper and he gains blue electricity. While in this form, he is as powerful as Cell.

Super Light Saiyan[]

Using the power of Light Copy on his Super Saiyan form gives him this form.

Super Light Saiyan 2[]

Using the power of Light Copy on his Super Saiyan 2 form gives him this form.

Light Gigantification[]

Copying Piccolo's Gigantification gives him this form.

Super Light Namekian[]

Copying Piccolo's Super Namekian form gives him this one.

Super Light Namekian 2[]

Copying Piccolo combine Gigantification and Super Namekian to create Super Namekian 2.

Light Two-For-One Special[]

Copying Jiece's Two-For-One Special creates this form. His 'good side' looks the same while his 'evil side' looks like dark DARK TRUNKS.

Light Doubledown[]

Copying Jiece's Doubledown creates this form. He absorbs his dark form from Light Two-For-One Special and his halved power returns to normal. The benefit though is that it amplifies charged energy attacks, especially if done rapidly.

Super Positive Saimekian 2[]

A Light Combination of Super Light Saiyan 2 & Super Light Namekian 2.


Big Tree Cannon: This is his strongest attack from before he was possessed.

Light Copy: Allows Trunks to copy any move or transformation he's seen before, turning it into a Light Version that's 10x stronger. He gained this ability after Black Smoke Shenron (Xz) was defeated, as this is the light version of the Dark Copy he had as dark TRUNKS.

Positive Combination: Another purified evil ability from his time as dark TRUNKS. He can combine multiple Light abilities into a super Positive attack Light Spirit Bomb: Against Jeice, Trunks was forced to use the Light Spirit Bomb to defeat him. He poured through his memories of his allies for the perfect attack to copy.

Dark Spirit Bomb: The Light Two-For-One Special copy that looks like dark DARK TRUNKS used a Dark Copy of whatever Light attack his mirror, Trunks, is doing as a Dark one.

Chaos Spirit Bomb: After the final Light Doubledown, Trunks holds a half-Light, half-Dark Spirit Bomb over his head, the two attacks fused together into one.

Light Special Beam Canon: Against Omnibus Oolong 18, Piccolo and Trunks both use Special Beam Cannon together with Trunks copying his.

Light Special Beam Cannon x1000000: Trunks used Positive Two-For-Down to first use this move against Oolong.

Positive Two-For-Down: A Positive Combination of Light Two-For-One Special & Light Doubledown. This allows Trunks to rapidly duplicate and absorb to speed up the charging process. The beam used stays normal as this doesn't summon the evil clone like Light Two-For-One Special does.

Saimekian Duo Special Beam Cannon x1000000: A massive special beam cannon x1000000 constructed from two Special Beam Cannon x1000000s. It doesn't have to be the default variety as the first appearance of this move was done by Piccolo and Trunks with the latter using Light Special Beam Cannon x1000000. One fires like normal while the other Special Beam Cannon x1000000 spirals around it like the normal design.

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