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Pan powering up the Trickster's Bomb to use against Aqan.

Trickster's Bomb is the first move Pan makes up in the series. She cups her hands out and puts all her energy in her hands, then throws it to the opponent. It can be supplied energy too, because Goten and Uub supplied energy to it in order to injure Aqan. It is then also used many other times against Lord Toafe and Pan also used it against Trunks while training,


Pan vs Aqan

Pan vs Uub (training)

Pan vs Goten (training)

Pan minitricksterbomb

Pan using a tiny version of the Tricksters Bomb.

Pan vs Trunks (training)

Pan vs Aqan (hologram)

Pan vs Khazgoth (training

Pan vs Lord Toafe (3rd form)

Pan vs Yern

Pan vs Goten (last battle of series)


Pan uses this bomb only in her base form, however while fighting Yern, Toafe's trusted advisor, Pan went Super Saiyan 2 for the first time and used the Ultra Trickster's Bomb. When she misuses it, Trunks punishes her by lifting her up in the air by her panties, wedgie punishment.