Towa is a female demon and the alternate world counterpart of the main timeline Towa. She first appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking.


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Similar to her main timeline, Towa is cold and cruel female demon at first that she used every fighters by powering them up as their tools. However, having learned about Erazer's true goal to destroy the universes by using the Dark Dragon Balls and defect Beyley and Chronoa, she is little positive, but she retains her personality.


Pre-Xenoverse SparkingEdit

Her backstory is more resembles to her main timeline counterpart. Originally she meant to create Mira, the creation made from the cells of every fighters, but she decide to cancel her idea. However, her idea was stolen by the Demon God Demigra which he created Mira instead with additonal of his own cells.

Beyley SagaEdit

She first appeared during in the timeline where Goku fighting against Frieza. As Towa empowers Frieza with her dark magic, she encounters Beyley and Chronoa and fight them. Despite her best effort, Towa unable defeat Beyley and Chronoa which Frieza became weakened which Goku asked Beyley to become a new hero as Towa escaped in disappointment.

Dark Frieza SagaEdit



Towa can use flight to hover and fly through the air.

Ki Blast

Towa can use violet-colored ki blasts on her opponent.

Dark Magic Empowerment

Towa used her dark magic to empower every fighters and make them stronger. As every fighters are empowered by Dark Magic Empowerment, their aura is dark violet and glowing red eyes.

Black Lightning

Towa can summons the black-colored lightning to strike down her opponents.

Black Kamehameha (Towa ver.)

Potential Awakened

This form is given by Guru when her powers is in deep slumber. Guru awakened her powers to fight the Frieza Force. Her appearance is remains the same, but her aura is naturally white.

List of Characters killed by TowaEdit



  • Cui -


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