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This article, Total Invisibility, is the property of Hyper Zergling.

Total Invisibility
Debut Invasion of Mrov
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Inventor Reobscura
Users Reobscura
Class Supportive
Similar techniques Invisibility
Ki suppression

Total Invisibility is a natural ability of the Reobscura.


The user renders his/her entire body completely invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum and ki detection. His/her invisibility, however, cannot be maintained if (s)he raises his/her Power Level too high; as such, this technique has very limited use in direct combat if the user's opponent is aware of his/her presence.


Fayg uses this technique to help him infiltrate the Mrovian High Council Citadel undetected. He later attempts to use it in his fight against Aysuida, who becomes aware of its limitations.

The Leviathan consumed at least one Reobscurum, acquiring this ability. It uses this technique in order to remain undetected by advanced civilizations as it continues to absorb other life forms.