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Toru is son of Trunks and Mai, cousin of Nami and best friends with Gohi. He and his sister was born ten years after Tournament of Power, and he start training with his grandfather Vegeta. 


As a kid, Toru was like his father, proud, mischievous and he loves fighting, but he's also smart, serious and loyal, like his mother.

Toru like play-fighting, mechanics and making pranks with his friend, Gohi, but still he doesn't mean no harm for anybody, except when somebody hurts his friends and family. He cares a lot his sister, even thoug he teasing her and they arguing sometimes.


Flight: Toru is able to fly through the use of his ki.

Ki-Blast:  The most basic form of energy wave.

Ki Sense: Toru has the ability to sense life energy.

Vision Smash: Toru punches the enemy in the face and get behind to kick them in the back.

Galick Gun: Toru learns this technique to Vegeta.

Double Buster: Full-Power Energy Wave technique, which Toru learns fron his father.

Big Tree Cannon: This attack is similar to Vegeta's Final Flash, though scaled down in power.

Meteor Blow: Toru gets on his back and kicks the opponent up into the air with both feet, creating a small shockwave. The user then teleports behind the flying opponent and kicks them away.

Energy Burst: His father's version of Continuous Energy Bullets.

Forms and transformations:Edit

Super Saiyan: As many saiyan hybrids, Toru is also able to turn into Super Saiyan.

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