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"You'll pay for invading our planet"
— Tobi to Yao

Tobi is a human who befriended Sora, he helped Sora, Shoran, Ray and Sai during Icer's Invasion.


Tobi was originally a student of Master Chu but he was banished for failing to learn his most important lesson, Tobi trained everyday of his life and tried to figure out what Master Chu's lesson was but he couldn't figure it out. Then Master Chu died of a heart attack and just Tobi gave up, then he met Sora, Ray and Sai. He challenged Sora cause he knew he was the strongest but he was defeated. Sora then informed of Icer's invasion and Tobi agreed to help but only if he could learn from Sora's master. Sora took Ray, Sai and Tobi to Kuro's temple where they trained and prepared for Icer invasion. When Icer invaded, Tobi flew off the save some cities, then he took on Mako and Maka of Icer's squadron. They had the upper hand until Tobi used his signature move the power strike which killed Maka. An enraged Mako attacked but Tobi killed him with a Ki blast that exploded as soon as it hit. He assisted against the battle with Suji who had Shoran's body and he fought Yao Icer's third in command. When he heard that Icer challenged Shoran and Sora went to fight him in Shoran's place; he, Ray and Sai rushed to help him.


Tobi has spiky black hair, he wears a black Gi with a black belt, black wristbands and black boots.


Tobi is serious and doesn't have much of a sense of humour but he is loyal to his friends and would help them no matter what the cost.


Full power energy wave- This move is formed when Tobi put his hand to his side and thrusts it foward releasing a blue energy wave. He used this technique against Sora but he easily deflected it.

The Power Strike - This move is performed when Tobi puts his wrists together and concerntrates his energy into his hands causing his ki to appear around his hands then he launches himself towards his opponent then he strikes causing his opponent inmense damage to his opponent. He first used this technique to kill Maka of Icer's Squadron.

Exploding energy ball - This move is formed when Tobi fires and energy ball at his opponent that explodes on impact. He first used this attack to kill Mako of Icer's Squadron after he killed Maka.