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Cooler Forms 4 and 5

In this reality, Cooler murdered his family members, and defeated Goku. Thus, he took sole control of the universe, and was its strongest being. He becomes significantly stronger than the Cooler whom Goku defeated in Universe 1.


Bitterly Bothered Brother - A five chapter story which details this Cooler's background before and up to his invitation into the tournament.


Cooler looks exactly like his Universe 1 counterpart. However, upon killing his family, he dons a dark blue cape, which is similar to his father's. Cooler prefers to stay in his fourth form, and only goes to his fifth form if necessary. He is never seen in forms 1-3.


Cooler retains most of his personality from the canon universe. The main difference is that Cooler is much more decisive in universe 2. He kills both his father and brother for sullying his family name. This shows his devotion to his family - for Cooler knows that to keep one's family feared, they have to not appear weak. He does not particularly relish in killing them, but knows that it is his duty to do so. He also has great disdain for the way his father ran the empire behind the scenes, and told Salza that he would not be so cowardly. He shows a very ruthless side when he lands on Earth and systematically eliminates the Z Fighters and humans, just to torture Goku.

Cooler gets extremely lonely and shows symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. He attempts to bury these emotions, as they make him look like a weak ruler. Still, he finds more and more as the story goes on that he has become disassociated and numb to the world around him. After defeating everyone, Cooler is much more arrogant than he was at the start of the story, and thinks little of Midax until the latter shows him true power.


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Below is a list of everyone Cooler has killed. They are listed in the order that he killed them.

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