Time Power Unleashed (時の力解放 Toki no Chikara Kaihō) is a transformation assumed by Chronoa, Mechikabura and Samuel Nakaoka the Second.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

When in this form, Chronoa physically grows into a taller, more mature appearance. She looks like an adult with a much shapelier figure and lengthens her hair to her lower back. Her outfit resembles Merged Zameisu's outfit but with a white and yellow color scheme. The form gives her a Halo similar to that of the Barrier of Light. It resembles a clock, with the hands points at ten and two respectively.

In this form, the two sides of Mechikabura's face become black and he gains two dark horns coming out of his head along with big, bony, black and red hands under black bicep-length arm sleeves with gold rings near to the biceps. He now wears a black, gold-trimmed suit of armor with the addition of a matching colored mandarin style collar, two matching shoulder plates, a long black tattered cape, two faulds (waist armor) with a golden spike on each one, a tattered black, gold-trimmed loincloth and tattered baggy greyish-black pants and black and gold shoes. The most obvious detail is that the center of Mechikabura's chest along with his torso armor is cracked leading to a dark, gaping hole just at the center of his chest.

In Samuel Nakaoka's Signa form, Samuel Nakoaka the Second's black hair partially changed into silver. He's now wears the purified/regal and combined version of the Singular Rider S-Zyuoh's armor: BEAST King Armed and Full BEAST Mode called BEAST King Armed Unleashed Time Power. Similar to Chronoa, this form gives him a gold-colored mechanical version of Halo called S-Clock Ring.

After Samuel Nakaoka fully awakened Time Power Unleashed's true form, his black hair is completely change celeste-silver. He retains his BEAST King Armed Unleashed Time Power, but his S-Clock Ring is now evolved into a Halo on his back completely resembles to Chronoa's called S-Clock Spiral.

Usage and Power[edit | edit source]

While in this form, the Supreme Kai of Time can manifest the Time Labyrinth.

By absorbing a tremendous amount of space-time using his Chaos Ball, Mechikabura (already in his perfect state) gained the ability to take on the Time Power Unleashed state.

Because of absorbing Daromin's time powers due to influence of the fusion of Mikuel and her Superb Song transformation, Samuel Nakaoka (since he already obtains BEAST God powers and Kaguya Otsutsuki still within him) gains the ability to transform into the Time Power Unleashed Signa form. In this form, he can either stop time, rewind time or forsee the future much more powerful than Divine Pulse. Being possessing the godly powers, this form is more powerful than Super Saiyan 4 and Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

However, Time Power Unleashed Signa form has a one drawback that their strength is slowly decreasing.

Advancement and Variation[edit | edit source]

Brainwashed[edit | edit source]

Demon God[edit | edit source]

Time Power Unleashed Signa[edit | edit source]

This transformation is the partial-incomplete Time-Power Unleashed that is less powerful than the any other forms. Time Power Unleashed Signa can be awakened by whenever the person will either about to get erased or near-death (in this case Samuel Nakaoka the Second) which they have a fail-safe methods or share the powers to someone to achieve it. However, this form has one major drawback that the person cannot maintains his/her powers which begin to slowly decrease their strength. Beerus realize that Samuel Nakaoka fully unable to control maintain balance of his strength and cannot accepted his sins. In only way to master its true form, the person need to meditate his/her body and encounter their inner side. Their inner side, however, are the beings incubated from the person's malice or hatred of the person's memories and extremely powerful that they are cannot be defeated until they accept their inner side. It was confirmed by PR the Series: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Samuel Nakaoka see Miraisa's original incarnation and Samuel Nakaoka's memories and realize that was his mistake and blamed himself for his past actions only his inner side become more benevolent tell him to don't blame himself and telled him to accept his sins, then Samuel Nakaoka gladly finally accepted it and his inner side, revealed itself to be his distant past incarnation: Miraisa was merged with his current incarnation. His Signa form has finally matured into its true form, Time Power Unleashed Majesticy. After matured its true form, his Signa form is lost forever and his right eye pupil is now silver, as well Samuel Nakaoka's old personality has finally recovered and forgive himself which he is now regain his Hero of the All World title by Lena who congratulate him for saving the worlds from Hyoduke since he's save the worlds from Daromin.

Time Power Unleashed Majesticy[edit | edit source]

This form is Time Power Unleashed Signa's true form after accepting his/her inner side. Now able to control maintain balance of his strength, his powers is completely unmeasurable, powerful enough to defeat Hyoduke, trapping him in the infinite time-loop. It was first debut in PR the Movie: Samuel's Last Journey because of Samuel Nakaoka give his some powers to Menoa since Ultima-X is the inner darkness which allows her to temporarily transforms into its true form: Time Power Unleashed Majesticy to slay Daromin in his final form by jabbed him with the additional help of Samuel Nakaoka who briefly regains his conscious to use Infinite-Hit Biju Dragon Fist on his face, breaking his mask, creating a combined attack to permanently kill the malevolent god.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

PR Movie: Bonds of Humanity, Samuel's Last Journey[edit | edit source]

During the final battle against Daromin and Ultima-X in the giant battle when he attempt to erase Samuel Nakaoka from his existence with his powerful time-power ray, Samuel Nakaoka absorbs all the time-power because of the influence within the fusion of Mikuel and her Superb Song transformation and the Digivice God, allowing him to transform into his final ultimate form, Time Power Unleashed Signa much to Menoa, Beerus and the others' surprise in amazed and Daromin's greatly shocks. When Samuel Nakaoka slashes Ultima-X's arm only he feels the pain that he inflicted it, he realize it. Samuel Nakaoka used his Singular Lostblade to throw and impales both Ultima-X and himself, shockingly everyone in front of their eyes. Menoa asked him what is meaning of this, and Samuel Nakaoka revealed to her to Ultima-X is his other half; the same as Maki Himekawa and also revealed to her that Ultima-X was born from Samuel Nakaoka's original incarnation's hatred before he tell her to use his Time Power Unleashed in order to destroy Daromin by giving his own powers to her on his own which allows her to temporary transform into Time Power Unleashed Signa instead.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power[edit | edit source]

Super Sentai Chronicles[edit | edit source]

Three Houses Arc (Set before She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Arc and Yaoguaishòunǚhái Arc)[edit | edit source]

When a infuriated Thales is about to kill Jeralt after Kronya's failed assassination, Samuel Nakaoka used this form again to interfere Thales by reversing the time flow. This stops Thalos from killing him by punching him and finally killed him with his Timeburst Rasenkamehameha after he used his last energy to last attempt to kill Samuel Nakaoka. After Thales' destruction, he's changed back to normal much to Samuel Nakaoka's joy. Beerus tells Samuel Nakaoka to masters his Time Power Unleashed form in order to battle against Cumber while he possessing Kazanari's body in the another time.

Yaoguaishòunǚhái Arc[edit | edit source]

When Bojack tries to kill Goku for his revenge on Gohan, Samuel Nakaoka activates Time Power Unleashed Majesticy again to fight against Turles and Bojack. However, in the short seconds that his soul is still badly damaged by Daromin and about to die about ten minutes if he activates Time Power Unleashed Majesticy again.

World Creation Arc[edit | edit source]

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