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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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This article, Time Breaker Bardock Saga (DBA), is the property of Shaymex.

The Time Breaker Bardock Saga is the second part of my Dragon Ball Alpha series. This saga takes place right after Piccolo seals King Piccolo and right after the Time Breakers arrive.

Episode List[]

1. The Time Breakers appear! Kasu's battle begins!

2. HOPE is here! The Time Patrollers arrive!

3. The former Frieza minions! Raditz and Nappa!

4. The Great Ape's roar! Tien's ultimate battle

5. Recoome! Burter! Jeice! Guldo! Ginyu! The Ginyu Force's arrival

6. The emperor of terror arrives! Frieza!

7. The ultimate mutation! King Cold's burst of power!

8. The power beyond perfect Cell's big comeback

9. Potential unleashed! Cell's humiliating defeat

10. The saiyan of legend! Bardock!

11. Father Vs Son! Son Vs Father!

12. The Kaio Ken returns! Goku's true power!

13. The ultimate fusion! Gogeta!

14. Vegeta's brilliant plan! Bardock's redemption!

15. Bardock's revenge! Mira Vs Bardock!

1. The Time Breaker's appear! Kasu's battle begins![]

King Piccolo was furious he yelled 'I'll kill every single one of you I don't care who you ar-. Mira & Towa my lord have you came to pick me up?' Towa said 'Kasu what happened to you? Whatever your useless to us now but let's just get this over with.' Towa covered King Piccolo in magic. King Piccolo and Kasu unfused. King Piccolo yelled 'ARGH!!!' Kasu bowed down to Mira & Towa. King Piccolo tried to go attack Towa. All of a sudden Mira appeared in front of Towa and punched King Piccolo in the guts and put his hand to his face. Mira shot a beam at King Piccolo killing him. Towa said to Mira 'so should we start?' Mira said 'yes.' All the Z fighters trembled in fear. Mira punched Kasu in the guts, he grabbed his head then threw him into a mountain. Kasu said 'why Mira?' Towa said 'you were just pawn in our game to find power to revive the demon realm, after I finally found enough power to control people you were useless to us so we let you go to the present to get you off of our hands.' Kasu said 'then why are you here.' Mira said 'to show you the strength of us Time Breakers! You were always useless to us for those 6 years we thought you had potential but no you didn't you are a failure!' Kasu's eyes widened.

Kasu said 'a pawn I am? Just a pawn... what is my purpose in this world to be everyone's slave?! Now I am done with you Mira & Towa I will kill both of you! I am not a Time Breaker nor a Demon! I am a Namekian!!!' Kasu ripped off his cape and ripped off his shirt. Kasu said 'now prepare to suffer!' Kasu charged at Mira and threw a punch at him. Mira threw a punch at Kasu. The two punches collide. The two clashed punches and kicks. Kasu threw multiple ki blast in the air, he made the ki blasts form into a giant energy ball. Kasu shouted 'Namekian Revenge Death Ball Barrage!' Multiple little ki blasts were shooting out of the giant one while it was shrinking. The ki blast were hitting Mira. Kasu fired a energy wave upwards to make the energy ball bigger, he then jumped into the air and threw the whole ball at Mira. Mira wasn't injured at all. Kasu was shocked and said 'what that was my strongest attack?!' Mira flew up to Kasu grabbed his head and threw him across the ground. Mira landed to ground and started to walk to Kasu. Mira formed an ki ball in his hand and has about to throw it right at Kasu but then all of a sudden someone deflected the ki blast.

2. HOPE is here! The Time Patrollers arrive![]

It was Future Trunks! Trunks and a little pink Kai known as the Supreme Kai of Time arrived on the battlefield. The Supreme Kai of Time teleported all the Z fighters away to the world of the Kais. There Kibito Kai and Elder Kai were watching the fight. Supreme Kai of Time said 'ok we'll retreat here for now.' Vegeta said 'what the hell is going on?' Future Trunks said 'Kasu, well he used to be, Mira & Towa are all Time Breakers they wreak havoc across time, and it's our job as Time Patrollers to protect time from them.' Kasu said 'Mira & Towa used to train me for there own selfish deeds.' Supreme Kai of Time said 'their goal is to revive the Demon Realm.' Goku said 'yeah I think I heard them talking about that, isn't that where that Dabura guy is from?' Supreme Kai of Time said 'yes Towa, the female one is his sister and Mira is her creation made up of DNA from all of you.' Gohan said 'so kind of like cell?' Future Trunks said 'right.' Kibito Kai said 'sorry to interupt but come here and look.' All the Z fighters went to go look in a crystal ball. Mira said 'since we are here let's have a little fun.' Towa said 'yes go minions go wreak havoc across this horrible planet. The the mine controlled villains except for Bardock were wreaking havoc all across Earth. Goku said 'dammit if only that Kaio Ken did waste all my energy.' Supreme Kai of Time said 'I'll use some of my energy to heal you.' Supreme Kai of Time healed Goku. Goku said 'thanks um...?' Supreme Kai of Time said 'its Supreme Kai of Time.' Goku said 'yeah thanks Supreme Kai of Time.'

Vegeta said 'we are gonna have to train if we are gonna stand a chance against the Time Breakers.' Future Trunks said 'yeah but we can't just leave them destroying Earth.' Goku said 'how about some of us train here while some of us fight the Time Breakers.' Future Trunks said 'that's a good idea but who will train and who will go.' Piccolo said 'I'll go fight Nappa and Raditz.' Yamcha said 'so will I since there probably the only ones I stand a chance against.' Krillin said 'guess I'll go too.' Chiaotzu said 'and we'll go too right Tien?' Tien had a flashback of Chiaotzu exploding. Chiaotzu said 'Tien?' Tien said 'right.' Goten and Kid Trunks said 'we'll go after those Ginyu guys.' Future Trunks said 'guess I will too.' Kasu said 'I'll go after Frieza, Cell, and King Cold by myself, I've fought them before so don't worry about me.' Supreme Kai of Time said 'I'll stay here and watch, so what about Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan?' Goku said 'we have decided we are gonna stay here and train.' Gohan got up and said 'Elder Kai do you think you can unlock my potential again?' Elder Kai said 'again man boy you have been slacking.' Gohan said 'I know but please do it for the world!' Elder Kai said 'ok I guess but no more after this got it?' Gohan said 'got it!' Goku said 'alright then it's settled let's do this!'

3. The former Frieza minions! Raditz and Nappa![]

Supreme Kai of Time said 'all right so I'll send you guys to the people you're going to fight ready?' All the Z fighters said 'ready.' Supreme Kai of Time sent them to the enemy they were going to fight. Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu landed near Raditz and Nappa surrounded in purple aura. Raditz noticed them and charged at them. Krillin charged at Raditz the two clashed punches and kicks. Krillin kicked Raditz sending him back. Krillin then shot a Kamehameha at him. Raditz said 'can I have a hand here Nappa?!' Nappa ignored him. Raditz yelled 'NAPPA!' Nappa was fighting Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu. Raditz said 'damn you, here's a present! Die!' Raditz shot a large ki blast at Krillin. Krillin was injured a lot. Tien and Nappa were clashing punches and kicks. Tien shouted 'I won't let you kill Chiaotzu again!' Raditz kicked Tien away from Nappa. Nappa said 'really Raditz I was having fun.' Raditz said 'that's what you get for not helping me.' Nappa said 'whatever.' Nappa lifted his finger up making a blast blowing up Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Tien. All of a sudden Piccolo yelled 'Krillin now!' Krillin kicked Raditz into Nappa and used Solar Flare on both of them. Little did the two saiyans know Piccolo was charging a really powerful Special Beam Cannon. Piccolo shouted 'Special Beam Cannon!' The Beam went right through Nappa and Raditz. Raditz and Nappa barely survived. Nappa got up and made a artificial moon. The two saiyans transformed into Great Apes.

4. The Great Ape's roar! Tien's Ultimate Battle[]

Raditz and Nappa shouted 'I'll kill you!' Raditz and Nappa both shot mouth beams at Piccolo. Piccolo jumped up in the air to dodge the two beams. Piccolo shot Hellzone Grenades at the two Saiyans. Krillin shot a Destructo Disc at the two saiyan's tails. Raditz's tail fell off while Nappa dodged it. Krillin charged a Kamehameha at Raditz. Raditz tried to hold back the Kamehameha but failed. Raditz was killed. Krillin said 'finally now to deal with him. Chiaotzu went up and fired Dodon Rays at Nappa, it did nothing. Nappa punched Chiaotzu into a mountain. Tien got up and said 'I'll kill you! Kaio Ken... TIMES THIRTY!!!' Tien flew up to Nappa's and kicked him across the ground. Tien said 'this is probably gonna kill me but who cares?! Tri Beam!' The Tri Beam broke Nappa's armor. Tien was still alive. 'Piccolo and Krillin grab his legs!' said Tien. Krillin and Piccolo held Nappa's leg. Tien went to the back of Nappa and pulled his tail as hard as he could. Tien pulled Nappa's tail right off. Nappa was back to normal. Tien turned around and fired a beam at Nappa killing him. Tien's Kaio Ken went off Tien fell on the floor. Chiaotzu flew to Tien and said 'are you ok?!' Tien said 'y-ye-ow.' Tien held his shoulder. Chiaotzu said 'let's go get you a Senzu Bean.' Krillin said 'wait Chiaotzu, Korin is all out of Senzu Beans!' Chiaotzu said 'oh no...' Yamcha said 'just take Tien to Capsule Corp. and he can rest there we will go help the others.' Chiaotzu said 'go it.' and Chiaotzu went to take Tien to Capsule Corp.. Piccolo said 'ok who should we help?' Krillin said 'let's go help Kasu since he's by himself.' Piccolo said 'got it let's go.' Yamcha, Krillin, and Piccolo went to go help Kasu. While all that was happening Goten, Kid Trunks, and Future Trunks were fighting the Ginyu Force.

5. Recoome! Burter! Jeice! Guldo! Ginyu! The Ginyu Force's arrival[]

'Recoome! Burter! Jeice! Guldo! Ginyu! And we are the GINYU FORCE!' said the Ginyu Force.


Goten said 'woah those poses are so cool!' Kid Trunks said 'are you kidding me there so lame!' Future Trunks said 'c'mon guys we gotta hurry up and get rid of them!' Goten and Trunks said 'got it!' Ginyu said 'ok guys lets see who gets to fight those 3 first!' The Ginyu Force said 'rock-scissors-paper!' They all kept getting rock. Goten and Trunks fused. Gotenks kicked Guldo. Guldo said 'oh you little!' Gotenks went Super Saiyan and charged at Guldo. Guldo stopped Gotenks movement and made a object to penetrate him. All of a sudden Future Trunks went Super Saiyan and sliced Guldo's head off. Gotenks could move again. Gotenks said 'I could of done that myself' Future Trunks said 'sure could of.' Recoome said 'you killed Guldo!' Jeice said 'I'll take care of them! Crusher Ball!' Gotenks hit the Crusher Ball like a volley ball right at Jeice. Jeice said 'you think this is a game don't you?!' Jeice fired a ki blast at the Crusher Ball destroying it. Gotenks ran up to Jeice and kicked him into a mountain. Gotenks smacked his butt and said 'come get this you old lady!' Jeice wasn't coming out of the rubble. Gotenks said 'huh? Come out you chicken!' Jeice was stabbed by Future Trunks killing him.

Gotenks said 'oh c'mon let me have some fun!' Future Trunks said 'you're fooling around too much let's hurry up and get this done with.' Gotenks said 'ok.' Gotenks went Super Saiyan 3. Gotenks said 'who's next?' Burter said 'I am! You killed Jeice!' Burter ran up to and started doing rapid kicks and punches on him. They had no effect. Gotenks blocked Burters last punch. Burter said 'I'll kill you!' Gotenks flicked Burter back and summoned Kami Kaze Ghost to blow him up. The ghost blew up Burter. Gotenks said 'how about that Trunks?' Future Trunks said 'good now just Recoome and Ginyu!' Recoome was furious. Recoome shouted 'Recoome Eraser Gun!' Gotenks dodged it then flew up to Recoome he did a uppercut on him then he kicked him down and killed him with a ki wave. Gotenks said 'ok now just yo-' Ginyu yelled 'CHANGE NOW!!!' It didn't work. Ginyu said 'why didn't my body changer work?' Future Trunks said 'because he's a fusion. Ginyu said 'a fusion?' While trembling in fear. Future Trunks shouted 'Burning Attack!' Ginyu tried to block it with his own ki blast. Gotenks went behind Ginyu and kicked him into the beam struggle killing him. Gotenks unfused. Future Trunks said 'ok let's go assist Kasu dealing with Frieza, King Cold, and Cell.' Goten and Kid Trunks said 'got it!' The 3 went to go assist Kasu.

6. The emperor of terror have arrived! Frieza![]

Kasu arrived where King Cold, Frieza, and Cell were. Kasu said 'so which one of you wants to die first?' Frieza was in his final form. Frieza said 'I'm pretty sure you're gonna be the one to die first after you deal with me.' Frieza got into a fighting stance. Kasu said 'good luck with that.' Kasu got into a fighting stance. The two charged at each other. Kasu tried to punch Frieza but he dodged it. Frieza punched Kasu in the guts the grabbed him with his tail and threw him to the side. Kasu said 'those bastards they made Frieza fight differently so I can't beat him.' Kasu said 'Ultra Demon Ball!' Kasu threw the ball at Frieza. Frieza tried to hold the ball but failed. The ball did barley no damage to Frieza though. Kasu started firing ki blast at Frieza. Frieza dodged them all and flew up to Kasu and started slapping his face with his tail then Frieza grabbed Kasu's neck. Frieza said 'you filthy Namekians just don't know when to stop.' Piccolo kicked Frieza making him let go of Kasu. Piccolo looked at Kasu and said 'fuse with me we have no chance of beating them if we don't.' Kasu said 'I am my own person now I have no intentions of fusing with another Namekian.' Piccolo said 'hmph whatever your pride is gonna be the death of you.' Kasu said 'whatever you say.' Krillin and Yamcha landed. Krillin said 'Kamehameha!' He shot the beam at Frieza. It did nothing. Frieza charged at Krillin. All of a sudden Frieza was cut in half by Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks. Frieza was cut into more pieces then blasted away. Goten said 'you told us to be serious and you were hiding that transformation? Wow so mature.' Future Trunks said 'this Transformation takes a lot of my energy away.' Goten said 'whatever you say mr. know it all.' Future Trunks powered down. Future Trunks said 'ok now just King Cold and Cell. I suggest we fight King Cold first since he's weaker.' The Z fighters nodded in agreement.

7. The ultimate mutation! King Cold's burst of power![]

King Cold said 'me weaker? I'll show you how 'weak' I really am!' King Cold broke his armor and charged at the Z fighters. Goten, Trunks, and Future Trunks went Super Saiyan. Tien appeared all healed up with Chiaotzu and kicked King Cold out of the way. Tien yelled 'Tri Beam!' Tien shot 5 Tri Beams at King Cold. King Cold flew in the air and shot a Death Beam at Tien. Chiaotzu used his psychic powers to move Tien out of the way of the Death Beam. Tien said 'thank you Chiaotzu.' King Cold punches Tien in the stomach knocking him back. Kasu, Future Trunks, and Piccolo charged at King Cold. Future Trunks tried to slice King Cold in half but he jumped in the air and kicked Trunks to the ground. Piccolo and Kasu charged on opposite sides of King Cold. King Cold dodged them and made them headbutt each other. Goten and Kid Trunks tried attacking King Cold but all their attacks missed. Future Trunks went Super Saiyan 3 and started to beat King Cold. King Cold said 'i never thought I would have to use this!' King Cold's body started to crack. His body burst open and his final form came out. He looked like Frieza's final form but had a blue head instead of pink and was taller. Future Trunks charged at King Cold and tried to slice him with his sword. King Cold dodged all the slices. Yamcha tried to join the fight by trying to throw a punch at King Cold but Yamcha was punched out of the battle field right away. Krillin yelled 'Destructo Disc!' King Cold was caught off guard by dodging everyone and he got cut in half.

8. The power beyond perfect Cell's big comeback[]

Part of King Cold's body crawled over to Cell. King Cold said 'Cell... help me...' Cell started to suck out King Cold's energy into him. Cell was in his perfect form. Cell said 'ah yes this power is beyond perfect!' Future Trunks tried to slice Cell with his sword. Cell blocked the slice and punched Future Trunks in his stomach. Goten said 'hey Trunks I think its been 30 minutes we can fuse again!' Kid Trunks said 'alright let's do this!' Goten and Trunks id the fusion dance and fused into Gotenks. Gotenks said 'all right!' Kasu, Piccolo, and Tien tried shooting energy waves at Cell but they did nothing. Gotenks went Super Saiyan 3. Gotenks charged a punch at Cell but Cell blocked. Gotenks turned Cell into a volleyball. Gotenks said 'here Trunks catch!' Gotenks threw the ball at Future Trunks. Future Trunks knocked it in the air then Gotenks slammed it to the ground turning Cell into his normal self. Cell said 'that was all hehe you're all so weak! Kame Hame Haaaa!' Cell shot the Kamehameha at Gotenks. Gotenks tried to dodged it but a Cell Jr. did a full nelson on Gotenks holding him back. The Kamehameha killed the Cell Jr. but leaving Gotenks barely alive. All the Z fighters tried attacking Cell but he knocked them all back. Cell said 'you're all weaklings! I hope I can find somebody stronger!' Gotenks tried to get up and charge at Cell but Cell knocked him to the side. Gotenks unfused. Cell said 'oh so you're just too little kids? I'll just kill you both to get you out of the way thank me later.' Cell started walking to Goten and Kid Trunks. All of a sudden Cell kicked to the side. It was Ultimate Gohan!

9. Potential unleashed! Cell's humiliating defeat[]

Cell said 'oh you!' Gohan 'stand up Cell or are you afraid I'm gonna kill you?' Cell said 'Gohan is that you? Oh I'll kill you! I was sent here just before you killed me!' Gohan said 'well you're gonna be killed by me this time.' Cell said 'I don't think so.' Goten said 'wow brother you're so cool!' Gohan said 'hehe thanks.' Cell charged at Gohan and punched him in the face. Gohan tanked the punch. Gohan punched Cell in the stomach knocking him back. Then Gohan kicked Cell sending him back farther. Cell said 'I'M AT MY 100 PERCENT NOW!' Cell punched Gohan in the face again. Gohan said 'good for you, you made me flinch.' Cell started trembling in fear. Gohan punched Cell then grabbed his leg and threw him on the ground. Gohan started dragging Cell against the ground by his head. Gohan then threw Cell forward and shot a Kamehameha at him. Cell shot a Kamehameha back. Cell had a flashback of when Teen Gohan had a similar beam struggle with him. Cell was putting all he had in his Kamehameha but Gohan was barely trying at all. Gohan's Kamehameha went right through Cell's and it killed him. Gohan said 'ok now to go kill Towa & Mira and that other guy. Every went back to their base forms. Future Trunks said 'got it.' The Z fighters went to go fly to Towa, Mira, and Bardock. The Z fighters landed in front of Towa, Mira, and Bardock. Towa said 'so you guys killed all my minions.' Gohan said 'yes and you guys are next.' Mira said 'whatever you say go Bardock. Bardock stepped in front of Towa & Mira and he got in a fighting stance.

10. The saiyan of legend! Bardock![]

Gohan charged at Bardock. The two clashed punches and kicks. Bardock kicked Gohan to the ground. Bardock fired ki blast at Gohan but Gohan dodged them. Bardock went to Gohan and punched him in the stomach. Bardock continued to rapidly punch and kick Gohan. Gohan said 'even at my full potential this guy can beat me!' Gohan punched the ground making dust cover the air. Gohan said 'if I remember correctly Vegeta couldn't sense ki went we first fought him so whats makes this saiyan any different!' Bardock looked around and couldn't see Gohan. Gohan kicked Bardock from the back. Bardock turned around. Gohan hit the ground again to make even more dust cover the air. Gohan went behind Bardock and said 'Kamehameha!' Gohan shot the Kamehameha behind Bardock. Bardock powered up getting rid of all the dust. Gohan tried to hit the ground again but Bardock blocked the hit. Bardock punched Gohan in the stomach upwards. Bardock flew up to Gohan knocked him back to the ground and fired a large ki blast at him. Gohan barely got up. Gohan said 'I have to defeat you for my family!' Gohan charged at Bardock but Bardock grabbed his leg threw him to the ground then broke Gohan's arm. Gohan said 'oh you... I'll give this blast everything I got!' Gohan started charging a Kamehameha with one hand. Gohan shot the Kamehameha at Bardock. Bardock fired his own ki blast at the Kamehameha. Gohan was losing but all of a sudden Goku came in and helped Gohan push Bardock's blast back with his own Kamehameha. Gohan said 't-thank you dad.' Goku said 'here have a Senzu Bean.' Gohan said 'I thought they were all out.' Goku said 'Korin finished the new batch when me and Vegeta got here. Gohan ate the Senzu Bean. Goku said 'guess it's my turn.' Gohan said 'go right ahead but be careful he's really tough. Goku said 'yeah I know I'll give it everything I got!'

11. Father Vs Son! Son Vs Father![]

Vegeta said to Goku 'you do know who that saiyan is do you?' Goku said 'who is it?' Vegeta said 'it's your father Bardock that mask seems to be controlling him to be evil.' Goku said 'my dad... I'll try not to kill him maybe if we break his mask he'll join our side!' Vegeta said 'good luck with that Kakarot.' Goku and Bardock got in a fighting pose. Goku charged at Bardock with a punch. The punch did nothing. Bardock kneed Goku then grabbed his face and threw him in the air. Bardock went up and did a meteor smash on Goku to the ground. Vegeta yelled 'Kakarot hurry up and go Super Saiyan 3 this is no time to be fooling around!' Goku said 'you're right Vegeta.' Goku went right to Super Saiyan 3. Goku charged up at Bardock. The two clashed punches and kicks. Goku headbutted Bardock then meteor smashed him to the ground. Goku said 'I'll end this now! Kame... Hame... HAAA!!!' Goku shot the Kamehameha at Bardock. Bardock wasn't injured at all. Bardock charged up at Goku he punched him in the stomach then kicked him in the face forwards then Bardock went forwards to grab both of Goku's legs then threw Goku to the ground. Bardock then charged down at Goku with a kick right at his stomach. Goku went back to his base form. Bardock jumped then fired a ki blast right at Goku. Goku got up and went back to Super Saiyan 3 and Goku yelled 'KAIO KEN TIMES TEN!!!'

12. The Kaio Ken returns! Goku's true power![]

Goku charged at Bardock he punched him in the stomach then charged at Bardock with both fists in front of him. Bardock charged at Goku and the two started pushing each other. Lightning was going around them on how powerful they were. Goku pulled Bardock up then slammed him right down. Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport under Bardock then kick him to the slide. Goku fired a barrage of ki blast at Bardock. Bardock flew up and fired a giant ki blast at Goku. Goku went up to it to try to hold it back. Goku used all his power and destroyed the ki blast. Goku then charged at Bardock. Goku punched Bardock flipping him over then Goku kicked him to the ground followed with a Kamehameha. Mira yelled 'c'mon Bardock! Use your full power!' Bardock charged his ki and went at his 100 percent. Bardock charged at Goku then punched Goku in the stomach so hard he went back to his base form and starting puking out blood. Bardock then grabbed Goku's head and threw him to the ground. Goku ate a Senzu Bean. Goku said 'there's no way we can beat him...' Vegeta walked up to Goku and said 'there's one way we can beat him...' Goku said 'what?' Vegeta said 'fusion...' Goku said 'that's a good idea Vegeta!' Vegeta said 'Kakarot we better make this quick.' Goku said 'yes.' Vegeta said to Future Trunks 'can you hold off Bardock for us while we fuse.' Future Trunks said 'yes father.' Future Trunks went Super Saiyan 3. Future Trunks charged at Bardock.

13. The ultimate fusion! Gogeta![]

Bardock was beating up Future Trunks really bad making him go down to his base form. Goku and Vegeta did the fusion dance. Gogeta appeared. All the Z fighters were surprised at Gogeta's power. Gogeta said 'I'll use my ultimate power from the start!' Gogeta went Super Saiyan 3. Gogeta charged at Bardock.


Gogeta kicked Bardock to the side. Then he charged at Bardock with a knee to the stomach. Gogeta then kept punching and kicking Bardock. Gogeta yelled 'I'll end this now! Big Bang Kame... Hame... Ha-. Wait I can't kill him.' Gogeta stopped charging the Big Bang Kamehameha. Bardock punched Gogeta in the face. It did nothing. Gogeta kicked Bardock in the face knocking off some of his mask. Gogeta turned around used the Stardust Breaker on Bardock. Gogeta punched Bardock in the stomach knocking him back. Bardock held his mask in furry. Gogeta defused. Goku and Vegeta said 'already?!'

14. Vegeta's brilliant plan! Bardock's redemption![]

Bardock charged at Goku and Vegeta he grabbed both of these places and threw them right at the ground. Vegeta went Super Saiyan 2 and Goku went Super Saiyan 3. The two tried fighting Bardock but Bardock kept beating them. Vegeta charged at Bardock from behind but Bardock slapped Vegeta with his tail. Vegeta said 'that's it! Of course why didn't I think of that?!' Vegeta yelled 'Krillin get your Destructo Disc ready!' Krillin said 'why?' Vegeta yelled 'just do it!' Krillin said 'ok.' Krillin started charging a Destructo Disc. Vegeta said 'Kakarot attacking stop I have a plan!' Goku said 'ok I hope it'll work.' Vegeta said 'trust me it will.' Vegeta started forming an artificial moon in his hand he threw it in the air and yelled 'burst open and mix!' Bardock was turned into a great ape breaking his mask in the process. Mira yelled 'no this can't be happening!' Vegeta yelled 'Krillin now!' Krillin threw the Destructo Disc at Bardock's tail. Mira went in front of the Destructo Disc to try to block it but Goku kicked him out of the way. The Destructo Disc cut Bardock's tail off. Bardock was turned back to normal. Bardock looked at Goku and said 'Kakarot is that you?' Goku went back to his base form and said 'dad...' Bardock said 'do you remember me?' Goku said 'no I don't...' Bardock said 'oh... well thank you for avenging our race and I'm sorry for attacking you.' Goku said 'your welcome and it's ok...' Bardock said 'now to get rid of YOU!' Bardock looked at Mira furiously.

15. Bardock's revenge! Mira Vs Bardock![]

Bardock said to Mira 'I'll Kill you! You don't control me anymore!' Bardock went Super Saiyan. Mira said 'his power even without his mask he's so strong! But thankfully not stronger than me I'll dispose of you quickly.' Mira charged at Bardock. Bardock elbowed Mira in the face and yelled 'YOU DON'T CONTROL ME!!!' Bardock then punched Mira in the stomach and then kicked him in the face to the side. Mira said 'is that all you got saiyan?!' Bardock said 'no it's not! I'll put every thing I got into this attack! For Kakarot, for the saiyans, FOR MY PRIDE!!!' Bardock fired a giant ki ball at Mira. Mira tried to hold the blast back but failed. Mira yelled 'I'll kill every single one of you!' All of a sudden everyone was teleported except for Mira & Towa by the Supreme Kai of Time back to the world of the Kais. Towa yelled 'you bastard!' Mira 'Towa let's leave going here was a mistake.' Towa said 'we can't! The Supreme Kai of Time destroyed my staff before she left!' Mira said 'oh that...' Meanwhile at the world of the Kais Supreme Kai of Time said 'so great we are gonna have to deal with Mira now. Let's train here for now!' Goku said 'we can't Mira will destroy Earth! Supreme Kai of Time said 'don't worry I'll be right back.' The Supreme Kai of Time teleported Mira & Towa to a different planet across the universe. The Supreme Kai of Time said 'there it will take them forever to get back to Earth.' Goku said 'you're a genius let's start training!'


  • Gogeta was originally never gonna appear in this saga.
  • Bardock fighting Mira was originally gonna be in the Mira saga and not in this one.