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Gotenks U18 VS Tiencha U9 by kibasennin

Gotenks and Tiencha training for the 3 trials.

"Hey, we may be useless unfused, but look out in our fused form!"
— Tiencha to Vegeta after he says the fusion is "worthless"

Tiencha is the fusion of Tien and Yamcha in the series of The New Generation. He is equal to Super Saiyan Gotenks while he is Super Tiencha. Tiencha fought Terris and almost won with his Super Tiencha form. But Terris at the last minute fused with the Tri-Orb and blasted Tiencha to an pulp


Spirit Ball, Tiencha forms a ball in his hand and throws it at his enemy, He then controls the ball. He used this against Ratt.

Wolf Fang Kamehameha, a combination of the Kamehameha and the Wolf Fang Fist. Tiencha beats the enemy around with the traditional Wolf Fang Fist then Kamehameha's them in the stomach. He used this against Terris and injured Terris greatly and he also used this against Base Gotenks during their training.

Dodon Burst, Tiencha explodes with the power of millions of Dodon Rays, instantly pushing the enemy back and injuring them. He used this against Ratt and took Ratt's arm off.

Tri-Form, the abillity to split into 3 versions of himself. Used against Super Saiyan Gotenks.

Super Tiencha, His muscles get engorged and his power increases dramatically.

Tri-Beam, a huge beam that has huge amounts of power. Used to kill Ratt once and for all.

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