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is the first episode of Dragonball SA.


New Planet Vegeta, the home of the intense battle between Goku and Broly. Broly was thought to have died, but returned. He was defeated once more by the team effort of Goku's sons, Gohan and Goten. They also thought he had died....but he didn't.

We now see a desolated planet with a small house. We see Broly in his base state with a Saiyan female. Broly is on a bed, wounded.

(Broly): K-Kakarot...

Broly was found by a female surviving Saiyan. And then came the first child, Jack. Then came Solo, and finally Solerey. We see three little boys messing around and running on the planet. Solerey trips and falls into a green liquid.

(Jack and Solo): *Gasp*

Solerey climbs out, his skin now dyed green.

After the years, Broly finally killed the female Saiyan. He spared the children, as he thought they could help him get his revenge. Jack is now 18, Solo is 16, and Solerey is 14.

(Jack): Who do you like best, father?

(Solo): Shut up, Jack.

(Jack): No.

(Solerey): Damn it, not now. Shut up you two!

(Solo): Dad, can we train again?


We now see Broly sparring against Solo, Solerey, and Jack.

(Jack): Double Eraser Cannon!

Jack threw his two Eraser Cannons at Broly. It seemed as thought they hit, but Broly appeared above Jack and elbowed him to the ground.

(Broly): I expected more from my own blood! Heh!

Solo suddenly came flying and kicked Broly across the field.

(Solo): Like that?

(Broly): Yes.

(Jack): *Inaudible muttering*

(Solerey): Don't forget meeee!

Solerey shot a barrage of ki blasts at Broly. Broly deflected all of them. He then flew up and punched Solerey in the stomach and elbowed him down in the back. Solo went to punch Broly, but Broly caught his fist and threw him.

(Solo): Ka....Me...Ha...Me...HA!!

Broly caught Solo's Kamehameha Wave and threw it back. Solo dodged.

(Broly): You all are about to die!

Broly prepared his Omega Blaster and threw it at the trio. They all caught it and tried to hold it back, but were barely able to. Solo, Solerey, and Jack used all of their power, but still couldn't. Suddenly, in a flash of light, the blast was obliterated and the three boys were all Super Saiyans.

(Broly): He he he.

(Solo): This is awesome.

(Broly, thinking): If I can get on the naive side of these brats, I can finally kill Kakarot!