• Up until now, it's mainly been either HZ or me picking an AOTM. However, starting for the May category, I would like all admins to participate in a vote. Since there are 4 admins, to prevent deadlock, a bureucratic vote will be worth 2 votes only if there is a tie.

    I would also like to keep these votes private, and as such, voting in a closed group of the four of us on discord would be ideal. Voting will only open up on the last day of the month, and if no vote is cast, that admin is considered to be absent for that month. What are your thoughts on this matter? Please let me know if you have any ideas of how to handle this in a better way also, as it appears that both SSJJ and Nkstjoa do not use the DBF discord very much for unknown reasons.

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    • I am willing to participate.

      Also I apologise my lack of activity; this virus has me concerned for some of my family that are in high infection areas, but it won't affect to the point of neglecting my duties as Admin.

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    • A FANDOM user
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