• Up until now, it's mainly been either HZ or me picking an AOTM. However, starting for the May category, I would like all admins to participate in a vote. Since there are 4 admins, to prevent deadlock, a bureucratic vote will be worth 2 votes only if there is a tie.

    I would also like to keep these votes private, and as such, voting in a closed group of the four of us on discord would be ideal. Voting will only open up on the last day of the month, and if no vote is cast, that admin is considered to be absent for that month. What are your thoughts on this matter? Please let me know if you have any ideas of how to handle this in a better way also, as it appears that both SSJJ and Nkstjoa do not use the DBF discord very much for unknown reasons.

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    • If you'd like me to participate in the voting, I would be willing to do so.

      Apologies for not using the DBF discord much as of late. It's mainly a matter of me trying not to overuse it, hence why I rarely went on save for when an issue on the Wiki came up prior to myself becoming an admin. I can't really promise that I'll participate there more, but I will at the very least convene in regards to the voting.

      PS: How would we go about a case where one or more of us post an item of our own?

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    • It is tricky. You can always vote for yourself. I always try to take the mindset of voting for the best article regardless of who wrote it, but of course personal biases may influence what one considers to be the 'best'. This last month was particularly awkward as I had been wanting to make one of SSJJ's pages AOTM but was unable to due to the quality, and the other options were my own pages.

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