• "Who are you calling a dumbass, you tw*t? :P


    1.Sir no need to be mean, he made that picture for me, and now he whines that his picture he made for me needs to be taken over becuase he is a crybaby who has no friends

    2.Also block McFighter not me, he started that nonsense war

    3."acceptable"? Sir, how much drunk you were when you posted this?

    4.Heh fine, but tell him to not insult me"
    — You

    Accusing SSJJ of being drunk alone warrants blocking, and yet you expect him to not block you, and as such, your resulting block will last seven days since the time I imposed it. If you continue this behavior after your block is lifted, you will be permanently banned. Furthermore, regardless of who "started it," which, mind you, is something on the level of 10-year-olds and younger, you still fed into whatever "nonsense war" he may have started. McFighter also has every right to refuse allowing you to use his image anymore, as he owns the artwork. It is beyond me as to how you could claim that he is whining when you are doing exactly what you are blaming McFighter for.

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