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Super Saiyan piccoo took over for the fight and king cold couldn't do against him when he started powering up. Piccolo went super saiyan and he was fighting the bad guy who was the ogre infused iwth a drop of yemma/slash janemba who was known as the supreme, dismahsmaster supreme. He had about fifty power level and now he had him. Oiccilo had fused with other namekins wiht the powers of his grandfather namlss namkein sent him to earth to fuse iwth namkeina kami now. /He was a supersiayn namekd 4 and he fought against cell took over yemma king kai and old kai to majin form and he spoke the little curly m went on their heads and they wer e bad.

vegeta fused with gohku gohan and gotenks and then he went super saiyan 2. now vegeta killed taio that stupid motherfucker and he saw that the new piccolo super saiyan had the golden ahir on his antena. He got buff like ultra trunks and screamed, causing the space time continuum to blow up. then the human centipede crawled ian nad Piccolo had his toughest opponent yet.

They were fighting but the centipede's power level was impressively 105. Still dishmaster surpeme came back, so krillin couldn't kill him with his yajirobe sword but spare him for the fate of the universe

"I am a good guy now and didja miss me" he said, lowin his voice til it sounds lime when they do screamo music and scream and it's awful.

piccolo and dishy were fighting the centipede unitl the first one took his hand and blew himself up but the centipede grew longer. still he had about 4 more pople and about 5 peopl avfter that who were using their energy to creat teh spirit bomb of sage, parsley and thyme

"not so fast!" picli scried and made his arms long as those socks that go up to your knes and he grabbed the spirit bomb them blew it up and dishmaster got some bounty shield to protect the ogod guys from the blast when tehy were sfved.

Survive? Well, yeah they did they always do. see next time on the anonymous series!!

The end (or is it?!)