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Planet Cold 003
Planet Cold 003
Featured in Across the Universe
Pronunciation thek-ahr
Adjective Thekarian
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 412.8 d
Satellites 2
Satellite names Thelan, Thessan
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 6849.3 km
Polar radius 6826.4 km
Surface area 21.7% land
78.3% water
Mass 4.13607×1025 kg
6.93 M
Equatorial surface gravity 58.842 m/s2
6 g
Axial tilt 14.37°
Surface temperature
Minimum -203.5 °C
Mean 15.8 °C
Maximum 47.3 °C
Composition 71.22% nitrogen (N2)
20.85% oxygen (O2)
6.56% helium
0.82% neon
0.43% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.12% trace elements
Sentient Species Pubbos, Thekar, Planet Trade Organization members
Sentient species 1 population 1,836,495
Sentient species 2 population 8604
Number of major cities 5 0 (Pubbo), (Thekar)
Technology level Tier 6 (Pubbo), Tier 5 (Thekar), Tier 2 (resettlement)

Thekar (also known as Planet Cold 003) is a Planet Trade Organization-controlled world. It is in King Cold's territory.


Thekar was the home planet to both the Thekar and the Pubbos. The Pubbos lived mainly in the upper atmosphere, where it was incredibly cold. The Thekar lived in the ground, where it was more temperate. The planet mainly composed of forest and hilly regions with a few great oceans until the 800,000 Before Age. At that time, extreme flooding took place, and much of the planet's land sunk below the oceans. Thereafter, the world was split up into a massive archipelago system that stretched around the entire planet. This effectively isolated many different populations of Thekar from one another, allowing them to develop independently. They developed into several tribes and built fishing cities near the waters.

Eventually, the Planet Trade Organization found the planet and enslaved both races. Both Cooler and Nitro wanted the planet, and they fought one another in space around Thekar for control. This resulted in many deaths and the destruction of one of planet's moon. King Cold eventually had to get into his son's dispute. This is why the planet is officially listed as Planet Cold 003. Cooler was allowed to enslave the Pubbos and Nitro was allowed to enslave the Thekar.

In Age 753, Soba and Master Qono visited the planet as the master tested Soba's Instant Transmission abilities.

After the fall of the Planet Trade Organization, both the Thekar and Pubbos had large enough populations off-planet to be highly involved in the organization's civil war. However, the war itself never made its way to Planet Thekar. Native Pubbos and Thekar are currently thriving on their homeworld, and because neither is space-faring, that is not expected to change for a long while.

Notable facts[]

  • This planet is the homeworld of Mullpy and Naro.
  • The catastrophic flooding of this planet was based on various flood myths in Earth history.
  • It is so cold in the upper atmosphere of Thekar that solid helium can form for short periods of time.
  • Despite Thekar being unbelievably cold in its upper atmosphere, it is not very cold on its surface.
  • This planet had 3 moons before Cooler and Nitro had their war over it. In the skirmish, one of Thekar's planets was lost.
  • This is one of the very small number of planets that is actually owned by King Cold. King Cold rules the Planet Trade Organization, but he doesn't personally own many of the planets (as he's given most of them to his sons). Planet Thekar and Planet Arcose are two of the only planets known to be in King Cold's possession.
  • King Cold only owns this planet because his sons were fighting over it.


  • Thekar's Thekar population:
    • At height: 1,566,279,301.
    • At lowest point: 859,382,994.
  • Thekar's Pubbo population:
    • At height: 1,836,495.
    • At lowest point: 385,492.
  • Thekar's Planet Trade Organization population:
    • At height: 8604.
    • At lowest point: 00.


Thekar is still around.

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