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This article, The three Ice Cold Warriors., takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Summary: King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza are in the mood to fight. Frieza and his siblings battle to see who is worthy to go back to earth and destroy the planet to pieces.

Frieza: Father, I would like to go back to earth and destroy that monkey.

King Cold: No I will not allow this.

Cooler: Fathers right Frieza, you will need 100% of your power to even defeat that Namekian.

Frieza: Shut Up! Cooler!

Cooler: And is that why you got beat up so badly, you couldn`t even lay a finger on Goku in his Super Sayian form.

Frieza: Fine, you got me.

King Cold: Ok now how about a battle. Who ever is the last one standing will be able to go to earth.

Paragraph #1 of fight.

(Frieza, Cooler, and King Cold throw a barrage of Death Beams. Both Cooler and King Colds Ki lowered so much they couldn`t do it anymore. Frieza became the winner. Frieza repetivly punched and kicked King Cold and Cooler. Frieza finally threw down a Death Ball. They both dodged causing an explosion. Cooler got his Ki he needed to throw a Death Saucer. King Cold and Frieza were both punching and kicking each other. The Death Saucers hit both of them. But weren`t sliced in half. Instead they reflected them and threw the at Cooler. He got hit with them and finally was killed again. Cooler used up his Ki in training, said King Cold.)

Part two is coming up!!! 1/29