The power rangers assemble is the first episode/chapter of "Power ranger mystic menace"


The story starts in a alt universe, Mystic Gohan just killed Kid Buu, Goku, Vegeta and others were celebrating theire victory but something cauth Gohan's mind, he turned into a mystic monster. Back on Earth no one could stop Gohan from rampaging, he owned Mark, molested Videl and killed his classmates, and became the king of the world. Elsewhere in a alt universe, Prince Bartek sensed a new exciting universe to clean, so he searched across the universes for his "power rangers". The first to be choosen was Gohan that he saved from dead and changed his fate, Videl and Pan bid him farewell, the next in line was Bartek's girlfriend - Princess Chi-Chi, but for that, he turned back in time, then he found Bardock that killed Freeza and Turles that killed Goku by turning into an Great ape. He later told them the story of the first power rangers, Bardock and Turles were excited, but refused to be part of good, and then they were off to this universe. Once there, they saw Princess Pan and her mother to which Bartek's face turned red saying they look beatiful. Bartek made Pan his girlfriend after telling her that he's stronger than her and met Mystic Gohan, telling him that he will stop his reign of evil, realising his full power, shocking Gohan, but first (back in his castle) gave the 5 rangers - hamster morphers : Bardock became the dark blue ranger, Gohan became the orange ranger, Turles the purple ranger, Princess Chi-Chi azure ranger and Princess Pan the pink ranger. And so the legend has began.


(Ending theme - DBZ Gaiden AST opening)

  • Prince Bartek
  • Jackie
  • Bardock
  • Future Gohan
  • Turles
  • Princess Chi-Chi
  • Princess Pan
  • Queen Videl
  • Prince Goten
  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Old Kai
  • Mr. Satan
  • Chi-Chi
  • Mystic hound
  • King of the world
  • Animal shelter owner
  • Buu
  • Future Trunks
  • Future Videl
  • Future Pan
  • Saiyan A
  • Saiyan B
  • Saiyan C
  • Goku (Turles's universe)
  • Zordon
  • Trini
  • Kimberly
  • Billy
  • Jason
  • Zack
  • Rita
  • Narration
  • Mystic Gohan
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