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This is the history of Frieza's race.

The people[]

Far away, on a cold, cold planet lived a powerful race of aliens. The planet was overpopulated and everyone was angry at each other. The planet was shared between 2 races: the Icians and the Changlings. For centuries, the races lived in peace but a member of the Changlings named Frost did not want to live in poverty anymore. He consulted the King of the Changlings and it was war.

The war[]

The war lasted for 50 years. Both races had the same abilities. They tried not to use so much power, as they would get exhausted and likely die. When the Changlings' best scientist created a transformation that allows the Changlings to conserve power and not use it all at once, the Changlings were able to dominate the Icians. However, the Icians were very proud and cunning. As the years passed, the Icians grew weaker; but still they would not relent, for they knew the Changling's intentions were not pure. Back at the Changling capital, The king announced that in his passing Frost would be the people's new king. Immediately after the speech, Frost killed the king and was made the new one because murder was not a crime to the Changlings. 50 years passed.The Icians were rendered extinct and the Changlings reigned supreme.


After the war, the planet was left uninhabitable. On one fateful day, a group of scouts had discovered an underground bunker once belonging to the Icians and discovered a space ship wich meant that after the war the Icians were intending to leave.

The birth of an empire[]

300 years later, Frost died of old age and his son Chilled created an army where he'd send them to planets and they'd wipe out the inhabitants and sell them to another race. The first one was planet kwill and the inhabitants were destroyed and the Changlings claimed the planet. For 100 years this army flurished and became an organization. But during an invasion of Planet Plant, Chilled was killed by Bardock and without an apointed successor, the organization suffered. Breeze, the queen-king hired other races to conquer planets and the orginzation began to recover and hiring other races became a trend and after 2000 years the races organization became intergalactic and hiring many races that would work for them and much more enslaved and working in fear.


For decades there was travel, conquest and enslavment but a few races were paid for their services and became allies with the Changlings. The first was the Olapians. They were King Cold's (the leader at the times) favourite but after they wanted to eradicate the Changlings and claim the empire they were mercilisly destroyed. And soon enough, King Cold's son Frieza discovered the Saiyan's and many years later Frieza remembered the legend of the super saiyan and destroyed them and you know the rest.