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The Z Legacy is a story by BetterCallSaul3210.


After defeating the Androids and Cell of his timeline, Trunks had finally restored peace to the future. However stronger enemies always surface to threaten the Earth and Trunks realizes that he can't protect Earth on his own. This is the story of the days, months and years following a new team of Z-Fighters, but can they live up to the old ones? This the Z Legacy.


New Beginnings SagaEdit

Rebuilding Earth Arc

  • Reawakening An Old Friend
  • Friend or Foe?
  • The Daughter of Gohan
  • The Deceased Z-Fighters
  • Earth's New Guardian
  • Shenron Resurrected
  • The Training Begins
  • Hidden Potential
  • The Newest Super Saiyan
  • Special Chapter: Fall of the Z-Fighters