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The Warriors Of The West is a Story based on the filler characters Pikkon and Olibu. We're introduced to Pikkon and Olibu in the Pre-Majin Buu saga (a.k.a The Great Saiyaman saga). We see their fighting styles, their mentor, moves and techniques, and the fact that they were great enough warriors that they earned the recognition of the West Kai. What did these warriors do to earn the honor of keeping their bodies after death and a training invitation from the West Kai. And if they were that strong, how did they die to begin with? And who killed them? And how long were they dead and training before being introduced to Goku, and subsequently competing in the OtherWorld Tournament?  All of those questions and more answered in The Warriors Of The West. 


The Gurin-Pipuru (Japenese for Green People) were a race of people with green skin, who resided on, and were from, Planet Silence. They were known for their generosity and kindness all across the western part of the galaxy. They regularly bared gifts to their neighboring planets, with their elite level craftmenship.They also had a very distinctive hatred for violence, war, and blood shed. They hated even the thought of fighting, therefore they never trained, as they thought there was no point. The general mindset amongst the people were 'If we don't bother anyone, then nobody will bother us.' As of a matter of fact, their king, since they were run in terms of an anarchy, did not make many rules at all. He generally stayed out of the common folks affairs. He only had three, which were, anyone who is caught physically training at an attempt to further improve their provess, will be publically executed. Two, any disputes shall not be break into violence, instead reported to him immediately, and he will settle it, peacefully. And three, anyone who wishes to leave the planet, must return within 4 months time, if not, a special highly skilled/trained ops force, will be sent, specifially by the king himself, to capture that person, and upon their return, they will be publically executed. The planet was healthly populated, with numbers too great to calculate. In the mist stood a family of five, however, that stood out. A husband, wife, one adolescent boy, one toddler boy, and a baby girl. The parents were good friends with the king and his family, and were the best craftsmen on the planet, and, by extension, the western galaxy.