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This article is currently under construction and is incomplete at the moment.

This article, The Terror Of the Androids, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.
This article, The Terror Of the Androids, contains mild or major swearing. You have been warned.

This article, The Terror Of the Androids, contains mild or major blood, gore, and possibly erotic scenes . You have been warned.

This article, The Terror Of the Androids, is property of Nimbus.69.

Goku and sora better

The Terror Of the Androids is a fan-fiction written by Nimbus.69. It is a what-if story that includes new characters, different event turn outs, and more. This story will contain mostly the Japanesse/manga/original names of characters, like Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Chaouz, Yamucha, ECT.

You are allowed to edit this story, but only if there is a grammar error or a misspell. Also, please correct any Japanesse Honorix mistake if you see one. DO NOT CHANGE DIALOUGE UNLESS THERE IS A MISTAKE!

UPDATE 1-3-2012

Holy crap article of the month?! Whoever chooses AOTM is offically my best friend!

Nimbus.69Pan DBM col by BK 81

Freeza returns! A new threat awaits!![]

"Ah, so we begin our new story, the Terror of the androids! This story is meant to be a mix up of the original story, like new characters, different scenarios, and all that cherry pie. I’ve always really liked writing these stories because then I get to add what I like, rather than just write a flat out story about stuff we’ve already seen. I like adding what I want and what I wished happened. But then again, this story only has slight stuff added to it, so it’s not all that new…"
— Nimbus.69


It has been roughly a year since Freeza’s defeat by the hands of our hero, Son Goku. Our heroes have been enjoying a quiet time of peace and happiness…but little did they know trouble was a brewing.

“GOHAN-CHAN!!!” Chi-Chi cried. 'You're still working on your homework, RIGHT?!"

“Yes mother, I’m almost done…” Gohan, the seven year old son of Goku, sighed. “Man…I wonder when dad is coming home…it’s been a year; I mean, doesn’t he WANT to come home?”

“So then I’m like ‘Oh gee! The last you would wanna wear is THAT!’” Bulma cried, talking with her friends Kuririn, Yamcha, and Puar at Capsule Corp.

“Man, Lunch really was insane when she was in her blonde state!” Yamcha jokingly cried. “I remember she was in total love with Tenshinhan!” Just then, a ship from almost out of nowhere landed down on the property, and out of it emerged Prince Vegeta, who had been looking for Goku everywhere in space.

“Oh great, just what WE need!” Kuririn grumbled.

“Tell me now you idiots!” Vegeta yelled. “Is that coward Kakarotto here?!"

“Kakarotto?” Bulma asked. “Oh, you mean Goku?”

"Yes!!” Vegeta yelled. “Where is he?!”

“What, you didn’t find him in space?!” Yamucha cried.

“Yes, and I’m very annoyed! In fact, I think I may take it out on YOU!”

“Why you-“but before he could finish his sentence, Bulma interrupted him.

“Gee Veggie!” she cried. “You smell horrid! You really need ‘ta take a bath!”

“EXCUSE ME?!” Vegeta cried.

“Please” Bulma said. “This way…” she then began walking over to her Capsule Corp. house, when she noticed Vegeta wasn’t following her. “Hey, prick head you want me ta role out the red carpet?! Get your Saiyan ass over here!!” Vegeta at first looked very ticked off, but grumbled it off and walked inside with her, where she lead him into the shower.

“Woman, what are you doing with my armor!?” Vegeta yelled.

"I’m only washing it!” Bulma yelled back. “Now you better wash yourself good!!”

“Fine, now let me be!!”

“Why of course sir, your wish is MY COMMAND! UGH!” Bulma then angrily walked out.

“The female species...” Vegeta thought. “Such an enigma!”


Meanwhile, at Mount Paouz…

“Lemme see…how do I multiply improper fractions again…?” Gohan thought to himself. Then he heard a tapping on his window. He walked over, only to see his close friend Tamera. “Hey Tamera-kun!!” he cheerfully cried.

"Hai Gohan-chan!” Tamera cried back. “Ya done studyin’ yet? I’m feelin bored!” Tamera was a boyish Saiyajin girl who Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma met on Namek a year ago. She never brushed her messy black hair that always had a red ribbion barely tied in it. Sure, she seems like a brat, but once you get to know her, she's ok.

“Sorry Tamera-kun” Gohan said. “My mom really wants me to work hard on this…”

"Aw, ya mom is way too strict over ya! She needs to chill out…”

"I agree, but you know mothers..”

“…No I don’t…my mother was killed by Frieza when I was five…”


"Oh hey!" Tamera cried. "I made ya' somethin'!" Tamera reached deep down into her pocket and shuffeled amoungst it thoroughly. She then pulled out a small charm braclet with a yellow charm on it. "It's a charm braclet, I make 'em for all my friends!!"

"Oh, thanks Tamera-kun!!" Gohan cried, putting the charm on. "Hey, it's really cool! Thanks a lot!"

"No problem!!"




“I hear ya, but my name is Bulma!!” Bulma screamed at him. “And you better say please!!!”


“Deal with it Veggie boy!!!” Vegeta walked out of the bathroom…Wearing PINK…

“Men in pink, how bizarre!!” Vegeta thought to himself.

"This has to be…some sort of joke!! I’m a warrior! Not a…a verity of flower!!!” Vegeta yelled, his pride obviously shattered.

“Well, you smell good at least!!” Bulma cried. The group then burst out laughing.

“SILENCE! ALL OF YOU SHUT UP OR I'LL KILL YOU ALL!” Vegeta screamed. Immediately, the group was silenced, then, suddenly…


"Oh my god...!!" Gohan cried, suddenly jerking up while talking to Tamera.

"What?!" his friend cried. "What is it?!"

"That Chi...!!" Gohan replied, shaking. "B-but it can't be! No way! He's suppose to be dead!!"

"Damn it Gohan-chan who is it?!" Tamera yelled. "You know I can't sense energy, I can only smell out the guy!"


"What?! That can't be!!! I thought your badass dad killed him long ago!"

“So…so did I!” Then suddenly, Gohan heard the phone ringing. He immediately ran over to it and picked it up.

“Yo Gohan! Do you feel that power?!” Kuririn cried over the phone.

“Yeah…but….could it…really be him?!”

“As crazy as it is…it is him...”

“…Do you think we’ll have to…?”

“Yeah, we’re gonna…you and Tamera-kun meet me in a little while to where we feel that Chi, alright?”

"OKay, we'll see you there!" Gohan then hung the phone as he looked towards Tamera.

“Yep, it’s no doubt it’s him” Tamera said, looking up at the cloudless blue sky “….and no doubt we gotta do what we gotta do…” she then turned to Gohan. “Ya get ya Saiyan armor on and met me outside.”

“Got it!” Gohan went under his bed and pulled out a box, while Tamera went inside and went into her own room and took out her armor. Gohan and Tamera slipped their armors on. Gohan’s armor consisted of yellow shoulder pad, a blue jumpsuit, white gloves and boots. Tamera’s generally had the same idea, but had a small blue skirt with a blue sweater. Her gloves were also fingerless and her boots and gloves had blue straps on them. After a minute or so, the two met outside.

“Wow, been while since we wore these old things, eh?” Tamera said. “Been a year, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, brings back memories” Gohan replied. "Memories I wish I didn't have..."

“Well, we better get going. Not like Freeza’s gonna wait for us” Tamera replied. Gohan and Tamera, using their Ki abilities, flew up and flew over to where they sensed the powers. On the way, they caught up with their old friend Kuririn, who was wearing his orange turtle school Gi.

“Hey Kuririn-san!!” Gohan happily cried out, catching up with him.

“Hey Gohan! Long time no see!” he replied back.

“Hey, yo forgetting someone?” Tamera jokingly said, flying up with them.

“Tamera-kun! It’s been way to long since I’ve seen either of you!!”

“You betcha!” She replied. “So, do you guys really think this is Freeza, but his power multiplied by a lot apparently?”

“Well it’s defiantly Freeza…but it’s not just him! It’s someone else!!” Gohan cried.

“Yeah, someone a lot more powerful than him…” Kuririn replied.

“Damn, think we got any chance?” Tamera asked.

“No…but we still need to try…” Gohan timidly replied. A fifteen minute flight ended with them landing in a barren rock land area.


“HEY GOHAN! TAMERA-KUN!” Bulma, who for some reason was there, called out to them, happily waving her arms.

“What the hell?” Tamera said, landing. “Why the hell did you tag along you moron?!”

“Don’t speak to me like that you brat!!!” Bulma angrily replied. “I came to see Freeza of course!! He’s gonna blow up the Earth anyway, so why not see him beforehand?”

“Great, I’m gonna spend my last minutes with your annoying scream…” Tamera said.

“EXCUSE ME?!” Bulma screamed at her. “YOU LITTLE BRAT!!”

“Great, isn’t this gonna be fun…” Tamera muttered.

“WHY NOT SAY THAT TO MY FACE?!” Just then, Tenshinhan and Chaozu landed nearby, who were two friends of the Z-Fighters.

“Hey! Tien, Chazou you made it!!” Bulma cheerfully cried, waving her arms at them.

“Vegeta, I didn’t think YOU would be here…” Tenshinhan said.

“Is that okay?” Vegeta sarcastically replied.

“As a matter of fact, IT ISN’T.”

“Ha! LOSER!!” Vegeta rudely yelled.



“…wut…” Tamera thought.

“Wait, where’s Piccolo-san?” Kuririn asked.

“Well you know him, he shows up whenever. He’s probably already here.” Gohan said.

“YES I AM…” a voice epically said. They turned around, and who should be there but Piccolo, the badass Namekian.

“Hey Piccolo-sama!!!” Gohan cheerfully cried.

“Hey.” Piccolo said, turning around. “Long time no see…”

“Totally! Been a year, ain’t it?” Tamera happily said.

“Surely. But we have more important matters than having a nice little reunion: Freeza’s on his way, and he’s bringing someone else just as strong with him…”

“Yeah.” Tamera replied. “Who do yah think it is?”

“Probably a member of his crew…”

Then, suddenly, a spaceship landed, almost as if from nowhere, near where the fights were gathered.

“…It’s time…” Piccolo said. He then turned to Gohan and Tamera. “You two ready?” The two Saiyan hybrids nodded their heads. “Alright…let’s go everyone” The Z-fights, using their Ki once again, flew over to where ship landed, with Yamcha holding Bulma. Finally, the Z-fighters find a good hiding spot and settled down.

“So, this is earth, huh?” Freeza said, walking out of the ship. He was different though, he had robotic pieces all around him; his tail, his eye, both his arms and legs. He was more of a robot than an actual living being. “Not as pathetic as I thought it would be…”

“It’s not for another three hours until that Super Saiyajin arrives…” another being said, walking out of the ship. The being emerged, and was practically a bigger form of Freeza. He wore a dark red cape and looked like Freeza in his second form. “Are we just going to wait around?”

“Of course daddy…but I think, to kill time, we should murder every single human we find!!!!”

“But sire!” one of the soldiers cried. “The ship detected thousands upon millions of people on this planet! Wouldn’t kill them all take more than three hours?”

“Probably, probably so, but who cares?! I want that Saiyajin to suffer, and to really kick it in, we’ll kill all his friends and family!! Now, GO!”

“YES SIRE!!” they all yelled. However, before even one could move, one stopped right in his tracks.

“Hey, what are you doing standing around?!” King Cold yelled. “Get a move on!!” However, the only soldier’s reply was his stomach slicing open and him falling to the ground, splattering out blood.

"What the hell?!” Tamera cried from the hiding place. Then, suddenly, two people emerged. One had light purple hair cut to his ears, had a sword, and wore a blue jacket, a black shirt, baggy grey pants and golden boots. The other had lavender hair tied into a ponytail, wore a baggy white shirt over an even baggier magenta long-sleeved shirt with light blue leggings and like the other boy, wore golden boots. Her hands were bloody, apparently from killing the soldier.

"And what do you two want?” Freeza asked.

“The two of us...we’re here to kill you” the boy said.

  • Notes on those who don’t know about Tamera: She is a young half breed Saiyan who the team met on Planet Namek. She decided to live on Earth with the others.
  • Another important note on Tamera is that she can't sense energy. However, she is able to smell out the enemies, as she can smell like a dog, being a half-breed Saiyajin. I just thought it would be a funny trait; judge me and you get slapped by my lovely hatchet.
  • Kuririn: Krillin
  • Tenshinhan= Tien
  • Freeza= Frieza
  • The term Kun is a term used in Japan as an honorifix for young boys. It's used on Tamera though, seeing just how boyish she is. It can also be used when teachers talk to pupils. Example; Piccolo to Gohan.
  • Chan is the opposite; it's used for young girls. Since Chi-Chi uses it in the Japanesse version of DBZ, I thought it would be funny if Tamera always used Chan for Gohan.
  • Sama is a term for someone of very high respect.
  • Dat awkward moment when you realize someone’s mother is dead when you talk about mothers :P

We'll kill Freeza! The two youths!![]

" I’m a bit of a psychopath of a writer. What that means to me is that I write a bit too brutal; when a scene is meant to be disturbing and violent, I write it over the top. I focus a bit too much on the blood and the emotion, and that to me is a flaw. But how can I help it? That’s just how I write. So a warning to everyone; don’t get mad at me if I fuck up your dreams, alright? "
— Nimbus.69


“You’ll kill us?” Freeza said. He then began laughing out. “That’s a funny joke!! You two, you’re both so ignorant!!”

"Ignorant?” the girl said. “The one who’s ignorant is YOU, Freeza…” Freeza’s face lit up.

"So…I see that even the worms of the universe know the great Freeza!” He then turned to one of his men. “Eliminate them”

"As you wish” the alien walked to the two youths and checked his scouter."Pathetic…the boy has a power level of only five! The girl has just about four!” He then fired his gun straight at the boy. However, the boy very easily deflected it with just his hand.“W-what?!” the soldier cried. Before he could do anything else, the boy teleported right in front of him and elbowed him in the face, sending him flying into a ship.

“Did…did you see that?!” Kuririn cried from the hiding place.

“No…no way…” Tamera said in shock.

“WHY YOU!!” Freeza’s men cried, running at the two. The boy drew his sword; the girl her hands. The two rushed at them, and there was a bright flash of light. The men froze in place, and then fell to the ground, dead.

"Hm…not bad for two little worms…” Frieza smirked.

“Now Freeza” the girl said. “It’s you and your father’s turn…”

“Oh look” King Cold said. “They’re threatening us! How cute…"

“The two of us will bring you down in mere seconds…” the boy spoke.

"We’re no push over’s, like Son Goku” the girl spoke.

"What’s a Goku?” King Cold. “Was he the Super Saiyajin?”

“Yes…but these are miscalculating when they say they can kill me!”

“No, you’re miscalculating…you said Son was the only Super Saiyajin…when there are, in fact, two right here!!” the boy announced. Freeza’s face turned to shock as the two youngsters began powering up. A huge golden burst of light surrounded them, as their spiked up.

“T-That Chi..!!” Gohan cried. “It’s just like dads!!!” At the battlefield, the two continued powering up, until their hair was fully blonde and spiky and wild. They were both Super Saiyajin.


"They…..they have the same eyes…as that retched monkey I fought with…!!!”

"You ready to die now?” the girl mockingly said.

"SILENCE YOU SCUM!!” Freeza screamed. He fired a beam right at the duo. It exploded on impact, shooting smoke everywhere.

"Woah!” Kuririn cried. “He’s even stronger than he was on Namek!!” The smoke cleared, and there was no sign of the two youths.

"Well…that was easy…” King Cold said.

“Such a stupid distraction…” Freeza coldly said. However, on a plateau not too far away, the two youths stood, dodging the attack. The boy, moving his hands at a beyond paced, held them out in a strange way.

“HEY!!! FREEZA!!!” he yelled. Freeza turned around, only to see the boy fire a large attack at him. He and King Cold jumped up and dodged the attack.

“What was that?!” Freeza yelled. “You missed by a mile!!!” However, he heard a huge scream, and turned around to see the boy draw his sword…and sliced Freeza in half.

"He….HE DID IT!!!” Tamera cried out.

"Incredible…who is this kid?!” Tenshinhan cried.

“Geez, how can you guys see that far?” Bulma asked. “Son-kun obviously came just in time!”

“No…that’s not Goku-sama…” Tamera said. “But he and the other are both Super Saiyajins…” Vegeta then got annoyed and decided to fly to get a closer look, with everyone following behind him.

“How is that possible?!” Vegeta thought to himself. King Cold store in shock at his son’s sliced body. The two youths then looked up to King Cold, who descended down back to earth and landed on a plateau, with the two following after him.


“You two, you both took down not only my son’s soldiers, but my son himself…” he said. “But now I need someone to take my place once my work is done. Please…will you two fulfill that role and be my two children in his place? You’ll have every planet we’ve taken control in your grasp. Anything you want can be claimed yours in a second.”

“It sounds more stupid than anything else…” the girl emotionlessly said.

“I agree” the boy said as well.

“So, you both deny…” he then took a look at the boy. “You were able to slice my son in half with that sword of yours…may I see it?”

The boy smirked. “So you wanna see mah sword eh?”

“Yes…I do…”

“…That can be taken wrongly in so many levels its uncountable…” Tamera though to herself.

The boy, drawing his sword, tossed it over to King Cold.

“Ah I see…remarkable craftsman ship…”

“Once again, taken wrongly on so many levels…” Tamera thought again.

“So, this sword enabled you to kill my son…”

“I guess you can say that…” the boy replied.

"And without this sword…you’re basically powerless!!!!” King Cold yelled. He then threw the sword right down, ready to kill the boy, when suddenly; the young girl grabbed a tight hold of it.

“WHAT?!” King Cold yelled.

“You guessed wrong again.” She blankly spoke. “Even if I didn’t get in the way, my brother would have caught it easily, since he’s stronger than me.” She then held out her hand to King Cold’s chest.

“Wait…NO!!!” he screamed. But before he could even finish, the girl fired a blast right from her hand and it drove right threw King Cold’s chest. He flew into a mountain, dead with blood gushing out of his wound. She blasted right at him and destroyed him completely, while the other boy fired a blast right at the ship and blew it up into thousands of pieces.

“They…they both….destroyed Freeza…like he was nothing..!” Gohan cried. The two then powered down.

“Nice work out there” the girl spoke.

“You two” her friend replied. Suddenly, the girl began coughing harshly.

"Hey…asthma thingy…give it now!!” she coughed out.

"Oh! Right, here!!” the boy pulled out a small asthma container from his pocket and gave it to the girl. The girl put it to her mouth and breathed in the gas.

“Thanks…” she said. “This asthma issue is really a pain…” She and the other boy then turned around.

“My sister and I are going to met Goku!! You’re all more than welcome to come with us!!” The group responded with looks of incredible shock and surprise.

“Hey, c’mon! I won’t bite…but my friend just might!!” the boy jokingly said.

“Oh, knock it off!” the girl replied.

“You…you know where my dad is gonna land?!” Gohan cried.

“I don’t know about this you guys…” Kuririn cautiously replied.

“I don’t see what the big deal is; I think he’s kinda cute!!” Tamera replied.

“TAMERA-KUN!! You don’t say that out loud!!!” Gohan cried.

“Listen to that; the girl thinks your cute” the girl said to the other boy. The other boy then started blushing.

"Whoops…he heard me…” Tamera replied, embarrassed.

“Well…if you wanna meet Goku with us…then follow me!” the boy said flying up with the girl following behind him.

“I’m going with them, but only to expose them as frauds!” Vegeta angrily said, flying after them.

“They killed Freeza and his father; no doubt I’ll go with them.” Tenshinhan said, flying after them too.

“Hm, this should be the spot…” the boy said, landing.

Three hours of wondering! Who are these two?[]

" Some of you must be wondering just why I write these little things. It’s pretty simple; a lot of manga writers actually leave a little message as the beginning of the comic (well the end sorta, but it’s confusing how that works). I’ve been thinking, so I decided to do the same. I’m really not sure why exactly I did it, but it’s just sorta fun for you guys to see what’s up with me."
— Nimbus.69


Upon landing, the boy pulled a small container out of his pocket. In this container were small Capsule CORP. capsules. Pulling one out, he tossed it and it exploded a freezer out. Inside this freezer was a large selection of drinks.

“Goku-sama won’t arrive for another three hours or so, so I brought drinks. Help yourselves!” the boy said.

“Well, your quiet polite…” Tamera said, blushing a bit. She gingerly walked up to the freezer and pulled out an apple juice.

“I guess I’ll have some!!” Bulma announced.

“Yeah, me too!” Gohan replied. They walked to the freezer and pulled out their own drinks. Bulma then looked at the boy.

“Hey, you look familiar. Have we met?” she asked as she drank her lemonade.

“No, I don’t think so…”

“So, how do you know Son-kun will arrive here soon? And who are you two?” Bulma asked.

“Well, we don’t actually know Goku; we’ve only been told about him...” the girl said.

“Well, who are you two?” Kuririn asked.

“…I’m sorry, but neither of us can tell…” Bulma then noticed a small Capsule Corp logo on the boy’s jacket and on the girl’s pants.

“Hey, are you two part of capsule Corp?” Bulma asked.

“No, we’re only fans. We’ve bought some of their products, like the freezer” the boy said.

“Answer me something you two!!” Vegeta angrily said. “How can you two go Super Saiyajins?!”

“We have Saiyajin blood in us.” The girl said.

“You two are phonies!” Vegeta angrily replied. “Saiyajins have dark hair and dark eyes; the boy has straight purple hair, and while the brat has black eyes, she too has purple hair!"

“Well, we’re siblings, so that’s why we both have Saiyajin blood…”

“Then who are your parents?” Tamera asked,

“I’m sorry…we can’t tell…” the boy said.

“You’re not telling us because you’re both lying! Kakarotto, the one you call Goku, his son, Tamera, and I are the only Saiyajins left alive!!”

“Well we have Saiyajin blood, but we can’t tell how…” the boy said.

“Whatever…” Vegeta then walked away and sat on a big rock.

“…Jerk...” the girl quietly said.


Some moments later, Tamera began talking to Gohan.

“Hey, is it just me, or do those two look a bit like Vegeta?” she asked.

“Well, they’re nothing like him, but I guess there is some resemblance…more in the boy's face.” Gohan replied.

"Yeah…I have a feeling those two have some connection with the Saiyajins via Vegeta…” she said. “And for some reason… I feel sort of…close to them…and I’ve never even met them until now.”

"I know; I feel the same for some reason.”

Three hours slowly passed as the group waited for Goku. The watch on the boy’s arm suddenly began beeping.

"He should be landing sometime soon.” He announced.

“Hey…that Chi!!” Kuririn cried.

“It’s Goku-sama!!” Tamera cried. A small circular ship from the sky suddenly fell at rapid speed to the planet and landed.

“IT’S HIM!!” Gohan cried, flying over to the ship. The gang ran to the ship as fast as they could, and what they saw was the door open and Goku walk out.

"DAD!!” Gohan cried.

“GOKU!!” Yamucha cried.

"Huh…?” Goku said. “How did you know I would land here…?”

"These two knew everything! Where and when you would land and everything!!” Tamera cried, looking too the boy and the girl. “You know ‘em, right?”

“Weird…I’ve never met them in my life…” Goku said.

  • Goku is often referred to as Son-kun in the Japanesse Anime, mostly by Bulma

Mystery revealed! The devestating future!![]

" My brother often threatens me with my anime stuff. Like, for example, I have a video of my brother yelling one morning and I decided to be a moron and accidentally told him about it. So he said that if I didn’t delete it off my Flip Device, he would post a link to a fanfic I wrote on my Facebook page. He already did it once, and I snapped and screamed at him, something I never do out loud. Oh, brothers; what can ya do? "
— Nimbus.69


"What?!” Kuririn cried. “You’ve never met them?!”

"Nope, never…” Goku replied.

“T-That’s bizarre…!” Yamucha cried.

“Son Goku…” the boy said. “I wonder if it’s okay if we talk privately…”

“Uh, sure!” Goku replied.

"You want me to help with this?” the girl asked.

“No, I got this” he replied. He flew up, with Goku following behind him. The two landed somewhere far from where the others were. Promise me that everything I tell you will be kept a secret.” The boy spoke. “Now I know this may sound crazy” he said. “But me and that girl; we’re both from 20 years in the future. My name is Trunks, hers is Panisa.”

"Wow, that’s crazy!!” Goku cried.

“And to add to that, the two of us are both the children of Vegeta. We get our Sayiajin blood from him.”

“O RLY?”


“NO WAI!! Vegeta is gonna be a daddy?!”

“Yes, about 2 and half years from now, My sister and I will be born; we're twins. But I’m not here just to tell you that…it’s a much more grave issue”

“Well okay, go ahead.”

“On the morning of May 12, around 10 am on an island about 9 miles south of South City, three horrible new enemies are going to emerge. They will kill just about every Z-Fighter; expect my father, Gohan, and Tamera. Those three teach me the ways of the Warrior. How to fight like a true Saiyan…and how to die as one as well…”

"Wait, where am I during all of this?” Goku asked.

“Simple. You’re not there. About six months from now, you’re going to get an incurable heart virus that you won’t survive.”


“Yes, I am. Luckily, in my time there is a cure for it.” He then took out a small container. “When you starting getting it, be sure to take this.” He then gave the small container to Goku.

“Awesome!! I wished you just skip about all the other stuff from the beginning! And it’s red; IT MUST BE CHERRY FLAVORED! HELL YEAH!! Now I can fight those androids!!”


“Wait, you’re not even scared of them?”

“Well, I’m a bit nervous, but its gonna be a great way to test out my true limits!!’

“…You really are amazing. You’re just like my mother, Gohan, and Tamera told me. No wonder my mother worked so hard on the machine…”

“Wait, your mother made the machine?!”


“Wait…not only does she know me…but she also made a freakion time machine?! SHE MUST BE A GENIUS!! S-s-so that means…!!”

“Yes, my mother is over there.” Trunks then pointed to the crowd.

“Wait, TAMERA-KUN IS YOUR MOTHER?! She looks nothing like you!! Not only is she way too young! Such a whore…”

"No…my mother is the woman with purple hair.” Hearing this, Goku fell flat on the ground.

"BULMA-SAN’S YOUR MOTHER?!?!” Goku screamed.


“No shit Dr. Obvious…” Tamera mumbled.


“Wow…Bulma-san and Vegeta!! I thought she would settle with Yamucha, but this is crazy!!” Goku cried.

“No, they broke up and Bulma went to Vegeta…she said he looked so lonely, but they never did get married…”

“Well…that does sound like something Bulma would do…”

“Please I’m begging you; you CANNOT tell them that! Things might get weird between them and my sister and I may flip out of existence cuz they won’t…well…you know!!!”

“Yeah I get it! Tell your mom that I really appreciate everything. And I know the future WILL change!”

“Well, my sister and I should head back now. Mom’s probably worried sick about us.” He then floated upwards. “Hey sis, we have to go now!!”

“Got it!!” she then turned to the others. “I’m sorry, but I have to go now! See ya!” she then flew up and followed her brother.

“Hey, were they going?!” Yamucha cried.

“Man, how am I supposed to explain this to the others…?” Goku wondered.

“SON-KUN!! WHAT DID HE TELL YOU?!” Bulma screamed.

“Yeah, and did you get his number? I think he’s cute!!” Tamera announced.

“Tamera, you really need to learn not to say certain things out loud like that…” Tenshinhan said.

“Well what did he say Dad?” Gohan asked.

“Uhh nothing really!!” Goku timidly said.

“Really? Because I think it’s very important” Piccolo said.

“Wait, you could hear us?!” Goku cried.

“Dude, my ears are so big that I can hear you banging Chi-Chi…” Piccolo solemnly said.

“But…that’s not really quiet…”


And so, Piccolo told the group of the boy’s words, hiding his heredity details along with it.

“That’s crazy…!” Gohan cried.

“Sounds far-fetched to me…” Yamcha grumbeled.

“Believe what you wish; I’m training” Piccolo said. Then suddenly, what appeared to look some sort of ship floated up. Both Trunks and Panisa were in it.

“Father…” Trunks thought to himself. “You’re so proud and arrogant, and a bit of a jerk just like my mother said…keep yourself safe. And mother, stay strong… Gohan-san and Tamera-san, when you two have a child named Clamenta, take good care of her…” Trunks and Panisa waved outside to everyone, and the ship disappeared.

“Yeah, no doubt I’m training…” Tenshinhan said.


“You know Goku-sama,” Tamera asked. “How DID you get off Namek before it blew up?”

“Oh yeah!” Goku cried. “Lemme see…I tried to use Freeza’s spaceship, but it didn’t work. And when I was about to accept death, I saw another small round spaceship that looked like it still worked. So I tried that one. It worked and brought me to a planet called Yardat.”

“Yardat, Huh” Vegeta said. “I’ve heard of that planet; apparently the people of it are able to use physic powers”

“They sure do!” Goku cheerfully cried.

“Well did they teach you anything useful?” Gohan asked.

“Yep! Teleportation!”

“No way!!” Yamucha cried. “Are you serious?!”

“I don’t believe you” Tamera grumbled. “If you really know how to, then do it!”

“Okay!” Goku then put his middle and index finger to his head, and, concentrating severely, disappeared for one second, and the next, came back wearing a pair of sun-glasses.

“WOAH!” the entire group cried.

“Told ya!” Goku cheerfully said.

“Wow” Tamera said. “B-b-b-but how?!”

“Simple: I focus on someone’s energy and, if I do it right, teleport there!”

“Wow…” Kuririn said. “That’s pretty amazing..!”

“I know right?!” Goku happily responded.

The Z-Fighters all went their separate ways to train that day. Tenshinhan and Chazou trained in the mountains, Kuririn with Master Roshi, Yamucha and Vegeta with Capsule Corp, and Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Tamera at Mount Paouz.

“Yo, Master Roshi-san!” Tamera cried, secretly flying over to his island after training. “Can I get a turtle School uniform?”

“Huh, Tamera-kun…?” Master Roshi said, lifting himself out of his lawn chair. “A uniform? Well sure, but why?”

“Because, I don’t need my stupid Saiyajin armor anymore” Tamera brashly said. “I want to fight in the same uniform as Son Goku-sama! He has saved the world many times before and saved me so many times. Wearing the same uniform as him would be a great honor for me”.

“Ahh, I see” Master Roshi nodded, and smiled. “Under all your brattiness and rudeness, you have a good respectful heart.” Master Roshi then walked into the little pink small Kami house. “Wait out here; I’ll get a girl’s uniform.”

“Thank you Muten Roshi-san!” Tamera said, bowing her head. A few minutes later, Master Roshi came out holding a box.

“This is the girl’s turtle school uniform” Master Roshi kindly said, giving her the box. “It has a green shirt with longer sleeves however; I’ve run out of blue shirts.”

“It’s perfectly fine Master Roshi-sama.” Tamera said, bowing her head. “Thank you very much!”

“No problem; any time!” Tamera then flew off, with Master Roshi waving to her.

Reunion of warriors!! The day we’ve waited for!![]

" I absolutely despise the cold. I am actually pretty vulnerable to it, and I get pretty cold very easily. As such, usually during the winter months I wear too much warm clothing and yet I still barely stay warm! Like, when I’m on my swing set listening to my anime music, my teeth are shaking so hard! It’s not fair; I wish it was spring!!"
— Nimbus.69


Three years past in a blink of an eye, and as for the readers, in one quick chapter…

“Now please be careful you guys…” Chi-Chi worriedly said. “You sure you don’t wanna bring a lunch?”

“No thank you mother” Gohan politely said. “I think we’re good…”

"Please don't get hurt you guys!" Sora, Goku's newborn three year old daughter cried.

“Don't worry Sora" Gohan said, smiling and patting his little sister on the head. "I promise we'll all come back in one piece!"

"Okay..." Sora whimpered. After saying their last goobyes to Chi-Chi and little Sora, the group flew off.

“Bye Chi-Chi-san, bye Sora-chan!!” Tamera cried, waving to them.

“Be careful out there!!!!” ChiChi cried out, waving her arms.

“Bye mom!!” Gohan cried, waving back to her.

“Hey, Gohan, slow down! Don’t waste all your energy just getting there!” Goku cried.

“Oh, sorry…” Gohan said, slowing down.

“Son Goku, what do you think about these androids?” Piccolo asked. “You think we’re ready?”

“Well...gee, I guess won’t know till we get there!” Goku replied, rather happily sounding.

“Well, don’t you sound calm…” Piccolo solemnly said.

“Hey look, it’s Kuririn-san!” Tamera cried, flying up to him. “Sup chestnut?”

“Chestnut?” Kuririn said, confused.

“It’s ja new nickname!” Tamera cheerfully cried.

“…Okay…Hey Tamera-kun; you got a Turtle School uniform!”

“Sure did! Master Roshi-sama gave me one. He ran out of blue shirts though, so I had to get a green one with longer sleeves…”

“HI KURIRIN!” Goku cried out, following behind his friend.

“Hey Goku...” Kuririn said solemnly.

“Hey, you not happy to see us again?”

“Well, unlike you, I’m worry about this battle. I mean, not everyone can go Super Saiyajin…”A ten minute flight brought them to a big island with a huge city. Down on a mountain, they spotted Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Bulma.

“Hey guys!” Yamucha cried. The four landed and saw Bulma holding something very special…two little baby twins, a boy and a girl.


“Bulma-san?! Why did you tag along?!” Goku cried.

“To watch of course!” she replied.

“I-I-Is Bulma-san holding what I think she’s holding?!” Kuririn cried.

“Wow, you and Yamucha-san got married, didn’t you?!” Gohan happily cried.

“No, we didn’t...” Yamucha grumbled. “The kids aren't mine; Bulma and I broke up a long time ago. You’re not gonna believe who the daddy is...”

“I know who it is!!” Goku cried, walking up to the small babies. “It’s Vegeta, isn’t it little Trunks and Panisa?”

"WHAT?!" Kuririn and Gohan cried.


“H-How did you know…?” Bulma asked. “I haven’t told anyone yet…!”

“OH UM UM MAYBE IT’S THE HAIR!!” Goku cried.

“Vegeta’s hair is black…mine is purple…”


"The boy gets his eyes from me...the girl gets her black ones from Vegeta..."


“…Maybe. But how did you know their names?”

“…Muffin button…”

“Enough family gossip” Piccolo spoke out. “What matters is where Vegeta is now!”

“How should I know?” Bulma said. “All he did to me was rape me. After that he just went out into space to train”

“He…raped you?!” Yamucha said, shocked.

“He’ll come; I know he will” Goku said.

Sometime pasted, and there was no sign of any harm.


“What happen to their tails?" Kuririn asked, playing with the two twins. "I'm guessing you cut 'em off?"

“No; they were simply born without one” Bulma said.

“They look a bit familiar” Tamera said. “I feel really close to them for some reason.”

“Well, whatever. It's not hard to get attatched to adorable babies like there two when you see 'em!!"

"Hey, wait" Tamera said, surprised. "Tenshinhan, weren't you gonna bring that little guy with you? You know; the white one that floats around?"

"You mean Chazou?" Tenshinhan responded.

"Yeah, him. Where is he?"

"Well, we did train, but I honestly don't think he's up for something like this..."

"Ah, I see".

“Strange…it’s past ten, and I don’t sense anything…”Gohan said.

“See, I told you it was all a joke from the beginning!” Yamucha cried. "Androids, that's a good one!" he chuckeled.

“He said around 10” Bulma said, checking her watch. “It’s 10:15, which I would class as around

“Yeah, but we don’t even feel a single strong Chi!!” Yamucha cried. “If they were THAT strong, we would have felt them long ago!!”

“HEY!! GUYS!!!” a voice from the sky screamed. Everyone looked up to see Yajirobe flying a jet plane with sensu beans in his hand.

“Hey fatty!” Tamera mockingly said.

“Tamera-kun, stop being so rude!!” Kuririn cried.

“Whatever; what do you want chunky?”

“I came to give you some sensu beans from Master Karin-sama, but if you keep being a bitch I may just leave…” Yajirobe said, landing.

“No wait!” Gohan cried. “Tamera-kun, say you’re sorry…”

“Why? I’m not…”

“OK THAT’S IT” Yajirobe jumped back into his car and got ready to drive off, when suddenly Tamera grabbed a hold of the beans.

“Yeah, I’m holding ta these!” she mockingly said.

“Y-you little brat!” Yajirobe cried, immediately starting up the engine and flying off when suddenly, his car exploded in midair.

“YAJIROBE!!!” the group screamed.

“THEY’VE ALREADY BEGUN!!” Piccolo cried out.

“But I didn’t feel any Chi…!!” Tenshinhan yelled.

“Wait…if…if they’re only artificial, then that may be why!!” Gohan cried. “They don’t have life force, so we can’t sense them!”

“You’re right!!!” Goku cried. He then turned to Yamucha. “Yamucha, go and see if Yajirobe is okay!”

“Right!!” Yamucha cried, flying off to find Yajirobe.

“Everyone spread out!” Goku cried. “If you spot them, raise your Chi up so we can find you!! Tamera, try to catch their scent so we can hunt them down easier!"

“Move out everyone!!” Piccolo cried.

The group flew off, while Yamucha went to go help Yajirobe.

The first victim!! The androids of Hell!![]

"I’ve always been horrified of the dark for all 13 years of my life. I’m really not sure why I am; it’s just totally blackness everywhere! Who knows what’s in it?! My fear probably grew from when I took a bigger interest in ghost and in Haunted areas in the world. I mean, imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a ghostly apparition in your room! That’s happened to me before; I woke up in the middle of the night to what looked like some white human form. I’ve seen it before, so I’m pretty creped out by it."
— Nimbus.69


The group flew to the little town on the island, as Yamucha flew over to find Yajirobe.

Damn, where could they be?!” Goku thought to himself.

“No…not here…” Kuririn said, flying down.

“Fuck it! I wish that kid would give us a description of what they look like…!!" Tamera thought to herself. Meanwhile, in the Center of the city…

“H-H-Hey! Did you guys see that?!” a man cried. “A jet plane just blew up!!!”

“Yeah, I saw it too!!” Another man cried. He then turned to two strange looking men, one very tall and thin and one short and fat. The two men simply stared at them, not making a sound or showing any emotion. Then suddenly, the short fat one bashed his head right at the other man’s forehead, killing him.

“Holy fuc-“but before the man could finish his sentence, the small fat man punched him right in the face, sending him flying at a nearby building, also killing him.

"SOMEONE!!!! HELP!!!” a woman screamed, running.

“No, they’ve already started!!” Gohan cried.

“19, I sense a very strong level coming this way. Could the scanner be malfunctioning?” the tall man said.

“No, 20.” 19 said. “I also sense it.”

“It’s him, Son Goku” 20 said, smirking. Gohan flew to where he heard the screaming.

“Hey, who killed these people?!” Gohan cried.

“Two weird looking men….but they disappeared!!!” a man from a window cried.

“Disappeared?! Darn it…”Gohan said to himself. Little known to him, Androids 19 and 20 were using their artificial Chi energy and levitating high in the sky.

“This is not Goku” 19 said. “94% this is his son Gohan”

“So it is” 20 said. “Well, we’ll still be able to not only get a good source of energy from him, but also lure Goku to us…” 20 and 19 quietly descended behind Gohan, without him even noticing.


"Darn, where could they-“ but before he finished, he felt a feeling of someone behind him, and jumped back, only to see the androids they had been searching for. He then noted the red ribbon logos on the head they wore. “GUYS!!! I FOUND THEM!!' Gohan screamed. However, without warning, 20 grabbed Gohan by his head and firmly sealed his hand over his mouth. Gohan fought against the grip, but couldn’t prevail.

"My…energy!!!” Gohan thought to himself.

“S-Someone’s energy…it’s sinking!!”Kuririn cried. “No…it can’t be Gohan can it?!"

"Someone’s energy is fading fast!!!”Goku thought to himself.

“THERE THEY ARE!!!” Piccolo yelled, flying to where Gohan and the androids were. The group landed down to see Android 20 draining Gohan’s energy.

"GOHAN!” Goku yelled.

"You bastards!” Tamera screamed. “Leave him alone, or else I’ll give you one fuck of a beating!!”

“Oh really?” 20 said. “We’ll see about that…” 20, lifting his hand, struck his hand right through Gohan’s torso.

“GOHAN!!!” Goku screamed.

“NO!” Piccolo yelled.

“GOHAAANNN!!!” Kuririn screamed.

“YOU HEARTLESS FUCKERS!!!” Tamera screamed. 20, smirking, pulled the bloody hand out and threw the bloody boy on the ground.

“Gohan-chan!!!” Tamera cried, running to him. “Hey, get up! Don’t you dare die on me!” Gohan made no response.

“Tamera-kun, Gohan is still alive; take him somewhere safe and give him a sensu bean!!” Goku cried.

“Got it!!” Tamera cried, holding onto Gohan and flying to a safe building roof.

“So these are the androids…” Piccolo said. “You two choose to pick on the children first? You guys really are pathetic…” 20’s face lit up.

“So, you heard about us?” he asked, surprised. “Tell us, how do you know about us?”

“If you want answers, you’ll have to go home and write me a polite letter first!” Piccolo epically cried.

“Wow Piccolo, d-did you really just say that?” Tenshinhan moaned. “Woooow….”


Dear Piccolo. You appear to know of our existence. How is this so? I hope we can speak about it over some nice tea and muffins. After that, we can murder each other.

Yours truly; Android 20.”


“How did you know my name is Piccolo?!”

“We know who all of you are” 19 said. “The little boy we just killed was Gohan. However, the girl does not exist in our data”

“Yes” 20 said. “The little cancer patient over there is Kuririn”

“I’M NOT A CANCER PATIENT!!” Kuririn screamed out.

“The big green man is Piccolo, and the one in green is Tenshinhan, was it?” 20 continued, ignoring Kuririn.

“And you…” 19 spoke out. “You are our main target, Son Goku."

"Listen you two” Goku spoke out. “There are way too many innocent people here. If you really want me to give it my all, then we should move somewhere else.”

"You wish to fight with no bystanders?” 20 said. “That is understandable. Alright, let me resolve this little issue” 20 began charging power in his eyes, and without warning, shot out two giant beams out to the city, blowing a huge chunk off it up. He continued shooting out everywhere, not missing any building in sight. The city blazed out in a giant roar of fire; destroying everything and everyone in sight, melting the skin off the innocent bystanders and collapsing every building, killing anyone left alive after that attack.

“STOP IT!!!!”Goku screamed, flying at 20 and punching him in the face. 20’s hat fell off and revealed a brain in his head.

“I very simply did what you said” 20 said, putting his hat back on.

“I said to leave the bystanders alone!!!” Goku cried out.

“Do not worry” 19 said. “There are no more bystanders to leave alone”.

“FOLLOW US!!” Goku yelled. “WE’LL RIP YOU TWO TO SHREDS!!” Goku then began flying off, with the two machines of hell and the heroes of the earth following after him.


  • Tamera was originally going to be the victim of the androids, not Gohan. However, I changed this because I didn't want her to be a "damsell in distress" characer. Also I wanted her to life so she could annoy you guys more :P
  • I wrote this entire chapter while listening to "I=Fantasy" :P

Machine VS the living!! Goku vs 19![]

"I have the epic advantage of being loved by just about every single teacher in my school. Basically, I can get away with just about anything and not get in any trouble…AT ALL. Like, honestly, I can randomly break out singing during Science class and the teacher will just stare at me like “…WTF?” I can also talk shit about my insane Religion teacher right in front of her in class, and she doesn’t care that I draw during class; heck, kids who try to tell on me get in trouble! That’s why being cute is the best; using your adorableness is able to deceive your dumbass teachers. But my Religion teacher is like, drenched in mascara; you can see the giant drops of it on her eyelashes..."
— Nimbus.69


The group flew over the islands, with Goku flying as far as he could from the city to make sure the island from before was safe. Suddenly, three smaller Chis began following them.

“It’s Gohan-kun, Tamera-kun, and Yamucha!!” Kuririn cried. The three caught up with the group, with Gohan fine after his impalement.

“Hey, what took you guys so long?” Kuririn jokingly asked.

"Well it took me a while to find Yajirobe and actually get him out” Yamucha said.

"I can get that…” Tamera said.

“Why are we flying out so far?!” 20 impatiently said. “This far enough Son!!” 20 and 19 stopped dead in their tracks and flew down, with the rest of the group following them.

“Tell me…something before we fight…” Goku said, breathing heavily and out of breath. “How do you…know us?!”

“Why is Goku so out of breath?” Tenshinhan though. “All we did was fly over here…”

“It’s very simple Goku" 20 said. "We have been watching you with our little bug spying robot. Ever since you defeated the Red Ribbon Army those years ago, up to when you fought Vegeta.”

"So your little stalker robots didn’t follow us on Namek, did they?” Goku said. “Huh, no wonder Tamera-kun isn’t in your data base.”

“Not following us to Namek…” Piccolo said, smirking. “A very horrid mistake; you didn’t get the data of the legendary Super Saiyajin!”

"Super Saiyajin…?” 20 asked.

“I’ll show you the result of your fatal mistake!!” Goku cried. Then, he began powering up, his hair shinning and spiking up. Then, a huge burst of golden light surrounded him, and behold, Goku was a Super Saiyajin.


“Hmm, interesting” 20 said. “No matter; even in this state 19 could still easily beat you, won’t you 19?”

“Yes 20.” 19 emotionlessly said, walking to Goku.

“Guys, stay back!!” Goku cried. “This fight is mine and mine only!!” Goku cried, flying to 19 and punching him in the face, hard and tough. 19 flew back, holding his face. Goku constantly kept flying at him, beating him down with every ounce of strength he had.

“Gohan, you feel it too, don't you...” Piccolo asked.

“Yeah; something odd is going on with dad…”Gohan said. “He’s fighting at full power, but he’s still not winning…”

"What do you mean?” Yamucha asked. “He’s doing fine!!”

“No…he’s energy…” Gohan said. “WAIT! That’s right!! The androids can absorb energy!”

“WHAT?!” Tamera screamed. “Why didn’t you tell us sooner you idiot?!”

“I’m so sorry…I forgot…” Meanwhile at the battle, Goku was winning, but suddenly became weaker and weaker.

“Wait…I see it! He IS becoming weaker!” Yamucha cried. Then they found out why…Goku suddenly began grabbing his chest and began deeply breathing.


"Wait! It’s his heart!!!” Gohan screamed. “The virus those two told us about!!”

“No, it can’t be!!”Yamucha cried. “I thought he took the magic medicine three years ago!!”

“He never did…he never got sick!!” Gohan said, worrying for the safety of his father. Goku suddenly began getting more and more frustrated, ignoring his heart problem and pounding at the small fat android; even with that 19 kept getting up fine and continued beating Goku.

"I’M DONE WITH YOU!!” Goku yelled. He then put his hands in a certain position and began charging up a certain attack.

“KAAAMMEEEE……HAAMEE….HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Goku screamed, firing a massive Kamehameha right at the evil android.

“NOW 19!” 20 yelled. 19 held out his palm, and just like that, absorbed the beam threw his hand.

“Oh you’re kidding me…” Goku chuckled. 19 flew up at Goku and threw him on the ground, and much to everyone’s shock, he grabbed a tight hold of Goku’s neck. He slowly began eating away Goku’s energy and life.

“No!” Tamera cried. “Goku-sama!!!” she flew to him, but was stopped by 20.

"If you dare go out to save him” 20 said. “I’ll happily kill you.”

"Really?” Tamera cried. “I would like to see you try!” she threw a punch at the machine and hit him in the face. 20 responded with a knee to the gut. “Ow!” Tamera squeaked. “You big JERK!” Tamera kicked 20 right in his jaw and broke a tooth. 20, angered, grabbed her by her hair and threw her down. As they fought, 19 continued to harshly laugh as he swallowed Goku’s energy and life into his system.

“Now!!” Tamera yelled, getting up. “Save Goku-“but before she could finish, something kicked 19 right in the face and made the machine fly back.

“If anyone is going to kill Kakarotto..” a deep arrogant voice spoke. “It will be me! I won’t lose my revenge to a bunch of cheep toys!” everyone looked up, and there was Vegeta.

A reawakened Prince! Super Vegeta emerges!![]

"For some reason, I really love singing SpongeBob songs and quoting the show. It’s probably because I watched that show a lot when I was little and when I was in 1st grade, SpongeBob was my imaginary friend. Heck, I remember seeing the SpongeBob movie in the theaters when I was like seven or something! I used to draw him a lot and I still do sometimes. The songs like the C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song are the ones I really love, and I once sang it for my class around a campfire. The striped sweater song is also a favorite, so is the F-U-N song. Man, good times…"
— Nimbus.69


“Vegeta!” the entire group cried.

“So this is Vegeta…” 20 said, flying down to were 19 and Vegeta were.

“Kakarotto you fool!” Vegeta yelled. “You knew the heart virus was coming, and yet you went Super Sayiajin anyway!” he then kicked Goku’s dying body over to Tamera. “Someone drag that trash home and give him his medicine!” The entire group flew down to Tamera and the dying Goku.

“Dad!!” Gohan cried.

“Goku-sama, don’t you dare die on us!” Tamera cried. She then turned to Yamucha. “Yamucha, you’re useless; take him home!”

“Gee, Thanks bitch-kun...” Yamucha mumbled, picking up Goku, flew off to Goku’s house. 19 jumped up and got ready to follow him, when suddenly

“19!!” 20 yelled. “Don’t worry about him for now! Kill Vegeta!!” 19 looked back at his master, but agreed and descended down.

“Uhh guys” Kuririn timidly said. “Now would be a good time to retreat; I mean, that kid from the future said that we would all die!”

“I don’t think so” Tamera said. “That kid said Goku would get his heart virus six months before the Androids came, and that was wrong. Not only that, but if we retreat, they’ll blow the shit out of the city”

“Good point…” Kuririn said. “But they’re still scary…!”

“I saw when you were battling Kakarotto” Vegeta spoke. “That you certainly were quiet surprised when he went Super Saiyajin”

“What is your point” 19 blankly said.

“I’m saying that you cannot see a Saiyajin’s abilities only in mere numbers and data.” Vegeta then let out a dark looking dirty grin. “I wonder, can androids feel true fear?!” Then, Vegeta slowly began powering up, his hair turing golden, and his Chi energy felt somewhat similar.

“No…he isn’t!” Tamera cried. Vegeta’s hair slowly began turning a spiky blonde, while his eyes turned green. Then, just like that, Vegeta powered up and went Super Saiyajin.

“Look!” Gohan cried. “Vegeta’s gone full-out Super Saiyajin!!”

“No, this one too?!” 20 cried.


"Yes, I have done it…” Vegeta chuckled. “The sleeper has awakened; I am the prince of all Saiyajins once more!!”

"N-No way!” Kuririn cried. “I thought you had to be someone like Goku; one with a pure heart!”

“My heart is pure…” Vegeta chuckled. “But, unlike Kakarotto, pure evil to the core! Trust me, the training I went through made Hell seem lukewarm.”

“Then” Vegeta continued. “I hit a wall; my very own limit…the rage I felt at that time was what awoke me. I became Super Sayiajin! I finally surpassed Kakarot!”

“Yawn, can we just get on with this?” 20 said. “19 can easily kill you, can’t you 19?”

Hehe…” 19 mumbled, flying right at the Saiyajin. He shoved his fist right into Vegeta’s face.

“Is that all?” Vegeta smirked, kicking 19 in the face. “You androids are lucky you don’t feel pain, because when I become Super Saiyajin, my power increases dramatically.”

"No, you can’t be serious!!” 19 said, getting up.

“Well, I’m just…Saiyan…” Vegeta chuckled.


"Tamera, I swear I will rip you apart for adding Chan to my name” Vegeta said, flying back at 19 and kicking him in the face. When 19 got back up, Vegeta noticed a liquid flowing out of his nose.

"Interesting” he chuckled. “Is that blood or oil?” He then grabbed 19 by his robotic body and flew upwards. Then, letting go of 19, elbowed him in the back. 19 fell at a massive speed, plunging the Earth and creating a huge crater. Vegeta descended from the sky to the crater to make sure the robot was really dead. Then, without warning, 19 eyes opened and he grabbed a tight hold of Vegeta’s arms.

“I got you now..!” he chuckled. “And I won’t let you go till you’re totally dry! It’s no use kicking; I’ll never let go!!!”

“Did…did you just say NEVER?!” Vegeta cried. “HOW DARE YOU GO AGAINST JUSTIN BIEBER’S NUMBER ONE RULE: YOU SHALL NEVER SAY NEVER!” Vegeta then jumped up and pressed his feet against the Androids face.

“No…I...won’t…let go!!” 19 cried, slowly losing his grip.

“HOW DARE YOU SAY NEVER!” Vegeta yelled, and with incredible force, pushed back on the androids face. Then, 19’s arms were suddenly ripped off. 19 flew back, with reddish oil flying out of his ripped arms. 19 and 20 looked in horror at his ripped arms as Vegeta darkly smiled at him.


“So, you really do absorb energy with your palms…” he said, ripping 19’s arms off his own. “Aw, but I just ripped them off didn’t I?” As 19 cringed back in incredible fear, unable to do anything, Vegeta floated up with his Chi energy and held his hand out.

“NO, YOU WOULDN’T DARE!” 20 cried.

“Oh shut up!” Vegeta yelled. “You’re next anyway!!” he then turned back to the scampering 19.

“Now, say hello….

TO VEGETA-SAMA’S BIG BANG ATTACK!!!” Suddenly, a huge big ball of energy shot out of Vegeta’s hand and blasted at the running 19. It hit the terrified android in a huge blaze of energy and power. Once all the smoke cleared, all that was left of 19 was his head, beaten and bloody.

“Man, that android’s toast!!” Kuririn cried.

“Yeah” Piccolo said. “More like (puts sunglasses on) BURNT TOAST”


“Lolwut” Nimbus.69 thought to herself as she typed this.

Vegeta, still floating up, powered down and descended down to Android 20.

“I’ve lost a ton of energy” he said. “Go ahead, kill me while you can.

“What is he pulling…?” 20 thought to himself. Not willing to risk anything, 20 flew away from Vegeta.

“HEY!” Vegeta yelled at Tamera. “Give me a sensu bean, now!”

“You sure Vegeta-chan?” Tamera mockingly said. “Aren’t you Pure-Sayiajins suppose to never accept help, you arrogant prick?”

“Shut up bitch and give me a damn bean!” he yelled.

“Fine, asshole” she mumbled, throwing him the smallest bean.

“Bout time…” Vegeta said, catching it. He nommed on it, and once he swallowed it, turned back into Super Saiyajin.

“Why don’t you guys head home and drink milk or something?” Vegeta mockingly said. “And stay outta my way?” he then flew off to go hunt down 20.

“Hey!” Tamera yelled. “Drink milk my ass…!”

“You think he’s stronger…than dad, Piccolo-sama?” Gohan asked.

“…I wouldn’t be surprised.” Piccolo spoke. “He did lose most of his energy to 19 only to confirm if they really did absorb energy via their palms. Not only that, but he stood his ground against 20. A truly great warrior…”

“If that’s the case” Tamera said. “I’m going after him to find 20! We haven’t even finished our fight yet”

“Yeah, me too!” Gohan cried. “If Tamera-kun is going, then I am too!”

“Fine, you all can look for him…” Piccolo said. “But if you encounter him, Do NOT fight him! Leave him to me or Vegeta!”

“Aww but I wanna kick his ass!” Tamera whined.

“Silence Tamera!” Piccolo cried. "The only reason you're coming is because you can smell him out, and we can't sense him, so you're the hunter of the group, got it?! Seperate from us, and I'll break that dog nose of your's!"

“Um about that…” Tamera moaned.


"...I didn't get his scent; robots don't smell."

"Are you kidding me?!" Piccolo groaned angrily. "Fine everyone spread out, and be on your best guard!!

The entire group headed off to other areas of the island, ready to hunt down 20.

  • Note that Tamera refers to Vegeta as “Chan”. She is actually greatly insulting him, as Chan would be a suffix for a young girl/child rather than to someone you would refer to as “san” or “sama”. Example: In Japan, if you called your teacher chan, you would probably get detention; that’s how rude it is.
  • I was actually drinking milk when I wrote the line “Why don’t you guys head home and drink milk or something?” :P
  • The original chapter title was “A reawakened Prince! Vegeta VS 19!!” but I thought “Super Vegeta emerges!” sounded cooler.

A shocking revelation! Who is No.20??[]

"My honest thought on me is that I’m quite insane when it comes to writing. For example, I enjoy writing bloody and gutty scenes that involve brutal emotions and gruesome description. A good point of this is, in another thing I’m making, one of the characters kills a bad guy by hacking her face in with an ax, another is killed when someone rips her heart out, and someone’s throat is ripped up into ribbons. I just enjoy writing brutal scenes, because they express brutal emotion and violence, something I like writing of just because; there’s no doubt there’s a bit of insanity in me…b-but I’m not like this in real life; I’m actually pretty nice!! That is unless you get on my bad side; THEN I'M A FUCKING BITCH."
— Nimbys.69


The group followed spread out amoungst the island in search of 20, knowing they must be on their best guard due to 20 not actually having any sensible Chi.

"Can you smell him Tamera-kun?" Gohan asked.

"No...not yet..."

“Damn it all to Hell, where is he?!” Vegeta thought to himself. “The worm is using the landscape for hiding…Meh, might as well flush him out!!” Vegeta then held his hand out and began charging another Big Bang.

“YOU DUMBASS!” Tamera yelled. “WE’RE HERE TOO!” But Vegeta paid no mind to her as he fired the blast at the terrain. But right before it hit, 20 jumped out from under a rock and, holding his hands out, absorbed the blast.

“Oh for the love of Kami!” Vegeta yelled. He flew down right as 20 and got ready to hit him, when 20 suddenly disappeared from sight.

“Damn!!” Vegeta yelled. “He’s quicker than I thought…!”

“Heh, that fool should know that I can absorb energy via my palms!” 20 thought to himself, hiding under a rock. “Still though, I never thought Vegeta would have so much power. It was so much more than I originally calculated…” he looked around, and who should stand there but Tamera. “Tamera certainly is very strong; if I take energy from her, then I may be able to beat Vegeta to the ground!” he looked around again, and there was Piccolo. “Yes, and if I still some energy from Piccolo as well, no doubt will I be able to kill Vegeta!”

“Fuck!” Tamera cried. “Where is he?!” Then, without warning, something grabbed Tamera by the mouth and held her tight.

“Yes!” 20 cried. “I have you now! Struggle all you want; it won’t do anything!!”

“You bastard!!” Tamera barely mumbled.

“Shut up you little bitch!”

“G-Goha-chan!!!” Tamera telepathically cried. “…20 has me! Get over here now!!”

“Tamera-kun?!” Gohan telepathically cried back. “Is that you?!”'

“Yes it’s me! Hurry up and get over here!!”

“R-Right!” Gohan suddenly felt a Chi shrinking dramatically and knew then and there THAT was Tamera. “It’s her!” he cried as he flew over as fast as he could to find his friend.

“Almost done!” 20 cried, laughing as he continued swallowing Tamera’s life. Then, something suddenly bashed down on him. He let go of Tamera as he fell.

Standing there was Gohan, who came to save his friend.

“Tamera-kun, how much did he take?!”

“P-Plenty…” Tamera weakly said, looking pale. She weakly pulled out the sensu bean bag and placed a bean in her mouth. “MMM! TASTE LIKE PISTACHIOS!” she cried, powering up. Then, all the others suddenly gathered to where 20 and the others were, feeling Tamera’s Chi drain.


"Damn…!” 20 cried.

“There you are, you little bastard!” Vegeta chuckled.

“Vegeta-chan, let me kill him!” Tamera cried. “I almost died; I’m stronger now! I also wanna get back at him for hitting me before!”

“Fine, but hurry it up!” he grumbled.

“Sure!” she chuckled. She descended down to 20, her guard up and ready to fight.

“Hmph; I fought you before and you were too easy!” 20 mockingly said. However, his comment was nearly cut off when Tamera punched him in the face. “The fuck?!” he cried.

“Heh, in case you’re too stupid to tell, whenever a Saiyajin almost dies, he gets so much more powerful after recovering! And since you nearly killed me when you grabbed me, I got plenty stronger!” Tamera yelled, flying at 20 and kicking him in the gut. “Take this, you stupid metal doll!” she yelled as she pounded down on 20.


“This…this place is a mess!” Panisa cried. “We were too late!” She and her brother had traveled back from the future to assist the others. “Did they already kill the Z-Fighters?!”

"I think they may have…!” Trunks cried.

“No, that can’t be…!” then, the two suddenly felt huge battle Chis.

“It’s them!!” Trunks cried. “They’re all alive!!”

"We need to help them! They're still alive!" his sister cried, flying off. However, as she flew, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.

“What’s wrong Panisa?!” her brother cried.

“L-L-Look…” she said, shaking. Her brother flew to her, and he became shocked as well.

Down in a huge crater, was the beaten up head of Android 19.

“Who…who IS this android?!” Panisa cried.

“W-Where there four instead of three…?!” Trunks cried.

“Forget that for now; we need to find the others!”



Tamera continued ruthlessly beating down 20, not showing any sign of mercy or compassion.

“Die you stupid metal trashcan!!” she yelled, enjoying her time and mocking him as best she could. She was so harsh on him that she ripped off one of his hands. “Oops, I'm sorry! I hope I didn’t hurt you, you stupid piece of trash!!” She then flew back and got ready to fire a Great Ether, her most powerful move, at him, when she sudden felt a strange Chi.

“Who…the hell is that?!” Tamera yelled. Flying there at full speed, Trunks and Panisa arrived.

“Trunks and Panisa! They’re back!” Piccolo cried. Vegeta became surprised at the name Trunks.

"Trunks and Panisa…?” he thought. “How bizarre; they have the same name as my runts...Wait…Super Saiyajins from the future?! OF COURSE! It has to be! They're MY runts! UNBELIVABLE!”

"Who…who ARE these androids…?!” Panisa cried.

“Damn, now what?!”20 thought. “Neither of them are in my data base…!”

“This one isn’t from our time either!” Trunks cried.

“What?!” Piccolo yelled. “T-Then who have we been fighting?!” Then, they heard what sounded like a plane. Everyone looked up and saw a CAPSULE CORP. plane flying to where the fighters were.

“YOO-HOO!!" a cheery voice cried. It was Bulma, with Baby Trunks, Panisa, and Yajirobe.

"YOU MORON!” Tamera yelled. “GET OUTTA HERE NOW!” Bulma looked at No.20 in surprise.

“Odd…he looks really familiar” she said.


“15.2, 17, AND 18?!” the entire group yelled. Laughing, 20 suddenly fired a huge blast from his hand out to the sky, blowing up in midair and destroying almost all of the landscape, and Bulma’s plane with it.

“MOM!!!" Trunks and Panisa screamed at the same time.

“That bastard…!” Piccolo yelled. The smoke slowly cleared, and the entire landscape was in ruins. However, among it was Trunks and Panisa holding Bulma and Baby Trunks and Panisa, saving them in the nick of time.

"Wow…!” Bulma cried. “I really owe you two!! Thank you so much!”

“Damn it…!” Vegeta yelled. “He got away!! That bastard…!” Trunks and Panisa looked at their father in anger: his wife and children were nearly killed, and what did he do to help them? Nothing; nothing at all. Before Vegeta could fly away, Trunks flew up to him in anger.


“What the hell?!” Trunks yelled. “Why didn’t you try to save them?! They’re your wife and children!”

“Oh please; like I have any need for them” Vegeta coldly said, flying off.

“Hey…who was that old guy…?” Bulma asked. “The dude who blew up my car”

“Android 20” Kuririn said. “Why?”

“Android 20…?” Bulma thought for a minute. “I don’t think that was any sort of android; I’m pretty sure that guy is Dr.Gero”

“WHAT?!” everyone cried.

“How would you know?!” Vegeta yelled, flying down to her.

“I know because I’ve seen a picture of him before!” Bulma angrily yelled. “Apparently, he was a genius for the Red Ribbon Army, but he was also a huge jerk. He’s really famous among scientists”

“Wait…but Mirari boy here said that the Androids killed Gero!” Tamera cried. “If that’s true, then why is he here?!”

“I guess time has changed in some ways…” Trunks said, nervous.

“Hold on a minute” Panisa said. “Where’s Goku-sama?”

“Goku got the heart virus while fighting” Kuririn said.

“…Why did he get it now?” Trunks wondered.

“I guess you two coming back in time really did change a ton of stuff…” Tamera said. “But enough; we need to know what these three androids look like so we don’t have to look so hard.”

“Android 15.2” Trunks stated. “Is a young girl with very short brown hair and usually wears a small white dress, a small pink jacket, black leggings, and brown boots. She also wears a big red ribbon in her hair, much like Tamera-san, and has golden earnings. 17 has short black hair with a orange scarf, and he also has a golden earrings. Lastly, 18 has short blonde hair with clothes like mine; she also has hulu-hoop earrings, just like 15.2”

“Do they drain energy via their palms?” Piccolo asked.

“Energy drain? No, they have infinite energy”

“Infinite energy?!” Vegeta thought. “Well that’s just GREAT!”

“Great, two girls?!” Kuririn thought to himself.

“Bulma” Vegeta said. “You said you knew about Gero, yeah?! Do you have any idea were his lab could be?!”

“If I’m correct” said Bulma. “I think it’s somewhere in the mountains in North City in a cave. At least I think that’s where it should be…”

“Alright!” Gohan cried. “Let’s go destroy them before Gero can activate them!”

“Hell no!” Vegeta yelled out. “I want to be able to kill these three metal machines by my own hands, and I KNOW I will!”

“NO!” Panisa yelled. “You have no idea just how powerful they are! Just wait until Goku-sama is better!”

“Shut up little brat!” Vegeta rudely said. “You and your brother can die for all I care; just stay out of my way!” Vegeta then powered up and flew right past a shocked Panisa.

“No...I will not my dad die again!!” Trunks yelled. He powered up to his Super Saiyajin state and flew off after his father. “C’mon Panisa!”

“Got it!” Panisa cried, also going Super Saiyajin and flying after her brother.

“Did…did he say…dad?” Bulma asked, surprised. “Did his father get killed by the androids or something…?”

“There’s no point in hiding it anymore” Piccolo spoke. “Bulma, this may sound crazy, but those two kids are the children of Vegeta from the future. The little twins you hold in your arms are those two kids as babies.”


Wow this chapter is really long ._.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!” Bulma screamed, looking at her little babies.

“NO FUCKING WAY” Tamera yelled. “You mean to tell us that that hottie is ACTUALLY little baby Trunks all grown up?!”

“Yes, he is”

"Wow...I can't believe I know who you two will grow up to be!! It's amazing!!"

“Bulma, when you get home, can you call my mother to see if my dad is okay…?” Gohan quietly asked.

“Alright, I’ll be sure of it!” Bulma happily cried, tossing out a capsule. The capsule exploded into a plane for two. “I’ll head home now; she you guys later!” she cheerfully cried, jumping in and flying off.

“…Wait” Tamera said. “Didn’t she forget Yajirobe…?”

“And we care why?” Piccolo epically said.

“Hm, good point” Tamera replied, agreeing.

“We best be going” Piccolo continued. “We cannot let Vegeta find the androids first; if he does we’re all sorta screwed.”

“Alrighty then; let’s go!!” Tamera yelled, flying up with the group following after her. The group flew up as fast as they could up to the North to catch 20 before he could awaken the androids. Meanwhile…

“Those fools!” 20 laughed to himself. “They’ll never catch up to me at this pace! Maybe it’s safe to fly now” However, 20 was proven wrong when Vegeta flew straight past him at a rapid speed. “V-Vegeta! Damn him!” then, he saw two other warriors, Trunks and Panisa, also fly past him, following behind Vegeta. “What?! Them to?!” He suddenly realized the way they were flying; up to the North. “No…they couldn’t be heading to my lab, could they?!” 20 was proven wrong again when Kurirn, Tamera, Piccolo and Tenshinhan flew past as well, on their way to the lab as well. “Damn it! They’re all heading to the lab!! B-but how…no one knows but a few scientists!” Then, he remembered the car he exploded. “Wait! That woman in the car I blew up! That was Bulma Briefs! Of course! She heard of me from her father….damn it!”

Meanwhile, Trunks and Panisa flew at a rapid pace to catch up with their father. Their mother always said that their father had some good in him, despite him never showing it.

“I knew” she would always say. “He cared for us. Somewhere, under all that crap, he had a good part of him…”

“Trunks, you agree he has, like, no good at all, right?” Panisa asked.

“No doubt about it” her brother responded. “He didn’t bother in saving our mother OR baby us!”

“So, these runts plan to follow me all the way, huh?” Vegeta thought to himself. “We’ll see about that!” he suddenly burst out in power and flew at a rapid speed, flying far ahead of the two Saiyans.

“No you don't!!" Panisa yelled, going Super Saiyajin as well, with her brother doing the same. Vegeta turned around in surprise at the sight of the two Super Saiyajins.

“Oh yeah” Vegeta thought “The brats can go Super Saiyajin…well they ARE my children…” Suddenly, Panisa was flying ahead of Vegeta. “Ugh, you little brat!” Vegeta yelled. Vegeta powered up and flew to Panisa. He grabbed her by her leg, and much to her and Trunk’s shock, threw her down to the Earth. “Stay out of my way, bitch!!” he yelled, flying off. Trunks flew down to help his sister, although stopped midway when she yelled

“Don’t worry about me!! Just stop Vegeta!”

“R-Right!” her brother replied, powering up to catch their father. Meanwhile, the other Z-fighters have just landed in the North to track down No.20.

“Damn” Tamera mumbled. “There’s a shit load of mountains here! How the Hell are we gonna find 20 here?!”

“We split up” Piccolo said. “It’s fairly simple Tamera”

“Yeah I know that” Tamera said. “But if we find him, should we just beat the sh*t out of him or should we alert you?”

“If you find him, then you should take him out. However, if anyone else finds him, raise your Ki energy and we’ll find you that way.”

“B-But what if he grabs us?” Kuririn timidly said.

“We’ll feel your energy drop” Tamera said. “Hopefully by the time we find out, you won’t be bone dry”

“Hey Gohan” Kuririn asked. “What’s it like having your energy sucked from you?”

“It hurts a lot” Gohan said. “Imagine someone sucking the fluids out of you with a sharp pointy tail and they suck you into their body via that tail and you become one with that being…”

“…Creepy” Tenshinhan said.

“Shouldn’t we split up now?” Tamera said. “It’s not like we’re just gonna talk while 20 is on his way to the lab; just Saiyan.”

“Right” Piccolo said. “Everyone split up over the region; if you see him, higher your power level!”

“Right!” the group cried, splitting up to find the evil android. Meanwhile, 20 has gotten very close to his lab and is about to enter.

“Those fools don’t realize there just walking straight to their graves!!” 20 thought to himself, chuckling. He finally got to the cave where his lab is, when he noticed someone behind him.

It was Kuririn.

“Oh it’s just the cancer patient” 20 thought to himself. “I doubt he’s much of a threat” 20 then ran into the cave and, activating the code, ran into his cave. Meanwhile, Kuririn very quickly raised his energy so the others could find him.

The androids awaken! 15.2,17,18 And…16?![]


“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to activate them now…but it’s too desperate not too” 20 thought to himself. Walking to three big capsules, he pushed the button on one of them. The capsule opened, and out of it walked about 15.2, a young girl with short brown hair and a big red ribbon; she noticed the remote control Gero held.

“Hello Dr.Gero-sama” she politely said. “How are you today?”

“Well, you certainly are polite today”

“Of course; if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the amazing power I have as an android…”

“Yes, that is true” Gero smiled. “Now to wake up your friends…” Gero slowly walked over to another capsule and pushed the red button. It opened, and out of it walked out Android 17, a boy with long black hair and an orange bandana on his neck. He also saw the remote Gero held and nodded to 15.2

“Good afternoon Dr.Gero-sama” 17 very politely said. “I see you have turned yourself into an android”

“Yes I have 17” Gero replied. “I wanted eternal life, just like you three. Oh by the way it’s morning.” He lastly walked over to the last capsule, pushed the button, and out walked 18, a young girl with short blonde hair and an outfit like Trunk’s.

“Ah, good day Gero-sama” 18 said. “It’s been sometime, hasn’t it?”

“Yes” Gero replied. “Now listen to me you three; Son Goku’s friends are outside, I demand you kill them all!”

“Yes Gero-sama” 15.2 said. “We’ll kill them all as soon as possible.”

“Very good.” Gero was ready to open the door so the androids could kill the Z-Fighters, when 17 suddenly grabbed the remote from Gero’s hand.

“17?!” Gero cried. "What in the hell do you think you are doing?!”

“What do you think I’m doing?” 17 smirked, crushing the remote with his own hand.

“No!” Gero cried. “Why 17?!”

“You won’t make us sleep again old man” 17 darkly said. Meanwhile outside, the Z-fighters fruitlessly tried to bust down the door.

“Damn it all!!” Tamera yelled. “This damn door is made of pure steel!”

“Damn it 17 I shall not tolerate this!!” the group heard 20 yell beyond the door.

“No…they’ve already been awakened..!” Kuririn cried.


“Move out of the way dumbass!!” Vegeta yelled, holding his hand out. “I’m busting down this door!!”

“No you're not!!” Panisa yelled. “You can’t beat the androids now! Just wait until Goku-sama is better, okay?!”

“HELL NO!!!” Vegeta yelled, ignoring her and firing a massive blast at the metal door and shattering it. They looked in and saw the three androids.

“So these are them?” Tamera asked.

“Yes, no doubt!!” Trunks cried.

“IT’S THEM!” Gero cried. “It’s Goku friends; now kill them!!!”

“Ugh, right now?” 15.2 grumbled. “We JUST woke up!”

“YES RIGHT NOW!” Gero shouted.

“We’ll kill them when we fell like it” 17 said.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!” Gero screamed. Then, 18 noticed another capsule, with the number 16 on it.

“Odd…” she said, looking around the capsule. “Is this No.16?”

“Stay back!!!” Gero yelled. “16 was a failure and if you awaken him, you’ll kill us all!!”

“WHAT?!” Trunks yelled. “There’s a FOURTH android?!”

“Is he an energy absorber, 18-chan?” 15.2 asked.

“Nope, he looks like an infinite energy” 18 said.

“Interesting…” 17 said. “Go on 18, start ‘em up.”

“NO!” Gero yelled. “16 was a failure!! If you wake him up he will kill us all!!”

“Yeah sure” 15.2 sarcastically said, smirking “Weird, if he was such a failure, then why is he still here?

“I…I was planning on finish him later!” Gero yelled. “But if you awaken 16 as he is, he will kill us all!!” Paying no mind, 18 was now ready to awaken 16.

“DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME 18?!” Gero screamed. “DO NOT OPEN HIM!!!” Suddenly, Gero felt something pierce his chest. He turned around, and saw Android 15.2 darkly smiling.

She had impaled her own master with her own hand.

“W...What have…you…done?!” Gero said as 15 shoved her hand out. “I created you…I gave you your power…and I sure as Hell can take it away…!!” Then, 15.2 duck down as 17 jumped up. Holding his leg out, 17 kicked Dr.Gero, his own maker, in the neck, chopping his head off. The metal robotic head rolled on the lab floor and slowly rolled over to the horrified Z-fighters.

“Okay; NOW I AM MAD” the head barely spoke. 17 darkly smiled and jumped up, and holding his foot out, smashed down on the android’s head and smushed it. As he crushed it, the crystal blue eyes budged out and the brain was slowly crushed under the shoe of the evil cyborg.

“U mad bro?” 17 darkly said, looking up and smirking at the terrified fighters.

“He…killed his own creator…!” Kuririn said, shaking. 17 then got up and walked over to his fellow androids.

“Go on No.18” he said. “Wake up our little friend!”


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” he screamed, going Super Saiyajin and firing a direct hit at the three machines and the unawake one.

“DEAR GOD MY EARS” Tamera yelled as she jumped back from the explosion, with the entire group following after her. The fighters all gathered outside from the explosion, barely managing to escape.


“Trunks, the next time you do that, give us some warning!!” Panisa yelled.

“What the hell was that for, dumbass?!" Vegeta yelled at his son.

“It’s more than you would have done!” his son yelled back. However, amongst the smoke and ruin, the three androids and the capsule stood, completely undamaged. “B-But that was my strongest attack! How could anyone be totally undamaged from that?!”

“18-chan, open him already!” 15 impatiently said.

“Alright alright…” 18 grumbled, tossing the capsule down. She turned the switch, and the capsule door opened. And out of it walked a big spiky red haired being with a green tunic and a black jumpsuit.

“Wow…” Tamera said, shaking a bit. “He’s big and creepy!!”

“Hello 16” 15.2 said to her new friend. 16 made no reply. “Dr.Gero didn’t want to awaken you” she continued. “Why do you think that is?”

Once again, no reply.

“Huh, that’s weird” 17 said. “Did Gero no give you a voice box, or are you just so epic that you don’t need to talk?” And as you would expect, no reply. “Well whatever, let’s go. You were made to kill Son Goku, no?”

“Yes.” 16 said, smiling. “I was”

“Well” 15.2. “You can speak! Good for you! Let’s go!!” with that, the androids used their artificial Chi energy and flew off to go kill Goku.

“Oh thank God…” Kuririn said, shaking. “They left…”

“But where are they going…?” Tenshinhan said. “They’re not going to North City; it’s the other way and it’s the closest city.”

“No!” Gohan cried. “They’re going to dad’s house!! Gero wanted to kill my dad for destroying the Red Ribbion Army!!”

“But I don’t understand!” Tamera cried. “Why would they still want to find Goku?! I mean, they KILLED Dr.Gero!!”

“Who really cares about that?!” Vegeta yelled. “I, Vegeta-sama, was right here, and they didn’t even bother seeing me?! Those fools…” Vegeta, turning Super Saiyajin, flew off to go fight the androids, when suddenly his son Trunks flew up in front of him.

“No!!” he yelled. “You CANNOT go fight the androids now!! Just wait until Goku-sama is better, please!!”

“Yeah right” Vegeta harshly said. “Like I’m going to wait for Kakarotto!”

“Damn it Vegeta-san!” Trunks cried. “You don’t understand just how-“but before he could finish, Vegeta held out his fist and punched his own son right into the gut.

“Stay out of my way, brat!!” Vegeta coldly yelled, flying off.

“Trunks-sama!!” Tamera yelled, flying to him. “Are you alright?!”

“Wait, how did you know…my name?!” Trunks cried.

“It’s alright” Tamera said, smiling. “We all know who you and Panisa are; there’s no need to hide anything anymore”

“Well…don’t worry about me!” Trunks cried. “You need to go help my father; he’s going to get killed!”

“Why not let him?” Tamera thought to herself. “He’s an obnoxious prick; why would we?” However, she spoke different. “Alright, I guess if we HAVE to…”

“Thanks…so much!!” Trunks said, getting up. The entire group then flew off to help Vegeta against the Androids.

A cute face and super power?! 18 VS Vegeta!![]


As Vegeta and the others flew to find the androids, the androids themselves landed on a road.

“Why are we stopping here 17?” 18 impatiently asked her brother.

“Simple; we’re waiting for a car” 17 replied.

“Ugh, seriously?” 18 complained. “You still have your human in you; the love of pointless trivia…”

“C’mon, you agree don’t you 16?” 17 asked. “You were made from human too right?”

“No” 16 replied. “I was made from complete scratch.”

“Wow, seriously?!” 15.2 asked, surprised.

“Yes” 16 replied, smiling. Then suddenly, Vegeta, who was Super Sayiajin, landed.

“Well” Vegeta spoke out. “I didn’t expect to see you tin cans around here”

“Huh, that’s weird” 17 said. “You’re hair is different now”

“Yes, it has” Vegeta chuckled. “But that’s not the only thing that’s changed! Anyway, where are you garbage cans heading?”

“Simple: Goku’s house” 15.2 said.

“Oh really?” Vegeta chuckled. “I don’t think so; you’re ALL going to die right here!”

“Oh really?” 17 chuckled.

“Aw, you think that’s funny?” Vegeta said, annoyed.

“Ah, a Saiyajin’s useless annoying pride” 15.2 said. “Well you know what they say; Pride is the downfall of the weak”

“SHUT UP!!” Vegeta screamed at her. “Who’s the first to die?! The bitch, the blonde chick, the black haired brat, or the big moron?!”

“Whatever” 18 grumbled. “I guess I’ll do it.”

“Good” Vegeta chuckled. “I won’t go easy on you just because you’re a woman. Wait that’s right! You’re not a woman anymore; you’re a walking trash can!”


At first, Vegeta and 18 stared at each other blankly, waiting for someone to throw a punch. Then, 18 suddenly flew at him and tried to lay a punch at him, though Vegeta blocked it. As the two constantly tossed punches at each other, 17 watched on in surprise.

“Vegeta Huh?” he thought. “Not as bad as I thought” Vegeta then got a tight hold of 18’s leg and tossed her into a nearby mountain, and just as 18 got out, Vegeta’s flew at her and punched her in the face. The two then landed on the nearby road.

“Huh” Vegeta said. “You’re not using your full potential”

“Yes” 18 replied. “And neither are you”

“If I really was using my full power” Vegeta yelled. “The earth would be totally shattered!!”

“Well, looks like we’re both holding back” 18 said.

“Oh, so you are? Don’t be shy; show me what you can do, you metal piece of trash!!”

“Alright” 18 said. Only seconds later, 18 flew at Vegeta and head butted him in the face. Once Vegeta got his balance back, he flew at 18 and attempted to punch her in the gut. However, 18 responded with a knee to his gut and then a smack into the nearby mountain. Meanwhile, the other Z-fighters have arrived to the battle site.

“Vegeta-san!!” Panisa cried. “Are you alright?!”

“Of course!!” Vegeta yelled, emerging from the wreckage.

“Good…” Panisa said, relieved.

“Not even 18 can handle all of them by herself” 17 thought to himself, looking at the crowd.

“Please Vegeta-san!!” Trunks cried. “We have to get out of here while we can! What good is pride if it gets you killed?!”

“Do you want another beating?!” Vegeta yelled. “Stay out of my way!!”

“You can run if you want” 18 said. “We’re not interested in those who run”

“I never said I would run!” Vegeta yelled. “Do not associate me with them! I would rather DIE than join forces with the useless humans, the disgusting Namekian, and the worthless Saiyajins who mock there race merely by existing!”

“Wow” 17 said. “A certainly interesting speech! Clap clap clap…”

“Please, I don’t want praise from a metal puppet!” Vegeta yelled.

“Alright” 17 then turned to the crown “You heard the man! You all stay out of this, or else 15.2 and I will have to intervene.”

“Who said I wanted to help you kill innocent people?” 15.2 said. “I only wanna kill bad people like Goku” she then got up on 16’s shoulder. “You can kill them if you want, but I’m just gonna hang out with 16”

“Umm, okay?” 17 said. Meanwhile…

“Are we going to continue?” 18 asked.

“Of course!” Vegeta cried.

“That’s the spirit.” 18 cried, flying at Vegeta and punching him in the face. She was ready to hit him again, but was stopped when Vegeta grabbed her foot and tossed her at a mountain. Once she was down, he held out his hand and fired a massive blast at her. It created a massive explosion, and once the thick rocky smoke cleared, Vegeta flew down to the crater it made and saw 18, with no damage other than to her clothes.

“You’re not hurt” Vegeta said. “This is starting to piss me off…!”

“I’m impressed Vegeta” 18 said. “I never thought a being, even an alien, could be so powerful. Tell me, is Goku stronger than you?”

“Of course not!!” Vegeta yelled. “He was ahead of me for a little while, but not anymore!! I trained with training from Hell, and I know I’m much stronger than him now!!”

“Really?” 18 said. “How sad; to work so hard for…so little”

“…SAD FOR YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!” Vegeta yelled, throwing a kick at her and proceeding with a barrage of punches.

“Wow, I never realized how powerful my dad is!!” Trunks thought to himself. “The only problem is, he’s bad at insulting his enemies…I mean, Sad for you? C’mon…”

“….He’s going to get killed” Piccolo said.

“What?!” Tamera cried. “But look at how well he’s doing! I mean yeah, the SAD FOR YOU thing was sucky, but he’s holding his own!”

“No; the android has infinite energy, but with every blow she lays on Vegeta, he loses more and more stamina” It was true, because as the battles and punches continued, Vegeta slowed down more and more. Then, what really took down Vegeta was when 18 kicked him in the left arm, shattering the bone. Trunks gasped in shock at what he just saw.

“FATHER!!!” Trunks screamed, powering up to Super Saiyajin and drawing his sword.


“TRUNKS-SAMA! DON’T!!” Tamera yelled to Trunks. However, he ignored and rushed in to help his father. Drawing his sword, Trunks sliced down on 18, who blocked it with her arm. And then just like that, Trunk’s sword chipped and broke. Seeing this, 17 flew at Trunks and bashed down on his back, knocking him out.

“Down in one shot…as…as a Super Saiyajin!” Kurirn cried.

“Trunks-sama…!” Tamera cried. Before flying off to help him, she took out the sensu beans. “Hold these Kuririn-san!!” she cried before flying off to help Trunks. Seeing this, the others decided to fly in. “You PUNKS!!” She yelled as she attempted to kick 17 in the face, although he punched her in her gut and knocked her out very quickly.

“You bastards…!” Panisa cried, flying at 17. As she tried to punch him in the face, he grabbed her by her ponytail and put his foot on her back and pushed down, ripping at her hair brutally. After this, he threw her at a nearby boulder, completely shattering it. Once all the debris cleared, the only sound was the sound of swelled, dry coughing. Panisa’s severe asthma issue was coming up during the worst of times. As soon as 17 was done with her, he ran at Gohan and kneed him in the gut, knocking him out quickly and kicked Piccolo in the head. He soon got an incredibly tight hold of Tenshinhan’s neck and began strangling him.

“IDIOT!!” Vegeta yelled, trying to get a hit at 17. Just then, 18 grabbed a tight hold of Vegeta’s leg and threw him right at Trunks, who had gotten up. Trunk’s hair immediately turned from golden to lavender again once he fell. 18 then walked over to Vegeta and put her foot on his unbroken arm. Meanwhile, Piccolo tried to help Tenshinhan, but only got a deep punch into the gut, almost killing him.

“I should probably break this one too; I don’t want you pulling that off again” She then pressed her foot down hard and though on Vegeta’s arm. All that you could hear after that was the sound of a bone shattering snap and Vegeta’s screaming, and like his son, his hair turned from blonde to black.

“Weird…their hair changed from blonde to another color” 17 said. “I think we outta dispose of them while we can.”

“Right” 18 said. She then walked over to Trunks.


18 stood above the unconscious Saiyajin fighter, and held out her hand, blazing full of energy and ready to kill him, when she suddenly felt something grab her by her hair.

“What the hell…?!” she cried.

There was Tamera, grabbing her by her hair and holding Trunk’s broken sword. With his sword, shutting her eyes, she slashed down on 18’s hair and sliced threw it.

“N-NO!!!” 18 screamed. Tamera jumped back and timidly dropped the sword. “Y-YOU BITCH!!!!” 18 screamed at the foolishly brave girl.

“You want a piece of me?!” Tamera yelled, trying to keep 18 away from the unconscious Trunks.

“Believe me, when I’m done with you, there won’t be any pieces of you LEFT!” 18 screamed.

“Oh really?!” Tamera mockingly said. She then stuck her butt out at 18 and slapped it. “Hey! Here’s your target BITCH!”

"YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!” 18 screamed, flying at the young Saiyajin. The girl got her hands up, ready for battle. Just as 18 was flying over to murder the young girl, the unconscious Trunks woke up to the sight of golden locks of hair on the ground and his broken sword in the mist of it.

“No…She…she didn’t…!” He thought to himself. He was proven wrong when he saw 18 flying at Tamera, ready to kill her. “NO TAMERA-SAN!”

“So you’re okay Trunks-sama?” Tamera telepathically contacted him. “That’s great; I was really worried” Tamera flew at 18 and hit her in the face, but the machine kicked her in the gut after. She then grabbed her by her hair, flew up, and threw the girl into the earth at a fast deadly speed.

“Leave her alone!!” Trunks yelled. “I was the one you wanted!!” However, 18 paid to mind to him anymore; she was focused fully on the bitch that cut her hair. As 18 was ready to pound at her, Tamera got up and punched her in the stomach, making her only slightly flinch. However, once she recovered, she immediately got up and punched Tamera in the face. With Tamera unable to do anything but flinch back for a second, 18 pounded her constantly, showing no mercy. Finally, she grabbed the weary girl by her shirt and floated up. Holding her hand out, 18 blasted the girl right in the face, much to the horror and shock of Trunks.

Tamera’s unconscious and likely dead body slowly feel to the ground, badly burnt from 18’s blast. Trunks flew to retrieve it, and just when she hit the ground, Trunks caught the body.

“Tamera-san! TAMERA-SAN!!” Trunks yelled, shaking the body. The girl made no response. Trunks looked up at 18 in anger and rage. “You monster…!”

“Hey, she started it” 18 mumbled. “And I finished it” she smirked. 18 and her 17 then flew off to 16. Trunks could only sit in shock and look at the burnt face of Tamera.

“T…Trunks-sama…” a weak dying voice quietly said. Trunks looked down, and the burnt face of Tamera was still alive.

“Tamera-san, why did you do that?!” he cried at her.

“Because I didn’t want you to die…”


The two androids flew down to Kuririn, who was near 16 and 15.2 who were playing with the birds. Kuririn stood in shock and timidity.

“Hey, calm down” 17 said. “We didn’t kill any of them…I think. You better them those sensu beans right now. It heals them completely, no?” Kuririn stood in shock at the sight of the android’s concern. “Tell them we’ll play with them again if they feel up to it.”

“Wait, you’re not going to ask him where Goku is?” 18 said.



“Aw man, you made the birds fly away!” 15.2 cried. “16 and I were having fun with them…”

“Birds…?” 18 asked, confused.

“I’ll explain later” 17 said, sighing. “Let’s just go to a bigger city; there has to be more activity there”

“Yeah, and I need some new clothes” 18 said. “No point in fighting in rags”

“Yeah, I need some new clothes too” 15.2 said. The four androids then walked away, ready to go kill Goku.

“W-WAIT!” Kuririn cried, running to them.

“What now?” 17 impatiently asked.

“W-what is it you guys want?!” Kuririn cried. “To take over the world or something?!”

“For now, it’s just to kill Goku” 15.2 said. “After that, who knows?”

“But why?!” Kuririn cried. “Why are you obeying Dr.Gero’s orders?! Didn’t you three KILL him?!”

“Gero has nothing to do with this” 17 spoke. “It’s just a fun game for us”

“It’s just a GAME?!” Kuririn cried.

“Yep” 15.2 said.

“...If even I begged you not to go…?!” Kuririn timidly said.

“I’m sorry; our mission is to kill Goku” 16 spoke out.

“And the terminator-guy has spoken!” 17 cried. “Now run along and give your friends those sensu beans” Suddenly, 18 began walking over to Kuririn.

''Ohmygodohmygodohmygod OHMYGOD!!!" Kuririn screamed in his mind. Instead of killing him or hurting him, not even laying a finger on him, Android 18 bent down and kissed Kuririn on the cheek.

“Good luck” she whispered in his ear. “Bye” she said, walking away. Kuririn stood in shock, not believing what just happened. Did he ACTUALLY just get KISSED by a hot, blonde, supposedly evil woman?! An ANDROID?!

Uh, yeah! HE JUST DID!

What now?! Piccolo’s plan!![]


While the androids flew away, Kuririn stood frozen after being kissed by 18. Then he remembered his dying comrades who needed sensu beans.

“That’s right!!” Kuririn cried in his mind. “Oh man how could I forget?!” Kuririn flew over to the sight of his hurt comrades, most of them unconscious. “Lemme see” he thought to himself. “One, two three…alright, there are seven people here and only six beans…I guess we’ll have to split one up…”

“WHAT?!” Piccolo yelled after he and the others had all been healed by the beans. “You mean to tell me that the androids know about the sensu beans as well?!”

“Is this just there way of saying we’re not worth it…?” Tenshinhan asked.

“Damn that 18…!” Tamera yelled. “Blasting me in the face like that! Next time I see her, I swear I’ll rip her face off…!!”

Vegeta stood the other way, humiliated. How?! How could he let an android, A WOMAN, beat him?! Isn’t he the great Vegeta-sama?! How could this be…?! Vegeta, enraged and humiliated, flew off to train. Trunks got ready to fly off after him, when Piccolo yelled at him.

“No Trunks!! Let him go…”

“But...why?” Trunks asked.

“He’s finally surpassed Goku, and what does he get? His *ss kicked by a woman, android or not!”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help out…” Kurirn sighed, looking down.

“Trust me, you would have made no difference” Tamera said. “Trunks-sama and Panisa-san were both Super Saiyajins and they both fell in one blow. No need to feel bad”

“…These androids are not like the one from our time…” Panisa spoke out.

“What?!” Tamera cried. “Great, what’s different now?!”

“The androids from our time weren’t as strong as this!” Trunks cried. “Even if we couldn’t beat them, Panisa and I could at least could stand our ground for some time!”

“Great” Tamera groaned. “First we get the wrong guys and now the real deal is too strong for us…! Fucking hell! Now what do we do?!”

“You five go to Goku’s house and try to get him somewhere else” Piccolo said.

“Alright, good idea!” Tamera cried. “But what about you?”

“…That’s a good question” Piccolo said.

“Hey, I know that look in your eyes!” Kuririn cried. “You have a plan! You can tell us; we’re your friends! It’s oka-“

“WHO SAID WE WERE FRIENDS?!” Piccolo barked at him. “I’m only using you guys for my quest for world domination!! Do not forget I’m a demon!!!” with that, Piccolo flew away from the shocked group.


“Wait…” Tamera said. “When was he ever a demon? And what did he mean he wants to take over the world…?”

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t mean it” Kuririn said. “I know he has a plan. He just wants to get stronger than everyone, like Goku or Vegeta. He’s going to use his last trump card, I know it!”

“Trump card…?” Panisa asked. “What do you mean by that?”

“Didn’t you notice the way he was flying to?” Kuririn asked.

“Well he was heading North, but that’s it…” Panisa said.

“He’s going to Kami-sama!” Kuririn announced.

“The lookout?!” Tamera cried. “Why would he go there?”

“Remember when I told you that Piccolo and Kami-sama were once one being?” Kurirn asked.

“Yeah?” Tamera replied.

“He’s going to refuse with Kami-sama!”

“Huh?” Gohan asked. “But why would he?!”

“Well I remember back on Namek” Kuririn began, “The grant elder told me that if Piccolo and Kami-sama never split up, then he would have held his own against the Saiyajins when they first showed up, and seeing that Piccolo’s much stronger than he was back then, if he and Kami-sama fused now, who knows how strong they’ll be?!”

“Wow, that’s an awesome idea…!” Tamera cried. “But if fuses with Kami, then won’t the Dragon Balls disappear?!”

“Yeah, more than likely.” Kuririn stated. “But why would it matter? The androids are going to kill Piccolo anyway, so the balls would be inery anyway, So what’s really the point? Like they say: You gotta risk it to get the biscuit!”

“…I’ve never heard anyone EVER say that before” Tamera grumbled.

“That’s because it’s not actually a real line” Kuririn said. “It’s a term someone at Nimbus’s school uses.”

“Goddamn forth wall breaking…” Tamera grumbled.

“So, what do you think my Fa- I mean Vegeta-san is going to do next…?” Panisa asked.

“Don’t worry Panisa-san” Tamera said. “We already told Trunks-sama we know who you two are. There’s no point in hiding anything anymore”

“And to answer your question, he’s more than likely gone to train” Tenshinhan said. “I know Vegeta; he’s the kind to back down that easily. I’m more than certain that he’s not finished yet.”


“GODDAMN THOSE ANDROIDS!!!!” Vegeta screamed as he flew off in anger. “How dare they humiliate me like that!!! I WILL MAKE THEM PAY!! I am the great Vegeta-sama; I WILL NOT LET THIS SLIDE!!” He then flew off to train even more.



“So, How long do you think it will take for Goku to recover?” Tamera asked Trunks as she and the others were flying to Goku’s house to get him somewhere safe.

“If you want a rough estimate” Trunks said. “I’d say about ten days or so”

“That seems a long enough for us to hide him” Tamera said. “Thank God the androids don’t have power sensors…”

“Yeah, really” Panisa said, worried.

Meanwhile…again >_<

Piccolo flew up to the lookout and landed in front of Kami and Mr.Popo. {C “…I don’t need to explain things” Piccolo solemnly said. “You know this is our only shot”

“Yes, I understand” Kami replied. “Long ago, you and I- well, technically your father and I were once one. I never thought the day would come were you and I would finally become one again”

“Listen, this isn’t meant to be some peace treaty” Piccolo said. “I only intend to absorb your powers so I can defeat the androids. Face it, the only reason you really exist now is for the use of the Dragon Balls!”

“How dare you say that about Kami-sama!” Mr. Popo cried.

“No, he is right” Kami said, looking down. “The gap between Piccolo’s powers and mine are beyond measure, as we face a new foe after another, each stronger than the previous. Not even Trunks or Panisa, the two future heroes who easily slewed Freeza and crew could beat those two. Not even their father, who is stronger than them! I have a feeling that not even Goku-san can handle these two…! Maybe Earth is ready to let me go…”

“That’s right” Piccolo said. “The Earth doesn’t need you anymore; its needs someone who can actually protect rather than just look over it!!”

“Very well” Kami spoke. “I will let you fuse with me...however; we should watch these four and see if they really are a threat”

“What?!” Piccolo yelled. “You cannot actually be serious!!! Didn’t you see what they did to us?! The female one almost burnt Tamera’s face off! For God sakes, those two destroyed Trunks and Panisa’s future!!!”

“I am serious!!” Kami cried. “You were the ones to start the fight, and they didn’t even kill you!!”

“So what are you saying? That they’re actually just sweet and innocent; that they only want to be our friends?!”

“I highly doubt it, but for now, we should watch and see if they really are a threat! The big one and the brown haired girl refused to lay a finger on you!”

“Fine” Piccolo grumbled, sitting down. “I’ll just wait here, until you finally realize when it’s too late…”


Androids 15.2, 16, 17, and 18 were all flying to Goku’s house. 17 looked down, and what did he see? A good car for driving long travels.

“Hey, I found a car”

“Why would we need that?” 18 asked. “Let’s just keep flying”

“What’s the hurry?” 17 replied. “It’ll be fun” 17 flew down to the car, with 16 and 15.2 following after him.

“Seriously?” 18 grumbled, reluctantly flying down with them.

“Man, you can’t be serious!” the owner of the truck said. He and his friend had stopped for a cup of coffee at a nearby station.

“Trust me; I didn’t believe Nicktoons would show GT too!” the other replied. “It also looks unedited, so we get blood and stuff!”

“Can we get rid of this stupid cargo 17?” 15.2 asked, opening the back door of the van.

“Guess we have to”

“HEY!” the owner yelled. “You little punks get away! That’s not your property!!” he began running over to the car, but stopped dead in his tracks when 16 picked up the car and poured all the cargo out off the back.

“Nice job 16!” 15.2 happily said, jumping in the back, with 18 and 17 heading up in the front.

“And off to Goku’s house we go!” 17 cried, starting the car up.

“Don’t forget 15.2 and I want new clothes!!” 18 cried.

“Fine fine…” 17 grumbled, driving.



“Kuririn!” Tenshinhan cried, still flying with the others to Goku’s house. “I'm gonna’ spilt off here! Chaozu’s probably really worried”

“Right!” Kuririn replied. “We’ll take Goku to Master Muten-Rôshi’s house!”

“Good idea! I’ll come back if things look back!!” With that, Tenshihan flew off to go find his friend Chazou.

“Why…” Panisa said out loud. “Why did history change so much?”

“Who knows?” Tamera said.

“I think” Gohan stated. “That Gero somehow knew my dad was still alive in this time, and as such made the androids stronger and decided to make 16 and keep him a little longer. But in your time, my dad is dead, so that’s why…”

“I guess that could work…” Trunks said. The flight soon landed once they reached the home of Goku on Mount Paouz.

“Hey look!” Tamera cried. “There it is!!” she and the other flew down to the little house.

“Hey Trunks, Panisa?” Kuririn nervously said. “I have a question…”

“Sure, what is it?” Panisa asked.

“Well…you two are CERTAIN that the androids are totally evil and nothing more than heartless killing machines?”

“Well, they only destroy the future and kill you and everyone else” Panisa said. ”Why ask?”


“Umm…alrighty…?” Panisa said. Kuririn then walked to the door and gently knocked on it, and what did he get? A door slammed on his forehead and a bruised head.

“OMG GOHAN-CHAN YOUR OKAY!!!!” ChiChi screamed, running to her son. “You had your mother and little sister on pins and needles!!!”

“GOHAN!!” Sora cried, running to her brother and giving him a big hug. “I was so scared!!”

“Oh wow…” Panisa nervously said.

“This is Goku’s wife…” Kuririn said, rubbing his head in pain.

“Chi-Chi-san, how’s Goku doing?” Tamera asked.

“He’s okay now!” ChiChi happily cried. “He took the medicine and he’s asleep now.”

“Hey, what’s going on?” Yamucha cried, running out of the house. “Oh thank God, you’re all okay!! Hey Kuririn did you know Goku has a new daughter now?”

“Really?!” Kuririn cried. “That’s wonderful, but we need to get out of here NOW! The androids are coming to kill Goku, and they’re gonna be here any minute!”

“Oh...my…god…” Yamucha said, shocked.

A new threats appears! The mystery of the time machine!![]


“So you’re sure these guys are more powerful than the one Trunks told us about?!” Yamucha cried, helping Kuririn carry Goku’s body into the plane to fly to Muten-Róshi’s house.

“More powerful doesn’t even describe them…” Tamera said, helping little Sora into the plane. “Heck, the female one almost melted my face off…”

“…Why?" Yamucha asked.

“I cut her hair off.”


“Because she was going to kill Trunks-sama.” …

“So that’s it” Kuririn concluded to the others after telling them about the androids and of their “game” to hunt down Goku.

“Why would anyone wanna kill my papa…?” Sora asked. “He wouldn’t hurt anyone…”

“Wait…” Trunks cried. “What if Panisa and I went back in time a little before Gero could awaken the androids? We could destroy them before they could awaken!”

“Yeah…that could work right?” Panisa asked.

“But doesn’t the time machine take a long time to recharge after two trips?” Tamera asked. “If you two go back, will you ever be able to go back to your own time…?”

“…I don’t know…” Trunks replied, looking down.

“Wait…let’s say you did do it” Gohan stated. “Then what would happen to the androids of today? Would they just disappear or what…?”

“Good point!” Panisa cried. “If we destroy the androids in THAT time, then that world would be safe, but nothing here would change…!”

“Wait what do you mean..?!” Tamera cried.

“Um, okay take Goku for an example” Panisa stated. “In the future, he’s been dead for a long time, but in this world he’s alive. So I guess that basically states that each time my brother and I go back in time, we create a new world.”

“So are you two saying you came back in time for nothing…?” Yamucha cried.

“Probably...” Panisa said, shrugging.

“So what was the point of coming back…?” Tamera asked.

“Well, our world is just so horrible” Trunks stated. “That our mother at least wanted a world that was peaceful; so just the thought of a peaceful world was enough for her. However, when my sister and I came back in time, we had other reasons”

“We wanted to find some weakness to the androids” Panisa continued. “If we couldn’t do that, then we had to bring Goku to our time, so maybe he could help us beat them…”

“But we’re in some past we don’t know anything off…” Trunks shrugged. “Goku’s timing of his illness was way off, the androids are much stronger, and there’s a new one as well….”

“But why did everything change?” Tamera asked.

“I don’t know…” Trunks said. “It’s probably because we traveled back in time…it may be our fault”

“Don’t go blaming yourself!!” Sora cheerfully said. “If you two didn’t come back, then my papa wouldn’t be here! It’s because of you two that papa will live!!” She then jumped onto the two of them and gave them a big hug.

“See? Sora’s right!” Tamera cried. “We outta look on the bright side! We would all be dead if you guys didn’t show up! Not only that, but it’s amazing that we get to know two people from another time!”

“Yeah, we’ve been through worst!…Kinda” Kuririn said. “It’ll be okay…I hope”

“KURIRIN-SAN!” Tamera yelled, smacking him.

“OW OKAY IT WILL BE OKAY!” Kuririn cried, rubbing his head in pain.



"17, do you have any idea where we’re going?” 18 asked. “Because I think WE’RE OFF THE ROAD AND MORE THAN LIKELY LOST IN THE FOREST!”

“C’mon 18!” 17 cried, directing the car through the forest. “Where’s…your…sense of adventure?! 15.2 and I are LOVIN this!!”

“WEE!!!” 15.2 cried, sticking her head out the window. “This is aweso- OW I GOT HIT IN THE FACE BY A BRANCH!!!”

“See?” 17 said.

“Do you even know where Goku lives?” 18 asked.

“Not the slightest clue!” 17 replied rather casually.

“Ugh, are you serious?” 18 grumbled.

“Goku lives in a mountain village in the Eastern 439 area” 16 said.

“16, it’s a bit creepy that you know that” 15.2 said, sticking her head back in the van and rubbing her face in pain.

“We can get there in a few minutes if we fly” 16 continued.

“Oh you’re so right on” 18 said, turning to him. “But here we are, taking a freakion road trip”

“Oh c’mon 18-chan!” 15.2 cried. “It’s the little things that always make life fun!”

“Yeah, what she said!” 17 said, driving off.


Gosh that was such useless filler…

“Well, we’re going to be at Master Muten-Rôshi’s place soon” Yamucha said, still flying the plane.

“Hey, Tamera-kun” Chi-Chi said, turning to Tamera. “Maybe you should call Bulma and tell her what’s up”

"Well, alright” Tamera replied. “But why do I have to call her…?” She then turned to Panisa and Trunks. “Your mother can be scary at times…”

“Believe me, we get it” Panisa chuckled. “After all, she IS our mother” Tamera, sitting down and picking up the small phone, dialed to Capsule CORP.

“Yes, I’m looking for Bulma-san” Tamera said, talking into the phone. “Is she available?”

“Bulma-san?” a person from Capsule CORP asked. “Yes, she is available. I’ll put you threw to her right now”

“Hey, Bulma-san?” Tamera asked.

“TAMERA-KUN?! YOU FINALLY DECIDED TO CALL!!!” Bulma practically screamed threw the phone. “I kept trying to call you guys at Mount Paouz but no one picked up!! Hey, are my future kids there?!”

“Panisa-san and Trunks-sama? Yeah, they’re both here.”

“Alright, put them on!!”

“You’re on speaker; we can all hear you loud and clear”

“Alright, so a few days ago, someone hiking says he found a weird old vehicle that had a CAPSULE CORP logo on it; he was gonna take it home, but he couldn’t figure out how to operate it. So he called us!”


“We couldn’t figure out what type of vehicle it was over the phone and we had never seen or heard or anything like it, but it had a CAPSULE CORP logo on it, so we knew that somehow we made it. We just had a picture of it faxed over, and I swear to God its Trunks and Panisa’s time machine!!”

“W-what?!” Panisa and Trunks both cried at the same time.

“T-That doesn’t make any sense!!” Trunks cried, taking a small container out of his coat pocket. “We have the time machine right here!!”

“They say they have it!” Tamera cried over the phone.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought” Bulma replied. “But it’s defiantly their machine! I’ve seen it before, but what’s really weird is that it looks all old and stuff! Hey, how many machines did I build?”

“You were barely able to make just one…” Panisa replied.

“Do you want me to send a fax over to you guys?”

“Yes, please!” Trunks cried.

“Alright; hold on” a few moments later, the fax machine in the plane send them over a picture. Inspecting it, Trunk’s eyes lit up.

“W-what the Hell?!” he cried, looking at the picture.

“Lemme see!” Panisa cried. Panisa’s face turned to incredible shock when she saw the picture. “Oh my God…!!”

Indeed, it was there time machine covered in moss and ruined.


“Yep, no doubt this is our machine…” Panisa said, shaking.

“Does she know exactly where it’s located?!” Trunks asked.

“Bulma-san, do you know where it’s located?”

“Not exactly, but I believe it’s somewhere in Western district 1050. You gonna check it out?”

“Yes!” Trunks cried. “We need to investigate this thing!”

“Alright, I guess I’ll come too” Bulma replied.

“Alright, we’ll see you there!” Panisa cried.

“Hey…umm…” Tamera timidly said. “I may be able to help out…do you think I can come…?” by the time she finished, she basically blushing brighter than a cherry.

“Sure, no problem!” Panisa cried.


“Hey, mom?” Bulma cried, running down stairs. “I have to go out for a little while; can you look after Trunks and Panisa?”

“WALL SHURE SWET HART” the MILF replied. “BAWT WARE AUR WOO GAOING?” (Translation: Well sure sweet heart, but where are you going?)

“Oh, just seeing my kids all grown up!” Bulma replied, winking and running out.

“WEIT VHAT?” (Translation: Wait what?)


Trunks, Panisa, and Tamera all flew out of the plane and headed to Western District 1050 to see the old time machine.

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you two something” Tamera cried while flying. “What happens to me in the future? Do I die with everyone else, or do I actually help out…?”

“You’re my mentor in the future, and you and Gohan often fight together; unfortunately, you die protecting me…” Panisa said. “You do something else, but I can’t tell you what…it’ll prevent someone being born…”

“Oh really?” Tamera said, surprised. “So I’m a teacher but I die…that sucks!”

“But you’re the one who triggers my first Super Saiyajin transformation” Panisa continued. “My damn asthma issue got in the way, so you had to die protecting me”.

“…Sorry I died” Tamera whimpered. “But how terribly is your world affected by the androids? Like, Japan in 1946 bad?”

“Beyond Japan 1946 bad” Trunks replied. “Just about everyone in the world has been killed by those monsters. The only thousands of people alive live in underground burrows like animals.”

“That’s horrid…” Tamera replied. “Hey wait, did you two notice the androids disobeyed Gero? Like, it looked like he was sorta scared of them.”

“Yeah” Panisa replied. “He mentioned something about some remote to shut them off.”

“Yeah, he more than likely had something to shut them off with” Trunks said. “If he really does, then my mother may be able to rebuild one if we find blue prints or something of that sort…well I only hope there’s actually one…” after a short flight, the three landed where the time machine supposedly was.

“Alright, let’s split up” Trunks said.

“First one to find it gets 20 zeni from the other two!” Tamera cried.

“Found it!” Panisa cried.

“…Damn it…” Tamera groaned, flying down with Panisa. And there it stood; the creepy old time machine ruined and covered in moss.

As soon as they landed, they heard what sounded like a plane flying and saw Bulma fly in.


“He-e-e-e-e-lo!!!” she cried as she jumped out. “It’s your beautiful mother, Trunks and Panisa!!”

“Uhh…hey?” Panisa replied. “Alright, Trunks, take out our time machine”

“Alright” her brother replied, taking out the capsule pack, tossing out one. When it exploded, it revealed a big machine, a time one, that looked exactly like the other one but not nearly as messed up.

“So this ISN’T your machine!” Bulma cried.

“Well…yes and no…” Trunks said, walking over to the machine. He gently scratched off the moss on one of the time machines, revealing the world HOPE!! written on it. “Panisa and I wrote this on the machine the day we first left”

“B-but I don’t understand” Bulma said. “Why would it be here? And most importantly, why is it all old and covered with moss…?”

“M-Maybe we outta check it inside and see if we can find anything” Tamera said, floating up. “Hey, there’s some round thingy inside!”

“Huh?” the two Saiyajin siblings cried, floating up.

“Hey, I see it too!” Panisa cried.

“I’m gonna get a closer look, ‘scuse me” Trunks said, gently pushing Tamera and opening the top shuffle. When inside, he noticed an egg sort of thing that was round, pink, spiky, and broken in half. “What the hell…?”

“What’s THAT thingy?!” Tamera cried. “It looks like a mutated coconut!”

“HEY!” Bulma cried. “What is that? Let me have a look!”

“Alright, here” Trunks replied, picking up the pink thing and handing it over to Bulma.

“It seems like some type of egg…” Bulma said, inspecting it. “Not any type of egg I’ve seen before though”

“Do you think what came out of it controlled the time machine to come back here?” Panisa asked.

“It’s possible…” Tamera said. “Hey, can the time machine tell the user what time it came from?”

“Yeah, I think so” Panisa replied. “Trunks, can you check what time it’s from?”

"Yes, hold on” he replied, turning the machine on and inspecting it “It has little to no power left, but it has enough to show what time it came from…” seeing the time, Trunks gasped in horror.

“What?! What’s wrong?!” Panisa cried.

“It…it came from Age 788! Three years previous after Panisa and I first left!”

“What?!” Panisa cried. “Does it say when it came here?!”

“Around four years ago…” her brother nervously replied.

“Do you guys think this thing is the reason why history changed so much…?!” Tamera cried.



“Still peering over the world?” Piccolo mockingly asked. “Enjoy it; it will be one of the last times you get to…”

“What is that thing…?” Kami muttered. “Why did it come back in the time machine…?!”

“Huh?” Piccolo asked.

“Yes…there is no doubt THAT thing is truly stronger than the androids…!”

“What the hell are you talking about…?!” Piccolo cried, getting up.

“I know that soon, a dreadful day will come on this Earth, once again deciding its fate…”

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Piccolo yelled again. “Speak up damn you!!”

“There is no need to explain” Kami replied. “Once you and I merge, you will know everything…”

“So you finally made up your mind” Piccolo smirked.

MEANWHILE AT THE TIME MACHINE Gosh I need to stop always using meanwhile

“Wow, I still can’t believe I made a time machine!” Bulma cried, proud of herself. “I really AM a genius!!”

“Ugh god…” Tamera groaned.

“Well we can’t leave this thing sitting out here like this.” Panisa said, walking to the machine. “We outta close it up” pressing the small button on the machine, it popped back into capsule form.

“Ya want me to close up the other one?” Tamera asked, walking to the machine.

“Sure, thanks!” Panisa replied, handing Trunks the capsule with the old time machine in it. Pressing the button, the machine popped back into small capsule form. “Here” she said, giving Trunks the capsule.

“Bulma-san, you should probably take that egg back for studying” Tamera said, turning to the proud time-machine making scientist. “It may tell us more about what exactly used this machine and left it like this”

“That’s just what I was gonna do!” Bulma cried, taking the egg. “So what are you guys gonna do now?”

“The others are getting Goku-sama to Muten-Rôshi’s place. We’ll be meeting up with them there.” Tamera replied.

“The turtle house?” Bulma asked. “Why?”

“Well, basically the four are after Goku-sama’s life, so we decided to hide him somewhere until he’s better” Panisa told her.

“Why don’t you just beat them up?” Bulma blankly asked.

“Gee, why didn’t we think of that earlier genius?!” Tamera sarcastically whispered to herself.

“What was that Tamera-kun?” Bulma asked.

“I said we already tried that and I almost got my face melted off” Tamera lied. “Believe me, NOT A GOOD IDEA”

“You guys already fought them?” Bulma asked. “H-How’s Vegeta? Is he okay…?”

“We gave dad and everyone else sensu beans” Panisa said. “However, once he was all better, he flew off. Who knows where he is now…” just then, Tamera noticed something sort of odd behind a small plateau. “Hey, something wrong Tamera…?”

“Something kind of odd is over there…” Tamera replied. It was true…it sort of felt like some evil presences…it’s hard to explain it in words. Tamera floated over to the odd thing, and once she landed, screamed like a girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

“What the hell?!” Trunks cried, running over. “What happened?!”

“Tamera hold on!!” Panisa yelled, running after her brother, with Bulma reluctantly following after. When everyone gathered, they saw Tamera on the ground frozen in fear.

“EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW!!!!!!” Tamera screamed.

In front of them was a huge, broken in half, empty, creepy looking shell.


“IT’S A BIG BUG!!!” Tamera screamed, crying. “I HA-A-A-A-ATE BUGS!!!”

“Tamera, calm down!” Trunks yelled. Inspecting it, Trunks realized it technically wasn’t a bug; it wasn’t even dead. “It’s not a bug, it’s just a shell”

“O-okay….good…” Tamera whimpered, sniffling. “Have you two ever seen s-something l-l-l-like this in y-y-y-your world…?”

“No, I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this, human or inhuman!” Trunks replied.

“This thing is probably the thing that came out of the time machine and the egg” Panisa said. “...You know, my mother told me that the best way to tell how long something’s been out of its shell is to feel the liquid inside the shell…care to be the guinea pig Trunks?”

“...Alright…” Trunks replied, a bit annoyed by having to be a little rodent. Sticking his hand in the shell crack that’s what she said he moved amongst the empty space, feeling the liquid in it. Once he took his hand out, it was soaked with the odd liquid. “It’s really fresh...it feels like it came out less than 24 hours ago.”

“WHAT?!” Bulma yelled. “You guys are all up to par with me when I say that this does not look good, right?!” The three Saiyajins nodded their heads at the purple haired woman.

“We need to get out of here!” Bulma cried. “Well at least me, I’m too pretty to die!!”

“Oh dear God…” Tamera groaned, face palming.

“Alright, I’ll take the egg home for investigating!!! I’ll call you if anything happens!!” with that, Bulma scurried off, grabbing the egg and jumping in her plane flying off. “BE SURE TO VISIT SOMETIME!!!” Bulma screamed as the plane flew off. “YOU’RE GRANDPARENTS WOULD REALLY GET A KICK OUT OF SEEING YOU TWO!!!!”

With this, the other three Saiyajins flew off to Roshi’s house, all still pondering just what that…thing really was...

As Bulma was flying home, an odd news story came out on the radio.

“We interrupt this broadcast to give you a breaking news story!!” the news caster on the radio cried. “An hour ago, all contact with Gingertown in the West city area was totally lost, and indeed upon investigation, not a single trace of life was found. The reason for this bizarre event is not yet known.” The name Ginger Town struck Bulma like a rock.

“T-That’s….right where the t-t-time machine was…!”

  • Panisa mentions that someone will not be born if she tells Tamera something. This someone is Clamenta, the daughter of Future Gohan and Future Tamera. Panisa wants Clamenta to be born in the main timeline and to live a normal life, so that’s why she hid this fact.

The Demon and the God become one! Piccolo is reborn!![]


“Hey, who is this?! Kuririn?!” Bulma yelled over the phone.

“Yeah, why?” Kuririn asked. He and the others had landed at the turtle house only about 10 minutes ago. “Trunks, Panisa, and Tamera? No, they’re mot back.”

“Alright, turn on the TV!” Bulma cried. “I’m sure it’s on any channel, but go to channel 187!!”

“Umm okay…?” Kuririn said, confused. He then turned to Sora, who was in the same room. “Sora, can you please turn on the TV and go to channel 187?”

“Okay!” Sora cried, grabbing the big remote with her little hands. “Lemme see…1…8…7!” she said, clicking in the numbers. As soon as she clicked in those numbers, the TV turned on to a channel with a newscaster.

“We’ve just received word about the mystery of Ginger Town!” the news caster announced. “Apparently, traces of clothing have been found scattered around town, almost like the people wearing them were suddenly sucked out of them. Let’s head to our corresponded on the scene”

“Thanks Jimmy” the corresponded said. “As we know, about an hour ago, all connection to the 15,000 people living in Ginger town was suddenly cut off.”

“FIFTEN THOUSAND PEOPLE?!” Yamucha yelled.

“Kuririn-san, is that a big number?” Sora innocently asked.

“Yeah…a really really big number!!” Kuririn cried. “It’s the androids; they’ve struck at last…!!!”

“No, I doubt it’s them” Bulma said over the phone. “My future kids and Tamera will agree with me”

“D-do you think this has to do with the other time machine…?” Kuririn asked.

“More than likely; the others will tell you when they get there” Just as she said that, the door opened, and in walked the two time travelers and the boyish Saiyajin girl.

“Yo! We’re here!” Tamera cried as she and the other two walked in. However, the others paid no mind, as they were solely focused on the television. “Hey, what are you guys watching that you’re so absorbed in? Porn or something?”

“G-gunshots! We’ve just heard gunshots!!” the man on the TV cried. “And is that screaming as well?! It…suddenly stopped…what’s going on..?!” The man on TV’s face suddenly turned into a look of extreme shock. However, just as it did, the TV turned to static.

“What the hell?!” Tamera cried. “T-Turn it to another channel!!” Sora clicked the remote with her tiny fingers and switched to another channel.

“HELP ME!!!!” they heard the man on the TV screamed, his camera on the ground making it unable to see what was going on. However, the screaming was slowly silenced…

“It…stopped…” Sora whimpered. The others were all speechless at what just occurred in front of their eyes.



“Yes…there is no doubt THAT thing is truly stronger than the androids…!”

“What the hell are you talking about…?!” Piccolo cried, getting up.

“I know that soon, a dreadful day will come on this Earth, once again deciding its fate…”

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Piccolo yelled again. “Speak up damn you!!”

“There is no need to explain” Kami replied. “Once you and I merge, you will know everything…”

“So you finally made up your mind” Piccolo smirked. “I will be the dominant mind, got that?!”

“Yes, I understand. You are much stronger than I ever will be…” Kami replied. “Now since you are the dominant mind, you are to place your hand on me.”

“No! Kami-sama!!!” Mr. Popo cried.

“Don’t worry Mr. Popo” Kami said. “The earth needs not a God now, but a warrior who can truly defend it and protect. And that warrior is Piccolo. Piccolo truly has changed; the darkness that was once in his heart is nothing but gone now. Mr. Popo…thank you so very much for all your assistance through these years…farewell my friend…” Kami suddenly began yelling out and glowing. Then, as quick as it was, Kami disappeared into thin air. He and Piccolo had successfully fused together.

“Farewell Kami-sama…” Mr. Popo sadly said. “Please be careful…”

“I am no longer Kami-sama or Piccolo” Piccolo…or…to be more specific the new Namekian said. “I am the Namekian warrior who has forgotten even his own name…” he then turned to Mr. Popo and smiled. “And I must be off now. Farewell” with that, the Namekian flew off the lookout, out to find this evil creature and kill it.


“We still are unable to make any contact with any investigators at Ginger Town!!” the man on the TV cried. “I’m afraid we’ll have to assume the worst..!”

“So you guys think it was what came out of the shell thing?!” Kuririn cried.

“More…than likely” Trunks replied. “I’m…gonna go check it out…”

“What?!” Tamera cried. “You idiot! You’re going to get hurt..!”

“Don’t worry” Trunks replied. “I can go Super Saiyajin, so I’ll be okay…hopefully.”

“I’ll go to” Panisa said, getting up. “You’re probably going to do something stupid.”

“You think I do stupid stuff?” her brother asked. “Who’s the one here who tried to unclog a toilet with a Ki blast and blew it up?”

“Oh, you wanna go there, huh?!”


Piccolo was flying towards Ginger Town, ready to confront the monster who Kami feared. As soon as he landed there, the monster appeared to him.

“So there you are…you freak of nature!”

The mystery behind the monster! The beast reveals it’s self!![]


“So there you are…you freak of nature!!” Piccolo cried, turning around. Turning around, he saw it; the monster. It had an odd shaped green head with a pointy tail, three fingers, and spots all over his green body. The monster was also holding a middle aged man in his hand.

“H-HELP ME!!” the person it held screamed. “Please!! I’m begging you!!”

“I don’t know if you understand my language” Piccolo began. “But let that man go. As pathetic as he is, he still has life.” The monster responded and let go of the man, much to Piccolo’s surprise. However, the monster’s tail suddenly flew at the man and stabbed him with the pointy edge. The man cried in sharp pain as the tail suddenly began reacting. It suddenly began moving and making a swallowing sound. And as it did this, the man’s body began suddenly falling apart, almost like it was melting. Soon, the man’s entire body melted away, leaving behind only his clothing. Piccolo stood in shock after seeing what just happened.

“You’re next…” the monster spoke. “Demon King Piccolo!!!”

“How…how the Hell do you know who I am?!” Piccolo yelled. “What the fuck are you?!” The monster made no reply, but only began powering up…but his Chi…it felt insane..!!


“Tell me who’s the genius who thought pulling Android 17’s pants down was a good idea?!” Panisa yelled at her brother. The two had been arguing over who had done dumber things before.

“Well tell me who thought that giving Clamenta sugar was-“however, the two immediately stopped talking when they felt that huge power level from Ginger Town.

“…Holy shit…!” Tamera cried. “Why do I sense Freeza and his gay dad?!”

“I sense Piccolo, Goku…and my father?!” Trunks cried.

“That’s not possible…!” Gohan cried. “My dad is still asleep! He hasn't woken up since he first got the disease!”

“It’s coming from Ginger Town…” Panisa said. “Yeah, that’s more than likely the thing that came out of the shell…!” She then turned to her older brother. “Trunks, we have to go NOW!”



“Tell me, what the fuck are you?!” Piccolo yelled at the monster. “Start talking, NOW!”

“Don’t worry…” the monster said in a high pitched creepy voice. “Once I absorb you, you’ll know everything…”

“So, you’re refusing to talk, huh” Piccolo chuckled. “Fine, I guess I’ll kill you without knowing what you really are!” Suddenly, Piccolo began powering up, ready to fight the monster. “You’ve got the wrong man if you’re looking for Piccolo!”

“The wrong man…?” the monster said, “What are you talking about?! Are you saying you’re not Piccolo?!”

“I guess you can say that.” Piccolo chuckled. “You know, it’s certainly convenient you killed everyone in the town; now there’s no need for me to hold back!”

“What?!” the monster yelled. Holding out his hand, Piccolo fired a blast right at the beast, somewhat injuring him. The monster flew back, landing on all fours. As it got up, Piccolo flew at it. In order to protect itself, it shredded out it claws in an attempt to claw at Piccolo, who easily dodged it and kicked the monster in the head.

“Tell me that’s not all you got…” Piccolo asked. “You’re pitiful”

“Heh…” the monster chuckled. “Soon as I am in my perfect form, you’ll be swallowing those words…”

“Perfect form…?!” Piccolo cried. “Is that why you were absorbing people…?!”

“Ah, yes it is!” the monster chuckled. “I absorb them and extract their power, adding it to my own…”

“Tell me who the fuck sent you back in time!!” Piccolo yelled.

“Myself honestly” the monster replied. “I had to revert myself back into the egg because the machine was too big for me. I’m surprised you even know about the time machine…” Suddenly, the monster put his hands out in a certain stance. “I bet you’ll be surprised about this as well!!” Suddenly, Piccolo recognized the stance.





“No…it can’t be…!!” Piccolo cried in his mind.


“HA!!!!” the monster screamed, firing the legendary Kamehameha from his hands at Piccolo.

“No it’s real!!!” Piccolo screamed in his mind. The blast flew right at the Namekian and nearly killed him. As Piccolo jumped out of the way, he suddenly felt something grab him.

“I HAVE YOU NOW!” the monster screamed, stabbing Piccolo’s arm with its tail. Piccolo screamed out as the monster began absorbing his power. “Go on, struggle all you want!!!” the monster screamed, laughing evilly. “You can’t do anything! I’ll suck you dry!!” However, Piccolo managed to break free from the monster’s deadly grasp. However, he had lost his left arm; it had been the one stabbed by the tail and the energy had been sucked from it.

“Ah, so you got away!” the beast chuckled. “But sadly for you, your arm is gone!”

“Damn it…” Piccolo mumbled. “I hate to admit it, but you’ve won…without my arm, I have no chance.”

“Ah, so you finally understand you have no chance” the monster smirked. “Well, I guess it’s time for dinner!”

“Wait…!” Piccolo cried. “Before you absorb me, I need to know; what are you?! Why did you come back in time and how?! And why do I sense Goku’s, Vegeta’s, Freeza’s, and King Cold’s energy from you…?!”

“…Very well, how can I be so cruel as to deny one last useless wish?” the monster sighed. “My name is Cell, and I am a creation of Dr.Gero.”

“That damn Gero again…!!!”

“Long ago, the good doctor began experimenting with creating a life from the cells he gathered from other fighters. How, the project dragged on, and Gero abounded it…however, his computer didn’t give up. Cell samples came from fighters such as Goku, Vegeta, and even you Piccolo. We even got samples from Freeza and King Cold when they came to Earth. We could have added Gohan and Tamera, but we had enough Saiyajin cells in the line.”

“But how?! How did you get the Cells…?!”

“Very simple; with little bee-sized machines that follow you around and scrap you’re cells, adding to the project.” Cell then pointed to a small object in the sky. “See that little bug? It’s scraping your cells to add to the project.”

“DAMN IT!!!” Piccolo screamed, firing a beam from his hand at the little robot, blowing it up.

“Too late; the DNA has already be sent to the present day me! However, I won’t awake for another 20 years or so….”

“How?! We blew up Gero’s lab!!!”

“The computer wasn’t affected. It’s underground”

“One last question…why?! Why are you here?! What do you want?!”

“Very simply to obtain my perfect form. In order to that, I must absorb to specific life forms…

Androids 17 and 18!!”

“WHAT?!” Piccolo yelled.


“In my time though, the androids do not exist. I’m not sure why; they were probably killed by Trunks and Panisa. However, they had the time machine, so I killed them both and took the machine for myself.”

“But why did you come back four years earlier?!”

“I knew I had to revert back to my nymph form because the time machine was too small for me, so I set the machine for four years back in time; that would give me a long enough time to grow into this form you see here. So I grew up and came here, and here we are now! Done with questions? Good, time for lunch!”

“Thanks for all the info! It was really a big help!” Piccolo laughed, ripping off the useless arm. With the Namekian regeneration skills, he regrew a new arm, replacing the old one.

“You…you were lying of your injuries just to make me talk?!”

“Basically yes!!” Piccolo chuckled. “Even with the power you’ve absorbed from me, you still have no chance!”

“Hmph, you certainly are clever” Cell chuckled. “Faking your injuries to make me reveal who I am; I'm impressed!”

“Well, Kami-sama certainly had a strategic mind.”

“Wait, I get it now!! You’re not Piccolo anymore; you merged with Kami, didn’t you?!”

“You finally realized! Took you long enough to figure it out!”

“So if Kami is gone…then the Dragon Balls are too, so no one can come back to life!” Cell thought to itself. “Well, that works perfectly for me!!” Suddenly, Trunks and Panisa both flew in. “Trunks, Panisa?! Why are they here?! They both must have come back in the time machine…! Those two fools…I killed them once and I’ll do again here!”

“What…is that thing…?” Panisa said, flying down. “How come I’m sensing my father from it…?!”

“I’ll explain everything later” Piccolo then turned to Cell. “The first thing we have to do is kill this thing!”

“Kill me?” Cell replied. “Do you think it’ll be that easy?”

“Ew!” Panisa cried. “That thing talks…?!”

“Honestly Cell, you have no chance in this situation” Piccolo said to Cell.

“True” Cell replied. “I guess for now I’ll have to retreat”

“Do you think we’ll let you?!” Piccolo yelled. “And that crummy little Kamehameha won’t do you any good”

“It knows the Kamehameha…?!” Panisa cried.

“As a matter of fact, yes I do Ms. Panisa” Cell chuckled. “I could probably use the Genki Dama as well.”

“Isn’t the Genki Dama Goku-sama’s move?!” Trunks asked. "And why does that thing know my sister's name?!"

“He’s going to be shocked when he hears this…” Panisa whispered. Hearing the name, Cell became very surprised.

“Huh, so Goku is still alive in this time, no?” Cell asked.

“Of course he’s alive!!” Panisa yelled.

“So history has changed a bit” Cell chuckled. “The time I come from Goku is long dead…


Suddenly, Cell flew up in the sky and held his hands to his forehead.

“TAIYÔ-KEN!!” Cell screamed, firing a huge ray of light at Piccolo, Trunks, and Panisa. The ray was as bright at the sun and blinded the unexpecting victims. As his victims cried out in pain with their eyes blinded, Cell flew off, ready to absorb more innocent victims.

“Damn it…!!” Trunks cried, rubbing his eyes.

“Fuck, got away!!” Panisa yelled.

“What the hell?! wasn’t the Taiyô-ken Tenshinhan’s ability?!” Piccolo yelled.

“No; I think Kuririn-san and Goku-sama can do it too” Trunks said, still rubbing his eyes.

“ENOUGH, IT’S DEAD!!” Piccolo yelled, flying around looking for Cell. “Goddamnit, it’s suppressing it’s Chi!!”


Cell ran through the forest, looking for a nearby town to absorb his victims.

“Looks like I won’t get caught again!” Cell laughed in his mind. “So long as I suppress my Chi, I’ll just absorb more and more victims until my power exceeds that of the androids!! The only thing I fear is the emergency shutdown device….good thing the remote is gone!! Hehe!” Then, something in the sky rocketed past Cell. It was Super Saiyajin Vegeta, who was looking for two large power levels he felt in Ginger Town. “Vegeta is alive in this time as well?! He’s a lot strong as well…I better hurry…”

“One of those two huge power levels in gone” Vegeta thought to himself as he continued flying. “But the other is still there…! It’s the not the androids, it’s impossible to sense their presence…Damn, who the hell could it be?!”


“GODDAMNIT!!!” Piccolo screamed, angrily powering up. “HOW THE FUCK COULD I LET THAT DAMN THING ESCAPE?! I SHOULD HAVE KILLED WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE!! DAMN IT!!!!! That thing, I can’t let it obtain its final form!”

“Holy shit…” Panisa murmured. As Piccolo screamed in anger, Vegeta flew in, and was shocked by Piccolo’s amazing power.

“T-T-the Namekian?!” Vegeta cried in his mind. “That power I sensed was him?!” flying down, Vegeta store at Piccolo. “Tell me what the hell just happened here…”

“Tenshinhan is coming as well” Piccolo replied. “We outta wait for him”

“Fine, then answer me this Namekian” Vegeta rudely asked. “Are you really Piccolo?! How the fuck did you get so strong so quickly?!”

“I fused with Kami-sama” Piccolo replied.

“J-just merging gave him THAT power…?!” Vegeta thought to himself. “The power I sensed before was far superior to that of my Super Saiyajin form!! How?! He’s just a Namekian damn it…!!!” Just then Tenshinhan flew in.

“Hey, Piccolo-san” said Panisa. “Tenshinhan-san is here”

“Alright, I’ll explain everything” Piccolo began. “Vegeta and Tenshinhan didn’t see it, but the monster that was just here was a creation of Dr.Gero’s computer.”

“That damn Dr.Gero again…!!” Panisa cried, angered. Piccolo proceeded to tell the Z-warriors of the being Cell, how it came back in time, how it’s made of everyone’s cells, and its evil intentions.

“So that’s the story” Piccolo concluded. “If we want to stop its quest for perfection, we have two options; kill 17 and 18, or kill Cell itself. Personally, I wish to squash it while it’s not so powerful…”

“But how are we gonna find Cell?” Panisa asked. “If it keeps suppressing its Chi, it’s going to be way too difficult.”

“Yeah, it won’t likely reveal itself knowing the power that Piccolo-san has…” Trunks replied. “It’ll probably just secretly absorb people until it’s strong enough to hold its own against the androids…”

“Let’s not forget, it’ll probably go on to destroy to the entire universe after Earth…” Piccolo continued. “Don’t forget it also has Freeza and King Cold’s cells as well…!”

“And don’t forget, mine as well” Vegeta smirked. “If it wants to obtain perfection, let it! I’ll just kill it, like I do with all my enemies!”

“Really?” Piccolo said, turning to him. “Cell is a lot stronger than the androids, and who here got their ass kicked by a girl? You”

“DON’T PREACH AT ME!!!!” Vegeta screamed. “DO YOU WANT TO START SOMETHING WITH ME?! Believe me, I SHALL surpass my limits; I WILL transcend the Super Saiyajin…!!!”

“Transcend the Super Saiyajin…?!” Trunks cried.

“Believe me, Kakarotto will do it as well…” with that, Vegeta flew off for more training.

“So now what do we do…?” Panisa asked. “All we can do is try to hunt down Cell, and that’s next to impossible…”

“But the present day Cell we can find” Trunks responded. “If we destroy it now, then at least this time won’t have to worry about him.”

“You two should go out to kill Cell as it is now” Piccolo said. “Tenshinhan and I will try our best to hunt down Cell.

“Trunks and I will come back to the turtle house when we’re done.” Panisa said. “If you two can’t find Cell, then you should come too; we may be able to get some help from the news.”

“Very well” Piccolo replied. “Good luck you two”

“Likewise!” Panisa replied. With that, the groups flew off, to find the adult and baby forms of Cell.

Back to the lab! This is how Saiyajin siblings bond!![]

"This is a bit of a pointless chapter honestly; the only things that really happen are that Chibi-Cell is killed and Panisa gives the blueprints to Bulma. But the thing is I wanted to show the other sides of Trunks and Panisa as siblings and how they see each other. I feel like I haven’t really gotten into their relationship, so I thought we could take a look at it. It’s like most others; they usually argue, but they really love each other as siblings. We’re going to see a huge thing in their relationship during the Cell Game saga, but how? You’ll see…"
— Nimbus.69


As Piccolo and Tenshinhan flew off to find Cell, Trunks and his sister Panisa flew back to the mountains how North City to find Gero’s lab.

“Hey Trunks!” Panisa cried, flying with her older brother. “Do you think our dad has a chance of actually transcending the Super Saiyajin?”

“I’m not very sure” he replied. “The fact you can even do that is amazing”

“Also, do you have any money?”


“Because I need some new clothes; all the shopping malls in our world are totally ruined, and this outfit is torn up”

“Panisa, do you really think this is totally necessary?”

“I’m a girl, of course it is!!”

“We have bigger concerns than going on a shopping spree! Besides, I don’t have any money anyway”

“Damn it…”

After a short flight, the two Saiyajins landed at the mountains of North City, the freezing cold mountains at that.

“Damn, it’s freezing here…!” Trunks cried, shivering.

“Told you we should have gone shopping” Panisa replied. “That little blue jacket won’t do you much good”

“Oh give it a break!” her brother yelled. “We have to find the basement of Gero’s lab as soon as we can.”

“What do you think we should do, just blow this entire place up?”

“No, then we wouldn’t know if we really got it or not. Let’s just look around” The two siblings landed on the cold ground of the ruined lab and hunted amongst the ruins.

“You know Trunks” Panisa said, looking threw the rubble. “We wouldn’t have to be doing this if you didn’t go crazy and blow up the lab like you did”

“Oh hush up” Trunks grumbled at her. “What was I suppose to do?”

“Remain calm” Panisa replied. “Hey, I was freaked out but I hid it”

“Yeah whatever, just keep looking” just then, Panisa turned over a piece of rubble and found a deep hole leading underground.

“Hey, I think I found it!!” she cried.

“Really?!” Trunks cried, flying to his sister and looking down the hole. “Yes! We found it!!” the two flew down the deep, dark, cold hole into a lab room that looked a lot like Gero’s lab. In the center was a large machine, and in it was a small green little creature.


“So this is what little baby Cell looks like” Panisa said, inspecting the machine. “This is the little bug that’s copying all our moves!! Let’s squish it now!”

“Wait, hold on!” her brother cried, looking towards blue prints that were on a nearby table. “I think I found something useful…!”

“What is it?!” Panisa asked.

“Wait…never mind…its blue prints a gas powered toaster…” getting rid of the blue prints, he noticed something labeled ANDROID 17. “Hey, I think I found something on No.17!”

“Huh?! Really?!” Panisa cried, running to her brother. “Hey, here’s something on 15.2!”

“Yeah and here’s one of 18!!” Just then, Trunks got an idea. “If we bring this to mom, she may be able to find some sort of weakness to them!!”

“Really?!” Panisa cried. “D-do you think she can do that…?!”

“No doubt! If she can build a time machine, then she can certainly find the weakness!!”

“Alright! Do you think we can find anything else useful here? Like maybe a blue print of Cell?”

“No; Cell’s blueprints are probably in the computer, and it’s more than likely that Gero was the only one who knew how to cooperate it. And you know what happened to him…”

“Good point; can we blow this place to pieces now?”

“Sure thing!” the two, holding out their arms, fired large ki blasts everywhere at the lab; the corners, the computer that held Chibi-cell, the miniature kitchen that was somehow there, and all the blueprints Gero made. The two ran out as fast as they could as the lab set ablaze, smoldering and melting. By the time the two got out, the fire was big enough to complete destroy a mansion.

“And take THAT!!” Panisa yelled after she and Trunks escaped, throwing a ball of powerful Chi at the fire. When the ball made contact with the fire, it exploded like a volcano, destroying everything nearby.

“Woot!” Panisa cried as she and her brother flew away from the explosion. “Certainly quiet a windfall, eh?!”


As the two continued their flying, Trunks suddenly spoke out.

“Panisa, do you think you can take these to mom?” Trunks asked his sister, giving her the blue prints.

“Well, sure but why?” Panisa asked, confused.

“…I’m going to try to train with father…”

“Dude, he’ll kill you! He doesn’t care about either of us…”

“I know, he will probably kill me. But…I have to know if it truly is possible to actually transcend the Super Saiyajin…trust me, I don’t want to have to deal with that kind of monster…but what choice do I really have…?”

“Alright, if this is what you really want, I’ll take these to mom. And to be sure that dad doesn’t try to kill you, I’ll join you two.”

“Alright, good luck!” with that, the two siblings flew their own ways, one to his horrid father, and one to her genius mother.

Panisa flew as quickly as she could to get back to capsule CORP as soon as she could. She was pretty worried for her brother. I mean, her father didn’t care about either of them, and he didn’t even bother saving Bulma or Baby Trunks when there ship blew up. Does he hate them? Does he hate them enough to kill them…? Her mother always said that he had some goodness in him, and when mom said something, she was usually right. But…what if she was wrong this time…? He gut punched his own son and called the other Saiyajins disgraces. She was worried he would do something to Trunks, that’s why she had to get the blueprints to her mother as soon as possible!



Piccolo and Tenshinhan where both hunting for Cell, hoping to kill it before it got too powerful for them.

“D-do you feel that…?!” Tenshinhan cried, turning around. “There’s a slight disturbance in Chi…!!!”

“Yes, that’s it, that’s Cell…!!” Piccolo cried. The two powered up to go find the monster and kill it, but just as they landed, they found no sign of Cell whatsoever.

“Goddamnit…!!” Piccolo cried. “That’s things so fast, we just missed it…!!!”

“It’s hopeless…!!” Tenshihan cried. “As soon as it detects our Chi, it lowers its own and hides…!!! There’s no way we can get to it fast enough without using our Chi!”

However, what they did not know was that Cell was standing on the very top floor of a building, looking over them and smirking.

“Aww….you won’t be able to find me that easily!”


Panisa has just landed at Capsule CORP to give her mother the blue prints of the androids.

“Wow…” Bulma said, shocked by the detail and work in the prints. “So if we find a weakness, we can shut them down and thwart Cell’s plan…?”

“Basically, yeah” Panisa replied. “Do…do you think you can do it…?”

“This are incredible…” Dr.Briefs said, looking at the blueprints. “Even I can barely understand it…if only Dr.Gero used his works for goods…”

“It appears they’re actual human bodies…” Bulma said, inspecting it. “They actually have very little cyber pieces added to them…”

“Is it possible that those little pieces are the key to their weakness…?!” Panisa asked her mother eagerly.

“It’s possible…”

“We’ll work as hard as we can Ms…” Dr.Briefs said, stumbling on the name. “Um, can you please tell me what your name is? You never told us…”

“Panisa, Panisa Briefs” she spoke.

“Briefs….?”The doctor asked.

“Uhh…well…” Panisa timidly responded.


Our hero awakens!! The room of spirit and time!![]



The Z-fighters (Piccolo, Tamera, Tenshinhan . Gohan, Kuririn, and Yamucha) were all in the Kame House, watching the news and learning of where Cell was this time.

“The monster has appeared in the south section of Sector 48!!” the newscaster cried. “Half of its residents are already dead…”

“Goddamn that thing!!” Tamera yelled. “Now it’s in the South Section…! That’s it! I have an idea on how to kill this mother fucker! Everyone shut up and listen!"

“Don’t worry” Yamucha said, flying the plane the Z-fighters were in. Tamera has decided that they had to fly in a plane to get Cell. Sure it was slow, but it could work… “We’ll catch it this time…”


Chi-Chi and Sora were talking upstairs to check on their father and husband, but when the door opened, the two gasped in shock.

There was Goku, finally awake.

“PAPA!!!” Sora cried, running to her father and hugging him. “Papa!!! We were so worried!! Papa!!!”

“Hi Sora!” Goku happily cried, hugging the three year old. “I’m so sorry I worried you and your mother…”

“Thank God you’re alive Goku…” Chi-Chi sighed, relieved. However, once Sora stopped hugging her father, Goku reached down to his clothes and began getting dressed.

“Papa? You’re already leaving?!” Sora cried, starting to cry a little. “But you just woke up..!”

“Goku?!” Muten-Rôshi cried. “You’re getting dressed already?! But you just woke up…!!!”

“You’re not well enough yet…!!” Chi-Chi cried. “You should still stay in bed…!”

“I heard everyone talking in my dreams, so I have a pretty good understanding of what’s going on…” Goku said, putting his shoes on. “Something horrible is going to happen…”

“You can’t leave now!” Sora cried. “You’ll get hurt or die…!!”

“Don’t worry Sora” Goku said, smiling at his daughter. “I’m not going to fight yet; if Vegeta can’t win, no way I can. I plan to conserve my strength…to transcend the Super Saiyajin!”

“Transcend the Super Saiyajin?!” Chi-Chi cried. “Is that even possible?!”

“I dunno. Won’t know till I try. But there’s a cool place where you can train for one year in the time of a day!” He then turned to Chi-Chi. “Chi-Chi…can I take Gohan with me…?”

“NOT ON YOUR LIFE!” Chi-Chi yelled. “Well, that’s what I would normally say…but it’s pointless to try and stop you…so make Gohan as strong as you can while you’re at it! But as soon as you're done, you will never EVER EVER interupt his studies again, got it?!”

“YES MA’AM!” Goku cried, nervous. Goku then bent down to Sora. “Sora, can you take care of mommy while we’re gone?”

“Yes sir!” Sora cried, saluting her father. “I’ll make sure mommy is in tip-top shape!”

“Good job little soldier!” her father cried, saluting the little girl. Goku then got up and looked to Chi-Chi. “I guess I’ll be off then…” he said, turning around and putting his index and middle finger to his forehead. He teleported away, but not before smiling one last time at his wife and daughter.



“GOKU!!” everyone cried, seeing Goku teleport into the plane they were in.

“Hey, what’s up!” Goku cheerfully replied.

“Goku-sama!!” Tamera cried. “Y-y-you’re all better now…?!”

“Yep! But I’m pretty hungry”

“Ha, that’s normal of you, I’m not surprised” Goku then looked at Piccolo, who had fused with Kami-sama before.

“Hmm…KAMICOLO!” Goku jokingly cried. The entire room burst out laughing, happy that Goku was his old self again.

“No Goku, I may have fused, but not the name!” Piccolo growled. “I’m still Piccolo!”

“Goku-sama, t-t-tell us…” Tamera said, quivering. “D-do you think you can beat the androids the way you are now…?”

“Nope!” Goku replied, rather cheerful.

“Ugh, you’re kidding right?!” Tamera replied, scared. “Oh boy, we’re screwed…”

“Not totally Tamera-kun!” Goku cried. “I can’t beat the androids or Cell the way I am now, but I know a place where you can train for a year in a day!”

“The room of spirit and time?!” Piccolo cried. “But no one has lasted a full year in that place! You couldn’t even last a month when you were a child!”

“I’m going to take Trunks-san, Vegeta, Gohan, Tamera-kun, and Panisa-san with me” Goku continued. “No doubt they can handle it”

“I’m going to spend a year with Trunks?!” Tamera cried, blushing. “YAY!!”

“You better hurry” Piccolo said, ignoring Tamera. “Cell’s absorbing so many people; we defiantly don’t have much time”

“I know!” Goku cried. “We’ll go as fast as we can!” He then grabbed Gohan and Tamera by their hands. “See you guys later!” with that, Goku teleported away to where he sensed the energies of Vegeta and his children.

“GOKU-SAMA!” Trunks and Panisa cried, seeing Goku teleport behind them with Tamera and Gohan.

“Hey!” Goku cheerfully replied. “How’s the training going?”

“It’s pointless…” Trunks replied.

“Yeah; to be honest I think our father really hates us” Panisa solemnly replied. “He only sees us as mistakes and doesn’t care about us. He’s just been standing there for three days straight…”

“Your father is a genius alright” Goku said, looking at Vegeta. “He’s not a hero when it comes to parenting of course. But he’s starting to see there’s a way to transcend the Super Saiyajin…” Goku flew over to Vegeta, who noticed his presence immediately.

“Beat it Kakarotto” Vegeta growled. “You’re disturbing me more than the two disgraces of my kids over there”

“Hey don’t be so rude” Goku replied. “I know an amazing place where you can train for a year in one day” with that, Goku caught Vegeta’s attention.

“Really…?!” Vegeta responded.

“Yep, but only two people can go in at a time, so you’ll have to go in with Trunks or Panisa”

“Fine, I’ll go with the boy, but we’ll go in first. Got it?!”

“Yep, I get it!”



“No one’s here” 18 said, walking out of Goku’s house. “They got away”

“Yeah, and no one has good outfits here!” 15.2 cried. “All they have are kimonos…”

“You JUST got that new outfit 15” 18 grumbled. “Appreciate it”

“16, do you have an idea were Goku could be?” 17 asked.

“Not at this time, but he likely at either the Capsule CORP headquarters, or on a small island in sector F.”

“And which one is closer?”

“The island”


“Oh boy…” 18 grumbled.


Mr.Popo was leading Vegeta, Trunks, Panisa, Goku, Tamera, and Gohan to the Room Of Spirit And Time.

“It comes with two beds, a bathroom with a tub, and enough food” the genie said, leading them down a hall to a door. “Here it is; who will go in first?”

“Vegeta and Trunks-san” Goku responded.

“Kakarotto, why do you suggest I do this?” Vegeta asked. “My goal is to kill you, after all…”

“Yep, I know. But we both know we can’t beat this enemy alone. Don’t worry; when we’re done with all of this, you’re more than welcome to kill me and probably lose!”

“Goddamn you Kakarotto…”

“Goku-sama, thanks so much for letting us go in first…” Trunks said, passing Vegeta and walking into the chamber.

“Good luck Trunks-sama!” Tamera cried, waving to him.

“Try to get along and not get killed” Panisa flatly said, blankly waving. "Oh wait, Vegeta!" she cried out. When Vegeta turned back at her, she walked up to him and grabbed him by his shirt and stared at him with her eyes and face full of anger and seriousness. "If you even think of hurting my brother, I swear to God, I will never forgive you! You got that, you son of a bitch?!" Vegeta simply smirked back at his daughter, promoting her to spit in his face and push him back. He gave her a nasty look and began walking to the Room, bumping past his son and walking in without saying any goodbyes.

“…Bye” Trunks responded, waving to his friend and younger sister. The door shut, and the two Saiyajin warriors were locked in the room for one year/ a day. When they entered, it looked more like a fancy little inn rather than a training hell. However, it felt…weird…

“The air is so thin…” Trunks said, walking in. “The gravity is so strong, and it feels sort of hot…this place…what is this place…?” However, he would get a bigger surprise when he walked out of the little inn place.

There was nothing but white space, far as the eye could see.

“What in the hell…?!” Trunks cried. “There’s nothing but white space.,.! This would drive anyone insane…”

“Indeed” Vegeta chuckled. “This place is perfect…”

“A whole year in this place with dad…? Oh boy…”

A final confrontation! Namekian VS Android![]

"There are times when, when you’re writing a story, you get sorta bored of it and start a layout for a new one. This has happened a lot for me, especially when I was writing this chapter. I get sick of just writing about fighting and not having any dialogue that I drift from it and focus on other stuff, like drawing and playing video games. But once you get over that stage, you slowly start building up and start writing it again. So because I was in that stage, I’ve been a bit slow when it comes to writing…"
— Nimbus.69


Around 23 hours has passed since Vegeta and Trunks have gone into the Room Of Spirit And Time. However, Cell has absorbed thousands of victims by now, and it looks like he’s stronger than the androids.

“The mysterious demon has remained elusive as its victim count seeps into the thousands!” the newscaster cried. “The world lives in fear everyday…”

“Damn you Cell…!” Piccolo cried, enraged. “Haven’t you had enough?!” Just then, Piccolo heard someone landing outside. He ran to the window, but when he saw who it was, he froze in fear.

Standing there were the four androids of Dr.Gero.

“Hey, is Son Goku here?” 17 asked.

“Goddamnit…” Piccolo thought to himself. “I’m not sure if this is the best or worst timing…!” he then ran over to the other sleeping Z-fighters (Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Yamucha). “Hey, wake up! We have visitors from Hell!!”

“Huh…whut…?” Kuririn lazily said, getting up.

“Oh no…!!!” Yamucha cried as he and the others ran out and saw the androids.

“17, Goku is not here” 16 said.

“Oh, really?” 17 asked.

“Goku isn’t here, now beat it!” Piccolo yelled.

“Alright, then can you tell us where he is now?” 17 casually asked.

“Like we would tell you that!!” Piccolo yelled.

“Alright, I guess we’ll have to force it out of you” 17 smirked.

“Oh, you wanna go?!” Piccolo cried. “Say, there’s an uninhabited island that way, why don’t we settle things over there?!”

“Ah boy, you guys never learn, do you?” 17 grumbled.

“You three stay here!” Piccolo said to the other Z-fighters. “You’ll be little use during this fight” with that, Piccolo and the four androids of hell flew to the uninhabited island to fight.

“No, there’s no way he can win against all four of them…!” Tenshinhan cried.

“Two of the four went into that Room thing on Kami-sama’s lookout…” Kuririn nervously said. “They should be done soon…”

“You know, I will kill you if you don’t talk, got it?” 17 said, landing on the island with the others.

“Trust me, I won’t go down so quickly this time” Piccolo chuckled, taking his weighted armor off.

“Well, come at me bro” 17 chuckled.

“Wait, it’s only you 17…?!” Piccolo cried.

“Duh; I’m already stronger than you, I’ll take you down in a minute!”

“Yes! I might actually have a chance!” Piccolo thought to himself. “If it’s only one android, then not only will I thwart Cell’s perfection, but I’ll also be considered an awesome main character in this story!” Piccolo then began powering up immensely, causing an explosion of power to emerge around him.

“That is not Piccolo!” 16 cried.

“What?!” 17 cried; however, just as he did, Piccolo flew at 17 and elbowed him in the back of his head. As 17 tried to get back up, Piccolo kicked the android.

“Wow, not bad” 15.2 said, sitting on 16’s shoulder. As 17 struggled to get up, Piccolo fired a large blast at the wounded android, creating a huge explosion of smoke and rock. However, 17 had successfully dodged it by flying out of the way and into the sky. Piccolo smirked at him and began charging an attack in his hand.

“There’s a fight going on!!”Gohan cried, feeling the battle Chi on the lookout.

“It’s Piccolo!!” Goku cried.

“Who do you think he’s fight, Cell?” Panisa blankly asked.

“No, I don’t sense any other Chi…” Goku replied. “It has to be the androids…”

“Oh…OH NO!” Gohan cried, running to help him. “He’s gonna get killed!!!”

“NO GOHAN!” Goku yelled at his son. “We’re not in the same league! We’ll only get in the way!” Gohan froze in his tracks when he heard this. “Trunks and Vegeta are coming out soon, so don’t worry!”

“Yeah, and Piccolo-sama's hella strong too!”Tamera continued. “We shouldn’t underestimate him; I’m sure he’ll live.”

“C’mon Vegeta, hurry up!” Goku thought to himself, looking at the door. “Was it impossible to transcend the Super Saiyajin after all?!”



Piccolo fired from his hand thousands of small balls of Chi around the android, all of which stopped in midair around him. When he was done, thousands of small balls of Chi surrounded the android.

“Now you have nowhere to run!!” Piccolo chuckled. “NOW DIE!!!” he screamed, firing all the balls of Chi at 17. The small balls exploded upon making impact with the android, creating a massive explosion of smoke and energy. However, when it all cleared, 17 stood fine, with a force field around him

“Goddamnit, a force field?!” Piccolo yelled.

“Too bad!” 17 chuckled, letting the field down. “Close, but no cigar!”

“Damn you, I’m just getting started!” Piccolo yelled.

“We’re ruining this island, why not go to the other one?” 17 asked, pointing to another way.


Cell was busying absorbing a poor man in front of his friend, when it suddenly felt a large battle Chi.

“That Chi belongs to Piccolo…” Cell said out loud. “And he wouldn’t need to use such Chi unless he was battling…



Piccolo and the androids have now landed at a new island to fight at, as the other one was too ruined.

“You’re much stronger than I originally thought” 17 said, landing. “I guess you’re not really Piccolo; not that I care though; can you just tell me where Goku is?”

“Your plan is to kill Goku” Piccolo replied. “No way in HELL will I tell you where he is!!”

“Alright, I guess I’ll beat you till you tell” Android 17 then took his stance, “This time, I’m gonna be serious” the two store at each for a little while, when 17 suddenly punched Piccolo under the chin. As Piccolo winced back in pain, 17 punched the Namekian in the gut. However, Piccolo got up from the ground, fine. 17 tried to kick him, but Piccolo safely dodged back.

“I must admit” he stated. “You’re fast, but you have a pretty sucky punch”

“Hey, who do you think you’re talking to?” 17 asked, annoyed. “I’m the most powerful being on this pitiful planet” 17 angrily rushed at Piccolo and kicked him in the back of the head, with Piccolo responding with a kick to the neck. 17 landed on all fours, and when he got up, he and the Namekian had a short stare of.

“This guy is really tough” 15.2 said, still on 16’s shoulder. “I think he’s strong as 17”


“Wow, Piccolo is still holding his own…!!” Kuririn cried.

“Damn it, all we can do is stand here!!” Tenshinhan cried, angered.

“Wait…” Kuririn said, shocked. “It’s coming…!”

“CELL…!” Tenshinhan cried. Just then, Sora ran out of the house.

“Kuririn-san!” Sora cried, holding the phone. “A lady name Bloomers is looking for you!”

“Bloomers…?” Kuririn asked.

“I think she means Bulma” Tenshinhan said, hoping to clear things up.

“Yeah, Bloomers said she has a remote thingy to turn something off!” Sora cried, giving Kuririn the phone.

“Yeah, 17, 18, and 15.2 all have an emergency off switch!!” Bulma cried over the phone. “When they’re immobile, you can destroy them easily!! I have the switch with me right now!!”

“Alright, hurry and bring it right now!” Kuririn cried. “Piccolo is fighting the androids as we speak!!”

“Alright, I’ll be right over!”

“Yes! Once we destroy those androids, there’s no way Cell can obtain completion!” Tenshinhan cried.

"Yay!" Sora cried. "No more evil make everyone at home happy! Now my family and me can live happily!"

“…We have to destroy them, eh?” Kuririn said, saddened that he will have to destroy Android 18, the woman who kissed him.

Huh?” Tenshinhan asked.

“Oh, nothing” Kuririn said, slightly chuckling.


“Cell is on the move!!” Tamera cried.

“I know...” Goku replied. “Damn it Vegeta, what’s taking so long?! He’s a genius; he should have achieved it by now…”


Android 17 and Piccolo were still both brutally battling. However, Piccolo was slowly getting more and more tired and 17 stood, perfectly fine.

“You’re starting to get tired” 17 chuckled. “Our strength may be equal, but my energy is infinite.”

“Oh really?!” Piccolo yelled. He was just about to attack 17 once again, when suddenly, he felt a large, familiar Chi behind him. Piccolo turned around in horror and gasped in shock.

Standing there was Cell.

Run No.17!! Piccolo in a battle for life![]

" I dunno why, but for some reason I always look forward to naming the chapters. I don’t wanna do something bland like “A battle of death” or somethin’ like that. However, sometimes I don’t know what to name the chapter, so I go on DBZ wiki for some ideas. Luckily, this doesn’t happen all too often, so I can name to my heart’s content."
— Nimbus.69


“What is that weird looking thing…?” 17 said, looking at Cell.

“What?! The androids don’t know about Cell?!” Piccolo thought to himself.

“Ah, the day finally arrives where I shall finally obtain perfection!” Cell snickered. “The day where I merge with 17 and 18!!” However, Cell became surprised at the sight of 16 and 15.2. “Who are those two?!” Cell thought to itself. “The big one has the Red Ribbon logo, and the girl has a red ribbon with RR on it…they are probably both older models; they’ll be no trouble” Cell then decided to power up to his fullest, shocking Piccolo. As Cell, fully powered, walked pasted the troubled and shocked Piccolo, Piccolo spoke out.

“How?! How did you get so powerful?!” Piccolo cried. “For God’s sake, how many thousands of innocent people did you absorb…?!”

“Those people?” Cell chuckled. “Heh, only a few. They should be honored; they’ve become one with perfection!


“Why was the planet just shaking?!” Sora cried, clinging onto her mother.

“It’s all hopeless….” Tenshinhan solemnly said. “Did you just feel its Chi?”

“It’ll take Bulma at least 20 more minutes to get here…” Rôshi solemnly said. “There’s no way he can hold on that long…”

“I’ll fly out to meet her!!!” Kuririn cried. “That way it won’t take so long…!!!” with that, Kuririn flew off into the direction Bulma was likely flying in.

“I’m…I’m going to help Piccolo!!” Tenshinhan cried. “I don’t care if I’m useless or not; it’s better than just standing here!!”

“Wait, no Ten-San!” Sora cried. “You’ll get hurt! You’re a nice guy, don’t go!” Ignoring her, Tenshinhan flew off to the island.

“TENSHINHAN!” Rôshi yelled. “No, he’ll be killed immediately!” he cried, crushing his drink. He then sadly sat down. “It’s hard to imagine I was once called the strongest person on the planet…”

“You’re really strong?!” the little girl cried. “Teach me how to fight! I wanna help my friends and family!!”

“ABSOULETLY NOT!!” Chi-Chi yelled at her daughter. “You’re going to become a teacher, not a brainless punk!”

“What matters more; the life of others or my stupid school work?!” Sora cried. “I wanna help Papa!!” Chi-Chi was stunned when she heard her daughter rebel against her.

“Fine, teacher her!” she angrily replied, walking inside.


“I don’t know what the heck you are” 17 said to Cell. “But go away; we’re kind of busy”


“What?!” 17 yelled back. Just then, Cell flew at 17 and tried to stab him with its tail, and as 17 tried to dodge, Cell grabbed him by his sleeves and threw him on the ground. Holding out its tail, Cell got ready to absorb 17, but Piccolo kicked Cell away from the android.

“Bug faced punk caught me off guard!” 17 cried, getting up. “Hey, what do you mean by it’s gonna absorb me?”

“I’ll make it simple” Piccolo started. “Its name is Cell, and it’s a creation of Dr.Gero. It’s incomplete for now, but when it absorbs you and No.18, it will be.”

“Wait, what?!” 18 cried from the sidelines.

“Rejoice Brother!” Cell cried to 17. “You and No.18 will help complete the ultimate warrior! We will fulfill Gero’s dreams and truly create the greatest warrior!”

“Oh please, the ultimate warrior is right here!” 17 cried, pointing to himself. “I won’t let you absorb me”

“I don’t care what you want and don’t want; the computer already confirmed you will be absorbed by me!”


“Oh really?!” 17 yelled, getting into a fighting stance

“No 17!!” 16 suddenly yelled. “Cell is too powerful for you to handle alone! You must escape!”

“16’s right!” 15.2 cried. “It’ll kill you!!”

“Wow, you finally talk 16, and you’re telling me to run away?!” 17 yelled. “Who the hell do you think I am?!” 17 screamed as he flew at Cell, only to be punched and almost knocked out in the gut.

“NO!!” Piccolo yelled, flying at Cell and trying to hit it in the face. However, before he could touch him, Cell punched the Namekian in the face, badly bruising it. As Piccolo got back up, holding his face in pain, Cell walked to Piccolo and darkly chuckled, kicking Piccolo at a nearby plateau.

“17 and Piccolo…or whoever he really is…are holding back on this weirdo” 18 said on the sidelines.

“No they’re not” 15.2 said. “I can sense it on my scouter; they’re going all out on it”

“Yes, 15.2 is right” 16 replied. “Run 18; if this monster absorbs you and 17, there will be no way to kill it. 17 refuses to listen to our orders”

“What are you two going to do…” 18 asked, nervous.

Meanwhile at the battle ground, Piccolo places the tips of his fingers together, making a sort of diamond shape with his hands. His power then started to shot through the roof, and he began gathering his energy into his hands. Suddenly, 17 realized what he was going to do as Piccolo yelled “This is the end Cell!!!” to Cell, who was walking over to him. Piccolo then released out all the energy he had gathered into a giant beam of energy at Cell. When it hit the monster, a huge explosion of smoke and rock flew, and once it all cleared, a huge chunk of the island was missing, and so was Cell.

“Wow, he did it!” 18 cried, relived.

“No” 15.2 responded. “I don’t think it’s even hurt” And 15 was right, because out of the water rose the future creation of Dr.Gero; Cell. As Cell rose from the ocean, Piccolo could only stand in fear, knowing he had no chance.

“17, RUN!!!!” Piccolo screamed. However, just as he finished his scream, Cell held out his fist and punched Piccolo very harshly in the face. As he punched him, a bone shattering sound was heard. When Cell picked up the limb and cold body of Piccolo, his held was titled to the side.

“No…!! He’s snapped his neck…!!!” Tenshinhan cried, shocked and horrified.

“Oops, I guess I went overboard and absorbed too many people” Cell smirked. “Heh, How immature of me” he then held out his hand to Piccolo’s chest and charged energy into. “Later” Cell blankly said, blasting the power from his hand straight threw Piccolo’s torso, leaving a massive hole at the right side of his body.

“It…it did it” 17 said, shaking. Cell smiled at his victory and tossed the Namekian’s dead body into the ocean.

“No!!!” Tamera screamed from the lookout. “That son a bitch killed Piccolo-sama!!!”

“NO! Picoolo-sama…!!!” Gohan yelled. “That’s it; I’m not going to sit here and wait anymore!! I’m going down there!!” With that, Gohan ran down the hallway to the edge of the lookout to avenge his mentor, when his father grabbed a tight hold of him.

“Let me go! LEMME GO!!” Gohan yelled, squirming to get out of his father’s grasp.

“No Gohan! You’ll get killed!!” Goku yelled, holding on as tight as he could. “Don’t let Cell claim another victim!” with those words, Gohan stopped squirming and fell to his knees, softly weeping.

“Goddamnit Vegeta; what’s taking so long?!” Goku yelled. “You should be done by now…!!”

“No, it killed him…!” 15 cried at the battle field. Cell then turned his attention to the startled android 17.

“You’re right 15 and 16” 18 said. “That thing is as strong as you said it was. We should escape while we can.”

“Good, save yourself” 15.2 replied. “Get out while you can; don't worry about me and 16.”

“Wait, what about you two…?” 18 asked.

“15.2 and I are going to kill Cell” 16 calmly said.

“What?!” 18 cried.

“So, the time has come for us to fight, before we even meet Son Goku” said 15, as she and 16 walked over to Cell.

We will protect 17! 16 and 15.2 show their power![]

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— Nimbus.69


“What are you two talking about?!” 18 yelled. “You see what that thing can do, it’ll kill you…!!!”

“It’s okay 18-chan” 15.2 said, jumping off 16’s shoulder.

“I enjoyed riding around with you three” 16 said, looking back smiling at 18. “I like you guys; you never killed without a purpose.”

“What are those two going to do….?” Tenshinhan thought to himself. “Don’t tell me they're going to actually fight Cell?!”


17 was brutally brought to the mercy of Cell, who beat him to a pulp.

“Are you tired of this game as well?” Cell chuckled. “Ha, good, because I am too.” Cell, grabbing 17 by his shirt, pulled out his tail to absorb him.

“You bastard..!!” 17 cried, badly weakened.

“Say, watch your mouth” Cell chuckled. “You’re about to become one with this bastard.” The top of Cell’s tail opened up like a vacuum and flew at 17, ready to absorb the android, when suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Hey dude, can I talk to you for a minute?” the voice behind him said. Cell looked behind him and saw 15.2 and 16, both smiling casually at him. 16, still smiling, punched Cell hard in the face, freeing 17 from his grasp and chucking Cell far off.

“What are you two doing?!” 17 yelled. “Are you actually going to fight Cell…?!”

“Yep, that’s basically it” 15 calmly said.

“It’s suicide…!!” 17 cried.

“Do not worry” 16 calmly replied. “If we combine our power, 15.2 and I have as much power as Cell, maybe even a bit more”

“Ha, you two kill me?!” Cell laughed. “We’ll see about that!!” The androids flew at each other, with 16 elbowing Cell in the face. Cell responded by swiping at 16. While 16 flinched back, Cell struck his tail into 16’s neck and tried to absorb him. As the tail started to absorb, Cell noticed that nothing was coming out of 16, as he was completely machine. “What, pure machine?!” Cell cried, surprised. As 16 pulled the tail out of his neck, 15.2 grabbed Cell’s body and threw it on the ground. While Cell was immobilized, 16 stood over him, and grabbed his tail. Yelling and pulling, 16 ripped the tail from the android’s body. Cell screamed out in pain as 15.2 blasted the tail remains.

“Now you can’t eat them!” 15.2 cried.

“You fools, don’t you know I have Piccolo’s cells in me?!” Cell laughed, receiving confused looks from 16 and 15.2.

“What do you mean by Piccolo’s cells…?” 15 asked, suspicious.

“I’ll show you…” Cell replied, with a dirty dark smile. As Cell started screaming out, the area were his tail was ripped from started growing and oozing neon green acid, and just like that, Cell’s tail regenerated in seconds, much to 16 and 15’s surprise.

“So, you can regenerate eh?” 15 nervously asked. “So the only way to stop you is to literally kill you”


“Oh do you two really think it will be so easy?!” Cell laughed, powering up.

“Bring it!!!” 15 yelled, flying at Cell to kick him in the face. As she went for him, Cell darkly smiled and kicked the android in the face, causing her to fly back in pain. Caught off guard, 15 was suddenly grabbed by Cell. 15 looked on in horror when she saw Cell’s tail come out at her.

“You’re not pure machine like the other” Cell chuckled. “So I can absorb you easily!” As Cell shoved his tail into the android’s body, something flew at him and literally punched him in the face, causing him to release the android.

16 had literally fired his hands off at Cell.

“Thanks a lot 16!” 15 cried, getting up and flying back to her friend. As Cell was on the ground, 15 and 16 flew at him as fast as they could. As soon as they got close enough, 16 grabbed Cell’s body and threw it to the ground, creating a huge hole. As 17 looked on in shock, 16 once again took of his hands, reveling gun like weapons in his arms. 16 held out these weapons as 15 held out her palms.

“INFERNO BLAST!!” 16 screamed.

“ULTRA BLUTZ WAVE!” 15 screamed with him. Huge explosions of energy came out of their arms and fired into the hole, creating a magnificent burst of power and explosions. The blast was so strong that the little hole couldn’t hold it all; the power exploded out of the ground all around the island. As the power shot out of the holes, 18 and 17 looked on in complete awe.

“So…15 and 16 are really that powerful…?” 17 said in shock.

“Holy crap…” 18 said from the sidelines.

“Why are you still here 18-chan?!” 15 yelled. “You have to get outta here, now!”

“There’s no need to” 18 said, smiling. “You two killed that thing; there’s no point to”

“No!” 16 yelled. “It is only hurt; you two must escape while you can! Hurry!”

“Me?! Run?!” 17 yelled. “You’re joking! After that thing humiliated me?! You said it’s hurt yeah? I’ll finish it off!” Unknown to 17 however, Cell was sneaking on him behind a hole that was created by the blast 15 and 16 fired. “C’mon out you coward! I’m not scared of you!!”

“17!” Tenshinhan screamed. “CELL! IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!”

“YOU CALLED?!” Cell screamed as he laughed evilly. Before the startled 17 could react, cell’s opened tail fell upon the android and began sucking the horrified android threw his tail.

“NO! 17!!” 15 screamed, flying to her friend. However, it was too late, as poor 17 was already sucked inside of Cell’s tail and was swallowed into his body. As the android was swallowed, Cell began glowing brightly and began screaming.

“15, 18!” 16 yelled. “We have to get out of here NOW!” As 16 and 15 flew off to 18, they saw the new Cell standing behind them. This form of Cell was really big; his lips were puffy and pink, his tail had an orange tint to it, and his feet were different.

“Oh my God…” 15.2 said, looking at Cell. Cell then looked to No.18 and darkly smiled.


“18!” 16 yelled, grabbing her arm. “We need to escape now!!” 16 then flew off as fast as he could, still holding onto 18 with 15 flying with them. But as they ran, Cell was suddenly in front of the startled androids in seconds.

“Oh…shit!” Tenshinhan thought to himself. He then started realizing what he would need to do to stop Cell, well, for a little bit. “Chaozu, Sora…I’m sorry; I’m going to die here…”

“Such speed…!” 15 said, shocked.

“Indeed 15” Cell chuckled. “To be honest, I’m quite surprised at my own speed; a little gift I got from that cyborg. I wonder what my power level is now?“

“DAMNIT!” 16 yelled, punching Cell square in the face. However, the monster did not flinch, not even for a second. Before 16 could react, Cell held out it’s hand right in front of the shocked android’s face and hired a blast right at him. The two female androids looked on in horror as 16’s body fell to the ground with smoke coming from his face.

“16!!” 15 screamed, running to her friend. 18 didn’t move; she only store at Cell in disgust and horror.

“Well, you’re smart to know there’s no way you can escape” Cell darkly chuckled. “Now, let’s complete Cell together, shall we?” As Cell began walking to the female android, she suddenly held out her hand to her chest.

“Take another step closer and I’ll blow myself up!” she yelled. Cell immediately stopped dead in its tracks. “You wouldn’t want me to die, would you…?! I have A feeling you won't like that.” Cell looked on in frustration, knowing that she would do it. However, the frustration turned into sarcastic humor.

“18, don’t do anything stupid; it’ll be okay!” the voice of 17 cried from Cell, shocking 18. “You shouldn’t be afraid of becoming one with Cell; it’s mind blowing! I mean, I didn’t like the idea at first, but I was so wrong! It’s amazing having so much power!”

“Is that really you 17…?!” 18 cried.

“Don’t listen to that bastard 18-chan!” 15 yelled, helping 16 up; a very large chunk of 16’s head was missing, but he was still alive. “It’s just mincing 17-kun’s voice!!”

“Shut the hell up you robotic doll!” Cell screamed at 15. “Don’t you think 18 can recognize her own brother?!” Cell then turned to 18 and smiled with evil showing in his eyes. “Can’t you 18?” 18 only stood there, arguing in her mind whether or not it was truly her brother speaking to her, or if it was just Cell copying 17’s voice.

“C’mon 18!” 17’s voice continued from Cell’s disgusting mouth. “Trust me; you have nothing to be afraid of! If you let Cell absorb, we can gain ultimate power! We can finally kill Goku just like Master Gero wanted!” it was at that one statement that 18 knew the answer to her inner conflict.

“You sick bastard!” 18 screamed. “No way in hell are you 17! We never called Gero Master! We hated that son of a bitch for turning us into his toys!”

“So, you resist anyway” Cell said, disappointed. “Well, I guess I’ll just take you by force. Don’t even think about blowing yourself up; I’ll have you before you can even charge for it.” 18 looked at Cell in disgust, holding her ground. “Go on, just give in. You know you can’t win…” just then, Cell noticed something up in the sky.

Tenshinhan, holding his hands in a certain position for an attack.

“KI-KÔ-HÔ!” Tenshinhan screamed, firing out a square shaped blast at Cell. The beam hit its target and threw him down to the ground as the three androids looked on.

“What are you waiting for?!” Tenshinhan yelled. “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!”

The warriors emerge! Super Saiyajin surpassed!![]

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— Nimbus.69


“16, 15, we have to escape now!!” 18 cried as she flew to her friends. “16, do you think you can fly…?!”

“Yes, somehow…!” 16 cried, weakly getting up. The three androids then flew off at the fastest pace they could get at.

“NO!” Cell yelled, flying out of the hole the blast made. But before he could fully escape, Tenshinhan proceeded to constantly blast the monster back into the hole.

“W-what’s he doing?!” Tamera yelled from the lookout. “Don’t tell me he’s actually fighting Cell alone?!”

“No Tenshinhan, stop it!!” Goku yelled. “You’re going to kill yourself!!”

Back at the battlefield, Tenshinhan constantly poured out his life and energy into the Ki-Ko-Ho, brutally attempting to slow down Cell even for just a minute from Number 18. As he poured more of his life and soul into the attack, the weaker he became, but he ignored his pains of dying and continued to blast at the monster like hell. Eventually, he drained all of the life he could possibly drain and finally fell from the sky, dead.

“T…Ten-san…” Tamera whimpered pitifully. “He’s dead…”

“Damn it…!!!” Goku yelled.

“Ten-san!” Sora yelled on Roshi’s island. “TEN-SAN!” she screamed, as she began crying.

“Tenshinhan…” Master Rôshi muttered, enraged.


Back on the battle field, Tenshinhan lay dead from his attack. As Cell flew up from the attack hole in anger, he looked around for Number 18 in vain.

“Damn it, I lost her!!!” he yelled. “It’s all because of this goddamn human!!” in his frustration, he flew over to the body of Tenshinhan. “Goddamn you!” he yelled, kicking the body.

“That bastard!” Panisa yelled, angered by the death of their comrade. “Goku-sama, you can’t just let him mock Tenshinhan-san like that, even if he’s dead! Please, if there’s anything we can do, just please stop Cell from disgracing him!”

“Son of a bitch…!!” Goku yelled, putting his fingers to his forehead and teleporting to the battle ground.

“S-Son Goku..!!” Cell cried, seeing Goku suddenly teleport in front of him.

“So you’re Cell eh?” Goku asked.

“How did he get here so fast…?!” Cell though to itself.

“Listen!” Goku cried. “The way I am now, there’s no way I can beat, more or less damage you.

But, if you just give me just one more day, I’ll rip you apart!”

“Heh, one more day?!” Cell laughed. “So you think that tomorrow, you’ll kill me?!” When Goku was about to respond, he suddenly felt a very faint Chi, but a familiar one. He suddenly who it really was.


“That’s Piccolo’s chi!” Goku cried. Grabbing onto the dead body of Tenshinhan, Goku flew as fast as he could to where Piccolo was, barely alive. “Thank God…!” he cried when he saw Piccolo just barely alive. “Don’t worry, Karin-sama has some sensu beans; you’ll live Piccolo!”

“You expect to run away?!” Cell mockingly yelled, flying at Goku, who was holding onto the bodies of Piccolo and Tenshinhan. But as soon as Cell began flying, Goku teleported away from him.

“What?!” Cell cried. “He did it again…! Well, whatever, first I need to find Number 18. If she escaped with that toaster 16, then she couldn’t have gotten very far. This should be easy…”


Kuririn was still flying to Bulma’s car to catch up with her, when he suddenly noticed something flying at top speed right at him.

It Bulma’s plane.

“Yo, Bulma!” Kuririn cried, stopping at a screeching halt. Hearing his call, Bulma smashed her foot down on the breaks of her plane, making a heavy stop.

“Kuririn, is that you?!” Bulma cried, sticking her head out the window.

“Yeah, I flew over to get the remote!”

“Alright, here it is!” Bulma then reached into her pocket and pulled out a small remote, with a small antenna and a big red button.

“So, how’s this thing work?”

“Basically, you just push the red button and the Androids should simply shut down. But you need to be at least in the range of 10 meters for it to work!”

“Jeez, isn’t that a bit to close?”

“Oh yeah!” Bulma cried, reaching into her pocket, taking out a small pack of capsules. “The next time you see the others, can you give them these? It’s some fresh Saiyajin armor for everyone.”

“They’re not actually with me. I’m pretty sure they’re on the lookout.”

“The lookout? It’s the place way above Karin’s tower, right?”

“Yeah, everyone’s there”

“Alright! I’ll be sure ta’ head there; good luck shutting down those androids!

“Thanks Bulma-san!”


ON THE LOOKOUT… ‘Cell’s power is beyond imagine” said Piccolo after eating a sensu bean. “Honestly, I don’t think anyone can actually beat him…”

“But we have to find a way!” Tamera cried. “I don’t want more people to die from his wrath, like Ten-san did!”

“Don’t worry Tamera-kun” Goku said, looking to the boyish warrior. “We will find away…” Just then, Mr.Popo came running towards them.

“Goku! Goku!” he cried. “Vegeta and Trunks are coming out of the time chamber!”

“Oh god, please tell me he didn’t kill my brother…” Panisa nervously thought to herself. However, she was proven wrong when she saw her older brother walk slowly out of the chamber, his clothes ripped and his lavender hair much longer and tied back into a ponytail.

“T-Trunks…” said Panisa, startled at how much her brother had grown.

“Sorry we took so long” Trunks said as he walked out of the brutal room.

“S-s-so how’d it go?!” Tamera cried. “Did you surpass the Super Saiyajin or what?!”

“…Tamera, are you having a nose bleed…?” Trunks asked, seeing blood coming out of Tamera’s small nose.

“No…just an aneurism out of pure fangirly-ness…” she replied, looking at Trunks and blushing. “C-Continue…”

“Umm…” Trunks replied, feeling a bit awkward. “Well, father did surpass the Super Saiyajin in the first two months, but he chose to continue training and-“

“Trunks!” Vegeta yelled. “That’s enough! I told you nine thousand one times, we don’t talk about our training, got it?!”

“IT’S OVER NINE-“But before Tamera could finish her statement, Vegeta punched her in the face, causing her to fall flat on the ground.

“Shut the fuck up” Vegeta blankly said.

“Sorry…” Tamera groaned, holding her face in the pain.

“So, did it actually work?” Panisa asked her father, sounding a bit sarcastic.

“Who actually knows?” Vegeta responded, imitating his daughter. “But I know for a fact that no one else will have to go into the chamber, because I’m going to kill Cell.”

“That so?” Panisa sarcastically asked. “You seem confident; don’t let it kill you. He’s already killed Tenshinhan-san, ya’ know.”

“She’s right Vegeta” Goku continued. “I just saw Cell’s new form after he absorbed 17; he’s a monster.” Vegeta did not respond; he only arrogantly smiled at Goku. There was a bit of silence, which was ended by the sound of a woman crying out.

“Yo! Anyone here?!” a woman’s voice cried.

“Hey, isn’t that Bulma-san’s voice?!” Gohan cried, running to the outside of the lookout with the others. And what do you know? There was Bulma with little baby Trunks and Panisa.

“Bulma, what’re you doin’ here?” Tamera asked. “Shouldn’t you be overly proud about being the scientist you are?”

“Oh hush up!” Bulma snapped. “I came here to see how you were all doing and-“just then, she noticed her son Trunks, and how much he’d grown since the few days before. “W-wait a minute, Trunks?! Is that you?!” she cried, running to him.

“Um, yes…?” her son timidly replied.

“What happened to your hair?!” Bulma cried, grabbing Trunk’s long hair and pulling at it. “It’s grown so much! It’s as long as Tamera’s now! And why are you taller and more muscular?!”

“Well…” Trunks started. “There’s a weird room here were you can live out a whole year in one day…dad and I just came out of it…”

“Oh I see!” Bulma cried. But then she looked to Vegeta and quickly became confused. “But then why isn’t Vegeta’s hair any different?”

“A pure Saiyajin’s hair never grows since the day he’s born…” he growled.

“But what about in GT…?” Tamera innocently asked, although she was cut off by Vegeta strangling her.

“I TOLD YOU” he yelled, brutally squeezing her neck until Tamera’s face turned blue. “WE NEVER TALK ABOUT THAT! IT NEVER HAPPENED!!”

“Y-y-yes….sir…!” Tamera groaned bubbly, with ended with Vegeta reluctantly letting go of the young girl.


“So woman, why the hell did you come here?” Vegeta groaned, although it took Bulma a bit of time to respond, as she was stunned by just seeing Vegeta strangle and almost kill Tamera. “Well?!”

“Oh yeah…!” Bulma nervously cried, taking out a small packet out of her pocket. “I made some more Saiyajin training armor; they boost you’re defenses, so I made one for everyone.” As she finished talking, she took out a small capsule and tossed it, with it booming into a big drawer.

“Wow!” Goku cried, as he finished putting his armor on. “These are really comfortable!”

“I wore something just like this on Namek!” Tamera cried, putting a boot on.

“They’re not the best looking outfits” Panisa groaned as she put her gloves on. “But I guess they’ll work for now.” Panisa then slowly walked over to her brother. “So how’d it go in there? I’m guessing he almost killed you at least once.”

“Basically, yeah” her brother replied, slipping his armor on. “We actually didn’t train together; he refused to let me even come near him; every time I did, he threw me off and nearly killed me.” Panisa looked at her heartless father and frowned.

“Son of a bitch he is…” she growled. “How dare he…”

“Panisa! How dare you say to our father!”

“I don’t give a fuck what I say; our goddamn father is a horrid bastard who’s to self absorbed in his Saiyajin heritage to see common sense and is rotten beyond repair…I would kill him happily if it meant protecting you”

“What the hell did you just say?!” Panisa didn’t reply; all she did was turn her head to her brother and angrily frown at him. Trunks looked back at her in disgust, shocked at how she spoke of their own father, and angrily walked away.

“Hey, aren’t you going to wear yours?” Bulma asked Piccolo. “Vegeta, Trunks, Panisa, Gohan, Son-kun, and Tamera-kun are all wearing there’s.”

“I’m a Namekian, not a Saiyajin” Piccolo growled. “I refuse to wear the same costumes that Freeza and his men wore when he slaughtered my people on Namek…”

“Oh c’mon! There just clothes!” Goku cheerfully cried. “There lighter than they look and they’re easy to move in!”

“You know Kakarotto” Vegeta smirked, putting his gloves on. “You’ll just be wasting that outfit with your pointless training.”

“Because you’re going to kill Cell, Amirite?” Goku asked. Vegeta didn’t have to respond; he just smirked at Goku.

“Let’s go.” Vegeta said, looking away.

“I can teleport you if you want” said Goku.

“Yeah right; like I’m going to take help from you” as Vegeta powered up and got ready to fly off, he looked at his rival one more time. “So long” he smirked; with that, he took off to fight the monster, Cell.

“I’m going too” said Trunks.

“Wait, hold on just one second!” Goku cried, bending down to reach his orange Gi, which was on the floor. After some searching, Goku pulled a little small bag from the pocket. “Here are some sensu beans; I have a feeling you might need ‘em.” Goku walked over to the man and put the two beans in his palm. “Don’t forget; if it gets to dangerous, then get outta there, alright?”

“Thank you Goku-sama!” Trunks replied, putting the sensu beans in his armor. “Don’t worry; I’ll get out of there soon as possible if it gets rough, but I’m not sure if my father actually will; you know him…”

“Ha! Good point!” Goku laughed happily. Trunks smiled back to the hero and walked to the edge of the lookout, when he suddenly heard someone call his name.

“Yo, Trunks-sama!” a girl’s boyish voice. The man turned around, and saw Tamera running to him.

“Tamera-san?” he asked the girl. “What’s wrong?”

“I…I wanna go with you…!” Tamera cried.

“What?!” Trunks cried. “Why? Are you worried or something?”

“I just wanna see what you and your dick dad are capable of…” Tamera seriously replied. “I also wanna see this Cell freak in person.”

“It’s probably too dangerous for you; I would hate to see you get hurt”

“I don’t care; I’m still coming even if you say no!”

“Just let her go Trunks” Gohan cried from a distance. “When she’s made her mind up there’s no changing it, no matter how dangerous or risky it is.” Trunks looked at the stubborn Saiyajin girl and sighed.

“Alright” he replied, reluctantly accepting. “I guess if you’ve made up your mind, then fine…”

“Awesome!” Tamera cried, jumping happily.

“But!” Trunks cried in the mist of her joy. “If it gets too dangerous, you get out immediately, alright?! I don’t want you to end up dying somehow.”

“Don’t cha worry!” Tamera cried. “I’ll be sure ta’ bat outta there if it gets too risky; you have my word!”

“Good” Trunks replied, smiling and turning around. “Now if we wanna get there in time, we have to fly as fast as we can. Alright?”

“Got it!” the tomboy spunk then turned to the others and waved happily. “See ya later!” with that, Tamera and Trunks flew off the lookout in pursuit of Vegeta.

This is going to be the last of the story I post for a VERY long time. As of now I am working on my fan-fic the Terror of the Saiyajins; when I grow tired of that fan-fic I will come back to this one. Thank you all so much for your positive feedback! Be sure to check out my other fan-fics for other epic stuff!! Nimbus.69I like showing off my hatchet 02:20, April 9, 2012 (UTC)