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This is the first episode of DBIT.


This takes place 100 years after GT (Age 890). Out of all the Z Fighters, only Pan is alive. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. are the descendants of Goku and Vegeta.


World tournyment[]

Goku jr vs Feesa[]

Goku KOs Feesa with a single punch in the gut.

Vegeta jr vs John[]

John charges at Vegeta jr. before John gets Vegeta jr kicks John into a wall.

Goku jr vs Vegeta jr[]

They both go SSJ


Vegeta Jr goes SSJ

then trade punches. Vegeta jr shockwaves but Goku jr destroys it with a kamehameha. Vegeta jr says " You put up a good fight so far, loser. Are we going to get a chance to do this thing?". Goku jr responds " Yes.". They fly up in the air and Vegeta jr destroys the ring and says " There". Then Goku jr flys up to Vegeta jr and they punch eachother realy fast. They get tired and go back to their bace form. They sence a small energy and look up. They see a twinkle in the sky.

A space pod[]

The twinkle crashes into a building not far away. The view is close enough where it looks the pod Vegeta used to get to earth.