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The return of Goku!

It rains heavly in the grave yard. All dark and misty as the bright moon shines its dim light upon the Earth(how ironic).

When a hand suddenly popped out from deep under the Earth's surface...who can it be? Can it be that evil has come once again to destroy all Earth? Did this guy escape from hell? Or did god send him from heaven to save us once more?

Its' Goku and he's back. Goku and co are at the kame house.

Goku: Hi guys!

Tien Krillin And Yamcha:Yo!
Master Roshi turns on the radio

Radio: Rumor has it that there are a new set of dragonballs. Reward of all 7 are found!

Goku:We better set off and find those dragonballs

Krillin:Dont you think we should see Dende first to be absolutely sure?


Krillin:Why not?

Goku:Cause i sense seven powers those must be the dragonballs!

Radio:They are also belived to be golden as well!

Yamcha has a vision of him being rich

Goku:Well lets go!

All the Z fighter fly away

Goku:Hey look i sense a Dragonball!

TO BE CONTINUED...............