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A story on Vegeta's character developement, and another version of the Prince of All Saiyans we came to love. 

Poetic Theme SongEdit

A warrior in his own right

But looses to Goku, because his power is out of sight

If he became a legend he might

Make the gap between their powers tight

And Maybe, just maybe, he'll win the fight

A warrior in his own right. 

Chapter One: Vegeta's Reminder Edit

After the Z-Fighters returned from the final battle against Kid Buu. Edit

At Capsule Corp, in his new 1,000,000 gravity roomEdit

'Kakarot, you have power far beyond my own. You have acheived what no other Saiyan has. It always seemed as though you were one step ahead. It seemed as though everytime I achieved a milestone, you reached it before me. How? What is it kakarot?! What is your secret?! Is it your love for your friends and family, willingness to protect them. Or was it your constant training in martial arts. Has your fighting experience even further increase your Saiyan love of fighting to new levels. Or was it your constant training. Obsessed with fighting enimies stronger than yourself. What allowed you to do it? And more importantly, why can't I do it.' Vegeta thought to himself, long and hard, before simply going to train.

'When we first met, you were low-class trash, and I was the Super Elite Saiyan Prince, but yet you wanted to fight me. You put up a good fight and actually beat me, with help from your runt, the coward, and the little man. Then you not only did you, low-class trash, defeat I, The Prince of All Saiyans, but then you took my only dream away, in the most sickening way ever. You defeated Frieza and saved my life in the process. I would've rather stayed dead than for you to avenge me, because I was the one who was suppose to become the legendary Super Saiyan warrior of our peoples stories and myths! I was the one who was suppose to kill Frieza! But then you came along and ruined everything!' Vegeta yelled inside his head. 

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