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This article, The Old Kingdom Time Span (First Legend), is the property of The Prodigy1.

The Old Kingdom Timeline (6,800 - 3,200 Before Age)[]

The Old Kingdom timeline is the oldest timeline. Going back to the earliest Empires ever assembled, right after their transition from being a City-State. Apart from being the most ancient, this time period is also the most hostile. It sustained some of history's most blood quenching conquerors the world has ever seen. Morning, noon, and night Saiyan rulers used to beg for carnage just to see their rural City-State rise from the ashes and become thriving war waging Empires.


* Syrik Empire

* Yearl Empire

* Jajin Empire

* Dai Empire

* Anastasian Empire

* Lyodo Empire

* Andromedan Empire

Brief Summmary[]

From the moment a Saiyan child could stand, it was plunged into a world of combat. It would train and push itself to shatter its own personal limits to become the best that it could be. For the purpose of defending its Empire that it was born into. For "it" was born in warfare, and in the manner of war "it" shall die.

- The Prodigy1

Out of the seven Empires that reigned terror upon the planet, the "evil" that escaped the gates of hells fury, was no other than the Anastasian Empire. The soldiers of its army specialized in only one profession: the theft of souls of rival nations. The Empire prevailed over all and became Saiyan history's first Super Power of the Old Kingdom time line. It stretched upon its shadow over the planet and gulped up everything that came in its way. No one that presided under a different flag were safe. Nor King, nor slave were safe.

The only adversary that proved itself worthy enough to shine light into the darkness of the land that the Anastasian Empire occupied was the vast lengthiness of time. Time was the only thing that over came the Empire. As time went on, the Empire fell into decline and at last was brought to its knees. The King was dethroned and his enemies raided through his streets. After the Fall, the Anastasian Empire was never the same. Although native Kings from the land ascended the throne once more, they were in a weak state of mind.

The army that drank the river-beds dry were unknowingly push aside and quietly stepped behind the curtains. Taking a more suttle and anonymous role on the global scale and seemingly just disappeared... until the events of the Original Super Saiyan comes to reality.