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History:[edit | edit source]

]As many people already know, the original Saiyan race came to the planet Plant (though some sources say that they were native to the planet, but information on the subject is scarce), inhabited by the diminutive yet super intelligent Tuffles, and after fighting a decade-long war with the Tuffles the Saiyans exterminated them in a single night after transforming into Great Apes at the sight of Planet Plants full moon, which only appears once every century. They renamed their new homeworld Planet Vegeta after their leader and mightiest warrior of the time, whom they crowned as their king. After the Tuffles were wiped out the Saiyans needed something to satisfy the inborn need all share, the desire for battle, they began traveling in space using salvaged technology from the now extinct Tuffles, which led them to meeting the Arcosians and eventually becoming slave soldiers to the evil Planet Trade Organization, an infamous and corrupt organization that wiped out entire species to sell their planets on an unknown market. Their Arcosian overlord, Frieza, destroyed their homeworld after coming to acknowledge the Saiyans as a threat to his supremacy, this fear based largely on the legend of the Super Saiyan. Of the few survivors, one named Son Goku, a Saiyan who grew up on Earth after being sent as an infant to exterminate it’s inhabitants (though becoming an amnesiac shortly after arriving and forgetting his mission), became a Super Saiyan and defeated the tyrannical Frieza in a vicious battle over a dying planet decades after Vegeta’s destruction, and thus started the downfall of the evil Planet Trade Organization. What few members survived the downfall splintered into tiny empires ruled by warlords, many of whom were once the Planet Trade Organizations mightiest warriors.

]The Saiyan Revival began at the hands of Humans from Earth; When the Earth was being evacuated before it could explode, the Earthlings were transported to the recently restored planet Vegeta which, at the time, was in a twin orbit with Earth. The planet’s cities had fully intact records of life on the planet before the Saiyan-Tuffle War, including information on the Saiyans themselves. A small group of humans learned of the Saiyans, and somehow also learned that it was Saiyans who saved them and the Earth on multiple occasions. In order to repay the debt they felt that they owed to the Saiyan race, they copied the samples for Saiyan genetic code that had been recorded in Tuffle computers, over the course of several years they used the reverse-engineered Tuffle technology to recreate the Saiyan race through reproductive cloning. Over 500 New Saiyans were born from this project, and they were raised to adulthood by the scientists who created them. In order to channel their natural aggression and fighting instinct the Human parents taught the New Saiyans to satisfy their violent urges through competitive sports and friendly sparring matches. The New Saiyans also took an early interest in Earth’s various martial arts schools, and learned how to better control and develop their natural abilities. After learning about the Dragon Balls on planet Namek from an unknown source, the New Saiyans set off in a fleet of Capsule Corp. ships to make the wish to have planet Vegeta returned to it’s original location. They practically begged the Namekians to allow them to use the Dragon Balls, but the Namekians agreed to allow them to have the wishes they needed on the condition that the New Saiyans swear never to ask to use the Dragon Balls again. The New Saiyans wished for planet Vegeta to be returned to it’s original place in the universe, for it and Earth’s moon to be restored, and to be transported immediately to planet Vegeta. Before leaving, the New Saiyans swore an eternal blood oath to the Namekians, swearing to come to their aid if their race was ever in danger.

]Age 799-853: After arriving on Vegeta, the Saiyans began studying and learning from the old Tuffle ruins across the planet, reverse-engineering any technologies that could use to build their new nation and secure their race. They built a new city that would eventually be their capital city on the planet, and developed all of the basic infrastructure necessary to support their new nation. During this and afterwards the Saiyans focused mainly on increasing their numbers as quickly as possible, using various fertility drugs and other methods to increase reproduction rates. In 5 decades there were several thousands of strong and healthy Saiyans on Vegeta, and the population would continue to grow rapidly over the next century. When it was discovered that Prince Vegeta was still alive and was still on Earth, the New Saiyans sent representatives to beg him to be their new king. Vegeta refused, citing his old age and role as protector of the Earth, and his children and grandchildren refused as well due to their diluted Saiyan blood and lack of interest. Because of this, the New Saiyans were at first led by a council consisting of several of the oldest and strongest among their race. Fearing that being discovered by the galaxy at large would lead to an invasion that they weren’t prepared for, the New Saiyans kept their existence hidden as much as possible.

]Age 854: Shusen War; When news of the Saiyans return became widespread it sent shockwaves throughout the universe, leading to many worlds undergoing bank breaking military buildups. The tyrannical warlord named Shusen, the most powerful of the existing warlords at the time, feared that the return of the Saiyan race would result in him losing everything if he did not strike them first. He launches a full-scale invasion of planet Vegeta, using his armies numerical and technological advantages and greater combat experience against them. Another disadvantage that the Saiyans had was that they hadn’t relearned the ability to create a fake moon, and thus they couldn’t transform into Great Apes since the next full moon wouldn’t appear for another 42 years. The invasion catches the Saiyans completely off guard, with the defenders suffering heavy casualties in the initial attack and forced to retreat on multiple fronts until they can fortify their remaining bastions and hold off the invaders, thus turning the Battle of Vegeta into a grueling slugfest. However, many of the Saiyans who survived the initial carnage of the first battles grow much stronger through their Zenkai trait (see below at Saiyan Traits and Abilities for details), and they soon begin launching their own attacks against the invaders with increasing frequency and boldness. As the Saiyans across the planet rapidly grow in strength and aggression with each battle, the invasion force soon becomes overwhelmed by the advancing Saiyans, until Shusen and his few surviving soldiers were forced to retreat from Vegeta altogether. Two weeks later, the Saiyans launched a counter invasion of Shusen’s territory, taking advantage of their increased battle power and Shuzen’s depleted army to wreak havoc across his whole empire. During the final battle on Shusen’s last unconquered world, the strongest Saiyan at the time, Arraca, became the first New Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation while fighting Shusen one-on-one, and easily killed the warlord. With Shusen’s death his empire was disbanded and the other warlords soon began fighting over the valuable systems (the territory wasn’t taken by the Saiyans because they didn’t have enough soldiers to occupy them at the time). Arraca was sworn in as the first High King of all Saiyans, ushering in the birth of the New Saiyan Empire. A few other Saiyans would soon become Super Saiyans as well, leading to the creation of the highly privileged Super-Elite Class.

]Age 860-864: The Saiyan Conquests; High King Arraca determines that it is in the Saiyan race’s best interest to eliminate potential threats to his people and the Empire, primarily the remnants of the Planet Trade Organization. By his decree the Saiyan Army, led by veteran Super-Elite Class generals, traveled across space to conquer and exterminate these remnants wherever they were found, a campaign that took 4 years. As Saiyans grow stronger from fighting, this campaign had the effect of greatly increasing the Saiyan Empire’s military strength along with the size of it’s territory, but it is also notable that the Saiyans gradually became more warlike and bloodthirsty as the battles grew more fierce. Also, during the Conquests the Saiyans take samples of advanced technology that they found interesting, such as the rejuvenation chambers and attack balls, and create their own designs to serve their own needs. The campaign was officially declared over shortly after the last major warlords were killed, and most of the enemy territories were incorporated into the New Saiyan Empire, expanding the nation from one world to several hundred. The remaining opposition was too weak or too far away to be a major concern to the Saiyans, and by this point the Saiyans had spread themselves too thin to continue expanding (there were literally less than a dozen Saiyan warriors to guard each conquered solar system, and the Saiyans had to resort to using large numbers of Saibamen to augment their numbers). However despite the massive amount of plundered wealth and access to new resources that the Saiyans attained, the war itself was a massive drain on the Empires economy and the Saiyans briefly suffered from an economic depression.

]Age 864: Many Saiyans begin working as mercenaries across the galaxy in order to provide for their families within the New Saiyan Empire during the crippling economic depression. Inspired by this, the New Saiyan Empire soon began allowing it’s people to work as state-sanctioned mercenaries for the highest bidder, and also institutes a program of loaning it’s military might to protecting “weak” client planets in exchange for large tributes. The Empire officially refuses to take on the old contracts of wiping out entire species to sell their planets as they did while working under Frieza, changing the Saiyans public image from merciless and cold-blooded killers to a reliable and professional race of mercenaries. High King Arraca also institutes a massive public works program in order to make maintaining the Empire more economically feasible by drafting races whose worlds were absorbed into the Empire during the Saiyan Conquests. At the same time Saiyans would once again focus much of their energy on building up their numbers in order to consolidate their gains, although this is made more difficult because, due to evidence of genetic deterioration, reproductive cloning was banned by the Empire.

]Age 922: The Saiyan Civil War begins; the Saiyans are driven into an internal conflict by an ideological split between the ultranationalist True Saiyans, who wished that the Saiyans would be conquerors and enslave the galaxy, and the Loyalists, who wanted to remain as they were. The Loyalists, who represented the majority, quickly win the war and drive the True Saiyans off of planet Vegeta. However, the surviving members of the faction traveled to a faraway planet and exterminated it’s native sentient life forms, renaming the planet Saiya. They would go on to build what would be known locally as the True Saiyan Empire, led by Yacon, the first Emperor of all True Saiyans.

]Age 932: The mutant Arcosian warlord, Glace, the grandnephew of Frieza and grandson of Cooler, begins growing stronger and building his own empire on the fringes of the galaxy, hoping to follow in his grandfather and great uncle’s footsteps. The few remaining elements of the Planet Trade Organization flock to his banner, greatly bolstering Glace’s Army. At the time, the Saiyans knew next to nothing about him, including his ancestry.

]Age 954: The natives of the abnormally large and Eden-like planet Baskar, the diminutive Baskarans, were developing their own breeds of Saibamen in order to defend their planet from the Saiyans and any other threats to their planet, as they themselves are largely unfit to be warriors. When secretly testing their newest breed of Saibamen, the Saibamen mutated due to contact with the hyper-rich soil, becoming vastly stronger as well as more intelligent and developing the ability to reproduce rapidly on their own. Worse yet, these “Saibamutants” (as they would later be called) proved to be completely uncontrollable when they turned on their creators before wiping out the rest of the Baskarans. Afterwards the creatures “Saibaform” the entire planet’s ecosystem to suit their purposes, creating bizarre hybrid mixtures of the original flora and fauna with Saibaman DNA. One Saibamutant in particular would prove to be the mightiest and most cunning among them, and he would be named Sairex, the leader of the entire race. When news of Baskar reaches the ears of High King Galan (grandson of Arraca), he declares a war of genocide against the Saibamutants, fearing that the rapidly breeding and intelligent creatures could eventually consume the whole universe if not stopped in time.

]Age 954-955: The Baskar Wars; The Saiyan Army begins an invasion on Baskar, with the Saiyans fighting to exterminate the Saibamutants before they spread beyond the planets atmosphere, as well as to claim the planet for it’s vast untapped resources. Sairex, leader of the Saibamutants, has proven to be an excellent strategist and tactician, exploiting his forces’ vast numerical superiority and home field advantage to the fullest. To make matters worse, the Saiyans have to contend with an extremely hostile “Saibaformed” environment, and the chemicals in the atmosphere prevent fake moons from being used by the Saiyans to transform into Great Apes on the moonless Baskar. During the war a young Saiyan recruit originally from the Low-Class rank, Cale, becomes a rising star and war hero due to winning a string of victories against the creatures and is notable for his abnormally rapid growth in power and skill, reaching Elite-Class power levels near the end of the war. The fighting becomes desperate for the Saiyans after the Head General and several high ranking officers are killed in a surprise attack from underground tunnels beneath the allies main base, and without their leader and strongest warriors the Saiyans begin to lose ground on nearly all fronts. In a reckless attempt to end the war quickly, Cale and his unit go AWOL and launch a suicide march against the enemies heartland where Sairex commands the Saibamutants from. After essentially bulldozing their way through hordes of Saibamutants they reach the enemies stronghold, and a vicious battle erupts between Cale’s team against Sairex and his strongest lieutenants. It was during this brutal fight that Cale and a few of his teammates, on the verge of death and defeat, transformed into Super Saiyans for the first time and overwhelmed the mutants, thus turning the tide and ending the battle with a victory. With Sairex and his lieutenants dead the Saiyans eventually cleanse Baskar of the disorganized Saibamutants, with the Saiyans claiming ownership over the planet. For essentially ending the war almost single-handedly (and because he is one of the strongest of the rare few Super Elites in the whole Empire), Cale is given the honor of being promoted to Head General of the Saiyan Army once he was old enough (he wasn’t old enough to form a noble house either, and according to his own testimony he had no interest in doing so), while his companions were allowed to form their own noble houses and establish their own fiefdoms on the Empire’s frontier, with one member gaining Baskar itself. It is also at this time that the third Princess, Sako, begins to develop interest in Cale.

]Age 956-958: The Glace Empire creates the Red Meteors pirate group consisting of dangerous alien mercenaries from across the galaxy, officially to use as part of a “false flag invasion” (the Red Meteors would attack a planet only for said planet to be “liberated” by Glace’s army), however in truth they were created only as a means of gauging an opponents strength and were ultimately considered expendable. The Red Meteors soon engaged in minor conflicts with the Saiyans of both empires, launching small-scale raids against their territories, however the majority of Saiyans from both Empires didn’t consider this more than a chance to relieve boredom. At the same time, the planet Earth is eventually encompassed by the New Saiyan Empires sphere of influence, and is given “privileged tributary status” (made into a protectorate that doesn’t need to pay tribute or provide services, and allowed to govern themselves without direct oversight) by High King Galan, something that beforehand was exclusive to New Namek. The King of Earth grants the Saiyans the right to set up garrisons on Earth to protect it from invasion. It doesn’t take long for Earth to become a vacation spot for many Saiyans, and Earth quickly prospers by gaining access to advanced technology. Shortly afterwards, the dramatic rise in the number of Saiyan-Human hybrids is noticed by the general public.

]Age 958-959: Saiyan-Red Meteors War; Relations between the New Saiyan Empire and the Red Meteors degenerates into all-out war when the Red Meteors attempt to conquer New Namek in order to claim the dragon balls for unknown wishes. The invaders are defeated after a protracted battle by the local Saiyan garrison and Namekian warrior caste, and their remains are sent to Red Meteor leaders as a gruesome message, along with a burned Red Meteors flag (the universal symbol for a declaration of war). The True Saiyan Empire also declares war on the Red Meteors, remembering the oath that all Saiyans swore to the Namekians before the split. The Saiyans launch ferocious assaults on hundreds of locations across space where the Red Meteors gather. However, although the Saiyans initially scored many victories, the Red Meteors had the advantage of possessing a large and versatile army of fighters from many different species, thus dragging the war out for several months in a bitter stalemate. However, during the war internal disputes between various member groups in the Red Meteors became more and more frequent. This came to a head when one of the smaller factions sided with the New Saiyan Empire in return for leniency and profit, exposing critical intel within the Red Meteors that allowed the allied Saiyans to cripple the organization. Cale, appointed the new Head General during the last days of the war, personally led the attack on the Red Meteors headquarters where they killed the leaders and strongest warriors personally. In the resulting mop-up campaign the Red Meteors were rapidly decimated by the Saiyan onslaught, until eventually the surviving members dropped their flags and hid themselves before they were killed. While the New Saiyans were content to allow the Red Meteors to disband, the True Saiyans continued to hunt them across the galaxy, however no one ever discovered Glace’s hand in this conflict until years later.

]Age 959: The New Saiyan Empire and the True Saiyan Empire agree to a truce in light of improved relations. While both sides have lingering animosity towards each other, they are able to maintain relatively civil, if cool, relations with each other.

]Age 961-962: Glace War; The Arcosian warlord Glace begins launching large-scale military campaigns across the galaxy, and uncomfortably close to both the New Saiyan Empire and the True Saiyan Empire. He had built a large and powerful empire during the New Saiyan Empire’s war on Baskar and the war against the Red Meteors, and it wasn’t long before his reputation alone made entire civilizations surrender to him out of fear, and like his ancestors he recruited the strongest warriors from every race and planet he conquered into his growing army. Nearly 4 years after the Red Meteor War ended, Glace had conquered a third of the galaxy and announced his intentions for universal conquest and be recognized as the most powerful being in the universe. High King Galan, recognizing that Glace was too dangerous to be ignored, declared war, and the Emperor of the True Saiyans, Taro, followed suite out of racial prejudice for the Arcosians. The war was extremely brutal for both sides; casualties were immeasurable and dozens of planets were completely wiped clean of life, and several planets were completely atomized in the carnage. During the final major battle of the war, Glace demonstrated his tremendous power when he transformed (an ability that was previously exclusive to his grandfather Cooler) and viciously mauled the first prince of the New Saiyans, Chard, beat the High King into a catatonic state, and then killed the True Saiyan Emperor in front of his men. Cale went toe-to-toe with Glace and barely managed to defeat him after a ferocious and exhausting fight that nearly destroyed the planet they were on. Defeated and having lost everything except his life, Glace managed to flee with the help of his retainers and went into hiding while Cale was too injured to chase after him. Both Saiyan Empires would spend the rest of the war mopping up the rest of Glace’s supporters and hunting Glace himself, but they never managed to find him and soon gave up. With Glace’s empire dismantled, the Saiyan Empires were now the two dominant superpowers of the galaxy, though the True Saiyans had no Emperor due to Taro dying without an heir and having no living relatives to replace him, and New Saiyans had a significant edge in economic and military power. High King Galan awoke from his coma several weeks after his defeat at the hands of Glace, he appointed Cale to he his successor to the throne upon his death due to his many achievements, as well as offering his daughter, Princess Sako (who unbeknownst to most had already fallen in love with Cale), to be his wife. Chard, furious already at the fact that Glace was allowed to escape after what he had done, had considered this perceived thievery to be the final straw. He fled into self-imposed exile, wandering the galaxy and eventually landed on Saiya, the homeworld of the True Saiyans. He became enamored with the True Saiyans ideology, especially after learning that most of the True Saiyans were as outraged as he was that Glace was allowed to remain in hiding after he murdered their Emperor. Afterwards he entered the Imperial tournament to decide who would be the new Emperor, and he easily won the tournament. Upon his ascension he began intensive training and planning for his revenge against the New Saiyans for the perceived treachery he had suffered.

]Age 963: Princess Sako gives birth to twins, Asper (boy) and Cress (girl), while vacationing with her husband Cale, now the third Prince of all Saiyans, on Earth.

]Age 970-971: Second Saiyan Civil War; The True Saiyan Empire launches a massive coordinated attack against the New Saiyan Empire, but while the offensive catches the New Saiyans completely off-guard they manage to hold their ground in most areas. The concentrated power of the main invasion force, led personally by Chard, reaches all the way to the planet Vegeta, where in a show of strength and utter ruthlessness Chard personally killed his father in battle along with most of his other siblings. Sako and Cale, despite being severely wounded in the process, barely managed to escape the planet with their lives along with their children. A few weeks later the two of them managed to coordinate a counterattack that drove Chard’s forces off the planet, and eventually drove the rest of the True Saiyans out of most of their territory, though there would be protracted battles on the frontier worlds between both Empires for the majority of the war. After killing the New Saiyan Empire’s leader on his own planet, Chard felt confident that the New Saiyans were no longer a real threat and proceeded to assault the remnants of Glace’s fallen empire to resume the search for Glace. In a savage display of blitzkrieg style warfare, the True Saiyans smashed through these worlds and reached Glace’s hiding place on his homeworld, New Arcose. During the assault Chard went to kill the Arcosian warlord himself while his army wrought havoc across the planet. He was robbed of his revenge when Cale and Sako led an army of their own to capture Chard, and Chard was forced to call for a retreat when confronted by all three powerful warriors and their combined forces. Glace offered his support in defeating Chard on the condition that Glace be allowed to regain much of his old territory as compensation for his help, which both Sako and Cale reluctantly agreed to as they desperately needed allies and resources. Meanwhile, Chard had a set of illegal cybernetic implants installed in his body that would increase his strength and grant him limitless energy to draw upon, but also caused mental instability. The True Saiyans were caught unprepared when a massive invasion force struck hard and fast through their Empire’s borders and headed straight for planet Saiya with the intent of capturing/killing Chard. A vicious battle was fought across the surface, in the skies, and even in orbit above the planet. Halfway through the battle Sako engaged Celaris, Chard’s strongest general, in a duel, however the battle was a draw and both women were forced to retreat due to their injuries. At the same time, Cale and Glace found Chard at the planets capital and engaged him together. However, Chard’s increased strength and limitless energy proved too much of an obstacle and in the later stages of the fight he practically mauled both Glace and Cale as they grew exhausted. However, as he prepared to finish them both off, Cale awakened his Super Saiyan 2 transformation, gaining the advantage and turning the tide against Chard. Chard, realizing he was losing the fight, fell into maddening rage at the prospect of losing everything to the one man he hated most, and so he decided to destroy the whole planet and everyone on it, only to be vaporized in the ensuing beam struggle against Cale. With the death of their Emperor, the True Saiyans were demoralized and surrendered to the Allies. After the war was declared over, Cale and Sako were officially sworn in as the High King and High Queen respectively and set about rebuilding their Empire and reestablishing peace and order within their dominion. Glace reclaimed a small portion of his Empire, and while he honored his agreement to return peacefully to his domain, he swore that he would grow strong enough to reclaim the rest through force. Celaris, now the Empress of the True Saiyans by virtue of being the undisputed strongest warrior still alive, would rule the True Saiyan Empire along with her then 10 year old son, Celtus. She would train Celtus relentlessly so that he would be strong enough to retain the imperial crown when he claimed the throne. In the aftermath of the terrible war, the three great empires (the New Saiyan Empire, the True Saiyan Empire, and the Glace Empire) maintained a fragile peace between each other that would last for at least a decade.

]Age 981: Relations between the New Saiyan Empire, the True Saiyan Empire, and the newly reestablished Glace Empire remained incredibly tense as all nations attempted to maintain a delicate balance of power. Some time after the Second Civil War ended, Empress Celaris managed to awaken her Super Saiyan 2 transformation, and Glace had trained extensively and also acquired his great uncle Frieza’s ability to unlock all of the restraints on his body to unleash his full potential power, making the two of them plus High King Cale nearly equal to each other in fighting power. The True Saiyans, although considered the weakest of the three powers at this time, still possessed enough military might to make them a significant threat, and the Glace Empire was slowly growing in size and power. However, this Age is notable because it was when the secret romantic relationship between Cress, princess of the New Saiyan Empire, and Celtus, prince of the True Saiyan Empire, had been discovered. The parents of both, needless to say, were shocked, and in Celaris’ case more than a little outraged. In a move that stunned everyone, Celtus traveled alone to the planet Vegeta, and asked High King Cale and High Queen Sako for the right to marry Cress with the interest of uniting both of the Saiyan Empires. Before the two could give a definitive answer, Asper reportedly burst into the room and proclaimed that if Celtus wished to marry Cress, then he (Celtus) must first defeat him (Asper) in a duel. Cale agreed to the duel while Sako supposedly abstained from making a decision, and while Celaris was furious about Celtus’ leaving Saiya, she also agreed to allow the duel (for reasons that historians are still not entirely sure of). The duel would take place on a neutral planet on the border between both empires, planet Karsa, and with the bulk of Empires military might stationed nearby. The duel was extremely brutal, with both princes pushing each other to past their limits and achieving Super Saiyan 2 at the same time while fighting, and the planet itself was almost completely destroyed in the process. In the end, the fight technically ended in a draw with both fighters collapsing from exhaustion, but Asper proclaimed, to everyone’s astonishment, that he had lost the duel because he had passed out first. Celtus and Cress would marry two months later, and Celtus went to live with Cress in the palace on Vegeta. The True Saiyan Empire is annexed into the New Saiyan Empire due to the New Saiyans being the stronger of the two (although tensions lingered for quite some time), and Celaris becomes the New Saiyan Empire’s Head General supposedly upon High King Cale’s suggestion. With the combined might of the entire Saiyan race at the it’s disposal the New Saiyan Empire becomes the dominant superpower of the galaxy, with the Glace Empire losing much of it’s influence. In response to this, Glace made the decision to completely abandon his territories, taking an army of the strongest and most loyal soldiers at his disposal and traveling from the North Galaxy (where all three empires had coexisted) to the Eastern Galaxy. This began an era of total chaos as the remaining Glace’s other minions left behind would begin to fight amongst themselves in order to fill the gaping power vacuum. The New Saiyan Empire merely watches as the warring factions tear each other apart, only participating on occasion in an effort to keep the fighting outside of their own borders and away from their clients. Saiyan mercenaries received a flood of contracts during this period, ensuring great wealth and prosperity for the Saiyan Empire and it’s people.

]Age 983: Glace, having no significant competition, quickly conquered most the East Galaxy and reestablished the Glace Empire centered on Arcose III. In response to this news, the Saiyans devote the vast majority of their energy and resources into improving their military so as to offset the Empire’s severe numerical inferiority with superior quality of soldiers. Cress and Celtus have a son whom they name Soral, and Asper goes on to marry a Saiyan noblewoman from the former True Saiyan Empire named Mizune, who would later give birth to a daughter who would be named Tinda.


]The Saiyans were very strict when it came to the rules of battle in the engagements of war or even for living. It didn't matter if they were in battle or in times of peace, certain rules were to be upheld no matter the cost.

1. A warrior is in no way to bring shame to their family or self as it reflects upon not only themselves but those whom they are related to.

2. When engaging in battle two things must be present. The opponent must be at full strength, and they must not have their back turned at the moment of the kill.

3. A Saiyan must always tell the truth to those that ask a question, unless they be of an enemy race upon which they may withhold information.

4. Backstabbing is not to be practiced. If as a warrior you are going to kill a person, tell them flat out you are and then uphold your word, it is the one thing that binds you stronger than any physical bindings.

5. A vow is the strongest promise a warrior makes. If you vow to repay a debt, give a marriage vow, you are to uphold that vow to the best of your ability even unto death. If you can't uphold it, don't make it.

6. When asked to do something as a final request, and if it brings the warrior no shame, they should carry out that wish to the best of their ability. A deathbed vow is the greatest vow you can ever give as it binds you to that until your own demise.

7. When making a challenge, it is the same as making a vow, you should make sure that you carry out the challenge. However if your challenge is declined by the challenged, then it is to be backed off of and not attempted until the next meeting. If you are the one being challenged then it falls back to whether it would be honorable or not. It must include all three requirements before you can accept it. Should you accept it, you are to only take on the challenger and not include any others to it.

]Saiyans, both original and new, were often depicted as ruthless or barbaric, but in fact Saiyan Civilization is based on honor, strength and honesty. The New Saiyans greatly diverge from this stereotype in that they could be considered far more civilized in nature than the original Saiyans, likely because of their ancestors being raised by compassionate Humans. However they are still a people of war; Saiyans are a race that is naturally inclined to violence, and as the first New Saiyans and their Human surrogate parents realized this they focused on channeling that violent energy into a wide variety of competitive sports that allowed them to build their strength and channel their energy without potentially killing each other. To this day Saiyans of the Empire love playing competitive games and trying to become as strong as they possibly can, making life for Saiyans into a fun contest that encourages them to stay strong and keep growing stronger, as well as to better hold their ground. However, the New Saiyans most certainly enjoy a good brawl and will not shy away from a fight if confronted, especially against each other or an enemy during war time, although that isn’t to say they won’t make a tactical withdrawal in the face of virtually suicidal odds. Saiyans can often be seen enjoying the fruits of their labors, whether it be boasting of great victories in battle or simply completing an often difficult personalized training regimen. However, a Saiyans life wasn’t only of training and battle; Saiyans would talk of their night-life, their family, and more common things. Saiyans are extremely social with those they are familiar with, and would often form unshakable bonds of friendship, or even love, not being the cold-blooded and savage killers most make them out to be.

]Like most empires, the New Saiyan Empire was separated into many kingdoms/provinces consisting of planets colonized/annexed by the Saiyans, all of which were governed by hereditary/appointed seat holders who are subservient to the High King/Queen of all Saiyans, who rules the entire Empire from it’s capital, planet Vegeta. These lesser rulers, typically Elite-Class Saiyans, would handle the daily tasks that the High King/Queen couldn’t be bothered with, such as dealing with local disputes and generally making sure everything runs smoothly, while the High King/Queen would deal in matters that effect the Saiyan race as a whole, such as setting foreign policy, handling the distribution of wealth throughout the Empire, and directing the armed forces. Heirs to the throne are determined by battle power regardless of gender or age, with the strongest heir being first in the line of succession and all others following afterwards based on their level of strength. Only the strongest Super Elite-Class Saiyans are allowed the chance to marry into the Royal Family.

]Because Saiyans place such high value on strength and fighting ability, a Saiyans power level is symbol of rank in the Empire’s social and military hierarchy. In fact, Saiyans can only marry someone from the Elite-Class or Super Elite-Class if they themselves are Elites or Super Elites (not respectively), as a way of ensuring that stronger Saiyans produce stronger children. However, Saiyans are able to be promoted in both the social and military hierarchy if they can raise their battle power higher through training or other means, but they are also susceptible to demotion if their power decreases (likely from lack of training or being crippled in some way). There is no shame in getting comfortable with ones position on the pecking order, however everyone is encouraged to rise above their station through self-improvement.

]Like the Saiyans of old, it is common for the New Saiyans to hire themselves out as mercenaries, though instead of working for the Planet Trade Organization they simply work for themselves and their own race. The most notable difference between old and new is that the New Saiyans never perform missions of conquest/extermination on the behalf of a client, and the majority of the Empire’s income comes from client worlds who have small or no militaries of their own or whose inhabitants are simply unable to defend themselves and needed protection, and this revenue can take the form of currency, goods, or unique services under fully negotiable contracts, with the Namekians and Earthlings being the exceptions as they are protected by the Saiyans without requiring regular tributes of any kind. The Saiyans often look for other races in hopes of forming lucrative contracts with them, usually bringing offers of protection, and although the price is often expensive it should be noted that most pirates or other malevolent groups would never dare attack a planet that was under Saiyan protection. Saiyans of all classes participate in missions depending on their class ranking, the Low-Class making the least amount of money because they are assigned low ranking missions while the Elites make the most amount of money for completing the most dangerous and lucrative jobs. Super Elites very rarely go on missions because they are usually too busy with politics to go on missions. The Saiyans offer next to nothing in the way of exports save for their mercenary services, yet conversely they import vast amounts of anything one could think of using the massive wealth they get.

]Saiyans take their own word and the word of others very seriously; liars and thieves are absolutely NOT tolerated amongst Saiyans. As such other races have to be very careful when dealing with Saiyans, because the Saiyans will expect them to uphold their end of the contract or otherwise suffer the consequences (which, when dealing with Saiyans can be very severe), and Saiyans will look after their own before almost anyone else.

]Species whose worlds became tributaries/protectorates of the New Saiyan Empire (rather than client worlds) became second-class citizens of the Empire, most of them considered below even the lowest echelon of Low-Class Saiyans on the social ladder. While this places them under the direct authority of the Saiyan race and forces them to pay taxes and/or provide services to the Empire, it also affords them far greater protection and gives them access to the space lanes that are kept safe from pirates by Saiyan patrols. Planets under the Saiyan Empire’s influence will have small colonies established on them so that the planet can be administered directly by a Saiyan noble family. Warriors of these races that are considered strong enough are allowed to enlist in the Saiyan Army or join the Saiyans on teams and earn their own wage from completing contracts.

]The New Saiyan Empire does practice slavery, but in many cases this takes the form of indentured servitude where an individual sells him/herself into slavery in order to support his/her family or because he/she can’t survive on his/her own, and thus the slave owner can have the slave perform whatever task they wish as long as they meet the Imperial Slave Care Regulations (the slave must be properly fed, clothed, housed, and given proper medical care as needed within the standards set by the Saiyan Empire). However most slaves are descended from species that had made themselves enemies of the Saiyans but were conquered by them in the end.

]New Saiyans have immeasurable respect for the Namekian people, never forgetting that it was because of them that they were able to reclaim their homeworld and build their Empire. The blood oath that they made before the New Saiyan Empires founding still stands, and New Saiyans actively dare anyone to even try to harm the Namekians just so that they can destroy the aggressor. As descendants of the original New Saiyans created on Earth, the Saiyans also have a deep reverence for the planet on which their ancestors came from, and although they find the native humans to generally be weak, cowardly, and even dull-witted, they find modern Earth cultures to be fascinating. In fact many aspects of Earths culture has been imported to the Saiyan Empire, such as night clubs and different kinds of music (both of which elder Saiyans typically find abhorrent and culturally stagnating). Earthlings are treated as near-equals to the Saiyans in most cases, and there are rare cases of Earthlings becoming strong enough to serve in the Army. There is a mixed opinion about Saiyan-Human hybrids; many say they should be treated like normal Saiyans as they tend to be more powerful than their parents if they keep up with their training, but others have misgivings towards hybrids due to the fact that most of them simply don’t carry the “warrior personality” and are commonly found to have a pacifistic nature except when pushed over the emotional edge.

]Saiyan women have total control in relationships; they decide everything from who they will date to when/if they engage in intercourse, and in most cases they are utterly ruthless about the process. Female Saiyans will subconsciously coil their tails around the man they are attracted to as a sign of affection and interest, usually wrapping around the waist or a limb.

]The typical social dynamic between husband and wife is not quite the same as it is on Earth; both the men and the women cook and clean around the house (or have slaves do it if that is an option), as well as train together to keep themselves in shape, but they are also competent warriors, and will go out with their teammates on missions like any unmarried Saiyan, unless of course there are children to raise in which case one will stay at home while the other is gone. However, couples are rarely ever on the same team, as situations in battle may cause severe distraction or other complications that might have adverse effects on the team. There are of course occasional arguments in the household between a married couple, but this rarely escalates to violence (which is surprising for a race that is violent by nature) and the only times the two would normally ever get violent with each other is during training sessions. The bond between married couples can be so strong that when one dies the surviving partner will often refuse to get remarried.

]Children grow up learning basic education from schools like human children do, but the schools also include basic training and combat lessons and evaluations on a child’s potential strength. As they get older, the children are given more advanced combat training, with talented and promising students possibly being singled out for training by a single teacher who has had years of combat experience. Although rare, a student with the greatest potential is trained by multiple teachers so as to bring out the absolute best of their abilities.

]Younger Saiyans are barred from missions until they are considered full adults, the only exceptions being those who show outstanding potential. Elder Saiyans are usually barred from missions because of their advanced age, but there are exceptions in the cases of powerful veterans with high success rates, however the closest most elder Saiyans usually get to combat is training children. In addition to becoming trainers for children, it is also common for elder Saiyans become farmers or store clerks once they retire from fighting (or more accurately when they are forced into retirement), but even after retirement elder Saiyans are venerated for their services in their youth and for the experience they carry.

]In death, Saiyans could be cremated or buried, but often times when death in battle occurs, one of the Saiyans teammates may destroy the body as an act of preserving his/her fallen comrades honor. This usually takes place on the battlefield unless instructions were given prior to the deceased Saiyans death.

]Crime rates within the New Saiyan Empire were low; Saiyans tend to look out for their own, and crimes were usually punished to the point where they would be unlikely to happen again whether because the criminal was killed in a particularly gruesome fashion or was tortured nearly to point of breaking both physically and mentally. Many times, the local nobility or members of the Royal Family, or even the High King/Queen, would preside over the trial and deal out the punishment themselves.

Rankings (as determined by power level)

-“Lower” Low-Class: Saiyans consisting of those who are at the bottom of the social and military hierarchy, and yet highly respected as the foundation of the New Saiyan Empire. Those on the lower end of the spectrum are considered too weak or lacking in fighting spirit to participate in the Saiyan Army (Saiyan civilians for lack of better words), and they would perform vital jobs such as farming, working in factories, general maintenance, and managing stores. Also, the Saiyans of this class also make up the majority of Saiyan scientists and engineers which produce and maintain the Saiyans technology and machinery. They can often be seen enjoying the simpler things in life.

-“Upper” Low-Class: Saiyans on the upper end of the spectrum for the Low-Class, and thus reasonably capable fighters by Saiyan standards, are what make up the majority of the Saiyan Empires Army. Unlike Saiyans on lower spectrum of the Low-Class, most of these Saiyans are usually much more eager to be on the front lines of battle. The jobs they receive usually consist of fighting pirate bands and escorting trade transports.

-Mid-Class: The step up from Low-Class, and they are commonly given missions ranging from patrolling client planets and solar systems to protecting particularly wealthy individuals. Mid-Class Saiyans are able to purchase their own land, as well as being able to serve as the equivalent of non-commissioned officers in the Saiyan Empire’s Army. They often serve as retainers/bodyguards to the Elite-Class Saiyans of noble families.

-Elite-Class: The second strongest and second rarest Class that is more involved in administration and politics throughout the New Saiyan Empire. Most Elite-Class Saiyans are from the noble houses which govern fiefdoms/kingdoms ranging in size from small continents to entire planets within the Empire’s borders, and serve as high ranking officers in the Army. If a Saiyan born of parents from a lower class ranking raises his/her power level up the Elite-Class scale then they are eligible to be adopted/married into the noble families if they wish to.

-Super Elite-Class: Consisting of Saiyans who are able to transform into Super Saiyans, this is the most rarely seen class of Saiyan except within members of the Royal Family and it’s branch families where this ranking is relatively common (theoretically, any Saiyan has the potential to become a Super Saiyan, but only one in several million actually do because of the requirements). Becoming a Super-Elite entitles a Saiyan to a large number of rights, including the right to establish their own noble house, and to lead an army of followers to conquer an enemy planet to rule as a fiefdom within the Saiyan Empire (or more commonly purchase large portions of land from the planetary fiefdom of another noble family). The strongest among the Super-Elites may be given the honor of being adopted/married into the Royal Family after passing the family rite. Symbolic of their rank is the ritualistic and permanent removal of their tail, an act which signifies to Saiyan society at large that they no longer need to transform into a Great Ape because the Super Saiyan transformation far outclasses the Great Ape state, though some may chose to keep their tails. The highest level of Super Saiyan anyone within the Empire has ever reached so far is Super Saiyan 2.

New Saiyan Army

The Saiyan Empire has an extremely powerful army at it’s disposal, led by the Supreme General who is typically the strongest Saiyan outside of the Royal Family. As with the Saiyan races overall population, units within the Saiyan Army are relatively small compared to those of other nations because the Saiyans have abnormally high battle power compared to most other species in the universe; they rarely need to amass large armies in one place because in most cases a small team or even a single soldier is powerful enough to conquer whole planets by themselves with or without the use of a full moon. Modern military training in the Saiyan Army is extremely brutal and designed to weed out the weakest among recruits as well as produce extremely powerful and adaptable soldiers who can handle virtually any combat situation efficiently, primarily because the Saiyans are almost always outnumbered by their opponents and need to make up for it with sheer power and skill in battle. In most cases the high ranking officers are very distant from the frontlines of battle unless they feel there is a sufficiently strong (and thus worthy) opponent amongst the enemy. The army travels to other planets using either attack balls or battle carriers.

Saiyan Abilities:

-Ki Manipulation: A Saiyans Ki is the main source of his/her power, and it is what allows them to become the most feared warriors in the universe. By using Ki a Saiyan can fly, shoot energy blasts, enhance strength and speed, or create a wide variety of techniques with various uses.

-Ki Sense: Though not a natural ability, Saiyans are trained to sense another persons Ki, making it easier to track their movements, detect Ki-based attacks, or gauge their strength.

-Strength: Living in environments where the gravity is often 10X higher than Earth, Saiyans are naturally predisposed to be stronger than Humans, or other Humanoids for that matter. Their strength varies between individuals, but a low-class Saiyan alone can often times conquer entire planets by him/herself, although most rely on a full moon to transform into a Great Ape in order to conquer a whole planet.

-Speed: Saiyans are capable of moving at speeds faster than the average Human eye can register, being able to dodge bullets at point-blank range when fighting races that use projectile weapons.

-Endurance: Saiyans can have levels of endurance that can put most opponents at a serious disadvantage. Most Saiyans put their bodies under unimaginable levels of stress in order to increase their endurance for times of battle. A fully trained Saiyan Warrior can survive attacks that would cripple most opponents and still come back wanting more.

-Senses: As the Original Saiyans had to survive in the harshest of conditions and hunt fierce prey, in order to survive they developed razor sharp senses that vastly out-class that of Humans.

-Intelligence: Despite their reputation as being nothing more than thugs and killers, Saiyans are often found to have surprising levels of intelligence. They can learn multiple languages and can easily discern battle tactics, even while they themselves are fighting, and are capable of outwitting their opponents during the heat of combat. New Saiyans have arguably more intelligence than the original Saiyans did, as they are much more scientifically inclined and technologically adept, more than likely a result of their Human ancestry.

-Healing: A Saiyan is capable of healing several times faster and more efficiently than a Human, able to heal from injuries within days where a Human might take weeks to recover from the same injury.

-Zenkai: Saiyans have a natural ability to grow stronger as they fight. This translates to whether they win or lose; if a Saiyan is beaten within an inch of his/her life and survives the battle, they will come out far stronger than before, which may relate to how serious the damage was. This was the main reason why Frieza tried to exterminate the Saiyans the first time.

-Lifespan: Saiyans can live up to a theoretical maximum of 150 years, and age very gracefully compared to some other races. Saiyans can stay in their prime for most of their lives without losing their edge. Their lifespan is actually much longer than normally possible thanks to advances in medical science, both achieved by themselves and acquired through trades with other races.

-Appetite: Saiyans bodies require massive amounts of nutrition in order to maintain their peak performance, and as such Saiyans are capable of consuming dozens of full-course meals in a single sitting. On a full stomach a Saiyan is at his/her strongest, but their power weakens with hunger to the point of being unable to do anything.

-Lower Birth Rate: While it is true that Saiyans are slightly less fertile/virile than Humans are, this mostly has to do with their culture; most of the time Saiyans are out traveling and don’t have time to form relationships with anyone other than their teammates. Saiyans make heavy use of fertility drugs in order to increase the chances of pregnancy, and the Empire has a long-standing policy of maintaining incentives for families to produce more children. There are currently less than 10 million Saiyans in existence throughout the universe, roughly two individual thirds of whom are on planets Vegeta and Saiya while the rest are spread out throughout the Empire in colonies with populations ranging in size from several hundred to a few thousand individuals.

-Great Ape: While a Saiyan still has their Tail, they have the ability to transform into Great Apes, gigantic red-eyed primates, at which point their power increases 10X. When a full moon is out it reflects a Blutz Waves, an energy measured in Zenos, and when that energy reaches 17,000,000 Zenos a Saiyan can look at the moon and absorb that energy through his/her retina, which will cause a response within glands located in the Saiyans tail. As long as the Saiyan still has a tail, the Saiyan will begin to transform, growing larger and assuming an ape-like form. Often times when a Saiyan transforms into a Great Ape they lose control of themselves, attacking anything within reach. However, an Elite-class, and even many Middle-Class, could retain control during their transformation through special training, but Lower-Class often times had trouble with this training.

-Super Saiyan: Characterized by golden hair and blue eyes (with the exception of Super Saiyan 4), Super Saiyan is the most powerful form a Saiyan can take, and one that few ever achieve. The requirements are to be at a certain level of power, to supposedly be pure of heart, and to experience intense rage. The result is a form which can increase a Saiyans power as much as 50X. Super Saiyan has a total of 3 transformations (4 if you count Super Saiyan 4), with each dramatically increasing the Saiyans power as it is achieved. Once the level of Super Saiyan is achieved, it can be assumed at any time by that particular Saiyan.

Saiyan Technology:

-Anti-Blutz Wave Contact Lenses: An invention born of the need to interact with other species peacefully when on planets that had moons. The contact lenses block the majority of the Blutz Waves necessary to turn a Saiyan into a Great Ape, thus allowing them to travel during the planets full moon period without going on a mindless rampage.

-Battle Armor: Drastically different from the armor worn by the original Saiyans during their time in the Planet Trade Organization, this armor covered the entire body including the head and has vastly superior durability. A tough but stretchy full body-suit with climate control capabilities covered the inner layer, while the outer layer was covered in an extremely high-quality rubber/carbon composite that covered the torso, groin, arms, legs and head. The Helmet was equipped with a communicator, HUD, and a built-in Scouter. Can allow a Saiyan to breathe underwater near-indefinitely, or in space for roughly 4 hours. As with the original armor, Saiyan Battle Armor stretches to the same size as the Great Apes while transformed, and the mouth guard of the helmet retracts while in the transformed state.

-Scouter: Based on the original design, the model now used by the New Saiyan Empire is able to read higher and more rapid changes in power levels without malfunctioning. Only those who have extreme difficulty in using Ki Sense normally use these to find a person, and even then its usually when they think no one is watching them as being able to use Ki Sense is considered child’s play, and thus embarrassing if they can’t do it themselves. However the scouter also functions as a means of detecting other energy sources, such as radiation levels, making it useful for finding certain objects or avoiding hazardous areas.

-Attack Balls: Ships used by the original Saiyans as well as the Planet Trade Organization, can transport the occupant when he/she is conscious or in suspended animation and can travel at approximately 7 light-years per hour. The ships typically land on a planets surface by crashing into it, leaving a sizable crater on impact but otherwise leaving the occupant unharmed. Upgraded from the original Attack Balls with the ability to produce a type of healing mist that bolsters its occupants healing abilities and immune system as well as numbing pain, allowing the occupant to survive severe injuries long enough to receive medical attention when they arrive at their next destination.

-Saiyan Battleships: Large space ships equipped for rapid transport over long distances, similar in design to the ships used by the Planet Trade Organization except for the are oval rather than circular in shape. These ships can carry as many as 400 Attack Balls, and over 600 personnel at any given time depending on their configuration. Built for long-range transportation of armies as well as space combat, these ships can travel at speeds of roughly 26 light years per hour and act as carriers during space based engagements. Because Saiyans only need space suits to survive in space and can move and attack independently using Ki energy, the Battle Carriers can deploy squads of Saiyans in space suits during space combat while providing a safe place to replenish atmospheric reserves and seek medical attention, or fire Attack Spheres at enemy ships as “ballistic boarding parties”, as well as launching Attack Balls at precise locations on nearby planets.

-Saibamen: Artificial life-forms originally created by the original Saiyans and used mostly by the Planet Trade Organization as shock troops and cannon fodder, and/or as part of training exercises (which often ends in the death of the Saibamen). In modern times under the New Saiyan Empire the Saibamen are used primarily for training purposes, mainly in teaching Saiyan children how to fight or by older Saiyans to polish off their skills, or in some cases just as a living punching bag to blow off steam, however in the past they are also used as auxiliary troops to supplement the Saiyans lack of numbers during and for short time after the Saiyan Conquests and Saiyan Civil War. The few occasions that Saibamen are used on the battlefield when Saiyans wish to weed out weaker opponents and to drag out the fighting as long as possible. The Saibamen are generally weak compared to a Saiyan, and most are only intelligent enough to understand orders so as to prevent rebellion, however many variants (some of which are relatively intelligent) were created in order to simulate both the chaos and the conditions one could face in battle.

-Rejuvenation Chambers: A large pod like device where an injured soldier is placed inside and suspended in a healing liquid to repair his/her injuries, a process which may take around 30 minutes but largely depends on the severity of the injuries. This technology was created by the Planet Trade Organization, and used by the original Saiyans during their enslavement under Frieza.

-Gravity Chambers: Environmental Chambers that can manipulate gravity within themselves. Typically used for training, can increase local gravity to 200X that of Earths own gravity, though such a level is only used by super-elites. The technology was acquired from Earth just before the original New Saiyans banishment.

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