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This article, The Narrators Opinion (COMEDY!), is a work of humor, and is not in any way intended by the author to be taken seriously.

Alright, Welcome! To our little special, where I, a Naruto fanboy AND THE NARRATOR fricking COMMENTATE on this piece of devil's poo.

Narrator for Ocean Dub[]

(I mean to type horribly and grammar be horrid to simulate a Naruto fanboy and how he would look and db/dbz/gt.

OHHHHHP MEANSa I meanss serious whty deos Goka or Gokoo alwayss yoose the spitrit boom?!?sq I meanss SWEIOYS!!! Kameee House.. Da namee isnotrite! KAmiii DOSZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ not live thereee and iff HE DIDDIDIDIDIDIDID!!! I WOKDQWEWFUHEFUhfuHFUSHFGUzshguhFfahfwegfwgbfv d h

Narrator on Kai (Nicktoons version)[]

Lolz, dis show is so in a prooparet for childwen. We shood juzt kancel it cuz the show iz da best one we have had sinze Avatar Da Wast Airwbender.! I mwean, were gonna stwop it aqt the Cell Swaga cuz-- -- - -farts. Just go watchhh Fanboy and CHUMCHUM cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it is zbeter

Narrator on the Japanese Dub[]

I don't give a shit, the earthquake ruined my life so I'm just reading words of a paper for money.

More coming soon!