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"This man has nothing left to lose. His vocal chords were crushed beyond repair, and his memory had been wiped out by a sharp blow to the head. Also, he fights damn well."
— King Vegeta to Bardock after the latter questioned why the Nameless Saiyan had been added to his group.

The Nameless Saiyan is a low-class Saiyan warrior who lost his memories after sustaining a head injury and lost his voice after having his vocal chords crushed. He has an extremely rare ability amongst any alien race to spike his power up for only a brief time.

He is the main character of Dragon Ball: Birth of Fear.


Despite the fact that he rarely shows emotion, the Nameless Saiyan exhibits a strong sense of justice. Whenever something happens to any ally of his, he would go to the ends of the universe just to get revenge for said ally. He rarely cares for his own well-being, instead caring for the well-beings of others. When someone begs him for mercy, he allows that person to live. He refuses to kill children or women and often fights anyone who does so in front of his eyes.

Power level[]

The Nameless Saiyan has a power level of 1300. However, whenever his power spikes up, it adds 590,000 points. Also, he seems to be able to sense energy, an also rare ability amongst Frieza's soldiers.



Base Form[]

  • Full Power Energy Wave: The Nameless Saiyan fires a large energy wave from his hand.
  • Star Burst: The Nameless Saiyan fires a ball of powerful energy at the opponent and ignites it when it hits the opponent's face.
  • Falling Star Rush: The Nameless Saiyan pounds the opponent and implants him into the ground. Then, he teleports to the skies and flies back down at full speed and power, crushing the opponent upon impact.
  • Hunger Blast: The Nameless Saiyan fires a small, bright beam of energy at the opponent.
  • Crushing Punch: The Nameless Saiyan gathers energy and spikes his power up. Then, he punches the opponent's face, breaking his skull apart and killing him.

Great Ape Form[]

  • Chou Makouhou: The Nameless Saiyan can fire the traditional Chou Makouhou.
  • Chou Makousen: The Nameless Saiyan can fire a Chou Makousen.
  • Chou Makouhou Barrage: The Nameless Saiyan fires multiple Chou Makouhous.

Primal Ape Form[]

  • Primal Rush: The Nameless Saiyan rushes the opponent and pounds his face in several directions with fists that can shatter a man's skull.
  • Suicidal Energy Wave: The Nameless Saiyan powers up a Full Power Energy Wave he fired with his own life force, thereby giving him a greater chance to defeat the enemy but causing him to lose a portion of his life.
  • Roar: The Nameless Saiyan fires a Chou Makouhou which pauses in mid-air and splits apart into hundreds of energy beams which can burn through steel.
  • Have a Little Priest: The Nameless Saiyan grabs the opponent by the leg, then uses the other hand to grasp the opponent's neck, implants his knee up into the opponent's back, then fires a Chou Makouhou at the opponent's stomach.


  • Great Ape: The Nameless Saiyan can transform into a Great Ape.