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When Nail and the others were just kids, Guru had told them a story. A story about the Legendary Namekian warrior. He summed the warrior up, like he was Nail before Nail was, but much stronger. The warrior who is to be reincarnated in 75 years. The reborn version will be the first Namekian born with hair, the first Namekian with no antenas, and the first Namekian with a tail.At birth, his power level will be 100,000, originally it was 450,000,000,000. Not Even the Legendary of the Saiyans, who were suppose to be a superrior race, not even their legendary Broly was on par with him. But he will only be born by the most strongest warrior Namekian before him, we know now that thats Piccolo, considering fusion with Nail, Kami, and his own strength. So even though he promised he'd never reproduce (cause we know Namekians do assexually) as he thought it was disgusting, eventually, one day he will. So, one day, he was sitting on the lookout above Earth.

The Legend is Born[]

"I'm bored. I need someone to train. I've trained both of Goku's sons and even Vegeta's son to be great warriors, but now, they've even surpassed me. And Although Goku and Vegeta are the two strongest beings, they won't be around forever, and I know Goten and Trunks can't do it by themselves, There gonna need help. A third partner." Just then, Piccolo coughed up and egg. The egg hatched to an extroadinary being. "You must be my son," Piccolo said as he approached him to shake his hand. "Your not like any ordinary Namekian," said Piccolo. Just then, the Nail inside of Piccolo remembered with Guru said. "Thats it!" Piccolo exclaimed. "Your the Legendary Namekian!"

"Correct," the being answered back.

"So, your my father huh? What will my name be?" asked the being.

"Rocko," Piccolo replied.

"So be it father, Rocko it is. But mind you, I have a past life, you having Nail within you should know, Nail's conscious was my former self, Rolo" said Rocko.