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The hooded hero flung off his mask! his hair was white and he was mustacehed. he was ,Mutaito the original pracitcier of the Turlte Fighting Style! Itw as amazing to see him there. He said “I can take care of a motherfucking coldian.” hen, his character;s epicness rose to such ane xtreme level that his hair turned gold! He ahad become 50X CMutaito! It was amszing.

However, he said “U will need help though. Just my moves alone will not be enough. I can’t do this by myselelef!” he said. then, double dead Tien came and said, “my power may be half now but that doesn’t maean i’m no good! Yeaaah!” he went seuper= saiyan and then Mutatio and Tien went off to fight Cell.

They were on the satiarway to heaven when they cae across yemma. He was in a stranglehold from Cell who snapped his neck. “Hhaha, everyone, get ready for all the bad guys to come!”

“You monster!” tien said

“You monster” Mutaito said at the same tie.

They charged at hum ut he was to fast for their weak attacks. He used his saiyan zenkai and became 1.5 times cell. He fired a special beam cannon at them, to which they both used kamehameha.

Whoa where’d you learn that?” tien asked?

“I created it! har har har” Mutatiot responded. His mustache tingled with elight.

They son found that 1.5 Cell was too much for the,. Furthermore, he had just created like 50 cell jr.s, and they were all as strong as id bu, so it was tmie for some requiem. Tien used his thirdeye attack and saw everything and hit eit all. However, all the villains were on earthnow and they were attacking the preganant chichi! Krillin stopped them with his kienzan.

Suddenly, Goku appeared! When he saw that tien wasd ouble dead, he went super saiyan 2! It was incredible. ighting was everywhere the stairway to heaven nearly blew up. they got ready ot attack at the same time but Goku said “hi mutaito long time no see” first. Mutato didn’t remember because filler.

They all fired their special beam cannon at the same time. It was amazingbecause 1.5 times cell countered it with his own special beam canon. Alls eemed to be lost! Je came and punched them all read hard in the face and made them look plain silly. they didn’t know what to do!

Suddenly, clown man showed up! I twas floating clown man! He said “you didn’t forget about did you? Well here I am and I discovered a new form!!” and then he went Might Human, which is where you become way stronger but only if you are a human. He fired a dodon ray and Cell died through his heart.

However, all the vilains of hell escaped? How will the living z figheters handle this tricky situation? Find out next time on The Anonymous Series!

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